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  1. Stenhousemuir vs Alloa

    I'm a bit less wary of this game than I was when the draw was made. We're in a far better place now and will be confident of progressing. I see Stenny haven't lost in the league at Ochilview since the opening day of the season, so we're playing a team who are accustomed to picking up decent results at home. They also had a great result last week up at Peterhead. Our record there is good, don't think we've lost there since Maitland era. Worst I think we've had there is when we blew a 2 goal lead late on last season. Stenny is always a good wee away trip, hopefully a decent support fire through. Decent admission prices too.
  2. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    His fitness has probably improved a bit but I think it's key that he's not wasting as much energy now. Can be a bit more selective when he sits and when he goes. Don't think he would play Frank right back unless in a 3. He should be back in contention shortly but doubt we will change what we have right now unless there's an injury. Agree Crane looks really comfortable in past few games along with the rest of the back 4.
  3. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    The Fleming argument in a way adds weight to Waspies post on the previous page about stumbling on a winning formula- when referring to an individual anyway. I didn't think we were playing him in a position to get the best out of him earlier in the season. For whatever reason. Playing in a more attacking midfield role was asking too much of him for me. I could see this as far back as the pre season friendly vs St Mirren. Manager stuck with it though, which led partly (in my view) to the incident with a supporter- frustration on both sides there. We were also lacking balance in the midfield throughout the first quarter (as previously mentioned so won't go on like a broken record). I think moving Fleming deeper has addressed this to some degree and I'm glad to see him doing well. Certainly was thrusted upon us though due to the injury situation, rather than completely being down to a masterstroke. If it was the plan all along, there was plenty scope to do so earlier- at some point during the first quarter of the season. I'm not saying I totally agree with that. The manager knows far more about the players strengths and weaknesses through training sessions and spending time with the players. But still something to consider.
  4. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Gave us a real lift when he came in which kept us in the Championship when we looked dead and buried. The end of that season (esp Forfar play off final second leg) was unforgettable stuff. Knows his game, very clever tactically. His training sessions were always interesting but very intense. Has some "different" methods of motivating players. At the time we had a strong starting 11, but it was a lot to ask the same guys to do the job week in week out against full time clubs and players. He addressed that by going for a bigger squad with a downturn in quality. Backfired, with some of the recruitment seeming really desperate and weak.
  5. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Yeah fracture in training.
  6. Rovers 0-2 Alloa

    Yep, spot on. Holmes had a greater influence as the game wore on and we sat deeper. I always thought we looked the more dangerous in final third but there were occasions where we may have been punished. To be fair, we did sit deep against Raith on the opening day with success. But would carry a lot of risk.
  7. Rovers 0-2 Alloa

    To an extent I think. It was encouraging to see us stand firm under a reasonable amount of pressure and pick up the clean sheet. I did think Rovers were quite wasteful in front of goal at times though. Started the game well, and got the opener almost right away from an excellent finish by Flannigan. Crossan hit the post/bar not long after which would have put us into a really commanding position. As mentioned up against it for much of the second half but pleasing that we saw it out. For the 2nd goal Rovers keeper had already rode his luck moments before, where Renton capitalised on his error but just couldn't knock the ball past the last man. Good for him to get a goal though- didn't understand the lack of celebration although admittedly goal wasn't of the vintage variety. With Ayr and Raith coming next, we'll need to play better than we did yesterday to take points in those games. But great to be in a position where we can try and perhaps mount a challenge to these teams again.
  8. Alloa v Airdrie 4th Nov

    Must have missed the second mention so here it is...
  9. Alloa v Airdrie 4th Nov

    Cheers. She seems to be enjoying it, which is great. Think it's just a personal record rather than club- first time he would have scored in 3 straight games.
  10. Alloa v Airdrie 4th Nov

