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  1. Nigeria vs Iceland

    This has been a surprisingly good game
  2. Luke Cage

    Good point, plus the scenes where cage actually used his powers were good, just never seen enough of it
  3. Luke Cage

    Hopefully a bit more fast paced than the first season, first season was good but a bit slow compared to daredevil
  4. Ozark

    Nice, loved every episode of the first season
  5. Netflix

    Yup, the final episodes are fantastic
  6. E3 2018

    What made resi 2 so good was the alternate storyline playing out as you played yours, then when you finished the game you got the chance to play said alternate storyline, and given both storylines are set in the same location they still offer a massive variety in objectives etc Watching the video of it, the over the shoulder angle doesn't in anyway reduce the potential scare factor, and if they increase the locations as much as they did when they remade the first resi, we could be in for an outstanding game
  7. E3 2018

    Resident evil 2 remake got a showing i see, it looks absolutely stunning graphic wise, the police station looked flawless Jan 2019 expected release date,
  8. The Simpsons best bits

    Stonecutters on my recordings from this weekend, easily one of the best episodes as well, that song is so fucking catchy
  9. Still Game & Best Bits

    "gies ma stick ya p***k"
  10. Playstation Plus Games

    Might give it a bash, need to delete some shit from my ps mind you lol Cheers mate
  11. Playstation Plus Games

    Not the free games but in the deals section, battlefield 1 and titanfall 2 both with their season passes, tokens to upgrade, double xp counters etc, down from 80 quid to 12 quid, seems a cracking deal but never played any of them before, are they worth it?
  12. Designated Survivor

    The counselling was explained through a bug in the oval office though, there wasnt any indication that she was the mole given not once had she even remotely acted in a suspicious manner,
  13. The Simpsons best bits

    Defence, where is the defence, you call that blowing
  14. The Simpsons best bits

    Lisa on ice was on my recordings from sunday, one of homers best ever episodes, when he goes to eat the pie
  15. End of season

    Is that any different to right now where numerous teams across the country are forfeiting games because they can't field a team? Because they have nothing to play for. I seen today on the AFF Twitter that a team won their league because an opponent forfeited the game against them. How does that help the integrity of any league? Iv always wanted to play, regardless of whether it's in a cup final or a friendly, guys not bothering to turn up baffles me. I agree, but say they do away with league cup groups or do away with cups (this season my team played in 4 cups and an 18 game league, we just played our cup final friday night to finish the season) teams might literally have blank weeks with no friendly opponents wanting to play/available to play during the season Keeping teams interested after xmas is a nightmare, its understandable teams not fulfilling fixtures in june (still shite) but teams not fulfilling fixtures in February or march is league defining and if theres less cup games or season starts earlier this could happeb