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  1. Alloa v Rovers

    I don't personally see any issue with the way Rovers board handled it at the time. It obviously disgruntled Darren Young, and maybe influenced what followed there with his departure. But nobody wants to lose a manager who is doing the business. I doubt Goodwin would have gone for that temporary arrangement and we really needed a solid appointment after Jack Ross left. Imagine for example, if we had won promotion through play offs- which we really should have achieved (nothing against Brechin there). It would have been tough to demote Goodwin again having achieved promotion. As far as Goodwin as manager goes, there's still much work to be done- and it certainly hasn't gone as well as he probably hoped. But in such a small league, a couple of wins and a bit of momentum changes everything. In 3 or 4 weeks time any club could potentially be in an entirely different place. I think he will get plenty opportunities to turn it round. Despite not being nearly as strong as last season, it's still a decent squad of players that we need to get more out of.
  2. Alloa v Rovers

    Rovers were looking for a crazy amount of compensation, a figure which made any potential move for Darren a complete non starter. Darren was even prepared to pay some of the compensation out of his own pocket, but Rovers board wouldn't budge and lower the figure. So club did approach Darren, and Darren was interested in coming- club really appear to be pretty blameless in this instance though.
  3. Alloa v Rovers

    Holmes was class, and sadly just what we are missing. A first for me yesterday. Chucked it at 3 0, walked down town and arrived at pub to hear it was 3 2. Jumped in a taxi to head back up, just walked in as Rovers scored the 4th
  4. Alloa v Rovers

    Ah sorry...big Jim. We look a far better unit with him on the field. He was terrific last week. Looked about 80% fit but still strolled much of the game.
  5. Alloa v Rovers

    Pity about Jason but I understand his end game. "Though shalt not obstruct my former disciples"
  6. Alloa v Rovers

    Don't think either will start today.
  7. Alloa v Rovers

    I've put a strong case forward in the match programme, and I know Goody reads it on a Friday...fingers crossed. He certainly made a real positive impact on the team in past 2 games and was our best player last week down at Somerset Park. Provides great entertainment too. But yeah I think that's the change he will make, putting himself back on the bench again.
  8. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Yeah I think so-at the game looked like Andy G made a good challenge and he just went down. Had he got a bit more on the ball to put it out for a corner I would have said no. But he caught the striker with his momentum and the boy looked pretty clearly through for a chance on goal.
  9. Alloa Athletic v Forfar Athletic

    Won't be a long search if this is indeed the case...
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Crane came off the bench at Somerset. Meggatt will move back to CB once Crane back up to speed.
  11. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Goodwin's first start since January, so not surprisingly he was running on empty a bit towards the end. That was very much a makeshift back line for us yesterday- Andy Graham (who I saw outside in a sling) currently injured, and Meggatt usually plays on the middle but had to shift to LB as our regular guy there has also been injured.
  12. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Can't see how any blame could be attributed to the keeper. The smallest player on the park shouldn't be getting that kind of space to head home a corner, but he got a lot of power on it in a packed area.
  13. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Ayr keeper did make a brilliant save from Malky near the end of the game. I can see why Ayr fans may think they deserved the win with some of the pressure they had, but for long spells they couldn't get going against us. It was a really entertaining game- a battle on a sodden pitch and I was encouraged by how much we were up for the fight, particularly after a poor opening. I wouldn't say it was fluent, but we still played some decent stuff at times. Renton and Fleming both had probably their best games for us. Thought we might have got the win had Robbo stayed on. I know Goodwin wound up the home support with some of his antics, but he gives us what we have been missing- a bit of craft and leadership. Very pleased with the effort and spirit shown- we look like we are getting there a bit more and hopefully we can take it forward.
  14. Alloa Athletic v Forfar Athletic

    Yep, attack is too rigid and predictable at the moment, whereas the midfield is the opposite at times (where it actually needs more structure) Reverse that, and I think we will get better.
  15. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Yeah Hogan currently injured, or has been past couple of weeks. Magnificently.