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  1. Are Rovers inviting applications for this vacancy? They should be spoilt for choice. It is one of the bigger jobs in Scottish football.
  2. Statue for Locke.
  3. Never heard of Cobwebteath.
  4. Not much to worry about for ICT or Accies.
  5. I wonder where Yogi will turn up next? They should name a weed after him.
  6. Walk the league? Only if they sign that French-Moroccan guy.
  7. FFS Rovers! But well done Brechin.
  8. My nerves are shredded and I don't support either of these teams. [ What a giveaway ]
  9. Very exciting.
  10. I have a horrible feeling that the Onions will be promoted.
  11. Just as an adjunct to all this IRA stuff. Years ago I attended a Hearts vs Celtic match at Tynecastle. I happened to be in with the Celtic supporters. Some guy came round with a collection tin for the IRA. This was in the days of open terracing. However I have long suspected that any money collected was more likely to be spent on IPA rather than make its way across the sea. Any Celtic supporters remember these characters?
  12. Beware interlopers. Or should that be interlopars?
  13. GIF please.