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  1. One of the broadsheets suggested Disney ordered a re-shoot. I'm not fussed, the ending was brilliant.
  2. I loved it. Scarif was just stunning and that 60 second scene near the end? OOOFT.
  3. 2 tickets going for this after I fell out of my loft. Drop me a PM if interested.
  4. 2 tickets going for tomorrow's Super Furry Animals gig at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Drop me or Nizzy pm if interested.
  5. This all the way. It's been a chore but I enjoyed the Tara episode. I've quickly grown bored of Negan. We'd heard of him for how long? There has been plenty of opportunity to take him out. I can understand Saviors not risking it but after the opening episode there's no way any of Rick's group wouldn't have taken thier chances.
  6. I'm really enjoying this. Some unconvincing acting in the early episodes turned out to be spot on after the big reveal (should have seen it coming). Ben Daniels is brilliant and it's pretty brutal in places but I have one MAJOR concern: It's just not scary. Not great for what's meant to be a direct sequel to the original.
  7. It's gotta be Lee Miller for next Falkirk boss.
  8. ITK As far as I can see Gunther has just fucked off. Grimbo is taking a break for a week. 8MileBU's a goner.
  9. I think there is more to any supposed cover up by any mods regarding the Bobby Skidmarks thread but you know, bed etc.
  10. I'm pretty certain that even under Burley and Levein, senior players were not leaving the pitch asking them where they had supposed to be playing. That's precisely the claim Christian Dailly made near the end of Vogt's time in charge. And Dailly seems to have been the one player you'd have thought would have had shown Berti the most loyalty.
  11. Off to the Chippie by Susie Lacombe. Nether by Stanley Donwood Whaam! by Roy Lichtenstein. Seriously impressive close up.
  12. The Joy Division Substance stuff at the Barras last month was unreal. The New Order Substance material was a bit karaoke.
  13. Signing up right now!
  14. Anyone catch this on Syfy? I've taped it and watched the first 30 seconds. Will probably be shite but interested to see what they can do with it and if it will work over a full season.