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  1. Post split fixtures

    Unfortunately for Hearts, the big clubs tend to get the preferential treatment in these cases.
  2. Post split fixtures

    Give us 2nd place now.
  3. Ross County vs Hibs

    3 points off 2nd, no end product though.
  4. Ross County vs Hibs

    These northern caber-tossers the latest to employ the hatchetmen tactics against our team of footballers it seems.
  5. Hearts v Aberdeen

  6. Champions League 2017/18

    Lolverpool fans trying to be intimidating
  7. Hibs vs Accies

    See, we even had to open the top tier for them.
  8. Hibs vs Accies

  9. Hibs vs Accies

    I hadn’t actually thought of the ticketing situation but good of you to remind the away fans of the procedure, I know it’s not as complicated in many of the less advanced areas in the West. I’d also add that if you’re able to arrive in plenty of time then I’d advise that as there may be long queues both due to the sheer number of away fans and also the unfamiliar nature of stadium entry for them may cause delays. Hopefully everyone will be in the ground in good time and kick-off won’t be delayed as I’ve got to be up early for work on Wednesday ha ha.
  10. Hibs vs Accies

    I can actually see them selling out a full block in the South Stand which would be a victory for them before the match has even begun. This is why we need to be wary of teams like this if they can take that positivity into the game. The players will be getting half days at work and will be right up for it. Imagine you live in Hamilton and get word that the local amateur team are playing in the Capital. Everyone and their granny will make sure they have a golden ticket. Hamilton will be like a ghost town on Tuesday after both of the jam-packed supporters buses have set off. I think they may just fall short of the miracle result this time as we are playing some good stuff but as Robert Green Ingersoll once famously said “The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart”. May the best team win.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Breazeale and Washington more deserving of a title shot doe.
  12. At least we won’t have St Johnstone shaming the country in Europe again this year against made-up teams from Belarus and Latvia.
  13. ^^^Stuck the giro on Hibs at 4/5.