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  1. Fife Juniors

    Unless a major frost. Kennoway will b on
  2. East super league scorers 2017/18

    Any update ? Haven't seen one for a while
  3. Shock Signings?

    One of my sons played against Scott nisbet against arnison when he was only 19. Say’s he was an absolute gentleman and encouraged him during the game and after. He said he was a decent guy. Not the norm !
  4. East super league

    Chris gay 44mins
  5. Shock Signings?

    George Connelly at Oakley if I remember. Overweight but still miles ahead of anyone around him
  6. Your 2017 Junior Highlights

    Only fife team left in the Scottish (KSH) a new team who have risen throng all divisions to the super league with a group of young players ! Also with the top scorer in a he super league
  7. Today's Scores

    Clydebank couldn't beat kennoway star hearts, so not that much of a gulf considering they beat pollok in a cup final the next week !
  8. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Freezing in markinch. Canny see any games on tomorrow ! I know it's not Linlithgow but everywhere is the same
  9. Juniors info Twitter

    Mines still not working !
  10. Juniors info Twitter

    Does anybody know why this has went down. Not been able to get on it since friday
  11. Today's scores

    I think your colleague in an earlier post stated the surface was excellent. I dead I spoke with one of your players on the way down to the bus and he said it was a good surface. So looks like u r in the minority
  12. Today's scores

    Wow ! “The surface not the best” Clydebank pitch must be something special as ksh is one of the best in the east region !
  13. East super league scorers 2017/18

