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  1. France vs Australia

    Justice hahahahaha f**k off Lawrenson you slavering old c**t.
  2. France vs Australia

    Mark Lawrenson
  3. Fucking hell, the mods have their work cut out here.
  4. Thought Lawless signing seemed like quite a weak rumour tbh, can’t see it happening at all.
  5. Iran v Morocco

    Burst out laughing at the two Iranian boys going for the wonderstrike on the loose ball
  6. That’s a pretty grim effort tbf.
  7. Andy Barrowman has had a good bit of involvement with our kits since he’s been working in a lead role with Joma, and we’ve had kits with more of an ‘individual’ design rather than one of the stock kits from their catalogue (see St Johnstone and Partick Thistle as examples). Anyone know if it was the same for the new kits?
  8. The shorts and socks might decide it for me. I’d actually prefer white shorts on the home kit, the 2015/16 was braw with white shorts and socks.
  9. Too much of a parting on the collar IMO.
  10. Not sure what to think about either of those.
  11. New home kit has a collar, don’t know if I want to see this.
  12. Away to Dundee United on the opening day. Interesting.
  13. Sibbald and Miller are also 2 pantomime villains we’ve lost in this fixture in the last few months. Higgy might just save us.