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  1. Crawford decision
  2. That's about as believable as Mayweather getting knocked out by Zab Judah in sparring.
  3. So a clear headbutt is a nonsense red card
  4. Bitter The yams got their first away win since 1902 at the weekend and were still effortlessly overshadowed by the Hibs.
  5. No thanks, we'll continue our assault on the Premiership on our way to consecutive titles.
  6. Part-time teams like Hamilton have no business being in this league. Time we put them back in their box.
  7. Where's the wee Motherwell *** at?
  8. Bang average pass from Matic there it must be said.
  9. John Beaton loves the Pope.
  10. I'm sure that was just another light-hearted push, no harm intended.
  11. It Stokes should be off then so should Cardozy, m8.
  12. Shelvey
  13. Dorrans (or whoever it is) grabbing Tony by the throat there. How has that gone unnoticed by the ref?
  14. 4-0 to the crayon eaters.