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  1. FT Winton Rovers 0 Whitletts Victoria 3

  2. Club Statement Ardrossan Winton Rovers FC are delighted to announce that Bryan Slavin has accepted the position of manager at the Club. Bryan will be joined by Drew Walsh and will announce his coaching staff next week. The Club would like thank the candidates who expressed an interest in the position. The Club would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandy Maclean and Colin Lindsay for the tireless work they have put in over the past 18 months and wish them both well for the future. Pat Breen Chairman Ardrossan Winton Rovers FC
  3. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    Did someone from the Port's committee speak to the club, proper clubs would have their secretary/chairman make the phone calls/requests to their counter parts. The manager of a club can only offer an opinion, but then passes this onto to the club committee, who at most clubs, make the ultimate decision.
  4. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    It would have been good of Port Glasgow to speak to Ardrossan to ask if it was okay to approach Eddie after he had signed a contract down here just a month ago. As Eddie is still fit to play they might need him as a squad player along with another player who suddenly doesn't like the travel down the coast. Ardrossan may be easy to deal with if the approaches had be done through the proper channels, but maybe not now.
  5. Fixtures

    The draw for the first round of the West is usually made tonight. The season will kick off with the sectional league cups on Wednesday 2nd August. The fixtures for the season up to Saturday 23rd September will be published after the meeting. This Saturday is the first round of the Scottish Junior Cup. If any replays are required for this is usually the following Saturday. This Saturday is also the traditional Glasgow September weekend and a large number of clubs don't want a fixture. These are issues that any match secretary will face. So I wouldn't place any problems around this time on the current match secretary. He then needs to alter fixtures around this time and November and December for the Scottish and West. This actually makes it impossible to put a fixture list out that won't have numerous changes to reflect these games. No one should claim that they can take a magic wand to resolve the issues around the fixture list. This has been explained many times by the general secretary and accepted by clubs/delegates. Therefore they needs to do 2 things. Play through holiday weekends and find a solution to replays being played on the following Saturday by playing under floodlights if possible like senior clubs. I also believe the present general secretary will have enough support to retain his position, however the association will hold him to better management of fixture scheduling.
  6. Donating strips to Africa/Charities

    As we are having a summer clear out, I wondering if anyone knows any organisation in Scotland who would take strips/boots for Africa or homeless charities etc.
  7. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    All amateur registrations and non-contract professional contracts expire today the 3rd Saturday of June. Most full professional registrations if for one year tend to also end today unless clubs extend the date for whatever agreed reason. Clubs may register new players from tomorrow but these dont get processed and approved by the SFA for the next couple of days due to the high number of registrations and contracts being uploaded.
  8. amateur ban??

    If the ban is for a specific timescale by an AFA this is recognised across the Associations as the suspension letter is usually worded quite specifically Banned from All football. However if it was a number of games i.e. an automatic suspension through the AFA, the player can go to play junior, however the suspension would still be served if the player returned to the amateurs.
  9. Ayrshire cup semi's !

    Chris in paper saying Martyn Campbell knees are gubbed. Both Cashy and Brian Boylan were in holiday for Fridays game v Kilsyth and had 3 newbies on the bench. Some Buffs stretched tonight too
  10. Benburb v The Gow

    Surely any responsibility lies with the SFA referees department. The Region has no control over the appointments made. However are now having to clear up a number of errors being made by referees and there always seems to be a loser from their decision. This is why there is protest and appeal system.
  11. Girvan - Super League First Division Winners

    Should have known that but then again they went up in second place to Winton (whatever happened to them) from the District and beating Shettleston well in play off last season, was there when young Chris reminded the committee of this before they sacked him Still a great feat by Girvan to win both promotions as Champions.
  12. A magnificent achievement for all at Hamilton Park. Especially for long time committee guys Ronnie Hutchienson and Tom McCreadie Exceptional management from Peter Leonard and his back room staff. To take them right through last season unbeaten in the Ayrshire District League to gain promotion to the Super First and now get promoted in their first season to the Super League Premier Division in itself a tremendous feat for any manager. (History buffs has this been down before?) This on top of this previously keeping near neighbours Maybole in the Super First for a number of years before moving further down the coast to Girvan. Finally to former Winton Player David Cunningham who has been down at Hamilton Park for the past six years.
  13. Difference from top Amateur & low league Junior

    Im sure everyone is aware that 'expenses' are being paid by a number of amateur teams. I wonder if these are held up to the same scrutiny that SJFA expects its clubs to comply with HMRC rules. Therefore this is one of the reasons that junior clubs are unable to attract players from amateur ranks. Would amateur clubs be able to operate the weekly reporting of and monthly payments to HMRC of tax. Blind eye being turned by SAFA over a number of years.
  14. Irvine Meadow X1 Management Team Vacancies

    Has Lynn McFarlane stepped down as Secretary also?