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  1. That wasn't very much fun at all.
  2. Not sure I would like them cold.
  3. You may as well keep them in the fridge as the fridge has an egg shaped space in it. You'd be wasting fridge space otherwise.
  4. Sounds like a bit of a mental game. Onwards and upwards!
  5. I feel another username change coming on. [emoji35]
  6. If you believe "the more members the better", surely you believe that new members should be encouraged like, for instance, allowing them to vote?
  7. Just watched it. Pretty good. Wouldn't necessarily say I enjoyed it though as
  8. You should keep them somewhere they won't get melted like a tin. Perhaps even... a biscuit tin. Fridge though? Nah. Behaviour of a *word deleted*
  9. Didn't they have Tommy Burns around at the time? Some of them may have been shouting "Boo-urns".
  10. I think so, but he doesn't like to talk about her.
  11. I've started to like the Europa League simply because I don't have BT so can avoid the scores and watch the highlights. Champions League doesn't have a highlights show on Tuesday so only half as many matches to take an interest in. I wish they would make the EL highlights a bit longer and, at least, show all the goals.
  12. Shows the extreme lengths they're willing to go to in order to beat Clyde.
  13. Is this the one I'm in? If so, either date is OK with me 🖒
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that BBC Scotland spends hours trying to work out how to maximise its Brummie viewing figures.
  15. Not sure how you can dismiss a club that have won three Scottish Cups as "diddies" when your club's greatest achievement is fucking up a cup final against a club that always fucks up cup finals, but each to their own.