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  1. It's not the same, but the closest analogy I can think of is how many Rangers fans threatened to boycott the club when they signed Mo Johnson? How many actually did? I think the 8% is nonsense. Even the most homophobic scum might moan but they'd still support their team, just as racists carried on supporting their teams when black players started to get selected regularly.
  2. It would depend for me. If a club moved out of necessity and not too far, as was the case with Clyde, I could continue to support them. If a club abandoned a perfectly good set-up and moved hundreds of miles away they could GTF. I'd just cheer for the inevitable "Phoenix Club" that would end up in the lower reaches of non-league.
  3. Maybe. What was it like when, say, Arizona first got a team? Presumably they all supported other teams before the Cardinals turned up?
  4. I wouldn't, but I'd rather they were a "British" team, even if in name only.
  5. The Championship game could easily be held at midday East Coast time as we have hosted games at 6pm UK team loads of times. In terms of the playoffs, if you don't want to travel to London, finish above the London team in the seedings and you'll be guaranteed not to have to play them away. As for the "day trip", I think the NFL have researched this and shown that the vast majority of attendees live within an hour of London.
  6. I think an expansion team would only be London based but there could be International Series games held elsewhere. No idea if IS games continue if London gets a team.
  7. They've had different numbers of teams in divisions before. 6 divisions of four, 2 divisions of 5, would work as a temporary measure. I think it'll end up with 40 teams, in 8 divisions of 5. Not for a good twenty years though.
  8. I'd like it. Don't want to steal a team though, I'd like an expansion team. Maybe give St Louis a team back at the same time so as not to be left with an add number.
  9. I think there might end up being eight... same as if London had a franchise. Three at Spurs, three at Wembley, a couple at Twickenham or maybe the Olympic Stadium? Hopefully Scotland gets a game and I'd like to see Germany get one or two as they were good supporters to NFL Europa.
  10. The success came too soon and I couldn't handle it. The drink has overtaken me. One, sometimes two, bottles of Irn Bru in a week. I'm out of control. [emoji21]
  11. Have you not watched it recently? The History Channel is now just nothing but "bloke finds something in an attic and tries to sell it" reality TV programmes, interspersed with documentaries "proving" that aliens caused the Pyramids/Battle of Hastings/Wall Street Crash/Hibs Cup win.
  12. I think it's pretty much a done deal that they'll host games there... and that's a bigger capacity that the Toronto venue where the Bills were hosting games, for instance. Hopefully the slightly reduced capacity wouldn't mean a large increase in ticket prices.
  13. Watched a film on him the other day, with James Mason, "The Desert Fox". Was pretty good, portrayed him as a tragic character. There's apparently another film starring Mason as Rommel which is less sympathetic but I haven't seen it yet. Hopefully Film4 will stick it on sometime.
  14. Seen it years ago but have forgotten most of it. It was pretty good, IIRC. I find the Nazis morbidly fascinating. I always end up watching any old stuff about them even though they are often quite upsetting.
  15. Still really slow on the Daily Quiz Thread... not really too bad on any other pages. A bit odd. Anyway, here is the screen I get for ages when I click on that thread...