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  1. Not sure how you can possibly recover from this one
  2. Claims he's not paranoid. Compares pages of post-season chat when Lolverpool win to when they don't.
  3. I actually think he gets more rattled when they win than when they don't. Maybe we should start supporting Lolverpool.
  4. Oaft, the Lolverpool patter has really got to you hasn't it?
  5. Has it really stung you for being called out on your complete Jefferson Mintero? Shame that.
  6. As he usually is. Always pleasing to put diddies back in their box regardless. "...BUT BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME HERE'S WHY..."
  7. Quick look through the early pages and found that belter. But yes, clearly it's me that's had the minter here. Imagine writing out all that in utter desperation that we lose. Imagine the stauner you must've had when Sevco took the lead. Imagine the utter heartbreak when Sir Dave erupted the East half of Hampden in the glorious sunshine. Thanks for playing anyway.
  8. It was a video.
  9. Couple of folks rustled with JT's success it seems.
  10. I'm sure JT will be gutted with his trophy haul.
  11. Refs bottled that.