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  1. Neil Lennon getting upset at the referee following the rules of the game. Peak Neil Lennon.
  2. "Well done?! It was two yards over the line!!"
  3. Marciano will save Ross County's second penalty and Hibs will win the shoot-out.
  4. Top class circus-style football from Efe there.
  5. I was thinking more our entire squad, really.
  6. I think he looks - and plays - like Patrick Vieira with that haircut tbh.
  7. In that case, it's actually far more believable than the likes of James Bond. Regarding Bond, I've always been slightly bugged by how there's no attempt to make them look even slightly similar, and like you say, the audience is just forced to pretend it's the exact same person. Thanks for clearing up [emoji4]
  8. Genuine question here.. I've never watched Doctor Who as I think the vast majority of things sci-fi related are utter shite, however I am a bit confused as to how the persona has changed from male to female. As far as I'm aware (and I might be completely wrong here), Doctor Who is similar to James Bond, i.e. it's the same 'person' for the entire series, they just have to change the actor every now and then?
  9. That was Lochead? I called him Splaine since he came on.
  10. Buy your tickets from a wee hut in the corner between the Main stand and the East stand, similar system to what Peterhead use.
  11. East Fife in red and white stripes?
  12. You're going to look very silly when we lose 1-0.
  13. Just catching up on the last few pages of this thread. Patrick Vieira