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  1. Whole family for the watching, imo.
  2. Hurrah!
  3. Hope he goes as he's doing well and they're a horrible club.
  4. Anyone who wears sunglasses indoors. Come to think of it, any c**t called Paul who insists on being referred to as "Bono".
  5. Agreed.
  6. Mods, come on. You'd be doing him a favour.
  7. Please let us hit some sort of form before the two Cowden games.
  8. Knew three got four. Made the same mistake as the Cardinal on the last question.
  9. Sounds shite. Hopefully we will make an appointment by Saturday.
  10. Ne wid pas.
  11. Would like to see the island sides competing to get in the league. Not at Clyde's expense though, obvs.
  12. Didn't Southampton attempt to copy the structure used by England's World Cup Winners and end up going to shit? What's good for one sport might not work so well for another. I think some ideas, such as increasing the number of coaches and "specialising" in certain areas (not just goalkeeping) might work, but you'd think such initiatives would have to take place at club, rather than international level, and where is the money going to come from?
  13. Mark McGhee anyone?
  14. Quite like this argument and will use it next time somebody spouts the tedious, clich├ęd "real men's sport" bollocks.
  15. Donald Trump and his m9, "Deplorable".