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  1. Rab and Craig cabbage and carrot .
  2. He will have known for a while who is going ,and who is staying.Its about kidding them along till gtf day. There is no way he would come away with that stuff with 10 ~12 games left .I agree with a lot of what he has said. What worries me, is some of the players with another season to go .
  3. You need to be a board member ,Seriously,you understand the game .
  4. Goalies 0 Defenders 1 Midfielders 1 Strikers 2 He some job on his hands .
  5. Aye a return to the building site .
  6. Need to clear out and bring in some quality. Terrible crowd today , but some of the dross that we have seen this season, maybe understandable. 3 maybe 4 players should be kept , the rest are incapable of stepping up to sustain the standards required for a promotion push.You are right if the correct decisions arent made, the only way is down. Dykes on another year is almost sackable in itself.
  7. your joking obviously .
  8. Skin to sign long term 3 week deal ?
  9. Garbage ,hoofball,clearout required.
  10. My thoughts are with Dundee fans at this time,with this awfull news .
  11. It is an embarrasment. AMATEUR . Thats where you are at.
  12. Oh dear, oh dear ....Oh dear.
  13. Is it wrapped up yet ? .