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  1. The under 20's are not up to it .
  2. Results

    3-1 5-2 4-5 3-1 1-8 1-6
  3. Cover on bench.The bench fillers need to be shipped out to Annan .
  4. Fitvano on mad site is man for that answer .
  5. Queens v Dumbarton

    Excellent .Did you notice if he had one on either foot ? .
  6. South Referees

    Wilson absolutely ruined the Hulford Mussleburgh game .When teams ran out ,and I seen it was him I said to the guys along from me "it will be all about him " .........it was .
  7. Queens v Dundee United

    There is pot noodle available to survive .
  8. Queens v Dundee United

    If Billy see's this he will be seething .
  9. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Hilarious in paper today "forced to survive on pot noodles " . Sheer trauma .
  10. Stranraer v uppers

    If the allegations are true ,then the individual and team will be hamered. The quality of referee's is getting better .Think back to billy" i am here for controversy " ,and loyd " its all about me " and you get the picture. The young ginger lad is horrific and hasn't a scooby.Him apart its not too bad.All the teams want is refs to be consistent and use a bit of common sense.
  11. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    That was desperate stuff .