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  1. Peaky Blinders

    Patiently waiting for Arthur to kick off big time.
  2. Football Manager 2018

    I still have him and I'm just starting my 3rd season in the Championship. I'm tempted to play him up top on his own as when I've used him in a two up top he tends to become an assist man.
  3. Football Manager 2018

    It's a bit of a struggle to attract good defenders and goalkeepers. No decent strikers available either so I've committed the ultimate sin and brought Gavin Reilly back..... He can't go wrong now that it'll be James Forrest supplying him.
  4. Call of Duty: WWII

    I played a few multiplayer games yesterday at my mate's house. Actually enjoyed it so might have to pick this game up around Christmas time.
  5. Football Manager 2018

    We got hit with an almost £7M tax bill straight away. As it stands I'm in the market for a Goalkeeper, 3 CB's, 2 wingers & a striker. Thankfully some of the players due to leave aren't going until July 1st so they'll tide me over the first 3/4 friendlies or so whilst I look for replacements. I might switch up my formation as well but I'm undecided on that, we'll see what options I can bring in first.
  6. MMA Thread

    The card on Saturday might be the worst card on paper I've seen since I started watching in 2009. Utter trash card. Had a quick peak at the odds and Gastelum is a pretty big fav.
  7. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Apparently it wasn't just racist tweets either and I didn't really look into much further tbh. The only ones I saw were examples of him freely using ni**as. Wasn't exactly sinister stuff he was tweeting but not something you can get away with....
  8. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    This is a common thing with reality shows. Nobody does any research that's why there's always someone punted out of this or Big Brother within the first few days. Apparently Amir Khan's tweets aren't much better either.
  9. 2017 WWE PPV Prediction League

    Up to you mate
  10. Crisps

    Roast Chicken Walkers Cheese & Onion Discos Roysters T-Bone Steak McCoy's Salted Marmite Walkers
  11. Football Manager 2018

    Oh I know right... I've got Fontaine, Ryan Christie and Scott Allan coming in so far.
  12. Football Manager 2018

    I'm seething. Playoff final... won 2-0 in the first leg. Then go away to Hamilton to try and see it out, Buchanan fucking two foots Gary Oliver 5 mins in and we lose 7-1. He can f**k right off. Next season I need new CB's, a new keeper & new striker. We better win the league this time.
  13. Clash of Champions 2017

    We've reached the final PPV of 2017, hopefully it's a strong ending to the year. This will be a SmackDown exclusive PPV following the 1 hour Pre-Show, 3 hours Main Card format live on the WWE Network. For ourselves that means Midnight for the Pre-Show and a 1AM start for the main card. It takes place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts Sunday December 17th 2017. This is only the 2nd installment of the Clash of Champions PPV, after RAW's decent effort in September of last year. After not a lot at stake at Survivor Series, expect to see Championships back on the line here. SmackDown are likely to also showcase The Bludgeon Brothers, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riot & Sarah Logan. Confirmed Matches: AJ Styles (C) vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. Potential Matches: Charlotte Flair (C) vs Natalya for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. The New Day vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The Usos (C) vs Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Baron Corbin (C) vs Bobby Roode? for the WWE United States Championship. Shinsuke Nakamura vs ??????? Becky Lynch, Naomi & ?????? vs Liv Morgan, Ruby Riot & Sarah Logan. The Bludgeon Brothers vs Breezango.
  14. Smackdown Thread

    Ruby Riot & Liv Morgan on SmackDown is exactly the boost I've needed to stay interested.
  15. Football Manager 2018

    Oh boy, the lad has just informed me he's punted the board that saved this club. Also he's pumped £28.5M into the club. Improving the training ground and I now have £9.5M transfer fund in the fucking Championship. This is going to be some next level Masterton shit here.