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  1. The Metalhead thread

    I've got Damnation Festival to go to in a fortnight or so: http://www.damnationfestival.co.uk/lineup Will be surprised if I come back with functioning ears.
  2. Big performance needed against Hamilton now. First home game I'll miss of the season, away with family. Hoping we try going two up front.

    Awful, as usual when Hearts come north. Diving, holding, hoofing, every dark art of the game used to its utmost. We were absolutely gash too often.

    Enough moaning about the national side, more time to moan about County. I don't forsee much changing from the Killie game, I like how they formation worked. Hearts won't be as bad as them and generally have a good record against us, but I'm sneakily confident we can nab a 2-1 win.
  5. That goal is going to make this even tougher to take
  6. This is head in my hands stuff, I honestly can't believe how much we've shitebagged this. Even for us, this is woefully bad.
  7. Well, that's fucking that.
  8. I'd bring Forrest on as well, he's got to be better than Phillips who has done nothing. Again.
  9. This is painful to watch. Absolutely no out ball at all. Sitting too deep, shitebagging it as we always do.
  10. Absolutely falling apart, need to get hold of the ball for a minute or two.
  11. jesus christ phillips
  12. Giving Slovenia way too much time in midfield.
  13. We're doing nothing of note against Slovenia, who look like they'll be more than willing to hoof us off the park and take a 0-0.