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  1. The home kit is an absolute belter. Cracking collar, nice shade of blue, classy trim. The away one is a disaster though. Committing two of the 'cardinal sins' of football shirt culture - in my opinion. Luminous is almost always bad, very 2007 third rate European team third kit. This is no exception. Secondly it's grey. The ultimate sin. It looks like something my Dad would wear if he was on holiday, and that's not at all good. Then there's the socks. Good grief no. 10/10 for whoever picked the home kit, P45/10 for whoever picked the away kit.
  2. CumDog ftw I'd like to see either Dobbie or Forbes get it. The former especially is a quality player, and far, far too good for this league. A Hibs boi will win it though. Not that I have an issue with that.
  3. I've always had a feeling they might be interested. See to be honest, based on his performances this season in the middle, I reckon he'd be more than good enough for a title challenging side in this league. Somewhere like Falkirk or ICT would be quite a nice fit. In fact, looking at Hamilton's squad for example, I think he would probably do quite well there too. Get Raith doon, and get Sammy back to the Rock
  4. What result do I want here? I've spent a solid five minutes looking at the table, and I've got no idea. A draw, maybe? But then both clubs close up. I fancy St Mirren to stay up, but I fancy Raith to beat Ayr on the final day. If both those things happen it'll likely be us in 9th. This is just ridiculously tight!
  5. Can I reserve Stanton now, and get back to you with my second choice?
  6. *coughs politely* Sam will be coming to us again. We shouldn't give him the option of going anywhere else.
  7. And Ross McCrorie. In fact he was at fault for Celtic's second goal.
  8. From our thread. Not quite, though that dropped point does help a lot.
  9. I'd like to officially thank Hibernian Football Club, James Keatings and Grant Holt for tonight. Makes things look even more positive for us.
  10. James Keatings, if you ever need a lift anywhere give me a shout. In fact if you ever need/want anything give me a shout HiberniSons. Stronger than ever. GGTTH
  11. Score again plz Hibs.
  12. Hibs man, don't do this.
  13. James Keatings loves the Sons...even if he has scored 10 goals against us in 12 games. GGTTH
  14. I was told by a pretty reliable source that Dobbie was "on three or four players wages". I've no idea what that would total (or if it's true tbf) but I'd imagine 2k might be close. If you were going to fire 2k at a player in this league though he'd be the man. I'd happily sacrifice three of our players for him
  15. Always said that Fraser Murray was a good player. Well, his Fraser is spelt correctly anyway, so he'll be a good lad. Glad to see that Alex Harris is still alive too. GGTTH