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  1. Week 14

    What the f**k is this shit on Redzone?
  2. I opted for the soup.
  3. Week 14

    What a swing on the Colts PAT
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    3rd Left is Brendan Foster, 3rd Right is Peter Frampton.
  5. Week 14

    Some fucking sna in Buffalo.
  6. He'll be under pressure having been carded.
  7. Looks like a massive 200 folk in the stand.
  8. Tuesday 19th at home to Stirling Albion.
  9. Airdrieonians beware Jamie, son of war.
  10. Utilise Plan B, iPlayer.
  11. It's 22°C in my living room and my car is covered in frost, BBC Walloper it is then.