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  1. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    I think the idea of a Premiership club not being able to host the Final is just a hangover from the SPL era. Before the SPL split off, Fir Park was used for most of the early Finals and Motherwell were a Premier Division club at the time. Now that all the clubs are under the same banner, the money from hosting is being kept in house once more.
  2. 'Colt Clubs' & The Democratic Principle

    Last year in the 3rd tier winning promotion = 1,644 regular season, then jumps to 2,334 due to the 3 promotion playoff games they played. So far this year in the 2nd tier = 2,117
  3. As it's written by Rory Smith, I might not give the yanks full credit here.
  4. Club Licence

    It might very well be good enough in future. Look at how Cove Rangers have used multiple grounds in a season while they deal with their issue regarding a new ground. The Highland League could adopt the same type of ruling on floodlights that the Lowland League has to deal with future applicants that don't currently have their own floodlights. There are different versions of the Highland League's rules & constitutions from the last 5 years available on their website. That's because they aren't set in stone and are going to evolve. Both the Highland & Lowland Leagues main requirement for entry is that the clubs have a SFA Club Licence. How they deal with the issue of fixture congestion prevention through the use of floodlights differs, but the intent is the same. Neither approach is designed as a barrier to entry but as a means to minimise a fixture backlog.
  5. Club Licence

    When it comes to floodlighting, the Lowland League does have a requirement that a club can provide an alternative ground for midweek fixtures.
  6. Club Licence

    Chances are if any club in the North received a club licence without having floodlights, they might well be able to get in with the SFA forcing the issue. At the same time it could see a North Junior or North Caledonian club go for their licence but avoid having to join the pyramid.
  7. Club Licence

    The Highland League/EoSFL/SoSFL are all dependent on "grace and favour" voting. Just as entry into one of the the Junior Regions would be dependent on the same. Supposedly the BSC suggestion of a WoSFL came about from having their reserve team rejected from the Juniors. The Highland League certainly have more requirements to meet than any of the other leagues though. As you need to have a club licence and floodlights. Floodlights being quite cost prohibitive for many, which is why they're not needed for a entry level club licence.
  8. Wigtown

    The way I remember it, they were always due to compete in some of the cup competitions this year to keep their memberships ticking over. Glad to hear.
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    Quick google brings up this article from a couple of weeks ago https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/highland-league/1400865/dee-accent-on-youth-and-say-no-to-joining-highland-league/ There might be others out there.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    Don't think the Highland League deserves particular stick for this. The SJFA themselves have completely ignored the issue of the North Region feeding into the Highland League. Why wouldn't the SJFA simply propose all 3 Regions' top division slot in at Tier 6, perhaps its because the North Juniors don't want to be involved. Whatever anyone might think of the Banks O'Dee situation and how it might evolve, they're currently on the record as not interested in joining the Highland League.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Near enough 5 years since the Lowland League kicked off and its taken all that time for the SJFA to narrow down their options from 3 to 2.
  12. Club Licence

    In the Lowland League forum someone posted the rules/constitution of the League to explain their promotion/relegation. Which made me wonder if the Highland League's constituion is available online as well, and it is http://www.highlandfootballleague.com/History/Item/2017-18 SHFL Constitution & Rules approved by the AGM on 29 May 2017.pdf Basically proves the issue that clubs are open to apply and until someone does everything else is pure speculation.
  13. Club Licence

    It isn't much of a pyramid, but there's nothing below it! The SFA wanted the Highland League to go to 16 teams to match the Lowland League in part to ensure that the season would be finished in time for all the playoffs. Sounds fair enough in theory, but where would those 2 teams go? You might say the North Caledonian due to its perceived senior status. 2013-14 = 7 clubs, 2014-15 = 6 clubs, 2015-16 = 6 clubs. So you would of had 2 Highland League teams going from a 34 game league season plus cups, to a 16/14 game league season plus cups. Quite a dramatic drop off and anything other than that would be forcing the existing North Caledonian teams into a circumstance they wouldn't want. If not the North Caledonian, most outside observers would say it would be simple to just add the North Region Superleague underneath the Highland League. Great in theory but for the Senior/Junior divide. The Highland League have had discussions for splitting into divisions to accomodate an increased number of teams. If we can get to that point, hopefully a Highland League 2 will fall into the same Tier 6 requirements as the SoSFL/EoSFL and only need a licence for promotion to Tier 5.
  14. Club Licence

    Montrose Roselea is a weird one and might not be the best indicator of a HFL cabal, but more a SPFL one. Even though there was the scare of Montrose FC being relegated to the Highland League in the first SPFL promotion/relegation playoff, the boundary is supposedly set so that all SPFL Angus clubs fall into the Lowland League catchment area. If that's the legit then Montrose Roselea would have to join the EoSFL upon gaining a licence.
  15. Club Licence

    It's not expressly down to a member vote anymore though. When the Highland League became a Tier 5 league in the senior pyramid, it became a requirement to have a entry level SFA Club Licence. A club in the Highland region gaining a new licence (rather than securing their historical one like Golspie) will likely be forced into the Highland League by the SFA. It's going to take a club to try it though.