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  1. Arbroath v Alloa

    Bit of a random statement about the wind. I don't recall it ever being mentioned since a game when Allan Maitland was manager over 9 years ago. Incidentally that was the last time we lost up there, so haven't had too much to moan about on our visits. Love the day out at Arbroath, looking forward to it.
  2. Alloa V Forfar

    I'm expecting the manager to mix it up a bit with his lineup- we've got a really busy run of fixtures with the 2 rearranged games in midweek. Half a dozen games now which will really shape the outcome of the season. Expecting Crossan to start up at Arbroath- he ran them ragged last time we went up there. Can see him and Smith getting more game time to get all of our attacking options sharp and effective.
  3. Alloa V Forfar

    Yeah, I thought managers subs were correct in selection but didn't really work out. He gave Crossan and Smith a chance to stake their claim, and Kirky whilst dangerous was a bit below par. Don't see Crossan as an impact player- he usually needs a bit of time to digest what he's up against. But he didn't merit a start next week based on his input today on its own. With the way the game was going Smith didn't get too much of a chance to impress. We have a bit of a fixture pile up approaching so it's key to give all of our attacking options game time to sharpen them up. As said, a game where we created a decent amount of chances, but also left the door unlocked from time to time. Take the 3 points and move on to a couple of tough away fixtures where we will probably need to be more clinical.
  4. Ayr vs Alloa

    It's only some Ayr fans to be fair, but if you take into account the previous 2 games this season were really close, and our recent record at Somerset (5 undefeated now)- it wasn't a seismic shock by any means. Some of the manic depression about the result, the opposition and their team overall is a bit much. For the disallowed goal, from my viewpoint it looked like there was a slight nudge on Parry- keepers are universally over protected in these instances as a general rule.
  5. Ayr vs Alloa

