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  1. There's an article on the BBC website about Rab Douglas in which Bomber comes out extremely badly...
  2. Irwin May sounds like he might have played for Rangers between the wars.
  3. I love it when Griffiths ties a scarf around the goalpost, and genuinely hope it becomes a thing. Pure Souness vs Fenerbahce wind-uppery.
  4. Anyone else immediately google her to see if she was a heifer?
  5. Was saying to my pal on the way out of the ground on Saturday that we'll eventually look back on Steve Clarke's appointment as a landmark in the club's history. We just need people to get out and support them now. The board have really pulled out the stops this year, and must have spent a whack of cash on and off the pitch. Even something as daft as changing the sound system in the west stand is indicative of this new approach. I'm really worried that the green shoots of this recovery will be quashed by folks' apathy, and the same ones will sit in pubs moaning that it's not the 60s, or even the 90s anymore. Essentially the board have done their bit, the manager and the playing squad are doing the same - now it's up to us.
  6. Big game this one, we're on a really good run at the moment and need to prove that the Thistle game wasn't a flash in the pan. Also, how many times have we seen a team come down without their star player, and the others up their game to prove they're not a one man team? Anyway, I'm going to be optimistic and suggest this will be the elusive clean sheet. 1-0, Boyd to put the Kris in Christmas. Also, a reminder to any generous c***s on both sides that there'll be a collection point at the Moffat Stand for anyone who wants to bring a gift for underprivileged children in East Ayrshire.
  7. County v Killie

    Happyaccie deliciously rattled the night.
  8. County v Killie

    9 wins in 11 games between the sides for Ross County.
  9. County v Killie

    Seems as though it's been coming tbf
  10. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    Would probably agree, but not a great deal in it tbf - Partick were absolutely hoaching, and that won't be the last doing they get in 2017. We don't need to worry about Killie under the previous manager anymore anyhow, we're amazing again!
  11. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    Who would you say are worse? Because I'd say Partick were convincingly the worst up to now.
  12. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    After 3-1, I've never seen a team offer as much space and time on the ball in this division as Partick offered us. Some nerve and steel required, but if that's added either in transfers or training they'll pick up again. Chris Erskine always looks the part against us, and yesterday was no exception - he had a flat raceagainst Broadfoot in the first half and it wasn't immediately clear if big Kirk was running or not! It was almost surprising that it was only five in the end...
  13. County v Killie

    Another away win here and we're absolutely rocking going into a suddenly winnable encounter against a Moultless Motherwell...
  14. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    I used to love going to home games...this has to be the one hasn't It?....