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  1. Can't stand David Miliband, but any Labour Leader who didn't spend his entire period in charge allowing the Tories to blame Labour for the global recession would probably have done a better job. I can't see someone like David Miliband being the man to turn the tide against this bizarre, racism-driven, "anti-Establishment" backlash that is fucking the left the World over though.
  2. People who try too hard to be added to a list of "Ones for the Watching".
  3. Well, yeah. That was the joke. I won't bother booking the NEC for a stand-up gig anytime soon, don't worry.
  4. I don't like to agree with Liverpool fans, for fear of risking the immense popularity I have built up on here... But the European Cup is easily the biggest competition in club football. I should add that I'm too young to remember either... I was just alive when our last succesful title campaign began.
  5. Leicester! Come on mate, it wasn't that difficult!
  6. People who have salad with pizza.
  7. We are from the West Midlands. And we've been very good lots of times. Just not much recently...
  8. It's possible to be very good one season and dreadful the next. There's a club in the East Midlands I can think of, for instance.
  9. Close! Got five. Only knew La Bamba and Narnia.
  10. Right. Ten coming up.
  11. They're not for the watching. Immediate reporting for them. Full Lee Wallace treatment.
  12. Wearing shoes (or trainers) without socks.
  13. You fuckin' what? [emoji34]
  14. Where do you expect Clyde to be playing home games in five years time?