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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    Queens under 20s won one nil in tonight's game v Ayr Rooney got the goal. Tapping Stirling Murray and Mercer all played just like the 1st team Queens missed a lot of chances.
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    It is the 1st time I have noticed the black patches on it . This happened before with the 1st 3 G pitch we had .The pitch at Falkirk always looks better than ours never any black patches on it . Always thought it was a wrong move to a 3 G pitch football should be played on a good grass pitch which we had . I understand we can hire the pitch out but will we make a lot of money doing that
  3. Queens vs Pars

    I thought McFadden did well today as well.Tired in the 2 nd half but had a good 1st half.Had a great chance with a header which he got all wrong but made some good passes. Goals are now a huge problem now I just don't see where they are going to come from.
  4. Queens vs Pars

    Nothing between the teams both keepers did not have a save to make.We went close a few times but just could not score . Thought Dunfermline had won it at the end with that header but someone got it off the line The ball was in the air a lot and in midfield . Worry for us is that the only real goal threat we have is really Dobbie mark him well and that is it for us.. McFadden and Dykes did okay but both don't carry a goal threat.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    How much money do we get to help with travel costs in the Irn Bru Cup. It cost Falkirk £5000 more in travel money so whatever you get is not enough . Looks like we will make very little money out of the game but I suppose it is something different
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    I take it Lyle is out with a injury ?.. Kane has been poor I really thought he would have been a good signing got us a few goals but has done nothing for us so far. Works hard but that is it .. How long are we going to keep playing McFadden in the hope that his quality from years ago somehow cones back.
  7. Queens vs Pars

    As always yet another hard game against a very good Dunfermline side . We are now stuggleing to score goals really it is all Dobbie for us mark him tight and that is our goal threat gone . Dunfermline have goals all over there team they will score just have to hope Dobbie is on form Our keeper Martin is a worry looks unfit but will definitely be kept busy on Saturday Hopefully a decent crowd maybe get a few down from Dunfermline
  8. Montrose v Queens

    Made very hard work of that Thought we were out but makes a change Queens getting a late goal. Even in extra time we scored quite late to get the win Take it Queens were poor says on the website our passing was poor
  9. Montrose v Queens

    Think this is a game I would play McFadden from the start.Play him up front not on the wing. The time has come to see if he has anything to offer has shown nothing so far . I would go with Martin in goal try and get him match fit now that he is training again .
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Amazing that Martin was playing when nowhere near fit. He should not have played until yesterday after he had a weeks training Why was Robinson not playing untill Martin was fit. Leighfield has not got the experience yet to be our 1st choice keeper but we had a experienced keeper in Robinson fit and ready to play so why did we not play him .
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    There is one thing for sure Lee Robinson would not have left Queens without a decent payout .
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Naysmith would not play Martin if he was not fit. He would never play anyone who does not train . Wonder if Martin and Brownie will play today both made mistakes last week
  13. Sons' sorrow

    This is why I won't go to many away games. I can pay £ 16 to every home game at Queens why should I give Dumbarton £20 .