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  1. Think we’ll file this one under ‘Completely Missing the Point.’ For the record, I think that argument is as much nonsense as the reply.
  2. Queens Park vs Dunfermline

    Nearly shot my load at Talbot’s goal. I fucking love him.
  3. I grew up in a veggie family but I ate meat for a few years as a kid and through most of school. Stopped eating meat around 6 years ago, but I barely ate meat beforehand anyway so I don’t miss it at all. I can see how it would be difficult for folk who are used to eating meat at least once a day.
  4. The vast majority of meat is avoidable if you look for it IMO. Whether it’s a meat substitute or an alternative, going veggie is easily done. Probably 100 times easier now than it was even 10 years ago. Good on you for the lasagne btw. What all went into it?
  5. Queens Park vs Dunfermline

    Without having any difficult calls to make, McLean has had a fucking nightmare.
  6. Quick Question Thread

    He doesn't hate cooking, he just can't be arsed. But he'll be moving in with his partner soon and will have to get his finger out.
  7. Quick Question Thread

    Aye that's what I'm looking for; recipes that make a decent meal out of basic ingredients.
  8. Quick Question Thread

    Cheers lads. A quick look on Amazon suggests I shouldn't have too much trouble finding one!
  9. Quick Question Thread

    Might get my brother a cookbook for Christmas. Would anyone here recommend a recipe/cookbook for a beginner chef? He made me pasta with grated cheese years ago when we were both younger, and I don' think he's ever cooked anything else since then apart from Pot Noodles and burnt toast.
  10. Things you are sh*te at

    Haven't looked too closely but I've probably made an arse of it somewhere.
  11. Things you are sh*te at

    1. Talking to burds 2. Dancing 3. Not being socially awkward 4. Ten-pin bowling 5. Sticking to routine exercise that doesn't include football 6. Art, any form basically 7. Go-karting 8. Saving money 9. Baking 10. Concentrating 11. DIY 12. Ice-skating 13. Getting out of bed as soon as I wake up 14. Singing 15. Following most instructions 16. Knowing when to stop drinking 17. Small talk 18. Technology I am not very good at most things.
  12. Modern shite patter

    American c***s replying to some made-up story on Twitter with replies such as "I am screaming!", "I'm so done" or "I can't breathe!!" In general, the rising popularity of made-up stories just for the #numbers. The worst one I've seen recently was the boy pretending to have lost his keys, and found them lodged in a slice of toast that he 'found' behind the couch. He actually made a slice of toast and pierced his house key through it, as if that made it any more believable.
  13. That's another thing I've noticed really, is that so many people don't even realise they're eating vegetarian food in a day, or even longer. I wonder how many folk had, for example, a bowl of cereal for breakfast, tomato soup for lunch and pizza and chips for their dinner.. and tell vegetarians it must be really difficult to eat nothing but vegetables all the time.
  14. Just saw a tweet from some wee lassie saying how excited she is to go to (Wether)spoons tomorrow night. Really? *excited* to go to a fucking Wetherspoons?
  15. Just saw a tweet from some wee lassie saying how excited she is to go to (Wether)spoons tomorrow night. Really? *excited* to go to a fucking Wetherspoons?
  16. Might give it a go one day but I don’t know if I’d be too keen on the saltines of halloumi in a curry. Big fan of halloumi though, I had it with my baked tattie tonight actually. Mushrooms is one of the few foods I just can’t eat, never have done. I’ve always ‘tried’ to like them but the last straw was having a huge slice of a large mushroom on a burger from a pub, tried a bit and nearly spewed my load. That sounds pretty good actually. I’ve fried paneer with garlic and a bit of chilli powder the last few times I’ve made a curry, don’t know if it’s making much difference at all but I’d like to think it makes the paneer itself taste better!
  17. Gigs

    Saw Wolf Alice at the Barrowlands last Saturday there. They were pretty fucking good. Ellie Rowsell is an absolute dream.
  18. I've come very close to mastering butter chicken paneer lately. Butter chicken always sounds and even looks good but there's never a veggie version of it in any restaurant I've been in. Saag paneer is fantastic as well.
  19. Guess the ground

    The opening scene in Saving Private Ryan?* *according to the ****
  20. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    Out of curiosity, why do your brother and you support different teams?
  21. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    His username is LondonHMFC, fairly certain that's a West 'am player in his profile photo as well. Must have been a fucker for both of his team to reach their national cup final on the same day.