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  1. Only if you're Cher.
  2. I tried their sausages once, they were crap.
  3. The c**t to the right of the bobby.....
  4. ^^^^has whippets and a flat cap.
  5. I suspect that there is a flaw in your logic.
  6. AJ probably has a civil partnership with Enzo. AJ, who moved into his £2,500-per-month one bedroom flat less than two months ago, said he was neutral about the plan. “I’m Switzerland,” he announced while walking Enzo, his chow chow.
  7. Some utter cow at work brought the whole Groupwise email system to a halt years ago. She waxed lyrical about how she survived the Asian tsunami by somehow being not in the least threatened by it and wanted to tell everyone by sending to all.
  8. Where does the council suddenly come up with billets for 800 homes?
  9. Photies or GTF.
  10. The popular theory is that he is a day patient at the big hoose at Springfield and they overdid the ECT.
  11. P&B bylaws invoked.
  12. Is it your wife's chastity belt?