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  1. Livi v Morton

    Nearest we've had to that in recent years was that farce at Alloa a couple of years back, abandoned late on with the snow on their (narrowed) artificial pitch. It looked far dodgier/dangerous watching people trying to run & turn on that rather than proper grass.
  2. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Time for this to reappear The perfect thread for all the infighting bollocks all our other threads are getting full of...
  3. Greenock Morton v Dumbarton 21/10/17

    Not at all confident. We could do with the points, on the other hand a bit concerned that a few shifest lower table wins could paper over the faults in our squad & deny us squad improvements.
  4. Was hoping for a winger like Nesbitt (but a bit better?).
  5. Morton v Livingston

    They offered Livingston tickets to sell which was declined. The people it really discriminates are out of town Morton fans expected to be in Greenock 2 hours early every other week if they want to avoid the surcharge. The club must be doing really well if they think introducing a pricing policy that seems designed to be a deterrent to casual pay at the gate fans is a good idea.
  6. Highland Bumpkins vs The Famous

    Close thread now? Just in case someone else stumbles into nonsense this by accident
  7. Morton v Livingston

    Livingston fans and out of town fans without season tickets are in tbe same boat. It's completely unacceptable for any club to introduce surcharges which you have no reasonable means to avoid & which are being incurred through a failure at the club to implement its own ticketing system.
  8. Morton v st mirren Renfrewshire Derby

    Unsure, but just as well it is all ticket. The home end has had new cashless turnstiles installed meaning home fans have to queue for a ticket, then to get in. Problem is they havent commissioned the new terracing turnstiles yet & they've bricked up the old ones. At least having the away end all ticket stops Morton fans taking the easy option & going into the away end without any colours.
  9. Morton v st mirren Renfrewshire Derby

    We did, but with the forwards struggling to adapt to 4:3:3 he's been anonymous against anything better than league two in the cup so far. We can only hope it finally clicks next week.
  10. Sons v Ton

    So am I, so in all probability we'll get humped.
  11. Sons v Ton

    I disagree. To me Gunning's presence/game intelligence/experience raised the game of our back four & after he'd been gone for a few weeks you started to see them backsliding. They are decent whole hearted players but I feel that someone with a bit of nous has to step up to really become the leader / organizer of the defence.
  12. That ones lost me. Unless it's used for sunbathing, a roof reflects & contains the noise of the crowd back in and adds to the atmosphere.
  13. The steel from st Mirren is not suitable for the Sinclair St end &, wasn't big enough for the WDE. It needed @ the top 6 rows removed to fit according to the planning application at the time.
  14. He scored goals for fun in our development squad but was never a first team regular starter or even substitute though he was on the bench regularly. He did show a lot of talent on his occasional appearances. I believe his lack of athleticism was the issue.
  15. Scullion is gifted but obviously not athletic. He never really got a run of games with Morton at any point & didn't generally set the heather alight when he did play but you could tell there was something there. They kept giving him short contract extensions even when he wasn't playing, it looked from outside as if he was being given every chance to get fitter but it wasn't happening. Gifted on the ball though.