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  1. I offer up two favourites for future statements - pusillanimous & egregious. They seem to fit the narrative.
  2. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Sorry that was supposed to read - don't get rid of the dude.
  3. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Get rid of the dud.
  4. Rangers v Aberdeen / Aberdeen v Rangers

    Pedro signed some great players.
  5. Short break suggestions for me and my daughter?

    Hop over the pond to NYC.
  6. We know it will end at 67. It's all planned. But 69 would be a giggle.
  7. I was just making the point that all the religious bollocks is a bit silly as I suspect there are very few believers out there. Welcome to P&B.
  8. ..as opposed to a Catholic one.
  9. It will be a Protestant atheist this time.
  10. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Different Rangers - same pish though.
  11. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    I don't recall Scottish football dying in the early eighties when Rangers were perhaps worse than they are now.
  12. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition...but feel free to add to the list.