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  1. If we'd known it was going to help Falkirk out, we would have put in a 'final day at Ibrox in 2003' type performance.
  2. Is that a plastic pitch? If so, since when did Motherwell have that?
  3. Should have had the game at East End IMO.
  4. As opposed to an easy away win for Mortoon?
  5. We don't seem to be able to change things when a current system isn't working. Saturday there, for example, the first 5 minutes were great; we had Ayr on the back foot and they looked like the depleted squad they had to make do with, but when they decided to have a go and actually make a game of it, we looked completely disjointed and there was no 'plan B' to try and change things. We are also hopeless after conceding the first goal. A quick glance at the fixtures and I make that 5 points from the 14 games in which we've conceded the first goal, all draws. ETA: that's bollocks, we beat Dumbarton and St Mirren (both 4-3 at home) after conceding the first.
  6. If you get the Dunfermline team from the 2-2 vs Hibs and 5-1 vs Dumbarton games then yes, you're in for a tough game. If, however, you're up against the Dunfermline team from our last 3 games, enjoy the 3 points.
  7. Get fucked, Gav. You looked like someone who got to play 10 minutes after winning a half time raffle yesterday.
  8. My wee Moroccan ace.[emoji173]️
  9. Yup.
  10. John Potter disagrees.
  11. You're going to look very silly when Ayr beat us 1-0.
  12. I've been to 9 league games this season; 4 draws, 5 defeats. I'm going to this one. 1-1.
  13. He nearly one the game on Tuesday you complete fanny.
  14. Don't talk utter pish.