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  1. What prize money would Queens get if they can hold onto 5th.? If there a huge difference if Queens finish below 5th.
  2. Queens have just signed Connor McManus on loan from Celtic.Is he any good ? he had a season on loan with you
  3. A game we must take something from but just can,t see it.We have too many players off form a manager who is happy not to lose rather than try to win.Really need a win but I think Naysmith will set up with 5 at the back again and hope for a boring draw.Worrying times at Palmerston just now
  4. We are nowhere near safe.How is it unlikely everyone will come past us ?..We have 2 points from our last 15 to me that is relegation form.All teams below us are winning games.We are not playing well to many players off form.Take game V Raith that game was there to win but we had nothing to give just got away with a point.
  5. What worry's me is that we set up not to lose.We won,t win many games set up like that. How did the new signing play ?
  6. How long is Naysmith under contract for ?. Can he keep us up not looking good just now heading for the playoffs but at the wrong end of the table.!!!
  7. Scott Mercer needs to take a break from the 1st team.He is not good enough just now maybe after a good pre season he might be ready but right now he is our weak Iink in defence.If he plays next week Bobby Barr will be the next to tear him apart.
  8. Do you want Scott Mercer back he has been awful for us .You must have been amazed that we paid money for him.
  9. Why was Lee Robinson not playing ? Out with a injury will he be back for next Saturday ?
  10. Are you joking saying we should blood some young players.At the rate we are going we will be in the playoffs right enough but at the wrong end of the table..Why give young Jim a run of games ? Surely he will be the 1st name on the list in the summer clear out.
  11. It is how you use the players you have.How to get the best out of them.Gary Naysmith says all the right things but can he get the best out of the players he has. The Raith game are Thomas and Thomson availble for the game or are they away with Scotland.?
  12. Very poor you must be amazed that Queens payed money for him.IHas nothing to suggest he will become a decent player.Not want him back on loan ?

  13. Why does he play DOBBIE out wide ? Why does the play Mercer ? Why does he play Dykes ! Why does Lyle not get a start ! Why does Carmichael not get a start ? Why does he play one up top ?
  14. Scott Mercer was again very poor weak link in defence Just not good enough.Should have been taken off at half time accident waiting to happen.Naysmith is starting to worry me on this form we are heading for the playoffs at that wrong end of the table.
  15. Money wise a player at Ayr will earn a lot more with a full time job and to play part time than a player at Queens.Always remember we tryed to sign a player from Dunbarton but we got nowhere near to the wages he was on with a full time job and part time with Dumbarton.Queens were part time for many years I don,t see a massive difference in that we are now full time.