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  1. Boxing Thread

    Well Whyte clearly won rounds against AJ so wrong again wee sacks. Same can’t be said for cab drivers like Breazeale and Molina, the guys you want AJ to rematch next I’ve backed up my points repeatedly you dribbling mess. The fact you can’t see it is unsurprising given you’re thick enough to think Gerald fucking Washington is a better fighter than Chisora. Things really not improved for you here. [emoji20]
  2. Boxing Thread

    Chisora didn’t look shot to me. It was his best performance for ages, fought nothing like the punching bag that turned up against Pulev. Washington made his pro debut at age 30, his best win is Eddie Chambers and couldn’t knock out Jason Gavern, a guy Dave Allen stopped in four. This is the guy you’re claiming is better than Chisora. Incredible scenes.
  3. Boxing Thread

    I’ve already explained why he’s more deserving - Chisora is a better win than any of the bums you’re trying to make cases for. “Earning their shot” by fighting 4 and 6 rounders. Gutted for you.
  4. Boxing Thread

    Where’s you think Miller deserves a shot for beating Fred Kassi and Gerald Washington. You’re one of those guys who roots against Matchroom fighters to prove how much of a ‘hardcore’ you are, aren’t you? Absolute minter.
  5. Boxing Thread

    If you'd rather see Joshua rematch Breazeale or Molina than Whyte then fair dos but fair to say you'd be in the minority. You can keep telling yourself Whyte has "laboured" and "struggled" to wins, but he comfortably won all those fights other than Chisora, who he edged out in a FOTY contender. Miller and Kownacki haven't had a single 12 rounder between them. Them's the facts, champ. ETA: Clearly I'm not talking about Pulev, which is why I said any fighters that aren't injured or juiced up a whole five posts ago. Not surprising you're trying to shift the goalposts though as things aren't going too well for you.
  6. Boxing Thread

    So Kassi (who was getting played with by Hughie Fury) and Washington, are now better wins than Chisora? My word. Breazeale-Molina winner? Aye, we're all gagging to see those rematches. Szpilka managed to get stopped by Bryant Jennings and fought Kownacki after an 18-month layoff, so another swing and a miss there I'd say. Just because he's British, is with Hearn and Sky, and talks all the time, doesn't mean he doesn't deserve one.
  7. Boxing Thread

    In other words he’s won every fight since AJ. Amazing that nobody can mention any better names that aren’t either injured or juiced up.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Still waiting to hear who's more deserving of a title shot.
  9. Boxing Thread

  10. Boxing Thread

    He clearly is. Stiverne is a complete bum. Did Whyte pump your missus?
  11. Boxing Thread

    Who has Wilder beaten that's far better than Whyte? Stiverne?
  12. Boxing Thread

    Aye, the guy who's ranked in all 4 governing bodies and who rocked AJ. If he beats Helenius he should get his shot.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Who’s more deserving? It’s hardly a stacked division.
  14. Boxing Thread

    Rumours Pulev is injured.
  15. Premier League 2017-2018

    Keep the smileys coming, it proves you're not at all bothered. Got any more lone treks to the Highlands planned?