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  1. Only soon to be married Buckie Boss Graeme Stewart glad to have the first leg over, he'll be happier when both legs are over on his wedding night.
  2. What a shit assistant, she walks out of the Tardis with barely a stitch on, on one of the coldest days in the last 1000 years and her nipples don't go boing.
  3. I fucking give up. 'Pawternity' leave - firms with unusual staff benefits. Thankfully for Gia, her employer - Scottish brewer Brewdog - announced a rather unusual new employee perk earlier this year - one week's paid leave for all workers who adopt a puppy or rescue dog. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39579540
  4. Will anyone be having the succulent lamb?
  5. This is why tie slides were invented.
  6. Poet of the Macabre.
  7. These college guys are priceless, you are about to be selected for a team that may define your career, then you choose to wear a pimp suit, then without your permission it is combined with a baseball cap.
  8. OK then, who is picking up Vinny Testaverde?
  9. I am well aware that parlance is distributed as per, but is this a typo?
  10. Yass, the Skins are up next, is this good or not?
  11. I have watched the NFL since 1982 when Channel 4 started broadcasting and have never seen the draft, so far the only thing I have understood is the Papa John's adverts.
  12. And just paid the vet for it's injections.