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  1. Falkirk are very good at home so we would have to be at our best to win. Worry for us is we are missing a lot of chances just now both Dobbie and Kane really need a goal to get going. At Falkirk we won't get many chances so we must take them. It had been a very long time since we last won at Falkirk
  2. We made very hard work of that win.. Missed a few chances again the worry was that Dumbarton might get a undeserved point..Gave the ball away far to easily and gave away silly fouls in the last 10 mins to give Dumbarton hope but to be fair Martin did not have a real save to make the whole game. Both Dobbie and Kane need a goal to get going both are missing a few chances just now.
  3. I take it McFadden is still training with us ?
  4. That is who I would like but it looks like he is going back to Morton on loan I thought Stirling would have been that kind of player but I suppose it is early days yet Dumbarton fans say that he was poor to start with last season then came on to a good game.
  5. It is just one player over 21 which will be Kane. You can only name 3 in your 18 man team ? Is James McFadden still training with Queens ?
  6. We need a left sided midfielder . How many loans can we have is it 3.
  7. The Cup money should be banked surely not just spend it straight away. Dunfermline have a very good squad who play attacking football you will always get that with Alan Johnston as manager.
  8. Amazing that Queens had him training with us after he left Hamilton but never offered him a deal . Good signing but surprised that you could pay even £25,000 . Did you not lose a lot of money last season Do you not bother trying to balance the books just gamble in the hope you get promotion. Think I would rather go the boring way and just spend what you can afford
  9. Has it ever happened for Tapping ? I suppose he is still getting match fit hopefully more to come from him.
  10. We lost the game to a team who played the whole 2 nd half with 10 men. Good that some fans can pick out good things from the defeat but for me we lost the game that is all that matters
  11. This unlucky word had been used a few times already this season. You make your own luck bottem line is we got beat from a team with 10 men for all of the 2 nd half simply not good enough. Amazing that some fans say that we played well we lost the game
  12. Not good enough. You make your own luck easy way out to say we were unlucky Played the whole 2nd half against 10 men yet still lost the game not really a surprise it is going to be a very poor season .
  13. Well another very poor result to lose to a team who had 10 men the whole 2 nd half and who had a Cup Tie in midweek. Just not good enough but has to be expected this season going to be a poor season
  14. Naysmith said in a interview last season that it cost next to nothing to get Thomson Celtic do that with there young players just to get game time. Celtic can afford to do that but the 2 from St Johnstone on loan we will be paying there full wage.
  15. Why should we give him a break ? The Thomson deal would have cost us next to nothing. Naysmith will have been offered Thomson but he seems to think that the likes of Rankin are a better option madness. It is 2 steps forward 1 step back with Naysmith