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  1. Squad for Lithuania and Malta

    Morrison is probably the only creative/forward-thinking midfielder player we have that can play as one of the 2 centre mids. You wouldn't see McGregor playing as one of 2 holding mids; but you could see/have seen Morrison.
  2. Squad for Lithuania and Malta

    Generally, yes.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    I heard their star striker has a tag and has to be home by curfew.
  4. #Sonshamers v Sons

    That's Moonster's new best mate you're talking about.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    It's tricky - the Sons fan in me finds it hard not to want to watch us every time we play, be that league, cup, friendly, bounce or reserve games; while as a fan of Scottish football I recognise the need to take action.
  6. Sons v Ton

    Nade is loving the thought of Morton starting McManus and Iredale in the centre of their defence...
  7. Sons v Ton

    Is Hutton not suspended for our first two games?
  8. Sons v Ton

    . Gallacher Smith Dowie Hill McLaughlin Mango Wilson Johnston Handling Walsh Nade Subs: Ewings (GK), C. Gallagher, Stewart, Roy, Prior Although personally I'd prefer Roy or Stewart to start over Johnston for this one. I feel Stevie is trying to trying to build his confidence by playing him as much as possible, which could be for the best long-term.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    Gallagher hasn't be great at all, looks especially dodgy with long shots and high balls. He was decent on Saturday, certainly not excellent though; albeit he did make one very good save. I'd be happy enough with our goalkeeping situation if we had a fit Jazza to push Gallagher, but he doesn't look fit at all, which is a concern.
  10. Surprised to hear Buchanan isn't impressing, he was very good for us.