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  1. GIF please.
  2. Get stuffed!
  3. Stay doon Bairns! You know it makes sense.
  4. Jocky Scott could get a game at the moment.
  5. Well done. Make mine a double.
  6. Get Butcher in.
  7. Armature winding.
  8. Heavy betting in the Far East on a 3-0 Rangers win. BTW Del Boy the beard can go now.
  9. Rangers better be careful. Pedro may decide to keep some of these players.
  10. Well done for next season too................
  11. Dunno. Hibs and Falkirk to go up. Bairns to return after one season wi' a skelpit erse.
  12. Pars will take that useless cvnt Faissal back I guess.