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  1. Week 1 - QOTS Week 2 - Ayr Week 3 - Dundee united
  2. If they gave him a role similar to Pete then it wouldn't have been to bad. Pete was a main point in maybe 3 episodes at most. The rest were cameo at best which worked well.
  3. So much for alphabet order to start the season [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  4. mcbookie odd
  5. Only just discovered this thread. Gutted I haven't watched much of capaldi as the doctor as every episode i did was crap. Think he was a good doctor but story lines ruined it for me. Personally hope the doctor isn't a woman tho. I haven't totally giving up on doctor who but haven't been as into it since Smith left. Hope it's on the up and looking forward to the Christmas episode.
  6. Best price iv seen is Ladbrokes have us at 11/1 the rest have 9/1 or 10/1
  7. Dunfermline lost 4-2 to Partick thistle. 4 trialists playing. Michael coulson, Cammy king, Lawrence shankland and another striker whos unknown.Paton and unknown striker with the goals.
  8. Cmon Raith only team down on the coupon
  9. Dunfermline can still mathematically make promotion play offs (extremely unlikely) i wouldn't imagine AJ changing much and going for play offs while there still a possibility so i reckon strong line up and we pump Falkirk. 3-1 pars
  10. Who do fancy for manager next season, Just out of interest? Mveto was pretty solid again. So would love him at the pars. IMO was a fairly shit game. Felt like a mid table game where noone had anything to play for. Obviously Raith had more to play doe.
  11. From the pars squad I'd Murdoch - keep Hutton - punt Gill - keep (as number 2) Williamson - punt Fordyce - keep Ashcroft - keep Morris - keep Talbot - keep BRE - punt Martin - punt Geggan - keep Wedderburn - keep [emoji7] Cardle - keep (decent back up) McCabe - punt Higginbotham - keep McMullen - keep Herron - keep Paton - keep (decent back up) Spence - punt Clarke - keep Moffat - keep Reilly - punt Hopkirk - punt Solid keeper but think gill is good enough to cover when needed. Central defence is strong and left back but we're weak at right back and no decent cover for left back after Talbot. Would love us to possibly sign Devlin and i would take mvito from Raith if Morris was to leave. Don't really think our midfield is that bad. Maybe couple fresh faces to strengthen Especially in the middle. We need a few strikers in tho. Wouldn't mind Hardie from Raith and although he's a bawbag I'd take Graham from hibs. Iv no doubt missed out a few players but it's all i could really think of just now without googling it. Obviously this is just my opinion and others will disagree but i couldn't give a f**k [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  12. Tbh I did watch the highlights earlier today but have since been on the piss since so couldn't remember the pass back and CBA looking again. I really just didn't want to come across as a cheeky p***k when pointing out your error regarding reilly (although that useless tit would no doubt have missed anyway)