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  1. Friday Night Football

    Royal Albert's park at Stonehouse is unusable through no fault of their own. As first choice, they have been playing their home games at Lesmahagow. When both Lesmahagow and Royal Albert have had simultaneous home fixtures, Royal Albert have gone to their second choice - Carluke's plastic. But it's a 'perfect storm' of all three being given home fixtures for this Saturday. So neither Lesmahagow nor Carluke were available for Royal Albert to use. So Royal Albert would have either had to have found a third choice venue to use on Saturday afternoon, or indeed the pragmatic solution of moving to the Friday night on the Carluke plastic, ahead of Carluke themselves using it the following afternoon. So this is 'needs must' rather than any innovative shift to Friday night fitba. However, if it sets a trend of subsequently doing so by choice, then great!
  2. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    No apologies needed. Glad they've done and their track widening has left enough for the fitba.
  3. Weather watch for Saturday

    Already showing as PP'd on the SJFA West fixture list, even though it's not yet 10am. (!?!)
  4. Depression and football as an escape

    Aye, I'm another for whom everyday life is utterly depressing, with the anticipation of going to the footy on Saturdays being the only thing that keeps me going. Good on the bloke for putting his experience out there, and written so well.
  5. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Have the speedway lot finished their works, to allow you back on to Saracen Park for this one?
  6. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Top 4 of SuperDiv.1 go up automatically into the new Tier 1. 5th & 6th of SuperDiv.1 playoff with the bottom 2 of the SuperPrem (no automatic relegation out of SuperPrem this year). 7th to 12th of SuperDiv.1 remain in Tier 2. Bottom 2 of SuperDiv.1 (13th & 14th) playoff with 4th-placed in C1 and 4th-placed in Ayrshire Div. (no automatic relegation out of SuperDiv.1 this year). Top 3 of Ayrshire & top 3 of C1 go up automatically into the new Tier 2. 5th to 7th of the Ayrshire remain in Tier 3. Bottom 4 (8th to 11th) of the Ayrshire automatically relegated to Tier 4. 5th to 12th of C1 remain in Tier 3. Bottom 3 (13th to 15th) of C1 automatically relegated to Tier 4. Top 3 of C2 automatically promoted to Tier 3. Remainder (4th to 12th) of C2 remain in Tier 4. So that will give 4 single-division Tiers of 16 for 2018-19. From then on it'll be straight 3-up and 3-down automatic between each Tier without any playoffs.
  7. Wigtown

    Just now back home in the NorthEast after an enjoyable full day out to this one, by trains (to Edinburgh then to Lockerbie, all on the bargain Scotrail Club50 £17 return deal) and buses (changing in Dumfries). Stepped out of the house at 6am, to arrive just five minutes before kick-off, but in good time for the minute's silence for the young player from Nithsdale Wanderers. Wigtown played really well for a side that had just been assembled - as evidenced by a chat with the captain's wife who said that he hadn't previously been attached to Wigtown nor to any other club. The Wigtown teamsheet listed 22 players with registration numbers, not just today's 11 + 2 subs, so that's a positive indication for competing fully next season. Wigtown took the lead just before the half hour and were looking good. A shame then that they not only conceded an equaliser just before the break but also one in first half stoppage time, to go in 1-2 down - undeserved! Wigtown held their own for half an hour of the second period before conceding three in the last 15 minutes to make the scoreline seem more one-sided than the match actually was. I was particularly impressed by the keeper, who made some sharp saves. He didn't deserve to be picking the ball out of the back of his net five times today. A pleasant set-up at Blairmount Park, especially when approached on foot from the town centre bus stop via a path through the woods. I headcounted 42 watching, one of whom was a good pal who had driven up from Leicestershire for this match and who kindly dropped me off at Lockerbie station on his way back, thereby permitting me to get an earlier than planned train and thereby an onward one that went all the way home - I had been expecting the last leg of this trek to have been the 'delights' of a Night Bus. All the very best for Wigtown's return next season.
  8. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    06:30 - a cold wind has brought in clouds, which have delivered a dusting of snow onto the still-frozen ground. I'd say this isn't happening...
  9. Wigtown

  10. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    I suspect the opposite : Bedtime weather report from Locos-land = a fine view of the stars on a clear night means the frost is already into the soil here. I've just been up to the ground where the grass verge outside is solid. I'll try to get up early to give a morning report, in case it clouds over and has warmed up by then. But I suspect that if they have to call it as it is at 08:30 it will be declared Off. ...only then for it to warm up during the day and actually be playable at 1430. Depends if the inspector is willing to take a punt on matters improving, or whether he has to make a definitive decision from how he finds it at 08:30.
  11. Wigtown

    Friday update please - I'm hearing Ayrshire has been hit by snow with Saturday's matches there being unlikely to survive. All OK further south in Newton Stewart ? And if somebody could post on here on Saturday morning too, I'd appreciate it - always a risk that conditions could be OK today but change overnight. Thanks everybody.
  12. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    | UPDATE | There will be a further pitch inspection at 08:30 tomorrow morning to determine whether our @ScottishCup tie against Cove Rangers will go ahead. 90% of the pitch is currently playable with work ongoing throughout the rest of today on one area of concern
  13. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    I am surprised by a 2pm Friday inspection! What's the point of that? As per Northboy's windscreen, my lawn in Inverurie was crusty this (Friday) morning, but nothing that wouldn't be OK by 2pm. We have had no rain to speak of these past days, so it can't be soggy. So the pitch will surely pass a Friday 2pm inspection. But the key issue is how hard the frost may or may not be TONIGHT, especially with it then expected to be sleeted upon and rained upon Saturday daytime, so nowhere to drain away to if solid first thing, something that cannot be ascertained at 2pm on a Friday afternoon! Even if declared OK this afternoon, there'll be a need to take a further look at it in the morning. If no hard frost, this one will surely go ahead.
  14. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    Milder during Thursday. My lawn will take a stud now. But overnight into Saturday is forecast to drop to -2, then sleet in the morning before warming up but rain all day. Hopefully they've got some covers to put down / it's not a jobsworth who does any Saturday morning inspection...
  15. But "or Larkhall Thistle" is also on the official SAFA page of the draw, which has me wondering if there's been some kind of infringement in the R6 match, putting the 5-1 result on pause ?