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  1. Absolutely hammered Ayr ..........1- 0 .
  2. The pitch is a mess.Looks terrible on tv .
  3. Ardagh Cup Final Meadow Park this Sunday.

    It really beggars beleif that some halfwit was allowed to hang a homophobic flag at a cup final venue . It really does make you wonder .
  4. Ardagh Cup Final Meadow Park this Sunday.

    Absolutely pathetic.What planet are these morons on ?.
  5. There's only one man can answer ALL this .
  6. Compensation ,Billy will be awaiting the phone call eagerly .
  7. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Crowd will be poor ,a lot will watch on tv .Kick off time a joke .Hopefully 3 points lets get at them and not sit back .
  8. Dundee United 2017/2018

    There thick as f**k .
  9. Livingston v Queens

    He's 53 .
  10. Palmerston isnt owned by the council . Although they have shares.
  11. Which is true.However and worryingly, it shouldn't be the risk when you PLAY football .
  12. You already know all . The person in question is currently recovering from salmonella ,the source of which is suspected to be Palmerston .
  13. Noticed yesterday at Berwick that they had several bins placed around for rubbish.Queens need to address the seagull shit problem ,so theres a start.It really needs something done or the club will itself "be in the shit " .
  14. Standing knee deep in seagull shit every fortnight isn't particularly appealing. The Portland Drive Terrace is horrendous. Have heard a very disturbing story regarding this .The club along with the council need to address this a.s.a.p . .