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  1. Haven't felt so not up for the season starting in a long time . If Naysmith pulls 3 or 4 quality signings out the hat then that could quickly change .But I am not optomistic .We have a few players in the squad who are coming back from long term injuries ,with a small squad and a new defence it is not ideal .
  2. Good that someone in the family has talent .
  3. How many has Turnip got signed up now ? .
  4. Eamon Brophy from Accies please.And ideally Rankin to Airdrie player /manager .
  5. Pretty much agree with most of that. His signings have been poor,the next 3 or 4 players will have to be good ,or I feel he will be under pressure . We need a centre half or two ,and a mobile/quick striker .
  6. Hoofball it was .Brownlee with the ball at his feet is akin to a gorilla on stilts playing a french harp .
  7. Who are these players Cabbage has lined up ?.
  8. Lovely lad,limited footballer . Absolute athlete.
  9. The boards policy ? . I dont need you to tell me what games to attend .I was watching games while you were supporting your school boy heros . No kidding .
  10. I am not talking about league games .
  11. What I find INCREDIBLE is that he is still chairman of the club .Has he no morals ? .Have the rest of this commitee no say ? .How can he continue to oversee the running of the club ?. Or is it a club within a club ? ,as it has been for years .
  12. Everyone is waiting to see admission prices, to see if we are getting ripped off again .
  13. Resigned ? .
  14. No officiall statement regarding the Chairman and the SFA charge ? .