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  1. TV Deal from 2020

    Some news reports claiming the SPFL have spoken to Amazon, Facebook, Eleven Sports and Premier Sports in addition to BT and Sky. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/amazon-and-facebook-consider-bids-for-spfl-tv-rights-1-4757048 Sky and BT only pay about 19m quid at the moment, not the 21m mentioned (that must be including the BBC money, or overseas money). It would be interesting to see someone like Amazon buy the worldwide rights and sell this direct to Scots overseas as well as in the UK. At the very least it might be an interesting experiment for them.
  2. EOS Grounds for Optimism

    Don't HW need a railing in front of the stands?
  3. Promotion / relegation

    I think you mean LL rather than SoS! Your suggestion would be interesting too, and it has the added advantage of ensuring a meaningful play off takes place no matter what. The current system minimises excitement/media interest by having the issue decided as a by-product of another match.
  4. Promotion / relegation

    I don't think you've actually read what I've written. I'm suggesting automatic promotion for the champions of a WoSL and the EoSL. No playoffs for them. There's no reason why the season couldn't run a little later than the regular LL season. I am suggesting a play off between the runners up in both leagues to fill an automatic third relegation spot. I realise neither situation is ideal, but I personally found the VoL situation a bit ridiculous. You ought to know at the end of your last match what league you'll be playing in. Neither runner up would have earned promotion only to have it snatched away. They would still have to win a play off, and the prize would be known. Using current season dates as a reason why future seasons wouldn't work is a bit odd. They can be changed. I didn't make my suggestion based on the current setup because it seems so obviously untenable longer term that it hardly seems worth discussing.
  5. Promotion / relegation

    I'd automatically promote the EoS and WoS champions. The third new team in the LL would either be a relegated SPFL team or the winner of an EoS runner-up v WoS runner-up play-off. I'd hope there will be automatic relegation from SPFL2, so whether a place was available would be known at the end of the LL/HL playoff at the latest. I realise there's still uncertainty, but I'd prefer it at the runners up spots at tier 6 rather than at the foot of tier 5. I think relegation spots should be clear cut.
  6. Promotion / relegation

    I would be astonished if the SoS can remain at tier 6, unless it absorbs the West clubs. It only actually covers south west Scotland, rather than the south of Scotland, as the south east of Scotland is covered by the EoS, so it's already part of the area that must be covered by any WoS league. I'd fix the relegation spots at 3. If the LL gets a relegated team from the SPFL but doesn't promote anyone, then only the two respective champions would get promoted.
  7. Promotion / relegation

    The uncertainty would still be there, as it would depend on where the relegated club was going to go - LL or HL. I'd have two automatic places (one for WoS and one for EoS) and one (WoS2 v EoS2 play-off) depending on what happens at the bottom of the SPFL. That way the LL teams would know which places (bottom 3) would be relegated.
  8. Really? I lived in Korea back in the 1990s, and there was certainly a 'bevvy culture' back then. I've visited since, and I suppose things have changed a bit, but they still like a drink.
  9. Promotion / relegation

    It's disappointing that it hasn't been opened up more, but longer term there should be one place for the EoS and one for the yet-to-be-formed WoS, so I think the EoS will have to get used to this. Tier 6 is going to be a very good level, so it's not like being trapped in some barren wasteland. One would hope none of the LL teams currently opposed to more places would change their tune if relegated.
  10. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I think you're right, though I'm not so sure one year will be enough. It's clear that only when things are demonstrated do they have any impact. It might take until 2019-20 with a strong EoS Premier, a strengthened LL, Kelty maybe in the SPFL or Betfred Cup or Challenge Cup, and multiple new licenced ex juniors in the Scottish Cup before it begins to sink in.
  11. It wasn't great, but they still got 70 points. You've also got to balance that against the fact they finished above Rangers the previous year. Overall, I'd say their league form was ok, but not outstanding, in the circumstances.
  12. I'm sure there's a HJ post coming ....
  13. tv coverage of Scottish Cup

    I'd almost forgotten that. I honestly think we ought to try just broadcasting games with the noise from the stadium and nothing else. Anything necessary can be put in text on the screen.
  14. I agree with this. Personally, I think St Mirren should generally look for younger managers looking for a first chance at a full-time club, but I don't think Stubbs is a particularly bad appointment given our budget. Although he didn't get Hibs up in those two years, his signings were ok (especially by the standards of Hibs in the years prior to that), and the team pretty much finished each normal league season about where you'd have expected them to be (slightly higher in 14/15 and slightly lower in 15/16) with consistently good cup performances.
  15. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Actually, renting Wembley for the final, no matter who gets there, would be genius.