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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Aye, I totally agree. I think it'll be a massive ask to avoid ninth anyway, but bringing in a quality striker, and quality winger would give us the best possible chance. I'd fancy our chances in the playoffs too - albeit probably not against Ayr given we never beat them! Reassuring to see on the OS that Hutton's new deal will only be 'til the end of the season. When he's playing well he can be outstanding, but when he has an off day (which has been pretty much every game post his Xabi Alonso performance in Paisley) he's seriously brutal. Not the sort of player I'd be chucking a long-term (for us) contract at.
  2. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I'm really glad to see Sam's doing well. If I was to win the lottery and then buy DFC he'd be one of the first players I'd be keen to bring back to the club (whether the manager liked it or not). I think I've only started to realise how big a loss he's been to us in recent weeks, where we've seriously lacked someone in deep midfield with the driving quality on the ball he has. From December onwards his performances were near enough as good as I've seen from a Sons player, and with the right manager I see no reason why he won't do a good job when (if) you eventually head back up. Mad to think that we managed to get him on loan, and even more crazy that a bigger club didn't spot how good he could be if someone was prepared to spend a bit of time building his confidence back up. He was a really likeable wee guy as well. The sort of guy you'd probably want to be mates with.
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Just a wee heads up, one of the papers up our way is carrying a story that Stevie Aitken is targeting/has spoken to (I've only been sent a picture, so I can't make it out on my phone) Derek Lyle. So if you guys would like to play nice and hand him over then that'd be great. Just remember what we did for Mr Dobbie
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Ryan Hardie won't be joining us this window either then, he's signed for Livi.
  5. Albion Rovers vs St Johnstone

    Forgive me for being lazy, but is this all ticket? Two of my favourite 'other' teams at one of my favourite grounds.
  6. Peterhead v Dumbarton

    Peterhead would’ve wanted the game played tomorrow, of that I have no doubt. A fair number of their players will be central based (are Willie Gibson and Greg Fleming still further south too?) so it doesn’t suit them. Knowing from DumbartonRock what goes into making a pitch playable too, I’m not sure they could’ve done much either. It’s an outcome that isn’t ideal for either party, but hey-ho. It is January after all.
  7. Peterhead v Dumbarton

    Anybody had a stroll past the stadium today?
  8. Sons' sorrow

    That's a relief. I thought it was me viewing things through Mango tinted specs again. He's been one of the few players who has been consistently good, starting from the Betfred Cup campaign. Sure he has off games, but he's a Championship centre-half. Anyway here's something totally out there. How about playing Walsh in the Stanton role from last season (deep alongside Carsy) with Froxy at #10? Stanton made the 4-2-3-1 work last year imo. He was decent defensively, but could drive forward and ping a pass - just like Walsh. It's evident we need more going forward, and playing with two deep centre-mids who have 3 goals in about 500 games between them might be part of the problem. It could be a total disaster where Walsh is crowded out, and we're left short defensively. But we're so lightweight going forward at the minute, and looked so lost for ideas on Saturday, that it might be worth a shot. I'd rather lose 3-2 than 1-0 too!
  9. Most memorable looking player at your club

    Oaft, he's his absolute double. I wonder if he can play at centre-half? We could dazzle strikers with a centre-back pairing so handsome they wouldn't want to go near them.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    For him to be subbed off at the hour mark he’d have to be on by then, which is near enough unheard of.
  11. Most memorable looking player at your club

    Craig Barr - Most handsome
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Having watched him playing for the Shire this season I can confirm that he is. Really good player at that level mind you.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Surely Mark Brown is the correct answer here? He came having been a Premier League regular for quite a few years, yet looked new to goalkeeping for most of his time at the Rock. Looking back a wee bit, Steven McDougall wasn't a bad player for us, but I just felt he failed to ever really reach the levels he was capable of (a few moments of brilliance aside). A season or two later Kevin Smith was a massive disappointment as well, especially after we seemingly battled pretty hard to sign him. Not as disappointing as Steven Craig mind you...
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Seems to be one of these guys who is an excellent signing in FM, but hasn't actually done anything of note in real life. He's also not Andy Stirling, so meh.
  15. Sons' sorrow

    What's the going rate for bribing a mod to ban a poster? Asking for a mate.