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  1. Pleasing. That's us done our bit, hopefully the rest of the bottom six and some c***s from the irn bru leagues can complete the job and get you lot to f**k Xx
  2. I just found out that we released Josh Webb, Jamie Cobain, Nathan Tyson, Callum McFadzean and Dapo Kayode...three weeks ago.
  3. If Aberdeen can win this final, it'll be only the 3rd time in history that the cup has been won by six different clubs in consecutive years 1887-92 (Hibs, Renton, Third Lanark, Queen's Park, Hearts, Celtic) 1956-61 (Hearts, Falkirk, Clyde, St Mirren, Rangers 1, Dunfermline) Seven winners in seven years has never happened - hoping the Dons do Scottish football a favour next month and build the platform for Kilmarnock to make history in 2018...
  4. Desperately hoping for an away win here to shoo Accies closer to the playoff spot...
  5. Fidel Catastrofuck?...
  6. I can't even imagine the thought process that concluded with the appointment of Maurice Malpas. Obviously it begins with "Boys, we're in serious bother here"...and ends with "Eureka, Maurice fucking Malpas!"... But I can't think what came in between.
  7. You're in quite a weak bargaining position given your team's penchant for failure without exchange. Or are you suggesting that United are a club that prioritises "The Brand" over results?
  8. Nah, Inverness are down and I don't think there's a team as bad as we were last year - reckon the SPL team will win the playoff without much hassle.
  9. Does relegation even still bother you? Or have you seen it so often you're kind of inured to it? I don't have any axe to grind with Ayr United by the way, I wanted them to stay up. It's been rather disappointing really.
  10. Just had a wee chuckle to myself at the vaguest memory of some Ayr supporter feeling that his deceasedcat was an omen for Falkirk beating us in the playoff. Here we are, just under a year later, and we're startingto improve again and looking set for a 25th consecutive season in the top division - while Ayr have been all but relegated from an uncharacteristically poor first division. Shame.
  11. This is being reported as though Partick Thistle own the new development, but my understanding is that it's a leasing arrangement? Any jags know the score?
  12. I'm missing this, I'm nervous this could be the big victory I've been hoping to see since I turned down a late spare ticket to Ibrox in 2000....
  13. I wondered if it might be absolute baws. What is it with Glasgow football clubs and avoidance of tax? If it's not EBTs, the jags are sneakily paying less than the IT Personal Allowance...
  14. How do you know this?
  15. Fide the serial flouncer. Where're you flouncing off next flounceface?!