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  1. Greenock Morton v Dumbarton 21/10/17

    Dammit. Here was me looking forward to getting to see the game from a (moderately) comfortable position. How come that's happened? I thought the plan was to have all away fans in that wee section opposite where we usually get, with bigger supports spilling into the WDE.
  2. Saints v Sons

    That is quite a good spot re the first goal. I thought Dowie played well yesterday, but both goals could've been potentially avoided if he'd focused on defending and not his teammates. Hopefully Hill will be fixed up for next weekend, even then though I don't see Stevie dropping his captain.
  3. Saints v Sons

    To be fair a defender should never just leave his man totally free (especially if his man is a striker renowned for his aerial threat) because he is expecting his 'keeper to come for it. I said at the time I felt Gallacher could've dealt with it a bit better, but I didn't expect Sutton to be totally unchallenged.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Just having a wee look at the statistics as it seems like we're conceding an awful lot of goals from dead balls. We've conceded 23 goals so far this season (league and cup) with 10 (43%) coming from set-plays. I've no idea how this relates to other teams, but I'd imagine it must be pretty high. Clyde (2) - Corners Falkirk (1) - Penalty (Stewart concession) Queen of the South (1) - Corner CQN (1) - Penalty (Carsy concession) Dundee United (1) - Free-kick Livingston (2) - Corner & Free-kick Stranraer (1) - Corner St Mirren (1) - Corner
  5. Saints v Sons

    There were a few Saints fans in front of me too, so I assumed it must've been quite full, but Stanton's comments through me a wee bit. Our attendance last season for Rae's last game (the 1-1 with Hardie and Stirling scoring) was 1101, and then the 2-2 earlier this year was only 1377 despite Ross-mania and £20 tickets- so I doubt we'd have managed a 1600/1700 crowd on £20 prices. We certainly wouldn't have got anywhere near that many in the home end - unless Saints fans jumped across the water to bulk by them. I suspect that, despite the price, we probably made a similar amount of money to the games last season all in. Which, it could be argued, makes putting up the prices a bit pointless.
  6. Saints v Sons

    Was the away end pretty quiet then?
  7. Saints v Sons

    Anyway, stepping away from the Froxy chat, I thought that was a decent game today. Both teams did plenty of attacking, and were pretty direct which made it end-to-end and really high tempo. St Mirren didn't absolutely blow us away, but that's undoubtedly the best they've played against us. Baird and Buchanan were solid enough, Samson's long distribution was absolutely wonderful, with only Eckersley and Lewis Morgan doppelganger Liam Smith looking like potential weak points defensively. In midfield McShane strolled it. There's no other way of describing it. He hardly broke into anything more than a light jog all match, and barely gave away possession once. We did a really good job of keeping Lewis Morgan quiet, as I feared he'd run riot against us, but that maybe came at the expense of not keeping other guys like McShane, Smith and big Ross Stewart quiet. Stewart was a player I wanted us to go after in the summer, and I think he showed why today. Sure he looks ungainly, and can look clumsy at times, but he's also a hassle for defenders, and deceptively clever when he's in possession. It'll take him time to settle, but I'd imagine he'll be a good signing. Same too for Reilly who looks back to his Queen of the South self, rather than the odd impersonator who was a bit of a joke at the Pars. Sutton made an impact when he came on, and watching him, Barr and Dowie grappling at every high ball was hilarious. Fouls AOTS, but fair play to the ref who let it go. I actually thought he had a decent game too fwiw. For us Scott Gallacher made a few good saves, but probably should have dealt with the corner better for Sutton's goal. Not that it excuses the sheer amount of goals we've conceded from set-pieces this season, something the experienced guys in defence have to take some stick for. Dowie was good, and won more in the air today than he has done all season. Mango was fine. Boomer and Wardrop were their usual selves, consistent, decent going forward, alright defensively. In midfield Wilson was a bit wasteful in possession - I've seen him play worse, but there were more than a few occasions where he took the wrong option. Hutton - as has been touched on - was surprisingly decent. He did alright in possession, wasn't scared to tackle, and actually played a few clever balls forward. He looked absolutely right up for it too, which was nice. Out wide Walsh was reasonable in the first half, and poor after that. I was actually surprised he wasn't hooked before he was, as things just weren't working and he looked to lose heart. Stewart was decent, as has been touched on, and looked our most likely to score. I understand Stevie wanting to freshen it up, but I'd have left him on as he still looked absolutely fine. Nade remains our main man up front. As soon as he went off we were never going to score. He looks like a guy who hasn't hit the net since July though, snatching at a golden chance just before half-time, and then trying to squeeze a pass to Walsh when the shot looked like a better option. Hopefully goal number 50 in Europe comes soon, as he's looking a bit frustrated at the minute. As Andy Galloway said on Twitter, only once this season have we been totally outclassed and bossed in a league game. If we keep up this standard of performance then I'm confident that the results will come.
  8. Saints v Sons

    His poor might be considerably better than Kyle Hutton's poor, but trust me (and BSF) we watch far more of him than Charlie Mann. He was poor today by his standards.
  9. Saints v Sons

    That was comfortably his worst game for us. Granted he's had some belters, but today he looked scared to take a man on at times, and his finishing was pretty wasteful. He was also partially at fault for your opener. Judging Hutton on his previous appearances for us he looked a different player today. He actually tackled people for one, and his passing was, for the most part, pretty tidy. I mean he still gets turned far too easily, and is far from mobile, but he did well today otherwise.
  10. Saints v Sons

    I actually thought he had a nightmare today. And I'm total fanboy of his.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    Or not. We've now got Elgin. A team we haven't played since the glory days of Derek Carcary, Stevie Murray, Ross Clark and Denis McLaughlin. Decent draw.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Peterhead at home in the Scottish. Willie Gibson and Scott 'Meh' Brown returning. What a day.
  13. Saints v Sons

    Totally agree. Dowie had his best game too imo and was probably in with a decent shot of being MOTM. Fair play to Hutton though, I slag him routinely, but he was right up for it today and even played 2 (TWO!) left footed passes. We did keep creating chances. Unfortunately we then found new and exciting ways to miss them. The St Mirren Da's (especially the bloke who looks like a slightly rounder Paul Lambert) were pouring seethe absolutely all over the shop. Never in all my life have I been riled enough by something on a football pitch that I've felt the need to run down the front and shake my fists at it. Not sure which of the two points you disagree with. Switching back to us, two things that really cheered me up today. Nade coming into the stand to give the weans the Show Racism the Red Card T-shirts. Love that. Those wee guys will probably treasure them, and hopefully it's the sort of gesture that will encourage them to come back. Secondly the half-time ten second challenge. Again getting more young folk (Jesus, I'm 20, I sound ancient here) hopefully interested in the club. Kudos to whoever organised both.
  14. Saints v Sons

    Totally our own fault after missing so many decent opportunities. Another goal conceded from a set piece too.
  15. Saints v Sons

    Walsh and Nadè combining now to waste another good chance