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  1. A conundrum solved by the bluenoses, who are still showing solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shootings.
  2. I know this observation has probably been made before, but the extent to which the OF have turned into the 90s version of their opposite number is mesmerising. Celtic, now the establishment club with an omnipotent figure in the boardroom, winning everything in sight, and outspending the rest of the league combined. Rangers, broke, paranoid, badly managed, and pish.
  3. That's not really the purpose of the HP - more of a gentle roast.
  4. Grammatical nightmare.
  5. Hearing reports that Conor Sammon played fairly well tonight. Sincerely hoping he does well at Firhill. Cracking professional who deserves to be able to put all this Hearts crap behind him.
  6. I actually fancy Thistle to win this tonight. The entire fucking narrative cosmos of Scottish football seems to be pointedly marking us as absolute diddies - so following Partick's midweek stroll against our weekend conquerors, tonight they beat the invincibles immediately after we were completely dismissed on Tuesday...
  7. Aye, hate to say it boys but I'm already well over the derby defeat. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
  8. That's absolutely glorious
  9. I thought this had been bumped because some channel exec had finally led it behind the racecourse pavilion. Utterly moribund, anglocentric pish that was last watchable about ten years ago.
  10. Weekend at Arnie's
  11. Sheer beta. At least it gives you something to talk about with the girls in the hairdressers...
  12. I've had a bit of a rethink.
  13. Blouse. Keeking out his letterbox from midday the day. Those c***s won't spare you Alan.
  14. Tbf I'm still not sure how he was able to wangle our debt away as an impaired debt given the income of the business - otherwise we'd be getting impaled with this newco chat ourselves. Newco Killie WFAANW....imagine that...