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  1. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Haha Double J is official!
  2. MMA Thread

    Of course the one time I need Cowboy to lose he does that... Fair play.
  3. Boxing Thread

    Eddie's US adventure continues.
  4. FIFA 18

    Played some Squad Battles this week, comfortable in Elite 3 will do nicely. I'd quite like to pack IF Firmino to replace the regular Firmino I've been using.
  5. Football Manager 2018

    23 year old South Korean legend Im Joo-Ho of Celtic & Chelsea fame has joined us on a free. Which now means I can offload Rony Lopes for decent £££ and get Gabriel Barbosa back out to his natural wide right position. I'm struggling to find very good CB's and a GK.
  6. Gigs

    I see The Proclaimers are due to announce their tour dates in a few days. I'm tempted if they do come here again.
  7. Italian Football Thread

    What a terrible game, Torino offered nothing.
  8. Italian Football Thread

    Nope, off comes Higuain, on comes Bernadeschi. Juve are for the taking.
  9. Italian Football Thread

    He seems to have shaken it off for now
  10. Italian Football Thread

    Higuain injured minutes into the game.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Damn it I put some money on Groves to win in rounds 10, 11 & 12. Gutted
  12. Italian Football Thread

    Inter not having a good night at all.
  13. Football Manager 2018

    I hadn't noticed that they'd pushed back the opening of our new stadium by another year. Got all excited and put together a big tournament for the grand opening. f**k it I'm still going ahead with this and if I'm still in charge next year we'll have it again. Even got drawn against our old pals Valencia in the first game. Won the league 2 years in a row now, hope to be here for a long time #10InARow
  14. Coupon Bursters

    Needed Bayern -1 for £190. Seething.