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  1. You don't need that much "oomph". John Major won an election.
  2. The Barnsley assistant manager? It's hardly the Watergate Scandal, is it? Hopefully some bigger names to follow but I hear the Rochdale tea-lady was looking nervous this week.
  3. Only knew the scandal and the song. My recent guessing skills have deserted me. 3/10.
  4. Even Villa would've got at least a draw from that position.
  5. I'm heading to London Saturday, back Monday. Messy weekend. Hope the Jags win.
  6. I doubt it was, but a little foresight could've prevented the problem.
  7. Punishing the majority of your fans for the actions of a handful is always a bad idea.
  8. Stupid idea. Part of the fun of all away games, especially European ones, is getting to experience the host city and maybe having a few drinks. Not queuing for ages. Just sell to season ticket holders, no need to worry about touts then.
  9. Sounds like Corbyn's speech was quite well received, with most of the media saying he seemed more assured and conciliatory than before. I'll watch it when I get home.
  10. Good luck Celtic. Feel free to injure Delph if he gets on. (Still bitter).
  11. How long did that take him? I'll guess at 37 seasons.
  12. I'd be careful putting that on here, Banana. Lee Wallace might be a long-time lurker on the forum.
  13. Can't be watching a video at work, but having Googled him he seems to be a fan of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and South Park and therefore a good lad.
  14. Not sure. What we ideally want is an England manager good enough to beat Slovenia but bad enough to lose to Scotland.
  15. Was pretty sure on Q1. I'm normally pretty confident on cricket but confess I got this one right by fluke.