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  1. Thomson is our most booked, on 8 league bookings (6/8, 13/8, 20/8, 17/9, 31/12, 4/2, 4/3, 18/3), and Barr is on 6 (15/10, 22/10, 3/12, 10/12, 18/2, 25/2). Is there a card amnesty in the SPFL? I can't remember. Either way they have both picked up more all season, and Thomson has picked up the same number as Nade since the turn of the year.
  2. Apparently so, aye. He's only got five bookings all season (6/8, 10/9, 4/2, 18/2, 18/3) though, so I'm a bit confused about it.
  3. His wages from now until the end of the season should cover the Carswell fine. All the best to him with the Polis.
  4. Imagine chucking away a two goal lead at home to draw with ten men. Must be a severe minter.
  5. I could be wrong, but did we not hit the bar a few minutes before the red card? I didn't think we were 'dominant', but I certainly felt as if we were looking the most likely to score. Anyway, it's all pretty much irrelevant. Two points dropped for us, one gained for Ayr. Much like the 4-4 game.
  6. Probably by doing things like this
  7. Nice imagery.
  8. What does WGS stand for by the way?
  9. And so the closet three asterisk returns
  10. Best so far imo
  11. Strachan's interview reminded me of having a chat with my Granda after a few whiskeys at New Year. Quiet, random, and really just repeating the same sort of footballing cliches a few times. "Fair play to him though", eh Tanner?
  12. Everything about that was embarrassingly predictable. Dull lineup, dull football, dull Sky coverage. I said Strachan should've gone after the last campaign (actually during it), but naturally all the 'Tartan Army' knew better. Singing his name after an embarrassing failure because 'Wha's like us'? Surely, surely, surely when we lose at the weekend he'll go.
  13. And that, with a bit of luck, will be the last we see of the grass in a Scotland shirt.
  14. State. Of. This.
  15. Anya is really just David Smith with a small afro.