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  1. Doesn't help your point.
  2. No. Not sure about anyone else, but I personally don't like our club being disingenuously used for political point scoring.
  3. The lack of a comma in his response should be enough to deter anyone from voting for him.
  4. It was a coming together.
  5. He is our top goal scorer both in all competitions (6) and in the league (5). He is also our top assister in all competitions (6) and second to Stirling and the other Thomson (5) in the league with his 4 assists. On top of that he has won us 3 penalties which have then been converted.
  6. Would say Thomson is a close second, albeit statistically he's actually very effective. Would definitely agree about the St Mirren game. Although it may be more of a case of Bucky knowing how Barr plays, and therefore how to bail him out/where to position himself (depending how big your Andy Graham tattoo is), and not having the same with Lang.
  7. Not at all. In relation to my comment there, he literally did that in this game; when Austin was called offside in the first half, Barr runs in the complete opposite direction of Austin and the ball. Was bizarre and definitely not the first time he's done it whilst playing for us. More generally, he has certainly had some good games, but I would say he has been the worst performing player who is consistently in our starting 11 this season. Absolutely nothing personal against the guy, I just feel he often plays like you would play in FIFA once you've been booked; running near a player but too scared to actually tackle or when he does put a foot in it's a foul (see the last two weeks).
  8. They definitely think he's the stripper.
  9. I think it's because we didn't put up a temporary stand for you Grangemouth Giants.
  10. On loan.
  11. I'd rather see Phillips play there; he shares many similar attributes, but I just feel he's more polished and thus would be more suited to being the central focal point. ETA: I'd play Burke as well, just on the wing.
  12. He certainly didn't do himself much good in hopes for starts up front, he just didn't know where to be or which runs to make. Unfortunately with the way they play I can't see starting on the wing; hopefully he gets another chance through the middle and shows a bit more.