    First half was excellent, with Kirkpatrick and Stewart causing the home defence tons of problems. I wasn't all that concerned when we went behind (decent finish) as we regularly looked dangerous going forward. Bullet header from McCart then a somewhat comedy of errors- but certainly deserved our lead at the break. Second half up against it a lot more, but other than the stramash in the 6 yard box, not too many real worrying moments in front of our goal. Some excellent performances all over the pitch, but more about spirit and resolve for long periods- technically I've seen us play better this season. Probably our best win of the season, 3 excellent games between the two teams so far...
  6. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    David Cox speaks out on abuse from opposing players and fans Full interview on radio tomorrow
  7. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Thats fine, but you used it in a manner which to me has no overall meaning in the context of a game. As an argument against Hetherington you said you were backing up your claim with evidence, and the evidence was Hetherington loses the ball more often than any one of the back 6, makes less tackles than Fleming etc. Im saying that means nothing really, as the nature of the game dictates occurrences. You can review these aspects all you like, but as kobe correctly states- they can be manipulated in so many different ways depending on what youre looking for. Anyway no big deal, it is what it is- I think hes been excellent this season, and enjoy discussing/debating this kind of stuff...
  8. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Its all well and good as an additional tool to reference I suppose, but doesn't show the full context of the game- its a very small part of the overall picture. Fleming is probably has reduced direct involvement in the play, and majority of the back 4s passes will be potentially to each other looking to build while the opposition sits deeper. So its only natural that Hetherington will lose the ball more based on his involvement in the trenches- far busier and trickier. Fair play to the work youve put in there, but I dont think anything youve written tells me anything that would improve his game. I am not a fan of in game stats at all, possession, pass completion etc...it tells me nothing. Scott Brown at one point had the highest pass completion rate of anyone in the Champions League this season...my answer to that would be "what does that mean" Like I said throughout my post, he isnt a superstar, and isnt our best player ability wise- but (in my opinion) he provides the strongest overall contribution to the team in a team game. Lots of others I hear championing Stevie regularly too, so Im not being all hipster or mental on this. If he keeps this level up, he'll be a strong contender. In terms of Crane, Im convinced the manager has told him never to hit the byeline...maybe its just me but he almost always feeds from the edge of the area and never goes any further.
  9. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Absolutely. With an eight year old daughter running riot round the ground these days, I might miss the odd aspect of a home game (shes barred from aways, for obvious reasons). But the text shows nothing which I didnt notice at the time. Raith Rovers were winning a lot of possession high up the pitch in the first half with deliberate pressure in that area. This was to their credit. Particularly at this level, opposition doing good work for me does not automatically equate to an utter failing on our teams part. Its not Stevies job to spray Sebastian Veron passes all over the pitch. Its not his job to create tons of chances for the strikers either. The thing is he recognises this, doesnt try to be something he isnt. He does a job which isnt pretty, sticks to it and lets others do theirs more effectively. I dont think theres anyone in there who's more of a team player for us. Its alluded to in the post- he covers for Crane and Fleming amongst other aspects. He notices these areas where the opposition are gaining a foothold and minimises them. Early in the season we had problems to this regard. We have a lot less now with him in there week in week out. Sometimes he doesnt have to do anything to get involved in the play to do this. From the Raith Rovers game mentioned (not his best this season by any means)- Vaughn was quiet in terms of influencing. Part of that is down to Hethrington being in the right place, and creatively Rovers having to move the ball elsewhere to attack. pencils mentions the East Fife game and nowhere was it more apparent. You take him out of that midfield and suddenly everyone else looks like they have to do so much more work, regardless of who replaces him. Fleming isnt mobile enough to do it all, Flannigan and Cawley have to drop in and you lose a bit of creative nous, and Ross Stewart is also having to do more work deeper and we lose threat in the final third. Its a domino effect, which was primarily caused by Stevie moving to left back. We also look a bit more lightweight without him in there. He provides a bit of fire and makes us far more resolute- not by doing anything particularly eye opening but an absolute requirement in a midfield battle. He'll put a strong tackle in at some point in a game- not with any real regularity, and maybe even just one each match- but it gives everyone in the team a lift, and shows the opposition they arent going to get an easy time of it. Jon Robertson maybe has more to him- but he tends to try and do a lot more and its dilutes influence. Hetherington does a job, which allows others to worry less and focus on their strengths. The best people to ask about Stevie would be the players who play with him. Im sure Kev and Flanny will all be very grateful of the role Stevie plays in the team. Got to also remember its part time Scottish football. Im not suggesting Gareth Southgate will be up looking at him for the World Cup. But if Im looking I could probably find 10 Andy Graham errors in a game, 10 Flanny errors in a game etc...and these are our key players....but its not the point. Even at a far higher level, players rarely have the perfect game- because its based on 22 individuals, and you always have stages when others will shine.
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Have to strongly disagree here. Since hes settled and got a run in thè team Hetherington has probably been our most consistent performer. If we were voting Alloa player of the year right now, he would probably be my pick.
  11. Alloa V Raith

    Heard Buchanan getting it too, mental. Folk can shout what they like I suppose.
  12. Alloa V Raith

    I'm not sure, I think Rovers were always going to come on strong in the latter stages. There is an argument of whether you get the most out of Stewart if he's playing back to goal more often. Think he's better driving forward. But still an option none the less.
  13. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    There's a balance that needs to be reached and it's a tough one. I'd argue Adam has been developed pretty well- he's markedly improved as a player in the past year or so. But he's not quite there as a starter yet and the loan to Clyde will be good for him if he gets game time and excels. I'd agree his final ball maybe a bit better than Crossan, but Crossan has more to his game. Ultimately the managers remit is to put a team on the park to go for promotion.
  14. Alloa V Raith

    For the chance right at the end, it wasn't Cawleys height that was the issue, appeared he actually had to lower his head to make contact. If he was able to attack the ball then he scores, but just came at him with too much pace. Overall, I enjoyed the game. Both teams had chances to win the game. First half was a really decent back and forth contest, second half a bit scrappier. Rovers fairly good at winning back possession high up the pitch, caused us trouble at times. For us, defence was really disciplined and accomplished- Gary Fleming excellent in particular, but overall we matched up really well in the middle of the park. We were maybe a bit lacking in terms of end product but I thought Ross Stewart put in a great shift. Still a wee bit concerning to me that big Renton looks tired regularly just as the hour mark passes. I like the big man, but there's always the option of starting Stewart there, with Cawley playing on the right just as we finished the game yesterday. Be interesting to see what we do when Crossan returns from injury. Overall, draw was fair and it was a decent performance from us.
  15. Alloa V Raith

    Away fans are still allocated a small section of terracing behind goal at railway end.