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  1. "Source Code" - highly watchable sci-fi shenanigans with Jake Gyllenhaal. A bit like a more serious version of Quantum Leap. 8/10 (can't remember channel, maybe 4/Film 4).
  2. What's the point in naming the c**t? It only makes other would-be mass-murderers excited about getting their name in the paper.
  3. I can't see how you should lose out if they've lost the ticket. Tell them to sort themselves out and issue a duplicate. Threaten to go to your MP, MSP, etc, if they refuse to help.
  4. Various sources have said the culprit was a man.
  5. Shut up you tedious c**t. You did bring that on yourself, yes.
  6. Who has attempted to say that? It's possible to look at underlying reasons for horrific events, without saying that you agree with them, FFS.
  7. Fucking horrible. I've no idea what we do to prevent stuff like this going on. And McSpreader, Tommy Robinson and the like can f**k off. One thing that won't help is increasing the hatred. That's exactly what Daesh and their ilk want to happen.
  8. Police have now confirmed that the controlled explosion turned out to be on some discarded clothing and not thought to be suspicious. So if it a terrorist attack, it could still have been an individual perpetrator rather than a coordinated attack.
  9. They want the backlash against minorities. It'd easier to radicalise people who feel unwelcome in their society.
  10. Fucking Hell.
  11. Bears a resemblance to Rio Ferdinand, IMO.
  12. There will be an Irish pub showing it. There's always an Irish pub.
  13. In case anyone is struggling to decide what present to get for the happy couple... https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/gift-cards
  14. Terrible start, one out of six. Miraculously recovery to a vaguely credible five out of ten. Only actually "knew" three, and one of them was wrong.
  15. Venue booked for the reception....