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  1. Queens v Pars

    I would make the same changes but it looks like Thomson will be out injured .I would play Thomas on the left to try and get decent crosses in for Todarov Dykes on the right
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    Queens lost £102,000 last season that just can't go on anymore .This season will probable not be much better think for once I have something to moan about . We just can't continue with those losses so the player budget will have to be cut unless the board has some amazing money making plan will hear all about it on Monday at the A.G.M
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Will have to be a squad made up of young players next season with just 3 or 4 experienced players . We just can't give the same budget to Naysmith next season .
  4. Queens v Pars

    This will be a much harder game than Saturday game against Morton Dunfermline have a really good squad who I expect to be one of the favourites to get into the playoff. Ferguson had to drop back to the bench get Dykes up top with Dobbie bring in Beerman to play down the left . That won't happen as Murray will play he can do no wrong in the eyes of Naysmith .Everyone was amazed that Murray hit the post on Saturday
  5. Queens v Morton

    The linesman was nearly at the half way line how the hell could he see anything .The ref was at least facing the goal much closer than the linesman .The ref has just had a lucky guess that it did not cross the line
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    We have no goals in the team apart from Dobbie . Take Dykes works hard does everything you would want expect the most important thing score goals . We have many players the same as Dykes Jacobs Rankin Thomson and now Ferguson who have no goal threat. Take Livi the reason they are doing so well is that they get goals from all over the team they don't just have one goal threat that we have with Dobbie .
  7. Queens v Morton

    It looked a goal to everyone but somehow the officials guessed that it had not crossed the line .99 times out of 100 the ref would have gave that as a goal.Okay Gaston may have got to it but at real speed on the one look the ref gets from where he is in the pitch he has to give a goal The linesman can't give anything he is closer to the half way line than the goals .Yet another poor decision to go against us .
  8. Queens v Morton

    Picture on Twitter. Ball looks goal side of the post
  9. Queens v Morton

    Have you seen the pic from Stephen Lang it looks a goal all day long.This is a game we should have won I just wish we had more goalscorers in the team.It is all Dobbie he almost seems to think that at times only he will no why he never made a simple pass to Thomas to score .
  10. Barnsley are a massive club compared to St Mirren . Ross will treble his wages and get at least a 3 year contract so then will be assured of a huge pay out if sacked . All about if Ross wants the challenge or just wants to play it safe at St Mirren
  11. Queens v Morton

    Snow is almost away no problem for Saturday only problem is trying to win the game !!!
  12. Queens v Morton

    Morton will be full of confidence going into this game. Won their last 4 games a big Cup Tie to look forward to we are just the opposite have no real form going into the game . Everything points to a Morton win which sadly I think they will get. We are Dobbie that is it we have nothing else he can't do it all himself.
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    The accounts are for last season . This season has been no better and we have the cost of upgrading the floodlights to add in so will it even more of a loss this season . Naysmith will have to have his budget cut for next season will have to play the young players .
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    How would that help if any member of the board resigned. Dumfries does not seem to want a good full time football club. Only thing Queens can do now is make the 1200 odd home fans pay more next season . If me I would put it up to £20 for a adult a big jump from £16 but I am sure the 1200 odd fans s just now would pay that.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    I take it Queens did not make a profit last season. Not looking forward to the email now