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  1. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    heard about the young forward from aberdeen would be great to try scott wright hes starting to tip toe in the aberdeen 1st team maybe a bit of experience in the scottish leagues might help
  2. decent score for the blue toon aswheel wiz it the dundee united first team?
  3. we bet inverness caley thistle 2-0 today
  4. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    was thinking he might be a bit of a problem now and again heard he had knee problems before. our managment staff just signed new contracts so if hes based in glasgow or that area he may be training our south based players possibly
  5. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    jon-paul mcgovern signed for us
  6. Elgin City thread

    aye theres plenty tvs at the table sides or at the bar and theres the big screen upstairs dont know if they'll all be playing the same game though
  7. Clyde v Elgin

    wasnt at this game but just majority of times when ive seen you play us yous have been physical or its barging players off the ball
  8. Clyde v Elgin

    clyde seems to be our bogey team and were hardly a physical team compared to clyde so doesnt help
  9. Clyde v Elgin

    should be an interesting one this with clydes poor form and our poorish boring form a 1-0 or 2-1 to one of the teams we usually struggle with physicality in this one and clyde seem to be a bogey team for us
  10. Elgin City thread

    bad news for us on the injury that shane sutherland has anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and cartlidge damage cant see him coming back for the rest of the season
  11. Elgin City vs Arbroath

    Any video evidence of the scuffle in the stand that resulted in 4 wee arbroath fannys chucked oot lol
  12. Elgin City vs Arbroath

    Speckyboy were you the one who got ejected from the ground the boy we the blue jacket and specs
  13. Elgin City vs Arbroath

    I was a bit worried about 2 signings from a junior side aswell but theyve showed they can play at this level Its a bitty wet but nothing to wet so it'll still be on
  14. Elgin City vs Arbroath

    Aye a ex junior player thats scored 8 goals and brian cameron whos scored 10 so far which is good for a midfielder plus gunny on the bench possibly if sutherlands not fit plenty of players who can score easily if we have a good day
  15. Elgin City vs Arbroath

    Aye shane sutherlands injured but should be back for the arbroath game hopefully Tough game to call i'd say but weve been great at home so il take a 1 goal difference to win