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  1. Plz emergency loan us Sutton now with a 0 figure deal agreed in January. Cheers xxx
  2. Dunfermline v Queens

    Dobbie is just absolutely ridiculous for Kane's two goals. Wow.
  3. Sons vs Livi

    As Dumbarton Rock (IIRC) explained though that might not have been possible with the Celtic game on midweek.
  4. Sons vs Livi

    I'm not sure calling games off based on weather forecasts is the best idea. It would've been nice if we'd publicised a pitch inspection at 0900 or something - but ultimately I don't have an issue with it being carried out later in the morning to give the game the best possible chance of going ahead.
  5. Sons vs Livi

  6. I believe the term is Staunch.
  7. Apologies if it's already been posted - but this, from the Vanguard Bears last night, more than deserves a place in here. https://www.facebook.com/Vanguard-Bears-174665649312981/?ref=nf&hc_ref=ARQjTp6fvcgdQ5dm0QGoHZWJ6KTLWk-bcbPFmMl-ny3zCZJSBa7eKuUKx1-bLhBhyLU Nothing but respect for the seethe that Tony Docherty has created amongst a section of the Rangers support.
  8. Sons' sorrow

    Interestingly it looks to have been taken outside the prison cell where Danny Handling is currently being held. So I was close.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    Danny Handling has been found safe and well, and will be ready to fire us into the (promotion) play-offs, starting tomorrow. Imo.
  10. Sons vs Livi

  11. Sons vs Livi

    I'm not sure if that means Danny Handling is fit, or if it just means he's out for another 6 weeks and therefore doesn't get a mention.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    IIRC Rolls Royce have said that he can effectively take something like a 2 year career break to give full-time management a shot. Could be misremembering that though. If he gets offered the St Mirren job (which is a major if) he'd be off like a shot, and I can't blame him for that.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    I would be amazed, absolutely amazed, if Stevie went to St Mirren. I actually think he'd do a good job, but I doubt his appointment would please the fans - especially given his Morton connections. Imho Stevie will go to Cappielow if/when Duffy leaves, and I'd be quite pleased to bring the soundest man in football to the Rock in almost a straight-swap deal.
  14. Segregating Cyclists.

    I agree it's a good idea on paper, but they've built a segregated cycle lane between Milngavie and Hillfoot, and it's a total disaster. There have been countless accidents on the road because of it, emergency service vehicles have been stuck in traffic, people who don't know the area seem to pull out into it a lot, Cyclists sail over it without a care for pedestrians and, to top it all off, the hardman cyclists still go on the road so that they can gesticulate at drivers who politely suggest they use the lane. Fortunately the proposed Phase 2 was scrapped by the Council. https://www.milngavieherald.co.uk/news/phase-2-of-bears-way-is-not-going-ahead-1-4245341
  15. I have the fear again

    I think the UN would probably have something to say about that level of punishment to be fair.