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  1. I think that court ruling has made him one.
  2. I've barely even posted this year. It's a conspiracy and I want names and addresses of all involved.
  3. I'm still waiting on this guy posting a picture of his passport.
  4. To assume we have stayed in this league as long as we have with a squad of jobbers and youths displays an ignorance of both our squad and, perhaps more importantly, this league.
  5. To be fair, such fishing/ignorance deserved no response.
  6. Can't believe people even responded to "I thought they were a team of jobbers and youth players".
  7. Findlay absolutely strolled the Championship when at Dumbarton. He seemed to have all the attributes to be a top centre half: pace, strong in the air and very good with the ball at his feet... Although obviously didn't work out for him at Killie and Newcastle is a huge step up from that.
  8. Barclay has gone; he was only brought in as short term cover for Jamie Ewings.
  9. Ben Gordon played alongside Paul Nugent for us... Both right footed He played alongside, and formed a very successful partnership in this league with, Jason Marr... Both right footed
  10. The bits of orange and black bin bags on sticks looks even more shit than I imagined.
  11. Could explain why we've suddenly found more money for players. I just hope we're still training on a full pitch somewhere.
  12. 5 years ago today. Never forget.
  13. I hope it is; would be funny for you guys to lose out on yet another big name striker that you thought you had any chance of signing.