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  1. Equally important to remember that George Best appeared at fewer world cups than Stephen Warnock.
  2. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    Definitely correct. Probably also offer him the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a lucrative EH postcode...
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    ^^^ Guid c**t
  4. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    Oh no please, don't worry you haven't upset me - I'm just laughing at your stupidity Our last but one manager lived in England. Happens.
  5. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    When our fellow #TB4 colleagues Celtic pick up the league title, I hope they issue the appropriate thanks to Lee McCulloch for giving them an eight game head start .
  6. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    Haha, now I know youre at the wind-up. You do realise what size Scotland is? Kenny Shiels lived in Edinburgh when he was the Kilmarnock manager - you could get between the two in about an hour and a half if you were so inclined. Please give up you slavering embarrassment. Killie are fucking outstanding, no need for you to muscle in with your half baked opinions. I mean, did you think they have to stay in the same postcode as the ground? [emoji23]
  7. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    Thanks for this, just sprayed Guinness all over my phone. Rangers? Hearts?! Any other W38 randoms you want to throw into the mix? Nuclear LOLocaust m9.
  8. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I don't think so - I've phoned up in the past and been told that you have to get them from Kilmarnock. Apparently there's a risk of home supporters buying away tickets once their end of the ground is sold out.....because that happens...
  9. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    It must be less than that, that's been the official capacity since the stadium was redone in the 90s and doesn't take into account the changes that Cammy mentioned.
  10. Classic wee team behaviour, overlooking a potentially damaging result in preference for schadenfreude.
  11. I've got a tenner on you absolute fucking war criminals tonight.
  12. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Och calm down pal I'm not the fucking linesman. I hadn't seen the picture above when I posted that.
  13. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Congratulations BWV, you win the BODMAS award.
  14. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    How thoroughly disappointing. Really feel like we were probably a bit preoccupied with how Aberdeen were going to set up and failed to play to our strengths. Pretty terrible game of football all things considered. Definitely a penalty for Aberdeen, I'd say definitely offside against Brophy, and three poor penalties in the shootout. No complaints. I really hope we can retain a good morale after this. I'd still put us favourites for 5th place in this league which is a remarkable turnaround inside a season.
  15. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Looking like we've sold out the main stand...here's hoping for a performance to match the crowd's enthusiasm!!!