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  1. No Mercy 2017

    Finn is likely the next to be jobbed out to Lesnar I think.
  2. Monday Night Raw Live

    That sucks. Get Matt on the solo run then.
  3. No Mercy 2017

    I'm all for Reigns/Brock again. First one was great, even before Rollins showed up.

    I'll be giving this a go.
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    Might be in love with Danielle. What a talent.
  6. No Mercy 2017

    To be fair I really think it was supposed to be Cena vs Joe at this PPV. Joe got injured and were forced into the big match too early.
  7. 2017 WWE PPV Prediction League

    1. JamieStevenson (81+7) - 882. SamuraiJock (80+7) - 873. Bambino7 (75+6) - 814. Scotty Tunbridge (74+5) - 795. FifeArab (71+6) - 776. Randy Giles (69+5) - 747. Christophe (67+5) - 728. DavidMcG (67+3) - 70 forameus (67+3) - 70 NotThePars (66+4) - 7011. CEMSFC (64+5) - 6912. cdisaaccie (62+5) - 6713. Eoin Doyle (55+5) - 6014. gary1399 (DNP) - 815. Alba16 (DNP) - 5 Myself and Samurai Jock continuing to keep steady scores and pulling away from the pack. Nobody managed to predict the Kickoff Match, and of course you wouldn't as there's been no interaction between Apollo Crews and Elias beforehand. Brock Lesnar did the usual in the main event. Get beat down for most of it and then pull out an abrupt F5 for the win. Surprisingly, Braun Strowman was the heavy favourite in the predictions. In the other big match, Big Match John hit Roman Reigns with 4 AA's (one of which was a Super AA). It wasn't enough as Reigns picked up the victory. This match had us divided, but most people correctly predicted it as longest match of the night (I wasn't one of them). Quite a few of you picked Kurt Angle's son to beat The Miz but it wasn't to be on this occasion as The Miztourage got involved. In a rematch that very few wanted to see, Finn Balor defeated Bray Wyatt and this was a popular pick. Cesaro lost some teeth in a horrible accident during the tag team championship match. This was an excellent match that had Ambrose & Rollins retaining, I'm pretty sure everyone got that one correct. The women put on a good match, perhaps a bit rushed in the end but Alexa Bliss won and was another popular pick. Most had Emma to take the fall but I might have been the only one to correctly guess Bayley. Enzo Amore cheated to victory in the Cruiserweight Championship Match. One of the few poor moments on the show. I think only 1 or 2 predicted an Enzo win. This also was the only championship to change hands on the night. A couple got 1 change right as the bonus too. Overall a solid PPV, let down by a flat last half an hour or so. We return for predictions in less than 2 weeks for SmackDown Live's attempt at Hell in a Cell. See you then!
  8. No Mercy 2017

    As for where we go next... No idea. Tag title TLC match Alexa vs Asuka Miz vs Reigns Then whatever they want. Don't think we see Brock.
  9. No Mercy 2017

    Bet Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk from a few nights ago was better than that.
  10. No Mercy 2017

    Sudden. I'm not sure why I was hyped for that, both are very limited.
  11. No Mercy 2017

    Expect this to be over in under 3 mins
  12. No Mercy 2017

    I fear shenanigans here. Heyman to turn and call Strowman the next big thing.
  13. No Mercy 2017

    Disgusting. Bin it. Bin the belt. Bin the division. Bin Enzo
  14. No Mercy 2017

    Haha let's get this Miz Reigns IC Title feud on the go!
  15. No Mercy 2017

    Must be out for a long time if he's been given that treatment.