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  1. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Superb Colville well done. Mick fair play and all the best hope use get the tie use are after Well done from everyone at onthank afc
  2. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Good luck on Saturday Mick!
  3. Motherwell thistle v onthank

    Thanks mate. Yeah we are in proving all the time. The boys are tremendous they work very very hard for each other. Long road to get to were we want but looking forward to it. Harestanes is a different level again so be good to see how we do against one of the best teams in the country. All the best thanks buddy
  4. Motherwell thistle v onthank

    Is what it is mate. Thanks for your comments very much appreciated. Onto the tough task of harestanes away in the Scottish. Game by game as I have said a few times. But again thanks for the comments mate
  5. Motherwell thistle v onthank

    Yeah that's me mate. Def struggling playin but needing an operation. No excuses tho came up against a very good side and thought we matched up very well. We have come a long way in the short time I have been involved and that's credit to sturdy and the committee who are tremendous... On another day could possibly have went our way but that's football. I wish Motherwell all the best. Great genuine people and hope to meet up again. Cheers
  6. Motherwell thistle v onthank

    Thanks very much for the hospitality. Great pub grub the lot. As you said was a tight fought game and can only be 1 winner. All the best to use for season ahead. Great bunch of people. Ps on the up side we won the hidden team haha.
  7. Motherwell thistle v onthank

    Outdoor am sure
  8. Away to Motherwell thistle in west. Very tough tie. Ravenscraig 2pm kick off
  9. Onthank AFC

    Hopefully that's the case mate
  10. Onthank AFC

    Love it mate ha
  11. Bryan Slavin - Ardrossan Winton Rovers New Manager

    Good luck to Brian. Great club at the Winton
  12. Onthank AFC

    Thanks a lot eyeswideopen15 much appreciated. If I get half the success Micheal has a will be doin ok lol. Not sure when next home game is. We play Motherwell thistle on sat at ravenscraig. Following week we have a free week then it's away to harestanes in the Scottish. I will post as soon as I know anything buddy. Cheers
  13. Onthank AFC

    Enjoying what a doing the now mate. That's a bit early for me yet. Plenty to learn still. Mistakes to be made along the way. Very very speacial club to me tho. Loved everyone down there. Whoever gets it is a very lucky guy
  14. Onthank AFC

    To be fair to our defence. Will be lucky if we have had same back four twice through injuries work holidays etc. Plus the boys take everything in and are improving defensively every game. Can't ask for anymore
  15. Onthank AFC

    We have added more than 2/3 mate and all additions have improved the squad in my opinion. The prem is where we want to get to and hopefully if things go well this season we can test ourselves against the best in Ayrshire. But that's the furthest thing from our minds. The next game is as far as I think and that's what we want the players to think about as well. Will be a very tough league this year but our aim is to get out it. 2 very tough cup games coming up and then back to league business. All the best for the season lads.