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  1. We're worryingly light on right backs. Hoping we pick up three or four before the season starts.
  2. Failed electrician who will be best remembered for nearly signing for Kilmarnock in 2006...
  3. Hold the press. We're apparently looking to sign Calum Waters - Alloa LB...
  4. Should fucking release that wee Gilmour c**t.
  5. Good plan, some kind of takedown-centric tactical approach seems the best fit for the unpaid pugilist Paw. Move on to a clean striking attack for the weans.
  6. To be fair, Kilmarnock and St Johnstone's figures are skewed by the media's blackout policy on The Derby.
  7. Not sure what's funny about it, now you genuinely have to do something or he'll think he's got the better of you. Has he got a pet you can cook?
  8. Looking like quite a stylish league this year. Except St Johnstone obvz...
  9. What I was commenting on, fairly obviously I thought, was the fact that football clubs don't automatically consider this kind of behaviour - and much worse besides - to be terminal in the career of a young footballer. Evidenced by the fact that we - by which I mean Kilmarnock Football Club (such is the way that people in the UK colloquially tend to describe the team they support...) signed a different footballer with a worse record than this - before this incident occurred... The morality that you and I exist in was not in the context of this discussion, and I think it's pretty baffling - not to mention total bawbag behaviour - to try and portray me as some fucking domestic violence apologist purely for bringing to your attention that football clubs don't give a shit.
  10. Like we didn't you mean? I don't really - so many players have been found guilty of far far worse and picked up clubs. I think it would be a completely different matter if he was a notoriously bad trainer let's say - but not anything like the above.
  11. What on earth has this got to do with anything? Hardly stacks up against what Callum McFadzean was convicted of, and we were happy enough to hand him a contract...
  12. Hardly. When you see some of the absolute dross we signed after he left - and some of the ones that keep getting clubs, I don't see how you can write the boy off quite so abruptly.
  13. I liked him and was surprised when we released him. Very raw, but seemed full of industry and directness - although not as good as what we had coming through in Frizzell and Hawkshaw. I've no clue why someone didn't at least take a chance on him last year - fingers crossed he does well at EEP.
  14. f**k him, he's dead to me...
  15. I just can't see it happening.