    Updated from Penicuik face book page McBookie.com East Super League Goalscorers 2017/18 (5th August to 21st October) 11 Goals Matthew Gay (Kennoway Star Hearts) 8 Goals Alexander Miller (Broxburn Athletic) Bryan Deasley (Lochee United) 7 Goals Connor Birse (Lochee United) Kieran Anderson (Broxburn Athletic) Owen Ronald (Linlithgow Rose) Tommy Coyne (Linlithgow Rose) 6 Goals Kevin Milne (Broughty Athletic) Lumbert Kateleza (Penicuik Athletic) Ryan Dignan (Carnoustie Panmure) 5 Goals Dale O'Hara (Newtongrange Star) Lewis Elder (Hill of Beath Hawthorn) Rhys Davies (Jeanfield Swifts) 4 Goals Jack Hamilton (Penicuik Athletic) Johnny Brown (Bonnyrigg Rose) Paul McLellan (Broughty Athletic) 3 Goals Alan Docherty (Camelon Juniors) Alan Sneddon (Camelon Juniors) Barry Sibanda (Dundonald Bluebell) Blair Batchelor (Linlithgow Rose) Callum Smith (Dundonald Bluebell) Callum Adamson (Hill of Beath Hawthorn) Chris Donnelly (Bo'ness United) Chris Scott (Jeanfield Swifts) Conor Kelly (Sauchie Juniors) Craig Donaldson (Camelon Juniors) Dean Hoskins (Bonnyrigg Rose) Dougie Cameron (Lochee United) Grant Lawson (Lochee United) Keiran McGachie (Bonnyrigg Rose) Keith Lough (Penicuik Athletic/Bonnyrigg Rose) Lewis McKenzie (Dundonald Bluebell) Pat Martin (Carnoustie Panmure) Roddy MacLennan (Linlithgow Rose) Ross Crawford (Camelon Juniors) Sam Simpson (Carnoustie Panmure) Wayne McIntosh (Bonnyrigg Rose) 2 Goals Andrew Kidd (Bonnyrigg Rose) Chris Gay (Kennoway Star Hearts) Daniel Kelly (Jeanfield Swifts) Danny Miller (Lochee United) Darren Cummings (Sauchie Juniors) Darren Gribben (Broxburn Athletic) Derek Paterson (Carnoustie Panmure) Gary Fergus (Jeanfield Swifts) Graeme Hart (Forfar West End) Jack Beesley (Broxburn Athletic) Jack Wilson (Bo'ness United) Jamie Reid (Jeanfield Swifts) Jamie Winter (Broughty Athletic) John MacDonald (Penicuik Athletic) Jordan Herron (Camelon Juniors) Kieran Band (Kennoway Star Hearts) Kyle Lander (Newtongrange Star) Lee Currie (Bonnyrigg Rose) Neil Martyniuk (Bonnyrigg Rose) Nicky Locke (Broxburn Athletic) Paddy Deane (Lochee United) Rikki Dair (Hill of Beath Hawthorn) Ruari MacLennan (Linlithgow Rose) Ryan Millar (Sauchie Juniors/Bo'ness United) Scott McComiskie (Lochee United) Scott Sally (Bo'ness United) 1 Goal Aaron Somerville (Penicuik Athletic) Aaron Whitehead (Lochee United) Adam Moffat (Dundonald Bluebell) Aiden Malone (Linlithgow Rose) Alan Comrie (Bo'ness United) Alexander Murray (Broxburn Athletic) Andy Kay (Camelon Juniors) Anthony MacTaggart (Sauchie Juniors) Brian Morgan (Sauchie Juniors) Brian Murray (Newtongrange Star) Callum Petrie (Forfar West End) Calum Scott (Bo'ness United) Chris Anton (Jeanfield Swifts) Chris Liversedge (Broughty Athletic) Colin Strickland (Linlithgow Rose) Colin Wilson (Dundonald Bluebell) Craig Hume (Penicuik Athletic) Daniel Watt (Hill of Beath Hawthorn) Darren Downie (Broxburn Athletic) Darren Scott (Forfar West End) Daryl McKenzie (Forfar West End) David Morrison (Sauchie Juniors) David Rae (Forfar West End) Dayle Robertson (Broughty Athletic) Dean Brett (Bonnyrigg Rose) Derryn Kesson (Broughty Athletic) Dylan Muir (Kennoway Star Hearts) Ewan Buggins (Carnoustie Panmure) Ewan Moyes (Bonnyrigg Rose) Fraser Keast (Bo'ness United) Fraser Mills (Jeanfield Swifts) Garry Kenneth (Broughty Athletic) Gary Thom (Linlithgow Rose) Gordon Donaldson (Broxburn Athletic) Graham Hay (Broughty Athletic) Greg Kirk (Lochee United) Gregg Meikle (Dundonald Bluebell) Greig Smith (Hill of Beath Hawthorn) Jack Wilson (Newtongrange Star) Jamie Montgomery (Lochee United) John Martin (Dundonald Bluebell) Kerr Young (Bonnyrigg Rose) Kyle Scott (Newtongrange Star) Lee Bryce (Hill of Beath Hawthorn) Lewis Barr (Penicuik Athletic) Lewis Mackie (Jeanfield Swifts) Lewis Small (Camelon Juniors) Lewis Turner (Bonnyrigg Rose) Liam Craig (Kennoway Star Hearts) Lyall Shaw (Kennoway Star Hearts) Marc Walker (Carnoustie Panmure) Mark McConnell (Bonnyrigg Rose) Mark Partridge (Kennoway Star Hearts) Matty Reynolds (Forfar West End) Nathan Doig (Kennoway Star Hearts) Reece Ritchie (Lochee United) Richard Donovon (Jeanfield Swifts) Robbie Holden (Jeanfield Swifts) Ross Campbell (Bo'ness United) Ross Drummond (Dundonald Bluebell) Ross Gray (Bonnyrigg Rose) Ross Montgomery (Penicuik Athletic) Ryan Kane (Camelon Juniors) Ryan Lockie (Camelon Juniors) Ryan Porteous (Newtongrange Star) Sam Jones (Penicuik Athletic) Scott Lawrie (Dundonald Bluebell) Scott McCrory-Irving (Penicuik Athletic) Sean Jamieson (Bonnyrigg Rose/Penicuik Athletic) Sean Melvin (Newtongrange Star) Shaun Leishman (Hill of Beath Hawthorn) Stephen Scott (Newtongrange Star) Steven Cook (Carnoustie Panmure) Stewart McConnachie (Broughty Athletic) Stuart Hunter (Bo'ness United) Wes Mitchell (Newtongrange Star) Will Snowdon (Bo'ness United) Own Goals: 5