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  1. Sweden v South Korea (the big one)

    Absolutely. He doesn't treat it like life and death as they do. He just sounds like he's enjoying it.
  2. Sweden v South Korea (the big one)

    Just popped in to say that Ally McCoist is an excellent co-commentator. Knows when to speak, is interesting and entertaining and (unlike Glenn Hoddle) doesn't hate disabled people. Hope we hear him more often.
  3. The Sons 2018/19

    I'm currently camped in a bush outside DFC training HQ ready to spring into action when I see Armand Oné.
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Think that's more hopeful rumours than anything else to be honest. He'll get a Queen of the South/Morton sized club pretty comfortably I reckon.
  5. The Sons 2018/19

    Boring with no live football, eh? Perfect reason to get down to the Rock next weekend to make things look tip-top. Be good to get a solid number down and help tidy things up a bit - maybe we'll even find the Stevie Ross costume in a cupboard too.
  6. Peru vs Denmark

    It was very, very similar actually
  7. Peru vs Denmark

    Dear me
  8. France vs Australia

  9. France vs Australia

    Alex Scott
  10. France vs Australia

    Glad they cut that off when Neville was saying it wasn't a penalty.
  11. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Just noticed both are now official on your website. Johnston looked lost with us. He had no confidence to really do anything, and to be honest I felt for him. Hopefully he gets his career back on track, but he's starting to run out of chances. Wilson on the other hand was a guy who I wouldn't have been averse keeping - albeit mainly as backup. He was absolutely outstanding in our win against Dundee United, and can see an execute some beautiful passes, the best of which I've attached below. What lets him down is how unbalanced his game is. He can play a pass like that and then misplace countless five yarders, jump out of every tackle and generally not look like a footballer. If you have a midfielder to do the dirty work though I'd fancy him to be a really good signing in League Two though. He was our leading assister last season with six and only started 22 games.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I've just noticed that Annan Athletic have signed Chris Johnston, and already have Scott Roberts. I thought you guys might find this entertaining.
  13. France vs Australia

    Drogba being bald is a bit disconcerting.
  14. Portugal v Spain

  15. The Sons 2018/19

    Froxy off to Falkirk according to some Cypriot website. Be very interesting to see how he gets on.