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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    celtics backline tonight
  2. andriod boxes / Kodi

    what one are you using, the one i set up for my old dear and my aunt is still going as far as i know,
  3. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    Thing as well, a lot of pay to win players will be just as rubbish at this game because they don't go through the harsh learning curve the rest of us do, so eventually non p2w players learn the tricks, the skills and eventually take over
  4. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    Yeah although given the game storyline is official canon now its not the worst, although i think its a massive curve ball to throw us off lol
  5. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Any word on what ones?
  6. Marvel Punisher

    yeah agree with the above, think im on 9 or 10 and really enjoying the whole traumatised part of punisher, some of the violence is very dark but it feels right and like it belongs to the moment, its not dark for the sake of being dark jon bernthal is really good as frank castle,
  7. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    After the reduction mate, I've unlocked vader and skywalker already and only need 30k credits to unlock everyone else, you get credits ranking up i think and playing heroes vs villains can net you an easy 6-10k points towarda rank up, i havent bought a thing in the game I agree about the last game, for this one time will tell if the free DLC will be worth it in the long run, im happy with the inmediate free dlc coming December and seemingly dice have said other aspecs of the game like skirmish etc will be added in My point about EA isn't a defence of them, its more of a "why only them" other devs lump in p2w and get away with it, hammering EA for only one game wont change things, every dev and every game needs hammered for it, until then nothing will change, Imo they have gave us a good star wars game though (and canon storyline which is interesting if you are a star wars film fan as well) and hopefully release many more dlc content which will benefit the game
  8. andriod boxes / Kodi

    yeah unsure how exactly IPTV works, if its easy to spot someones subscription being watched mutiple times (if that indeed is what happens)
  9. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    who's defending EA, my point is the complete outrage over P2W in Battlefront 2 is about 5 years too late given what numerous companies have been offering up including EA Everything in BF2 can be obtained in singleplayer, everything can be used and played in either arcade or campaign mode, the locked heroes in multiplayer dont take as long as everyone says to unlock, yeah thats a bad part of the game but its not the first time, EA coin it in every single year from people trying to get messi, ronaldo and other superstars on FUT and no c**t cares As for general P2W, i hate it, i hate being killed off someone because they bought a better weapon than me, this can include multiple games such as GTA, MGS and Battlefront along with others no doubt, however it isnt the be all and end all of the game, the other aspects of the game are good (starfighter assault in the death star debris it utterly fantastic as it other levels across other parts of the game) there is also the new content coming that is free along with probably more and more content as disney churns out star wars stuff galore
  10. The Star Wars thread

    Battlefront 2 has either some massive answers or a great big f**k off curve ball
  11. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    imagine having the balls to tell me to shut the f**k up then proceed to rant about a game you clearly dont own or havent played a considerable time DLC was named as free since the near start of the games development, they took away the factyou had to pay for any new maps and stuff no matter how much you played the game, to me that is a winner, on december 13th they release 2 new maps, two new story missions and 2 new characters, all free to use in single player mode, and no doubt with the amount of star wars stuff disney will churn out EA will do the same As for being buggy? maybe im too shite at the game to notice i dunno, but the single player modes eeem fine to me, starship battles are fantastic, ground missions are varied across different maps, and here's the thing, you can actually play as all the heroes without having to unlock them, plenty of missions all with differeing difficulty levels that change the mission rules to make it challenging to play The the best part (the campaign doesnt even have a proper ending) did the force awakens have a "proper" ending, does any story in the middle of an ongoing universe have a "proper" ending, what the campaign mode gave players was a conon storyline that is left open for future story missions to be added on to, i can jst imagine the film critics for the last jedi trying to tell everyone not to go see it because the ending of the film doesnt tie everything up in a neat little package Fact is the main point of peoples rant is that on multiplayer you cant play as every hero right away, well EA have been doing shit like this for years on FIFA and no c**t cared, id say fifa is worse given you can toss hundreds in every year only for it to go to pot when the new one is released For the record, i hate P2W, the fact that someone has a better grenade or gun on multiplayer because they essentially bought it is shite, and i agree with every rant about that aspect of the game, but it seems the rational rants about the games flaws are now expanding into parts which are just baseless and pointless given what many other games are churning out
  12. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    That was before the 75% drop in unlock prices im sure,
  13. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    My point is that since FUT was released EA have essentially released a yearly tarted uo version of the previous incarnation and shafted people out of a total of 1billion dollars a year in microtransactions, spent 2 grand on fifa 17 FUT, girfuy you need to do the same again on fifa 18, yet the gaming world rejoices in this yearly online theft, EA release a new star wars game, the first in 2 years, a game which is massively expanded on from its predecessor, a game which they have stated all future DLC is free to download, a game where every character and ship is available to play in single player mode, but you need to grind for certain characters for multiplayer, and the gaming world erupts like its never done before The over reaction to what is a very polished and upgraded sequel is fucking ridiculous,
  14. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    Can't play as darth vader on multiplayer without grinding, fucking EA shower of b*****ds Cant play as messi on fifa ultimate team without grinding, ah well let's put hundreds of hours into the game Gaming fans are fickle as f**k
  15. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    the fact that all future DLC including more story chapters are free is probably why the story is short the now, the attempted to focus on everything a lot of people will race through the campaign mode as well, especially sticking it on easy mode,