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  1. Ross County vs Hamilton Accies

    Other than his second half showing at Dens in the 4-1, DKD has been shite for a while now.
  2. Next Season

    The standard of football this time from the odd Clach game I go to is dreadful. Can't image anyone moving in to replace the champions being anything other than fodder.
  3. Ross County vs Hamilton Accies

    Accies have fight and desire which we are massively lacking. You could basically punt our entire first eleven except for Naismith this season. Heart says 1-0 County. head says a dreadful. scrappy 0-0 draw.
  4. Can't make this one due to family reasons, but I'm hopeful we can get something without any real justification. I've not seen enough of the development side to hazard a guess with what we'll play.
  5. Of all the players you'd pick on from that Celtic side you pick on fucking Boruc, jesus christ.
  6. We've been screaming out for a decent left back for ages and both Jim and Owen totally ignored that position and I've no idea why. Fraser is a decent RB but a LB he is not.
  7. Probably for the best, even if there's no snow here. There's meant to be awful snow up Tain way.
  8. Slochd looks fine at the minute. Even Drummochter doesn't look as bad as it can be. Can't see this being off unless we get a truckload of snow tomorrow.
  9. The performance in Perth was the final straw. If St. Johnstone had turned us over by being great and we'd given it a shot, no issues. We absolutely shitebagged it (Naismith and Schalk aside).
  10. I'd just give it to Ketts until the end of the season. We certainly can't do worse than what JMac and Coyle have given us this season.
  11. I just want this season to finish, it's been a disaster all the way through. I'm still raging at how we played on Saturday.
  12. WrestleMania 34

    First one I'm got going to bother with in a long time. Really just can't be bothered seeing Reigns picking up the big one.
  13. If Erskine plays, he'll score a 92nd minute winner with a sclaffed shot from 15 yards as our defenders fall over.
  14. From what I've seen of Partick you're absolutely gash. We are equally as gash. It's either going to be a dreadful 0-0 or end up 4-3 with both teams a disorganised mess.