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  1. Best moment from last night - Slaters headstand after the Clothesline from Hell
  2. Apparently thats how Claire got pregnant. She showed some pictures of her and AJ in bed together, AJ passed out.
  3. I have to wonder if this is going to lead into a feud between Kaz and Daniels. There were times last night when they were grabbing the mics from each other that I thought it could kick off at any time. Or maybe TNA just can't afford 3 mics.........
  4. iTz th33 w33k3nD B015, Wh005 c0mInG t0 g3t P4r4 Just about the worst thing anyone can post on just about anything not just Facebook.
  5. Long time lurker, 3rd post on here I <3 IP. Board software. Glad you use it.
  6. I went to the game today and it was dire. I was up playing in Dunfermline with Dumfries Town Band and Queens just happened to be playing there. I never expected a win but nor did I expect to get thrashed 6-1. We left with about 10 mins left it was that bad.