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  1. As an Aberdeen fan, as far as the Premiership is concerned, I have an affection - outside 90 minutes of match day - for Patrick Thistle, Dundee, Hibs, Killie, Motherwell, St Johnstone, Hamilton Accies and Ross County.
  2. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Kris drumming up ticket sales masterstroke?
  3. So how is the media puppet placemen's campaign to unsettle Aberdeen's manager going? Note the complete absence of any actual activity by the club itself. Or is that the company?
  4. To be fair, Vicky has put the same amount of money into 'Rangers' as Dave King has...
  5. Do you? Or do you contribute to the company instead? Or do you just be an utter virus on a fitba web-site who contributes absolutely sod all to Scottish football? Pray tell, Vicky....
  6. 'Dusty boots would shame you now, Lady Day' says Rod Stewart
  7. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    'Hat-trick in the first half,eh? I think we can dispense with the usual formalities and offer you a 5 year contract....'
  8. Hereford, Aldershot, Chester, Gretna, Halifax fans all accept that the club they now support is different from the previous incarnation which was LIQUIDATED - and there is always a tweak of the official club name. The emotional heritage of the previous club is carried on. Why do 'Rangers' consider their circumstances different.
  9. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    That will be ridiculed as a 'Diddy trope'
  10. Steve Chalmers killed Rangers.
  11. Sadly, that is exactly the reaction he is looking for...
  12. Sportscene Watch 17/18

    "Naw, he's Finnish........." Etc etc
  13. Rangers vs Kilmarnock Wed. 25th Oct

    'presented by Sir Francis Joseph' bit of a kafflick name that, eh?
  14. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    I'm sure somebody said that The Banter Years were over.