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  1. I really feel that the criticism Alan Archibald is having to suffer here is pretty undue. PTFC - post-split points; 2016/17 - 1 2017/18 - 8 Guys... That's an eight-fold improvement.
  2. It's like you wanted to do an edgy Deid Diana joke but just couldn't be arsed thinking one up. Must do better.
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Certainly a divisive figure, but how he was ever able to argue out an impaired debt us still a mystery to me - undoubtedly gave the club a second life.
  4. Guess the 90s footballer...

    Still remember Chic creaming his knickers over that guy following a ten minute cameo against (I think) Motherwell. What a fanny.
  5. Really starting to look forward to this game tomorrow. I began as thinking it was a done deal for Celtic, but as the weeks have rolled on their performances have been fairly unconvincing - it's looking more and more like a potential banana skin for them...and Curtis Main seems exactly the kind of awkward forward that could just upset them... COTW!!
  6. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    If that's the trust's representative I called that a year ago.
  7. Guess the 90s footballer...

    Is that Jordi Cruyff?
  8. Can see a hard fought score draw tonight, before Livi collapse in the second game. Would be happy with either side to come out the winner, Thistle surely due another wander down and up the divisions.
  9. You won't be saying that in a couple of years...
  10. Is Conor Sammon available for these games? The season we were in the playoffs, I think we had to do it without a couple of players whose deals had expired on the last day of the league season. Of course, we still managed quite comfortably. #TB4
  11. This is a rhetoric that you hear all the time on this subject, but to my mind can be an extremely damaging line that's used to cover things up that organisations would rather not confront. It's not necessarily a point-scoring exercise to state that an organisation's response to a sexual allegation is inadequate. Of course it's not acceptable to suggest that Rangers, or Celtic, or the BBC, or the Catholic Church, or any other organisation is automatically complicit in sexual abuse if it happens within their boundaries - but IMO there exists a social responsibility to scrutinise that organisation's reaction.
  12. Kilmarnock v Hertz

    Injuries indeed - a likely story. I genuinely wonder what people are going to do for the next two months when they don't have an amazing Kilmarnock team as the focus of their #seethe. Anyway, nice to finish the season off with yet another victory over #w38 dross.
  13. Perth Against Paedos?