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  1. Onthank v crosshill

    He got one thing right.... arse like a bus brilliant.
  2. Onthank v crosshill

    Your correct but 16 games to go and a lot can happen in those games. Hopefully we can pick up a win and push on. But winning is a mentality the exact same as losing is so we need to get one quickly. I have every faith in the players. We will stick together and hopefully have a strong season from here on in.
  3. Onthank v crosshill

    A will definitely stick with it and looking forward to Monday to get in and get going again. Football is a funny old game so see what the rest of the season brings.
  4. Onthank v crosshill

    Thanks appreciate it
  5. Onthank v crosshill

    We play crosshill at dean park today 2.00 kick off. Tough game hopefully we can get back to winning ways after a poor couple of weeks
  6. Games today

    Sorry yeah was switched to ardeer mate
  7. Games today

    Good result well done. Very tough league this year. Lot of games still to be played yet. Good luck for rest of season mate
  8. Games today

    Yes beat us 5-2 and well deserved. Ardeer are a very decent side. There big striker is a top player. All the best to them rest of season. (Apart from when they play us again) hahaha
  9. Onthank v crosshill thistle

    Just so use know that wasn’t from anyone based at onthank. And read the onthank mauchline thread.
  10. Onthank v mauchline

    Beat 2-0 and mauchline deserves there win. All the best rest of the season.... Sunday Scotland scout it’s a forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion right or wrong. I post our games week to week and will continue to do so. I don’t agree with what you have said but again it’s a opinionated forum. I have never hid behind a user name and any criticism I will take. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Ps to mauchline the comments about use on the other forum were not from anyone associated with onthank. Deserved your win and all the best rest of season
  11. Onthank v mauchline

    Game on. Grange academy 2.30
  12. This weekend

    Yeah a know mate. Not looking good. Few hours till kick off so fingers crossed. What’s a Saturday without the football eh haha
  13. This weekend

    We have the pitch booked from 2.30-4.30. Unless there games is before us am not sure
  14. This weekend

    We play mauchline at the grange academy so hoping that’s on.
  15. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    I think harestanes will win it. We played them in earlier round. They were a different level. That’s who I would put my money on. But again as it’s showed in previous rounds one of games anything can happen. But for me my opinion am going harstanes