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  1. It seems to be quite angry on here these days. YOU BUNCH OF c***s. [emoji34]
  2. Patriotism is shite. (Although yes, the Italian and French anthems are top tunes)
  3. Only just read this. I was in the pub. I'm not starting it. Still sulking about our pathetic display!
  4. Disappointed that Virgin trains only told half the story. They missed out: 11.57 refused to sing national anthem. 12.04 called Hamas "a great bunch of lads" 12.27 laughed manically while discussing the destruction of Great Britain.
  5. Embarrassing climb down by the Thatchblairites. From "there were loads of unreserved seats" to "yeah, okay the seats were reserved but he should've sat in them anyway" in the space of an evening. Going to bed now. Fully expect "well, he should've just cycled" by the time I wake up.
  6. I think this is it. Would make sense to start one seeing as Premier League teams are in it too.
  7. Even the most blinkered Thatchblairites must accept the possibility that a private rail company might have a vested interest in trying to undermine a leader who wants to relationalise the railways?
  8. He could have just, you know, not been a massive c**t.
  9. It's full if the seats are reserved. They all look reserved in the picture.
  10. Looked at the picture. Every seat is reserved.
  11. That was quick. Thanks again!
  12. Received an email, headed "Labour Party Elections".
  13. You'd have to be mental, a woman, or both to pay £30 for a haircut.
  14. Done. Many thanks [emoji5]