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  1. There are no reports on the Traffic Scotland site. ETA, there is snow on the cameras but the road looks easily passable.
  2. Jenny Colgan on The Wright Stuff, the boot cannot speak without laughing about f**k all.
  3. Was that a Renault? Handbrake on the dashboard?
  4. Imagine a wee wumman having the strength to pull off a.......................... Sorry, I was distracted there, what was it about?
  5. Of his damaged rear?
  6. Against Edinburgh City?
  7. He was a Greengrass.
  8. Group Emails should always begin 'listen up cuntos'
  9. About £600 per week.
  10. Am I reading too much into this that Philip Glenister's character was wanting the Nanny to do a 'Kate and Gerry'?
  11. And the LCD is?