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  1. Games Off - Saturday 18 November

    Forth Wanderers v Benburb moved to the New Tinto Park plastic, but still counting as the Forth home game since Benburb v Forth has already been played (30th Sept).
  2. Lochee Harp

    Works at the new ground apparently had an unforeseen interruption due to there being a bird's nest or some such, which these days triggers a shut down until the little darlings have left. It was all still just earthworks when I saw over the fence from the top deck of a bus, but that was back at the end of September.

    Thanks for answering my 'Why?' Q. Good to hear that you had endeavoured to find a 'move' solution before succumbing to a pragmatic 'switch'. Good luck for a giant-killing on Saturday !

    Strange that this has been switched straightaway. Why not moved, to somewhere local? e.g. to Carluke's plastic - they are Away. Undermines the spirit of the draw - a 'higher' club drawn to go Away to a 'lower' club is amongst the things that make Cup competitions intriguing - a banana skin possible giant killing. Immediately switching it to be a Home tie for the 'higher' club kills the romance of the cup.
  5. Scottish 2nd round draw

    Allow for the fact that on the same street Aberdeen are playing Ross County at 3pm - get yourself inside East End's private off-street parking good and early.
  6. Scottish Cup

    Dundee East Craigie v Rosyth replay will be on Lochee United's ground. That'll be my neutral's day out (via morning Amateur Cup action also in Dundee). East Craigie haven't played a home game yet this season - pavilion works at Craigie Park, no changing facilities there at the moment.
  7. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    So why not start by looking at Colville Park's twitter? https://twitter.com/Colvilleparkafc?lang=en It said at the end of the match : "Today's goal scorers Cusack, Craig" You've already been told that "Craig" is Chris Craig. Put "Cusack Colville Park FC" into google and it reveals his full name is Liam Cusack. Took me two minutes. Hardly "tough to find"...
  8. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    and Clach are already selling seats on a Saturday supporters' bus, so it looks like your interpretation is correct and that Spartans knew that in advance, rather than it being something that has to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Common sense anyway on this occasion, with Spartans' visitors being the further traveled of the two. It would be interesting to see who would get priority if Spartans got a home tie vs a 'local' opponent whilst City were the ones with long-distance visitors. No word yet whether it's the Friday or the Sunday for Ed.City-Stenhousemuir.
  9. Wigtown

    Thanks HJ.
  10. Wigtown

    Wigtown v Gala has disappeared off the SoSFL fixture page for Saturday 16th Sept (it's still on the EoSFL's fixture list though). Have Wigtown decided to not bother, now that HJ has clarified that it's only the other Challenge Cup in which they're obliged to participate? With it (probably) being the first Saturday of the Scotrail Club 50 autumn flat fare deal (£17 return anywhere in Scotland), I was seriously looking at trying to get to this one as a just-about-doable day trip from Aberdeenshire.
  11. Scottish Cup

    And choose your timing carefully for getting to New Tinto Park for the 3pm KO of Colville Park v Cumbernauld Colts - folks will be spilling out of Ibrox from just before 2pm onwards, after the High Noon KO of the OF derby that day...
  12. Scottish Cup

    Yes. And (as with all clubs) they have to name one ground that will be used throughout, not pick and choose on a round-by-round basis. When they were in it for the first time last season, Colville Park were offered several options by the SFA. Of those they chose Benburb Juniors' New Tinto Park. They have named the same venue as this season's Scottish Cup home. Glasgow University have been using The Excelsior Stadium in Airdrie for all cup competitions for a while now. The last time they played a Scottish Cup tie at their Garscube complex (on just a roped-off pitch) was just before the rules were tightened up. Lost 1-9 vs Cove Rangers of the Highland League in the Preliminary Round on Saturday 16th August 2014. Just over a hundred of us at that one, knowing it would be the last Scottish Cup tie to be played there.
  13. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    In fact, the rules don't insist on sticking to one designated ground : 1.5.2 "Match Ground” means the Registered Ground or such other grounds and/or stadia at which the Home Club intends to play and plays a Home Match, up to a maximum of 2 in any Competition year in respect of any 1 Club/club, approval of which other grounds and/or stadia must be applied for in writing 7 days in advance of a Match to the Company; and 4.18 In the event that the Board considers it appropriate the Board shall be entitled to schedule and/or re-schedule the date and time of any Match and to determine the venue and/or change the venue for any Match.
  14. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Unless Cove are obliged to stick to a pre-declared designated ground (meaning either on the Sunday, or kicking Locos off their own ground on the Saturday), my shout would be on the plastic at Forfar. They used Station Park for their two home group games in the League Cup at the start of last season - lost 1-2 to Raith Rovers, beat Montrose 3-0.
  15. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    So only on grounds that have the devil's candles? Or are they expecting those selected to make themselves available during daylight hours midweek, which would mean an afternoon off work just for this. Can players reject being selected?