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  1. We need a left back and Lionel Djebi-Zadi still doesn't have a club.
  2. Jaggies v Staggies

    "County defence outpaced by Connor Sammon" jesus christ
  3. Jaggies v Staggies

    At the minute it's not enough for big decisions going against us, so we handicap ourselves by giving goals away. Fox at fault against Saints, Davies today. Pass me the bottle, I think I'll need it.
  4. Jaggies v Staggies

    Really could do without losing here. If Davies doesn't play, we'll lose.
  5. People couldn't pick fifty Sevco players they hated more than Trevor Steven?
  6. As of this minute, I'd say if you put any County striker 1 on 1 with a keeper, Mikkelsen's the only one I'd trust to put the ball in the net. He may collapse like a five year old on contact, but he can finish.
  7. Our problem is that we have some decent players (Naismith, Davies, JOB, DKD and Draper) but to use them effectively means leaving other area of the squad exposed. We go 3 in central midfield and lose all threat up front. We put two up front and all coherency in midfield gets lost. I thought when Coyle came in we might need 2-3 players but I honestly wouldn't be suprised to see 6-7 come in a 3-4 go. Dow, Chow and Kelly would be the three most obvious ones.
  8. Accies v County

    January can't come soon enough.
  9. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    On the seventh day, god created Efe Ambrose.
  10. County v Killie

    It really shows that we don't have specialist centre halves when he's out. Fraser, Naismith, Routis and VDW can all go in there but none of them can do anything like what he can do physically or aerially.
  11. County v Killie

    We've still got the mess that Jim built with one centre half, zero pace and until Eagles joined nobody who could put in a decent ball from a set piece (after Woods it's amazing to see someone who can deliver a dead ball) and a totally unbalanced midfield. The aim for me was to keep in touch with our direct competition. As long as we're not isolated from the mini-league of Dundee, Killie, Partick and Hamilton (and possibly St. Johnstone at the minute) before we can look at strengthening I'm not too worried.
  12. County v Killie

    We're out of the bottom two, that's enough for me.
  13. County v Killie

    Sounds like Boyd should have been off for simulation then scores. How totally unsurprising.
  14. County v Killie

    Going well so far. Naismith is some player.
  15. County v Killie

    It's not too bad up here at the minute, but I bet Slochd and Drummochter won't be fun. 2-1 to win to County, but I'll take any win right now.