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  1. Friendly

    Onthank ams are Looking for a friendly over the festive period. 28th December we have Astro booked at Kilwinning sports club from 1-3pm. Half the costs. Let me know if anyone interested. Cheers
  2. Ayrshire Select Squad

    I have known Paul for a long time. I think IN MY OPINION he is up against it. The top teams in Ayrshire (for there own reasons) don’t want there players playing for Ayrshire and I don’t know why. It’s a tough job and knowing him he will give it everything. End of the day again in MY OPINION it suits certain clubs and Ayrshire who attends.
  3. Onthank v Mauchline

    Game off
  4. Onthank v Mauchline

    Back to league business tomorrow. 2pm kick off at dean park
  5. Onthank v Beith

    Games off
  6. Onthank v Beith

    Beith at home at the dean park 1.30 kick off in the donsport.
  7. Onthank v broomlands

    We play broomlands in the donsport cup on Saturday at Stewarton Astro 1.30 kick off
  8. Onthank v dirrans

    It’s his cousin that is with Clyde am sure
  9. Onthank v dirrans

    Steven cuddihy.... just so used to callin him cuddy. Yeah hopefully is mate. Time will tell. Hopefully hits the ground running starting on Saturday.
  10. Onthank v dirrans

    We signed a boy called cuddy last night. Good friend of mine played with Southside there. I played with him at ardrossan and asked the question he was happy to come on board... hopefully is experience brings that wee bit extra we are needing. Welcome to the club
  11. Onthank v dirrans

    I am the only person involved at the club that posts on this that I know of. I only post who we are playing and where. Any publicising after that is me replying to comments on the thread. We as a club obviously have aims and ambitions but until there achieved they remain aims and ambitions. Can’t help anyone from outside the club making comments or having there say. But I suppose that’s what these forums are for. I have never said on this forum who’s coming to the club or leaving. We will keep going about our business in a manner that suits us. All the best to everyone for rest of the season.... cheers
  12. Friendly Opponents

    Did use get a game mate??
  13. Onthank v dirrans

    Cheers matw
  14. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Am going to her dads this weekend in huntly night pop over watch this. All the best anyway mick
  15. Onthank v dirrans

    Thanks [emoji106]