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  1. not really relevant to Scottish football. oh wait....
  2. He will though. He has had lots of practice at it.
  3. You'd think he would have mastered the English language by now, with all the practice he gets
  4. So Rangers Media is not an accurate reflection on the poisonous collective mindset of Rangers supporters then? how on earth did we all call that one wrong?
  5. weren't rangers 'strong' only because of Murray's initial bank borrowed funding and latterly EBT cheating?
  6. SPL/SPFL/Premiership

    SPFL First Division SPFL Second Division SPFL Third Division SPFL Fourth Division Because that is what they are.
  7. Didn't the H-word become the direct equivalent to the T-word - meaning' Catholic' - when Nil By Mouth deemed it as such? Good intentions I suppose, but missing out that one refers to a whole religion and the other only refers to a Football Club. Nevertheless, we should respect P&Bs policy as it stands. How ridiculous did Kincardine get last night, eh? Vintage stuff.
  8. We pretend we don't care but, but, but....why does everyone hate us? https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/never-before-seen-images-one-14667382 'unrepresentative minority' 'a few bad apples' 'Chelsea fans' 'Let's join the English pyramid'
  9. rancor? still 'rancour' does fit in quite well with the whole ethos of the many Clubs and Companies that can be pick and mixed to whatever is happening with 'Rangers' at any given time. RANcour = bitterness · spite · hate · hatred · resentment · malice · ill will · malevolence · malignancy · animosity · antipathy · enmity · hostility · acrimony · venom · poison · vindictiveness RANgers = ditto
  10. Maybe they should just disband, if rubbing along in the same fashion as all the other clubs is such a difficulty for them.
  11. acknowledge being corrected. thanks