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  1. Coupon Bursters

    A booking in the qpr game and a goal in the bolton game cost me both these request a bets
  2. Does the flower of scotland not glorify war and murder? The fact its a song about battles fought many centuries ago should deem it not worthy to be sung at a football game I wonder how many Scotland fans take their kids to the games and have to explain that the song the SFA get a c list celebrity to sing before the match has got nothing to do with football, is about something that happened centuries ago and is a song about killing ones enemies
  3. Take it you think the scotland fans are offensive with their flower of scotland pish, how long ago did they send edwards army homeward to think again?
  4. Hunted

    I wonder how easy it would be to say go to a bus station and find someone buying a ticket, you buy them it off your card, they buy you one for the complete opposite direction, then you biard the bus knowing the hunters would track your card usage Or is that too easy and be well found out
  5. FA Cup 2017/18

    Even worse, you seen the tightness of the offside call but apparently VAR looked at smalling handball in the first half from 2 angles and it wasn't conclusive, smalling hand is above his shoulder its a clear hand ball
  6. Comic Book Movies (and TV Shows)

    Black panther is really good, action scenes are typical marvel brilliance, storyline is good if not predictable, however the seriousness of the story is good given the last thor film was more aiming towards the humour side
  7. Free Money

    Sky paid out the refund on both my bets, really liking them the now, quick refund as they simply void the bet rather than class it as a losing bet and refund it hours later
  8. Free Money

    Dont fancy juve at all but can at least hope for a decent cash out at some point if juve look dodgy
  9. Free Money

    Did you win at all with their previous max stakes, i used to win a lot when it was the risk free 50, since they changed it ive been fivers and thats it
  10. Free Money

    Fiver again, i do it now purely to take the measly 70 odd pence off my guaranteed bet, its nothing to them but makes me feel like im sticking it to them lol
  11. Coupon Bursters

    How the f**k do you win 4-1 at home while at the arse end of a table, and still only get 2 corners Step forward Huddersfield and tell me how you cost me 140 quid in yesterdays cross match request a bet c***s
  12. Online tipsters

    Anyone use any and are they decent in terms of what they go for I know some on twitter are affiliated with bookies, theres one however called footballsupertips, they seem to highlight tobs of bookies etc but they have a massive range of "tips" every day, Now im not daft enough to know that everyone of them is a winner etc, but in the last few weeks they have racked up a good few including a 100/1 acca today, 90/1 corret score double last weekend amongst others like a score and win coupon and even an NBA coupon overnight Gutting to miss wins like that,
  13. Derry Girls - New Series Ch4 -Thurs Jan 4th 10.00pm

    Aye the sister is good,
  14. Derry Girls - New Series Ch4 -Thurs Jan 4th 10.00pm

    I have a feeling a major character might be killed off in the bombing we seen on the news, just the way the ending went, Was a good episode overall, in the photoshack the first time was hilarious,
  15. Weekend Betting

    Sky super boost, everton, derby and wolves to win boosted to 10/1, quite decent