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  1. Gigs

    Aye, Irish Blood, English Heart was good in an otherwise slightly underwhelming set list. The anti-climax at the end was bizarre though, and there were a few utter bellends in the crowd. I saw Alvvays last night too, who were absolutely brilliant. One of the tightest live acts I’ve ever seen. Molly Rankin is absolutely gorgeous as well.
  2. Big fan of Geggan receiving 60 likes for that reply to Rodgers who only got 5 for his tear-stained tweet. The wee plook has once again made a total c**t of himself on Twitter. Gutted for him.
  3. Contact lenses

    The opticians show you fucking stupid ways of putting lenses in and taking them out. Lenses are great for nights out and playing sports, otherwise I don't mind wearing specs. Like others have said, putting in and taking out contact lenses gets so much easier over time. I've only had them since August and have probably only worn/applied them about 25 times and it's already a piece of piss. Just don't cut chillies before putting them in, as I found to be a painful experience last night.
  4. Gigs

    The Skids were excellent on Friday, Bruce Watson’s boy is a great guitarist. Looking forward to Morrissey on Saturday and Alvvays on Sunday.
  5. Beadling was late but still on the ground, if a player was sent off for that challenge every you’d likely see 3 red cards every week. Thompson was late, reckless and high. Ref got both decisions absolutely spot on.
  6. Quick Question Thread

    Well, aye. I can get pretty self-conscious of what strangers think of me. Ended up going out for pub grub. The place was hoaching and I was surrounded by groups of youngsters getting tanked up for a night out. I probably would have felt better if it was more ‘obvious’ that I was just away for the night for work/similar. I haven’t felt too ‘right’ today either so that probably hasn’t helped. It did feel like a few folk were staring at me. Drinking wasn’t really an option, otherwise that’s exactly what I’d have done.
  7. Quick Question Thread

    I never think anything of it when I see someone else doing it, but for some reason I’m hesitant myself.
  8. Having a poisonous hatred for a club because you weren’t very good in their jersey is odd behaviour, Gav. Take a breather.
  9. Quick Question Thread

    Eating at a restaurant by yourself. Thoughts please.
  10. Alexander did that at every goal-kick, too. As well as the standard switching to the other side of the six yard box. At least in Robinson’s case, that was routine.. Alexander was just being a fanny. Out-fudding Lee Robinson at a game of time-wasting shite-baggery takes some doing. Hats off to him. What are you expecting to see in the Livi highlights that’s you can’t see in the DAFC package?
  11. I’d love to know where this diving happened. A lot happened today but I don’t think a single player dived today.
  12. Big up the Pars fan sneaking a sly half time fag in the cubicle, even though the stewards have opened the doors to let folk nip outside for a smoke.
  13. At the first viewing, Beadling looks like he might have got away with his. I can only assume that Andy Ryan pumped Greg Aitken’s burd, apart from the yellow cards he has made some very strange decisions.
  14. Liam Miller

    Horrible news, 36 is no age at all.
  15. Premier League 2017-2018

    I don’t watch many PL games but I always seems to hear Steve McfuckingManaman when I do. The man is an utter, utter moron.