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  1. According to Transfermarkt Forbes has 18 assists and 8 goals in 29 games this season. That is astounding.
  2. I wouldn't have said it was incorrect, harsh, aye, but you can see why he gave it. Especially from behind the goal. It was more stupidity from Hamill to barge Thomson under no pressure. I wouldn't have said that our defeat to Morton the other week, where the winner came as a result of the worst penalty decision I think I've ever seen, was an injustice. We only had ourselves to blame for not turning up for the first 20 minutes, and then wasting a number of very good chances. The best case of 'injustice' I could think of was when Barry Cook booked the wrong Dundee player against us a few years ago. The player he should've booked (Peter MacDonald iirc) would've been off, that was a game changing - and outright wrong - decision.
  3. Soft aye, but a penalty nonetheless. It was a stupid and unnecessary barge. The fact that Hamill claimed post match that he hadn't made any contact looked a bit ridiculous after the replay. Far from an 'injustice'.
  4. What was the injustice at Palmerston? I thought both teams were poor that day, but (akin to yesterday) a wee bit of magic won the game. If it's the penalty then, I confess, it thought it was harsh at the time. However the Queens TV replay from behind the goal showed it to be the right decision.
  5. That should result in Skacel and McManus playing against us next week. Noice.
  6. Have Hearts just filled their team with guys from PES? Massive fan of Marcus Godinho in particular.
  7. Major thing that struck me in the highlights that I didn't notice at the time, when did we change the goal music and what is it now? It's been Tom Hark for as long as I could remember.
  8. Lang can play at RB, aye. So I'd imagine it'll be him, or Barr will move there with Lang and Buchanan in the middle. Think Carswell has also played at RB in his time too, though I wouldn't want to move him from central midfield where he's been excellent in the past two weeks.
  9. I put that comment to one of our weirdly long blades of grass this morning, and it just laughed. Make of that what you will.
  10. That would be most welcome. Remember how good he looked early in the season? The goals against Cumbernauld and Motherwell were the signs of a player with real confidence, and his hold up play was pretty handy too. You can actually see his confidence draining as you watch him at the moment, and it's horrible because I genuinely think there's a decent player in there. It's just becoming more and more hidden in a sea of falling over, and tamely hitting the target with limp efforts. On Stirling I agree with BBPF. His final ball still isn't great, but it's fantastic to see him actually running at players. His performance yesterday was exactly what I'd hoped we'd see from him, it was exciting, direct and dangerous. In some ways he's quite like Stevie Murray actually - but with pace and less stepovers. With him on form, Vaughan and Stanton we have three really good to watch players there. The goal was a good example of the link up play we were missing early in the season. Vaughan to Nade to Stirling, who runs at the penalty box and creates a goal for Nade. It might not have been glorious, but it was some pretty impressive football. Harvie was poor yesterday, but I keep having to remind myself how young he is. He's two years younger than Donald McCallum - yet doesn't look at all out of place at this level. That's very impressive. Barr had his poorest game for a while, and I think that made the back four look a bit more shaky.
  11. Struggling to work out how we didn't manage to score 1 into Michael Andrews over 180 minutes if football. I actually feel for him. Massive game, probably the biggest of his career, and he'll never want to talk about it.
  12. Obviously I'd say it, but I thought Nadé did well today. He's still not at full sharpness, and that showed as he tired, but he was a lot more effective than Robert Thomson has been. That was demonstrated when he was in the right place at the right time to grab the goal. I just don't think Thomson has that goalscorer's instinct. Like I said earlier when Vaughan flashed the injury time header across goal Thomson was at the far post, but didn't move to put the ball in and looked caught in his heels. A goal scorer (and Derek Lyle is the perfect example of that) would've anticipated that happening and stuck it in the net. The thing people need to remember with Nadé though is that he's far more effective when the ball is played into his chest and feet. He's got a fantastic touch, and his vision is excellent. Using him for to flick the ball on occasionally to nobody is a waste.
  13. That looks out to me, although having watched the highlights I got the impression the referee had a poor game.
  14. Pffft, don't you think I've something better to do on my Saturday evening? Nope, actually. I'm sat watching Race of the Champions on Sky. What a night. Anyway, at home we've played 12 W3 D4 and L5 - 13 points Away P2 W2 D2 L6 - 8 Points. We have, however scored 15 away from home, and only 8 at the Rock. No team has scored more than 15 away goals in the league, only St Mirren have less home goals than us (6).
  15. By the way, that today means that the good Prince has scored 8 in 11 starts for us. What a man. What a club.