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  1. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    According to someone on .net , there's cash gates tomorrow. Can someone on here confirm ?
  2. ICT vs DAFC

    Said for a few weeks now. Now I think Clark is a great player but he's scored 1/2 ? Since starting games after injury. We started the season with McManus and Smith and it worked. We would take them off for Ryan and Clark and they seemed to score. Should go back to that imo McManus is by far our best striker. Strong,fast. Wasn't at the game today so can't say to much but change it up top AJ
  3. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United

    First half was piss. 3 chances 1 Thame shot from McManus, united with 2 shots and scored both. Pars defence was shit. 3 rd was a peach of a finish and at that point I'd had enough and left. Like I said, no matter how pars perform I just think united will be our bogey team and we will lose. For the 60 mins I watched both teams were pish and was a brutal game to watch
  4. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United

    Think it's going to be a repeat of last season. Not much between the teams but pars will lose against united regardless of the performance. Bogey team
  5. Pars vs St Mirren

    Pars will no doubt go 2-0 up through super Joe cardle and McManus, as per Morris will turn into his bombscare self and Reilly will get a goal, pars will then grab another through sir nicky of Clark and andy Ryan will add a 4th around 80 mins, Morris will again play daft back passes and saints will score 2 late goals in a 4-3 win for the pars
  6. Quite possibly regards to the hearts pumpings, but I did say it's a great day out. Aslong as it's a good game I couldn't give a shit about the result. Regarding the pars we have been humped once this season which was against rangers at ibrox. Only defeat of the season so far and I wasn't there. So yet to see a pumping for the pars this season. Thanks for trying tho
  7. Looking forward to heading along to this the day. Tagging along with the old man. Got the 3 home games for £45 which is a pretty good deal considering that the 3 games are against Aberdeen, st Johnstone and rangers. Was at a few games last year and is always a cracking day out (football excluded) hoping for a goal fest
  8. Ah shite I forgot about all about it [emoji22][emoji22] until next season
  9. St Mirren v Arabs

    We'll piss it. They have gavin f***ing Reilly. We have Nicky Clark who will be totally fit by then pars 3-1
  10. All Arabs vacate the premises cos your no getting back !!! Cmon you pars
  11. Week 1 - QOTS Week 2 - Ayr Week 3 - Dundee united
  12. Still Game & Best Bits

    If they gave him a role similar to Pete then it wouldn't have been to bad. Pete was a main point in maybe 3 episodes at most. The rest were cameo at best which worked well.
  13. So much for alphabet order to start the season [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]