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  1. Bookies Ettieque

    Fucking cheek of somecunt who holds up the bookies at half 2 on a sat afternoon, trying to put on my coupon and this c**t is weaving a sawn off about like it's a fucking toy
  2. The Defenders

    after watching defenders i went back and watched daredevil again, for some reason season 1 has lost a lot of its charm, it feels really slow at times and a lot of the episodes drag right on, season 2 is still good but i think thats because they pad it out with the punishers storyline as well as daredevils i actually liked luke cage, thought cottonmouth was an excellent villain, (on par with killgrave tbh)
  3. Sunday Trophy

    anyone fancy any games this sunday that could be a shock result? hard to tell with some of the teams given some guys havent even started a proper league campaign yet
  4. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    This, oh for the love of god this, nothing worse coming into the hall with the football team kitbag and other stuff, and the fucking door only opens 5 inches or less, cue bang on the head followed by many expletives from me, with her compounding said misery by actually saying "did you not see that there"
  5. motherwell at 17/4 is quite attractive tbh, seems a strange gap in price given the season so far
  6. Buying a Chinese phone....

    just dont break yours while you wait for Mr X's customary 6 week customs nightmare delivery schedule
  7. thats a poor price tbh given aberdeen are away, 4 points and 4 goals between you in the league as well isnt much,
  8. Emergency loans

    do not touch the quick, payday advance or whatever the f**k they call themselves loans mate, seen more than enough stories about c***s being in the shit with them for fucking years because of one emergency, even if you get paid or something next week it will still be a big chunk out your wages that you need to pay back or else massive interest papped on it at a time like this you are better getting citizens advice as someone said, they may be able to help you even put off some payments for things until you get your shit sorted and a bit of stability for the love of god dont touch they payday lender crooks though,
  9. If you could replay with no memory

    Not played 7 apart from demo, finding time to play games like this is hard the now, loved the demo but, the atmosphere was fantastic
  10. If you could replay with no memory

    they were scary at first, however by the time nemesis came out the zombie threat wasnt like it used to be, one issue might be because they were continually expanding the size of the area that we got to play in, the first resi got a big help because all the corridors and hallways were so damn narrow, fast forward to nemesis and you're running about streets and shit if they remake resi 2 like they did the original resi, with added sections, more plot points, better graphics, i'll still buy it even with shitty camera angles and piss poor voice acting, but i think the resi 2 game, but with the resi 4 viewpoint would be a massive hit
  11. You aren't spending well within your means, your spending more than your domestic revenue in the gamble that you either qualify for the extra revenue European income or you flog someone for big money
  12. If you could replay with no memory

    Resi 4 was good because it took us away from the constant slow ass zombie stuff, it was badly needed at the time however subsequent resi's then lost touch of what made the series popular and i went tits up All capcom have to do is remake Resi 2 but with resi 4 viewpoint and style, id literally throw money at them for that (resi remake was good, the added on bits etc made it a much deeper game, but the dame camera angles are still shite lol)
  13. id have thought you get an extra payment for the inconvenience of Tv crews blah blah being there, im sure the english clubs get 750 grand for being on TV on top of the TV money share they get at the end of the season if scottish football didnt negotiate something like this then the TV companies really do have them over a barrel
  14. Binge Watching

    netflix marvel series ive binge watched, done the defenders recently in the space of 24hrs that included a 9 hour shift in work lol other shows i can binge are usually ones that dont require too much thinking to watch, comedy shows usually, can stick scrubs on knowing i dont need to concentrate funnily enough showsthat i cant binge watch are ones that im late to the party with, things like narcos, son of anarchy etc, dont know what it is but i watch an episode every night instead
  15. apologies if you have covered this but do celtic live and spend within their means? and before the usual suspects start i never once believed under murray that rangers (even the years we ran any sort of profit) were living within their means when euro income or player sales were included relying on such unpredictable scenarios such as euro incomes and player sales imo is not living within your means, as rangers proved its a dangerous game that leaves you wide open to being humped