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  1. SSFL - The Future

    The SOSL is an amateur league .Its place is at the bottom of the pyramid.
  2. As I thought .He knew too much .I assume he agreed to a gagging order .
  3. Queens v Dundee United

    You know Robin its not complicated you either know the game or you don't.
  4. Rating your team's signings

    Queens signings are all 9 Out of 50 .
  5. Playing the Shame Game

    Albion Rovers ,total disaster.
  6. There is plenty more to come . Not Houliston though ....typo ? .
  7. Keep/release still undecided?

    Keep Dobbie Marshall. The rest GTF .
  8. The young ones will be on about £10 (on their contract) .
  9. Queens v Inverness

    Its a home game so one up front , and who can hit a seagull first .
  10. If its performance related they owe the club money.
  11. Queens v Inverness

    Just listened to the managers interview .Basically we played better in the second half,(after the shite in the first this isn't a shock )when we went with TWO UP FRONT.The man's a genius. Players will be judged on what they have done over the season,not the last few games (that's a huge clear out then) . Is presume the Dougie he was on about wasn't the dug .
  12. Hopefully Rankin will hold it open, for the huge queue ...........and then close it behind him .
  13. Time to go . Complete and utter shambles on the pitch .Like Dallas off it
  14. Queens v Inverness

    I await the official explanation .