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  1. Weekend Betting

    I was exactly the same with Morton, bet was placed on Wednesday afternoon. 9/2 seemed outrageous and now it seems you'd be lucky to get them at 3/1 come Saturday afternoon.. 14/5 with McBookie!
  2. Emergency loans

    Tbf if this turned out to be a massive scam and he was just needing a few quid for a weekend in Newcastle or something, I wouldn't be in the slightest bit annoyed. Obviously it's not, though. But just leave a quick post in here to let us know you're alright, Bambino .
  3. Emergency loans

    @Bambino7, have you been able to avoid payday loan companies after the P&B posters chipped in? It'd be good to hear if that was enough to cover you for a bit.
  4. That really scares me. He'll end up like one of these super-human machines that simply cannot be stopped.
  5. Emergency loans

    Jesus f**k. Bambino, sorry to hear of the shite situation you're in, but at the same time I'm glad that you've been able to take steps in the right direction. If someone could send me this screenshot I'll happily chip in. All the best.
  6. An early goal seems to be the aim in each match, I think we've scored within 20 minutes in all but the first game at Livingston, and in each of those games we've gone on to control the game and look pretty comfortable.
  7. Pars vs St Mirren

    'Last man' is one of my personal favourites.
  8. St Mirren's only trick seemed to be to pass the ball to Morgan and hope he can beat 7 opposition players and the goalkeeper. Keep him quiet and you'll be fine.
  9. There really isn't another club in this country as vile as Rangers. It's about time that serious action is taken against them. f**k the 'minority', the club had a chance to make up for their fans' bawbaggery and they haven't even acknowledged it. There isn't a single redeeming feature about them. Can't wait until they die and f**k off for good.
  10. Genuinely concerns me that you seem to be proud of this as some sort of 'achievement.' It says a lot about you as a person; a complete and utter despicable c**t.
  11. Pars vs St Mirren

    Still arguing it's not a red. What a fucking lunatic.
  12. Pars vs St Mirren

    He should be fined by the club, he's left you in a pretty shite defensive situation, as well as Buchanan.
  13. That is a fucking horrific piece of journalism. Even for Keith Jackson's standards.
  14. Dundee v Celtic

    I happily would, just for the sheer sex appeal if nothing else.
  15. Dundee v Celtic

    You don't deserve him if that's what you call him.