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  1. Quite funny seeing yam arseholes twitching even if we don't get him.
  2. So you'd rather we go for guys like Murray and Graham? Stokes and Leigh weren't exactly angels, they didn't work out too bad.
  3. If McGinn goes along with JC we better be prepared to spend cash on players and decent wages if we're to even finish in the top half. Our striking options are fucking embarrassing and it looks like we've missed out on Stewart, Lafferty and Boyce already.
  4. Fyvie was our best player for the first half of last season then tailed off a fair bit. Would be a decent signing.
  5. I'd fancy our chances if Lennon wasn't pissing about in Spain.
  6. It is at this point I would like to say what an outstanding letter that is.
  7. Looks like it. The wait goes on for the Hibees...
  8. Wonder which danger bought the bathtubs.
  9. This slayer character seems like a bit of a wimp to me.
  10. Not having a scoreboard is quite tinpot tbf.
  11. Me too, it's doing it on my iPhone too.
  12. He should've known the Hearts fans would've all ran away by then.
  13. Massive amount of trollers on .net recently, I wouldn't take any notice of the Hendo rumours until it comes from a decent source.
  14. What a fucking shambles