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  1. Queens v Pars

    Tragic. His record against Full-Time teams, in general, is appalling.
  2. Queens v Pars

    Bore draw beckons. Or a total pumping dished out to us.
  3. Would composure have been a better word for you? You always hit out with that 'commitment' patter. Literally no-one here suggests the players aren't trying. What I am suggesting is that, whenever we find ourselves in a good position, or if we are leading a game, we seem to fall apart.
  4. Shut up and just be glad you have a club to support!11!!!11!
  5. Yep, utter guff. We'll finish 5th or 6th and a fresh start will take place in the summer. Can't wait for it tbh because there is no chance we are making 4th place. We have no bottle, no consistency, a manager that only knows one system and average, at best, footballers.
  6. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    John Hughes is a total goon and should not be taken seriously. As for McLeish being appointed, meh. I have no feelings on this. I think we'll be no worse or better off than sticking with Chesney with this appointment. It's probably the safest, most realistic option, which is 100% why they're going for him. Steve Clark would have been my choice but there's honestly no-one out there willing to take the job that can generate some sort of excitement.
  7. A lot of changes to the team today. Not so sure of this line-up. Looks like AJ is fudging in an out and out striker in Andy Ryan to play as a winger. Robinson Williamson M'Voto Ashcroft Talbot Craigen Vincent Beadling Ryan McManus Clark
  8. You need to earn that right by winning the league. Also, the SPL doesn't exist anymore. Dreading this game. Think we're going to get pumped.
  9. I'm not AJ's biggest fan, but come on. AJ's record against full-time teams truly is abysmal. New face required during the summer methinks. Got to be Robbie Neilson...only because Steveie Crawford will be assistant
  10. I did something similar in the 2004 Scottish Cup Final when Gary Dempsey hit a free-kick that hut the net support and went behind the goal. Looked 100% a goal from our end. Feel like a right fud afterwards
  11. Away to hunt for the blow-up sofa bed.
  12. Celtic forum for this pish.
  13. I'd have flung Armstrong straight in as well tbh. Cardle has been guff for ages.