    The bar you were in is usually home fans only, but as you saw yesterday no biggie if a couple of away fans jump in. I was really pleased with how we played yesterday. Airdrie had the better of the chances in the earlier stages, but after the goal never looked back. Second half we were really comfortable at the back. Airdries only real clear cut opening came as a result of a single error by Andy Graham, and big Parry was on hand when we needed him. Midfield was excellent as a unit, and agree that Hetherington really got a foothold and bossed it. Fleming solid, with some good passages of play from Cawley and Flannigan. Couple of folk up in the stand giving Crossan a hard time for over playing it at times, but perfectly normal for a young lad full of confidence trying to make an impression. He had a great run and shot in the second half, and the determination not to give up on a seeming lost cause won us the penalty at the end. Another good outing from him. Good to see Malcolm getting the goal- starting to gain momentum after a disruptive start to his time at Alloa for a number of reasons. He's getting better service now too and looks far more of a danger in the box.Renton also came on and made an impression. Full backs also a danger going forward. More so Robbo who looks like he's really enjoying it at RB. But Crane also had his moments, in particular a good wee drop of the shoulder in the 2nd half. Andy Graham took the penalty to go for a club record. Looked a reasonably good save, but occurred so late that it was fairly inconsequential. Overall, should have got that killer second but always looked like winning the game. A few good wins now to completely transform our league position. Another one next week would leave us sitting very nicely before the break for Scottish Cup. As a wee aside, went to buy my daughter an Alloa top at half time, disappointing that an adult price of 35 quid applies (she's 7)
  11. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Agree with this. What I will say about playing Fleming deep- it may just be coincidental (time may tell)- but the midfield has looked a bit more balanced. Flannigan wasn't wasting a lot of energy trying to do everything and we looked more structured. Our movement and drive as a unit was improved, but that may have been a combination of the big park at Hampden and an opponent not at their best. Still room for improvement undoubtedly, but couldn't really have asked for a better reaction in terms of results after the low point of Stair Park. Let's see if we can build on it in the next couple of games, fingers crossed.
  12. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    I'm sure Franks injured. Taggart has been excellent both games at centre half and Robbo has slotted in really well with two good displays. Fleming doing well too, solid enough. He doesn't have to charge about and sits in protecting the back 4 well. He looked more comfortable as the game wore on at Hampden. Probably one of our best players on the day. Crossan in terrific form right now. The loan extension juggernaut begins in this week's match programme.
  13. Unbeaten for 3 weeks QP v next for the slaughter Alloa

    Although the last couple of goals were gifts to put the icing on the cake, probably as comfortable a win as I've seen us pick up in a long time. Was surprised Meggatt was benched, I would have had him straight back in. Not that it really mattered too much as the defence had no real issues. Could we have found a wee niche for Gary Fleming in a more defensive centre mid role? I thought he was fine yesterday, very settled and pushed forward when he had the chance to. Crossan was excellent again. I'd imagine we would be looking at potentially extending that loan deal. Terrific run for the first goal, assist for the second and all round play vital. Looks to be growing in confidence too. Great to see Malcolm off the mark in the league. Overall we looked relaxed, composed and patient out there, which was good to see after looking a bit disjointed and desperate at times earlier in the season. Two wins and 8 goals in the second quarter without really having to be at our best. Far more encouraging stuff in recent weeks.
  14. Unbeaten for 3 weeks QP v next for the slaughter Alloa

    Should be an interesting one. Manager made noises post match past week about the corner being turned. I hope he's right, and also hope injury list has cleared up a bit. I thought in the previous game earlier in the season Queens would have taken something had they shown a bit more ambition. As the game wore on into the later stages they seemed to retreat into their shell and settle for a point. Our record at Hampden in recent years is excellent. On the last trip there we scored early and simply sat back and soaked up- played QP at their own game a bit. It made for a poor spectacle but tactically it was spot on. Be interesting to see what our starting lineup is, particularly if a couple of players become available again. Despite a good result last week we were patched up and I would suspect we will see changes. Expecting a tough game with Queens coming off the back of an impressive win.
  15. Pedro Caixinha Candlelit Vigil

    Suspected the amusement of that late Killie equaliser last night would ultimately burst the long term laughter No doubt the calls for a "true Rangers man" will be rife- Billy Davies next please...