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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Looking increasing like the erjfa will be renamed tayside/Perth league !
  2. East super league scorers 2017/18

    Kennoway scorers Liam Rolland Mathew gay
  3. Goals, & Gossip. 7th April.

    Sauchie 0 KSH 0 h/t
  4. Fife Juniors

    Unless a major frost. Kennoway will b on
  5. East super league scorers 2017/18

    Any update ? Haven't seen one for a while
  6. Shock Signings?

    One of my sons played against Scott nisbet against arnison when he was only 19. Say’s he was an absolute gentleman and encouraged him during the game and after. He said he was a decent guy. Not the norm !
  7. East super league

    Chris gay 44mins
  8. Shock Signings?

    George Connelly at Oakley if I remember. Overweight but still miles ahead of anyone around him
  9. Your 2017 Junior Highlights

    Only fife team left in the Scottish (KSH) a new team who have risen throng all divisions to the super league with a group of young players ! Also with the top scorer in a he super league
  10. Today's Scores

    Clydebank couldn't beat kennoway star hearts, so not that much of a gulf considering they beat pollok in a cup final the next week !
  11. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Freezing in markinch. Canny see any games on tomorrow ! I know it's not Linlithgow but everywhere is the same
  12. Juniors info Twitter

    Mines still not working !
  13. Juniors info Twitter

    Does anybody know why this has went down. Not been able to get on it since friday
  14. Today's scores

    I think your colleague in an earlier post stated the surface was excellent. I dead I spoke with one of your players on the way down to the bus and he said it was a good surface. So looks like u r in the minority