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  1. Just asking if you wanted to expand on your 'Sevco' riff... it would be a welcome sign of acceptance if more of you B&Gs acknowledged Charles de Normandie's creation....
  2. Any chance you can recruit a few more Ibrox attendees to your 'Sevco' rallying flag, Vicky?
  3. I would observe that the scum element are definately holding sway. And that the 'decent' fans like yourself are doing little to alter this state of affairs.
  4. No. Can you explain in a bit more detail why the entire Rangers ethos is not a disgraceful stain on society, which anyone who is 'decent' would be better stepping away from.
  5. The BIG strip the titles thread

    Journalist missed a glorious opportunity to ask Jabba 'when did you change your mind, Jim?'
  6. The BIG strip the titles thread

    'EBTs were never hidden' Fucking hell, nacho......
  7. The BIG strip the titles thread

    Connecting a few random dots of things in 'Rangers' defence... LNS ..5 way agreement... Regan.. It's like Gabby Johnson's frontier rant in Blazing Saddles.. 'who can argue with that'?
  8. The BIG strip the titles thread

    In that case can you quote the 5 way agreement to me, my enchanting friend.
  9. The BIG strip the titles thread

    Is LNS yon toothless Spanish guy who laughs hysterically in the viral mock TV interview?
  10. The BIG strip the titles thread

    Whether EBTs were legal or not misses the Title Stripping crucial detail - Rangers were paying their players 'off the books' and not declaring ALL remunerations to the SFA. In effect every match played during that period should be retrospectively declared as a 0-3 defeat.
  11. The BIG strip the titles thread

    You will able to give a source to back that glib and shameless statement?
  12. The BIG strip the titles thread

    Rules must be ruthlessly applied. To smaller clubs.