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  1. I heard their star striker has a tag and has to be home by curfew.
  2. That's Moonster's new best mate you're talking about.
  3. It's tricky - the Sons fan in me finds it hard not to want to watch us every time we play, be that league, cup, friendly, bounce or reserve games; while as a fan of Scottish football I recognise the need to take action.
  4. Nade is loving the thought of Morton starting McManus and Iredale in the centre of their defence...
  5. Is Hutton not suspended for our first two games?
  6. . Gallacher Smith Dowie Hill McLaughlin Mango Wilson Johnston Handling Walsh Nade Subs: Ewings (GK), C. Gallagher, Stewart, Roy, Prior Although personally I'd prefer Roy or Stewart to start over Johnston for this one. I feel Stevie is trying to trying to build his confidence by playing him as much as possible, which could be for the best long-term.
  7. Gallagher hasn't be great at all, looks especially dodgy with long shots and high balls. He was decent on Saturday, certainly not excellent though; albeit he did make one very good save. I'd be happy enough with our goalkeeping situation if we had a fit Jazza to push Gallagher, but he doesn't look fit at all, which is a concern.
  8. Surprised to hear Buchanan isn't impressing, he was very good for us.
  9. Les Hope he learns from his mistakes...
  10. Those highlights must have been tampered with... no way did the away 16 miss two crosses... [emoji17]
  11. I hope the tops are a generous fit... so we don't end up with a boob tube look from you.
  12. With regards to Play for the Sons, I would just like to put on record... f**k yer home team!