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  1. Until you guys signed Robbie Thomson I wouldn't have been at all surprised to see Aldo with you lot next season. I'm not sure now, he seems settled with us and has said he's in no rush to get back into full-time football. He's not actually played an awful lot in his career, so I think he's just happy to be first choice at a high level for once! If Stevie leaves to join a 'bigger' club in the summer, I wouldn't be shocked to see him take Aldo as his number 1. David Mitchell is out of contract with Dundee though, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up with us (if we keep Stevie and Aldo moves on) or with Stevie (if he moves on and Aldo stays). I'm aware that was a long and drawn out answer to a banterous question. But I'm bored.
  2. I'd need to see it from behind the goal to be fully sure to be honest, but to me it looked like Balatoni (IIRC) stood in the wall - our defenders just let him - then he ducked out the way as the shot came in, leaving Aldo unsighted. I could be wrong, but I'd expect my defenders to make sure that Balatoni couldn't perform something so basic so easily.
  3. To be fair (and with my Goalkeeper's Union hat/gloves on) I'd blame the wall for being about as watertight as Brabco's case for a new stadium. Harsh to blame him when the wall failed to cover their part of the goal. A lot of unions related to us these day. TheFarPost - National Union of Journalists, myself Goalkeeper's Union, Ian Durrant...Just the Union in general really.
  4. Undefeated, scoring goals and playing some pretty decent stuff. Albeit we are still looking for our first first half goal of the Durrant era. WATP imo
  5. Don't you know anything about first rules?
  6. This would be a nice fit
  7. Don't try and cover up the fact you've ruined my weekend with facts.
  8. You've been on the phone to FFC, haven't you?
  9. That's really annoyed me too. The BBC PA reports were usually pretty basic, but they were quite handy for checking the basic info. Surely can't be that hard to write up either?
  10. Aye, that was him too. At least his performance shouldn't leave us short of talking points on here post match...
  11. The decision not to award Stirling a penalty for the foul by McHattie was hilariously bad. He also missed the foul on Buchanan at the opener. I do believe we're undefeated with him in charge though, so hopefully that sticks. He was in charge for the 2-1 home win over Falkirk - I'd bite your hand off for a repeat of that.
  12. The Dundee difference seems to be a theme. I wonder if they ever get Rangers and Celtic mixed up... This has just been taken down from Twitter
  13. I have that feeling too, and I also wouldn't be in the slightest surprised to see him at Raith come the summer. All of that is based on my gut feeling though, I have no ITK info. I just think he'll feel as if he's done as well as he could with us, and will want to take the next step. Similarly to leaving Stranraer for us Raith isn't a massive leap, but if he does well there he could easily find himself as a Premiership manager. Whilst if he fails he should get a club like ourselves (Alloa, Brechin, Ayr, Airdrie even) quite easily.
  14. Looks like we've got the stand behind the goal for this. Yas. Back in the big time.