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  1. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    back to the point of the original title of the thread.... one of my favourite unique quirks was the steepness of the Tannadice terracing
  2. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    I can't remember if it was elsewhere on Pie and Bovril or another source but this week was the 50th anniversary of the 'January Gales' Parkhead took a bit of a beating.....
  3. looking to win one of the 20,000 leagues under the sea?
  4. This is an example of what The_Kincardine refers to as a ‘trope’
  5. Here's hoping for a reprise of Craig Whyte's Ibrox door announcement. Who will be the lucky board member to deliver the news?
  6. No No, you've got this all wrong - you have to claim to have been duped, then threaten a clown. 'Admin 2' ? what was the outcome of 'Admin 1'?
  7. Forest of Dean isn't that dynamic a user name... you should have went for something bombastic like 'When We Rise Again - and Again'
  8. The New International Newco
  9. 'No to New Newco' surely
  10. if the betting was suspended due to some Sellick fans conspiring to place a batch of small stakes bets with a view to prompting the suspension and resulting hoo-hah... then once the bookmakers realise it is a bit of mischief, they will surely restore the opportunity for us all to have a punt. Unless there is some imminent admin bomb about to blow, of course
  11. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    No. why on earth do you ask?
  12. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Sevco's entire history.......
  13. That is why the lie must be challenged every time. Apparently to uphold the truth is a symptom of being #obsessed.