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  1. That was my first thought too, would definitely be a decent away kit.
  2. Cammy McDonald for stamping on Prunty's head. Paul Lovering. c**t. Jason Talbot... megacunt.
  3. Incoming Calvin Zola.
  4. Almost definitely a load of shite, but it would be funny.
  5. Nade's new strike-partner...
  6. That JinkyBairn fella is just a bellend, ignore him; it's funny how upset he gets by the fact part-time teams have the audacity to play in the same league as his, underperforming, team. Seeing his team fail in their goal of promotion year after year while part-time teams succeed in their's of staying up must be a hard pill to swallow.
  7. Why post about something you don't 'give two fucks about' at all? Odd behaviour.
  8. I too found the question about how often you attend really badly worded. Also found this a very restrictive question. They can keep asking us questions, but until they answer ours how are we meant to answer properly, without knowing all the facts.
  9. No. Never.
  10. Doesn't help your point.
  11. No. Not sure about anyone else, but I personally don't like our club being disingenuously used for political point scoring.
  12. The lack of a comma in his response should be enough to deter anyone from voting for him.
  13. It was a coming together.