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  1. Initiation Ceremonies

    In first year at uni, a group of rugby banter lads came back from an initiation night. A couple of them had had to wrestle naked in a pub and one of them had a cucumber inserted somewhere that I wouldn't normally expect a cucumber to go. That might be why I've always preferred football.
  2. Emergency loans

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  3. That defending, Jesus fucking Christ. Also seen a lot of people criticising Tom Taiwo for that interview, but nobody seems to have picked up on the fact that he thought they'd "cracked it" after beating Sligo fucking Rovers 2-1 in the Irn Bru Cup. Fair play to the c**t though, that must be the first player I've seen capable of a Windsor knot, well-trimmed beard tae. Needs to ease up on the Vo5 wet-look though.
  4. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United

    We're not very good against this mob. 2-3. McMullan to miss a penalty.
  5. That's harsh on Dods tbf. I'm not sure if the substitutions could have been better but I thought Brechin were set up well today, they got off to a good start and put us under pressure quickly, it took us about 15 minutes to get settled down and considering we've scored after 2, 5 (twice), 9, 10 11 and 14 minutes in league games already this season, that's promising for you guys to have kept us out until nearly half an hour in. And he's right to have acknowledged it. I said it after the game, Brechin will win a few points by just fighting more than the opposition. Without sounding patronising, there obviously isn't going to be as much quality in your squad due to budget (not that I know what it is tbf) and part-time status, it'll be a hard season but if you play like you did yesterday, you'll overcome teams by simply working harder and putting them under pressure. Particularly in the first 25 minutes yesterday, Brechin's closing down and overall shape was pretty impressive. Dods has to take credit for that.
  6. P&B; where someone with an online username named after a party holiday destination and a brand of porn videos as their avatar will tell someone to 'get a life.' Some place.
  7. It's even the very first thing he says in the interview, fantastic.
  8. Crowd was just over 1200 so probably 750-800? It's really hard to tell in a ground like that.
  9. Brechin will nick a handful of points purely from their high intensity and closing players down, but when 5 strikers in total are included and Ryan Williamson has a game like that, you're going to concede.
  10. Brechin have started better than us. Couple of half chances while we've created nothing.
  11. You have to go through the turnstiles first, then head to the right hand side of the stand, there's a wee sign telling you to go through a door and in to the left.
  12. I'm in the City Club the now. Small but decent wee place, £2.50 for a pint tae though it's out a can.
  13. Pars vs St Mirren

    "Our player is hurt now" also rolls off the tongue easier than "that opposition player went into that challenge with brute force and clearly intended to inflict injury upon a player of the team I support, ref" but the former isn't a rule so I'm not going to shout that at the football.
  14. I only managed a minute and a bit of that interview, surely nobody could actually watch the whole thing?
  15. Emergency loans

    That's a point actually, it might be a good idea if everyone who got a PM should delete it, just so it's not hanging about in everyone's inboxes. ..that's assuming the daft Hibee doesn't get himself into this mess again!
  16. I take it Lynas will be suspended, who's his likely replacement?
  17. Weekend Betting

    I was exactly the same with Morton, bet was placed on Wednesday afternoon. 9/2 seemed outrageous and now it seems you'd be lucky to get them at 3/1 come Saturday afternoon.. 14/5 with McBookie!
  18. Emergency loans

    Tbf if this turned out to be a massive scam and he was just needing a few quid for a weekend in Newcastle or something, I wouldn't be in the slightest bit annoyed. Obviously it's not, though. But just leave a quick post in here to let us know you're alright, Bambino .
  19. Emergency loans

    @Bambino7, have you been able to avoid payday loan companies after the P&B posters chipped in? It'd be good to hear if that was enough to cover you for a bit.
  20. That really scares me. He'll end up like one of these super-human machines that simply cannot be stopped.
  21. Emergency loans

    Jesus f**k. Bambino, sorry to hear of the shite situation you're in, but at the same time I'm glad that you've been able to take steps in the right direction. If someone could send me this screenshot I'll happily chip in. All the best.
  22. An early goal seems to be the aim in each match, I think we've scored within 20 minutes in all but the first game at Livingston, and in each of those games we've gone on to control the game and look pretty comfortable.
  23. Pars vs St Mirren

    'Last man' is one of my personal favourites.