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  1. The Hibernian Thread

    The collar on the home top Decent other than that though.
  2. Champions League 2017/18

    Is wee Rab not going to be multi-quoting year-old posts after this one then?
  3. Hearts vs Hibs

    To be fair, it's not really a rivalry when one side are so far ahead of the other, both at present and historically, like we are with them. We turn up and expect to win, it's one of the first things the new lads get taught - we don't lose to Hearts. That goes right from the under 8s to the first team. But since I could probably count on on hand the number of times they've beaten us since the turn of the century, the fixture has lost it's appeal a bit. If I was unfortunate enough to be one of them I would be concerned that future generations will switch allegiances to Hibs. It's already happening in fact, I know several Hearts supporting dads whose boys and girls have stopped wanting to go to Tynecastle and started going to Easter Road instead. Worrying times, I would never wish liquidation on a great wee community club like Hearts but I fear that's the way it's heading if you want my honest opinion.
  4. Boxing Thread

    So has it been pulled from PPV yet?
  5. Boxing Thread

    The vast majority of PPV sales come on the night of the fight - there's literally no chance they'd pull it now. The only time they've cancelled one before was after a fight was announced and it got a dreadful reaction. The first fight did huge numbers and this will as well I'd expect. Is Eddie just going to pay the millions in purses himself?
  6. Boxing Thread

    Lol at anyone believing this.
  7. Aberdeen v Hibernian

    Aberdeen don't have that many fans tbf, its unreasonable to expect them to be matching our attendances for example.
  8. Hibs vs Killie

  9. Hibs vs Killie

    It took a deflection that fluked it into the net, silly. I was only a few miles behind it, I saw it clearly.
  10. Hibs vs Killie

    Chris Boyde’s free kick was clearly heading for the corner flag and took a wicked deflection. It was a one in a million strike.
  11. Rangers vs Hearts

  12. Rangers vs Hearts

    Fantastic Hearts support through there. At least one full minibus.
  13. Premier League 2017-2018