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  1. QoS v Livi

    Think Brownlie is suspended for Sat . Hopefully at least get Dobbie on the bench . Going to be a very hard game Livi have impressed me this season they are very well organised hardworking team
  2. QOS V League Leaders

    I suppose with our budget we should be nowhere near the playoffs .I suppose with having one of the best players in the league it gets our hopes up but he is only one player sadly not enough to get us into the playoffs
  3. Arabs v Doonhamers Part 3

    Dundee Untied home win our season has gone now .No Dobbie on Tuesday means we have no goal threat no chance of us making the playoffs.Will easily be out lowest away support the fans like the players have given up .
  4. QOS V League Leaders

    Why should the missing Queens fans come back ? The product on the park is very poor if not for Dobbie then we would definitely be in the playoffs at the wrong end of the table. It all comes from the manager look at Killie get the right man in charge the team will play better and through time the crowds will come back Even yesterday Killie went with 2 up top at Rangers to win the game if that was us then Dobbie would be up on his own with no support . We play poor boring football with flashes of brilliance from Dobbie not enough to get fans back at Palmy .
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Very poor crowd today looks like most fans have now gave up . When we have no Dobbie we have a very poor team have not got a hope in hell of making the playoffs . That is me being positive !!!. We have no money to invest in the squad we will have to with the young players . Ferguson is a good example the boy gives his all but I can guarantee that he won't score goals it is like having a younger version of Dykes both just can't score goals . The league will be much stronger next season going to be really hard to stay in it .
  6. QOS V League Leaders

    St Mirren just about deserved the win.Lewis Morgan really was the difference he will be a huge loss for St Mirren when he leaves . Have to say Leighfield easily had his worse game today.Was at fault for the 2nd goal he has to cover that side of the goal .I suppose he will hopefully learn from it . Ferguson is not ready to play Championship football we should have left him on loan at Annan. Dobbie is a huge loss without him we have nothing
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    You can't say things like that unless you can prove it . Strange Dykes being dropped for the St Mirren game !!!!!!.. Could have done without this coming out on a natchday but won't really matter as we have no Dobbie
  8. QOS V League Leaders

    They can give Gav a rest think St Mirren will have more than enough without Gav.
  9. QOS V League Leaders

    Going for a 3 nil St Mirren win our goal threat has gone massive loss Dobbie not playing Ferguson up top for me he is not ready for the Championship strange Dykes has been left out !!!. Why do the loan signing not get a game Beerman and Toddy must be thinking what a waste of time why sign them if you are not going to play them.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Do not agree with the story saying that Dykes popularity has definitely suffered since it got out that he was going out with Victoria . I could not care who he goes out with all I care about is how he plays for Queens ..
  11. Dundee Untied will go into the game fresh after no game today. .We played a very hard 90 mins at Dumbarton on a very heavy pitch so we will have to try and go again in yet another hard match . Dundee Untied are still my fav. to make 2 nd as they have a huge squad to call on playing so many games should not really bother them.. This is when we struggle as we have a small squad really difficult to play 3 games every week . Only £5 to get in so hopefully a decent crowd
  12. Queens v Dundee United

    Leighfield surely at fault for the 2 nd goal okay it was a good hit but he has to save that You are going to get that with young players .We had nothing after Dobbie went off.
  13. Our season like last season is falling away just like our home crowds. Dumbarton more to play for so I expect a home win .
  14. Would be amazed if Queens came away with a win . We have no goals in the team mark Dobbie tight then that is us . Queens are the perfect team for Untied to play to get going again . Going to finish yet again another poor season for Queens
  15. Dundee United v Queens

    Surely the snow will get cleared off the pitch tomorrow all we have to worry about now is trying to get to Dundee safely players and fans well the few fans that are going will be our smallest away support
  16. Dundee United v Queens

    Madness to play this game when their is a weather warning telling you not to travel . 3 working days notice is mad as well how can fans book time off work and how can the travel club organise a bus with such short notice . Most Queens fans are going to boycott the game give the gate money to the Chris Mitchell foundation Wonder if the pitch inspection will be at 530 pm like last week !!! or will it be a early inspection or is that to much to ask !!!
  17. The Queen of the South Thread

    Naysmith quite rightly got a hard time tonight at the A G.M. Going to be a another huge loss this season somehow we have to get more fans in next season . Our average home gate is 1400 odd it has to improve or things will have to change .
  18. The Queen of the South Thread

    I would never boo a player during a game. How can Naysmith say to boo him rather than his players . Murray we have sent a far better player out on loan in Stirling .Yet to see anything from Murray in his 25 games he has played .Great to play young players but if they are not good enough surely you should not play them. Dykes is a player who can do most things but the most important thing he can't do is score goals just has no goal threat never looks like he will score . We have to many defence minded players in our team play not to lose rather than to win .
  19. The Queen of the South Thread

    Have not got a hope of hell of making the top 4 this season is just going to fall away just like it did last season .Have one of the best players in the league but the rest of the team is again not good enough. Apart from Dobbie we have no goals anywhere in the team . Crowds are very poor going to be hard to try and get more fans in . Naysmith will always play not to lose which always makes for a poor game which does nothing to help to get more fans in
  20. Queens v Pars

    What a poor game of football . Both clubs have not got a hope in hell of getting into the top 4 . Dunfermline played the better football all game if any team was going to win it was them . Dobbie is our goal threat end off nobody else looks like they could score .
  21. Queens v Pars

    Sorry but u just can't see what Ferguson brings to the team. Todorov had to start on Saturday he is nowhere near as good as Kane but surely better than Ferguson right now. Ferguson will get plenty game next season when we will have to play the young players but what is the point of signing someone on loan and not playing him
  22. Queens v Pars

    I would make the same changes but it looks like Thomson will be out injured .I would play Thomas on the left to try and get decent crosses in for Todarov Dykes on the right
  23. The Queen of the South Thread

    Queens lost £102,000 last season that just can't go on anymore .This season will probable not be much better think for once I have something to moan about . We just can't continue with those losses so the player budget will have to be cut unless the board has some amazing money making plan will hear all about it on Monday at the A.G.M
  24. The Queen of the South Thread

    Will have to be a squad made up of young players next season with just 3 or 4 experienced players . We just can't give the same budget to Naysmith next season .
  25. Going to be a long wait for this game but it is a crucial game .. This could either make or break our season . Morton are in great form probable playing them at the wrong time. Hopefully we can get our injured players back really need to have a strong squad for the game. I just hope Naysmith keeps it simple no fancy set up just a straight forward 4-4-2 .