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  1. I don't understand what's going on there but it annoys me that they've written "took" instead of "taken".
  2. Not sure what point you are making. Please provide another 3,000 word post to explain it properly and I promise not to bother reading it.
  3. Should be three points for a win, one for a defeat and none for a draw. That way you would have both teams trying to score at either end in the closing stages if the scores were level. Dead exciting.
  4. They sing any song so long as it's got Seoul.
  5. "Incorrect opinions" thread for this pish.
  6. Tenner pays £1,728.92.
  7. I've given a red dot to one of the Oriental invasion posts. That should show em.
  8. I for one am shocked you have a picture of your wife in your Twitter page! Enjoyable piss-taking though!
  9. Back to normal with 4/10.
  10. He hasn't "always" been a good manager bearing in mind he was a disaster the last time he managed there. If Sunderland get the Moyes that managed Preston and Everton they're on to a winner, if they get the Syzslak that managed Man U and Sociedad they'll be doing their traditional relying on a "new manager bounce" to stay up once he gets sacked.
  11. Nine. A couple of 50/50s and a couple of complete guesses went for me.
  12. Attended Bears Pears today and was lucky to meet a guy in the queue who flogged us two tickets for a tenner. We battered them. Come on you Bears!