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  1. Yes, of course. Harrowing stuff.
  2. Yip. Osasuna v Espanyol would be just the same.
  3. fucking SCENES.
  4. He's scored more goals against Liverpool at Anfield than for them.
  5. Lolverpool
  6. McManaman is the most bias commentator out there, slavers some amount of shite. Get it up him.
  7. Team gets through to the final and all he can talk about is the Hibs Absolutely rattled.
  8. Ox has been outstanding.
  9. Waghorn
  10. Sparky ripping the pish
  11. "Dinna" "fa" - do Aberdeen folk actually talk like this IRL? Anyway, we've reached our fair share of Scottish Cup Finals recently. Got to be delighted for Aberdeen, good wee family club that deserve a big day out.
  12. Who's this Morten fan and why is he so obsessed with us? Is it purely because we put their title dreams ( ) in tatters?
  13. Couldn't give a shite about this.
  14. Tactical masterclass from Pochettino.