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  1. OYF. Should steamroll these diddies tbh.
  2. I did not know such a rule ever existed. If we had got one more point that season, we'd have won the league. Scottish football seemed otherworldly back then.
  3. If you bring a big dug (not a dog, a fucking DUG) on a train, you are a massive c**t! Especially if they are all wet and you let them run amok. I only had to bring my pedigree Dachshund on the train once for a trip to Ayr and I kept him on my knees the full time. I'm not a c**t, although my dog is a lovely creature. Not some ugly fucking staffy/mongrel/devil dug. On the train from Blairhill to Edinburgh couple months back, an Asian lady came on, sat in one of the empty four seats, took her shoes off, put her bare feet on the seat diagonally across from her and began to scratch them like mad. How on Earth do people think this shit is socially acceptable?! I had to move carriage.
  4. Replacing Herron/McCabe with Hutton would have been a bit of a step backwards alright.
  5. He was shite anyway, and so was McAusland. Utter tripe.
  6. He played with us in the SPL back in 2012.
  7. Pumped in the play-offs? Again?
  8. Get used to it; all you'll read for the next week.
  9. Good signing IMO. Him and Nat in a diamond formation - Godly.
  10. The only times I've seen him play shite was against Falkirk. Every other game he's usually been instrumental.
  11. We're going to win the league.
  12. Getting a contract with Dundee.
  13. Too busy playing the new Crash Bandicoot.