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  1. In less topical news, former player Jack de Gier has took over as NEC Nijmegen boss. He's done well the past few seasons, getting provincial Almere City to the Eerste Divisie play-offs two seasons in a row. Let's get a wee friendly arranged over in Holland.
  2. Attention seeker on .nut started a thread Monday saying he's signing this week and folk have been jumping on it like it's gospel. No surprise really: that website is genuinely bizarre.
  3. Was that not the PFA team of the year? This one is the SPFL team of the year.
  4. Agreed, but the amount of chances I've seen him squander has been quite remarkable. He should be bagging 25+ the amount of chances he gets. He is very good at finding space and opening up defences. So, we have Andy Ryan and Callum Smith as our definite strikers at this moment. I would absolutely love to see us resign Fais, but I doubt it will happen. Andy Ryan has been a goal machine like Clark in League 1, but hasn't had much a chance in this league. I think he is more than capable of stepping up and getting us goals.
  5. Just to add: very happy to see Ashcroft get in. Fully deserved. Got to be the best defender in the league.
  6. Not a single Dundee United player, unless you want to count Clark now. Surprised Williamson was omitted, but, looking a the formation, looks like they've went with 3 central defenders, 4 midfielders and 3 strikers.
  7. Only scores against pub teams anyway.
  8. There yer Nicky Clark offski to Dundee United.
  9. You still have Michael "Can Do Anything, Honest, But Score" Moffat.
  10. IMO Byrne didn't loog good enough. He was too easily shrugged off the ball and haddies in League 1 could judge his runs and passes with ease. He wasn't a terribly bad player, just didn't look up for playing with a full-time team, under constant pressure to deliver. Fair play to him though for what he's done at Livi; he's quite clearly shaped up his game.
  11. Good at striking the ball, but weak as piss for a guy in, what appears to be, pristine shape. Should be able to do a job in that league though.
  12. For a brief second, I thought you were referring to Charlie Adam.