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  1. If he knows what he wants why does he not go out and get it like every other manager
  2. Did Naysmith say last night if he was close to signing anyone or is it a waiting game.The players he wants will only come if they can't get a better offer elsewhere
  3. Not saying we should have signed Harris but you can't compare him to Murray.
  4. Good to have young players coming through like Murray but you can't compare Murray with Harris Murray is years away from being as good as Harris.
  5. Dale Hilson would be axcellant signing for you.Would still be at Queens but has had injury problems in the last 2 seasons.
  6. John Rankin has another year at Queens.He is the club captain but has hinted that if a coaching job came up he would hang up his boots to become a coach or manager.He is a part time coach at Hearts coaching the under 17 team. Matk Millar had plenty of talent but it is his attitude that is the problem.He is lazy nothing is his fault. Was offered a deal at Livi but he thinks he is worth more so was released
  7. John Baird away to Inverness surprised with that . Have we no trialists training with us nothing happening with any new signing ?
  8. How does John Rankin get the time to coach Hearts under 17 team. Does he not train full time with us.
  9. Mark Millar playing in the exit trial game on Sat. Been offered a deal from you but turned it down.Will he be a big loss to you always thought he had more to give at Queens..
  10. Is Loy going back out on loan ? Did really well at At Mirren
  11. I think we are waiting to see who is available on loan.Only way we will get quality players in .Think our budget will be less than other full time teams in our league.
  12. The fan on the board was all dealt with a the AGM. The shareholders voted against it end of.
  13. Hooper and Smith have both signed for Annan
  14. Looks like it will be loan signing now. Makes sense really we can get quality players in like last season on our budget.. If we could somehow get Joe Thomson back that would be great signing. How many players can we take on loan ?