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  1. It is possible to buy tickets online? The hours the shop are open at the moment don't lend themselves to calling during the working day for me.
  2. It'll be exactly the same as last years, both shirts will be. That's because it's a bespoke template from the 'MiTeam' Adidas range.
  3. Aye that's right - but that website isn't the most up-to-date, Direct Soccer has the newest stuff. It's all off the peg stuff really, but after last year they may look to reduce the costs/prices. I quite like the one with the black collar - simple really.
  4. We only announced them about this time last year, a week or two after the playoff final if I remember. They were then on sale by mid-June. I hope we go back to the less expensive teamwear route, rather than the Adidas 'mi-team' where the shirts may look great but are more expensive. Don't be surprised for it to be one of these, if it is the teamwear rather than bespoke look. http://www.directsoccer.co.uk/football-kits-c1/mens-football-kit-c2/football-jerseys-c5/adidas-m1/white-t6
  5. How many players have we re-signed that have actually ever worked out? Not that many who stick out in my memory...
  6. I wonder, if in the longer term, could it not be cheaper to use Somerset to train? Unusual I know for teams to train at their stadium, but it raises question about a 4g? Wouldn't have to lease it out as such but could be handy for academy too? Would put paid to Jamie Adams though....
  7. It was South Africa? For some reason I had Cyprus in my head. Guess that makes more sense! From what I remember, didn't the club give Balatoni the option? If he wanted to go they'd take the cash but he turned it down.
  8. I always thought it was slightly odd that Balatoni chose to stay Ayr in January when that foreign team came in for him. Off-field influences such as family/jobs etc. may have been a factor but I guess he felt some sense of loyalty to the club having not long signed? I'd love him to stay but think we're more likely to keep Meggat - and I'd be quite happy if he stayed. Looks almost certain we need a new right-back though....
  9. I have heard £1000 p/w. This is very much hear-say though, and could be - like most things you read on social media - utter tosh.
  10. I'm surprised there wasn't some sort of 'relegation clause' in his contract. Given the wages that he is reportedly on, and the fact that relegation was always going to be possible, I would have thought that it might be prudent to allow both player and club that option. He wouldn't want to play League One and I doubt the club would want to pay him the (reported) wages, that could be spent on potentially two decent players at League One level. Personally I would offload him; he has struggled in the Championship and given the shit-fight that League One is we'll need a different type of player. I would hope that some of the money that they can save by getting rid could be spent on offering Doc a decent enough deal to entice him to stay. Doc is actually a bit of an odd one. He'll do great in L1, as he did last year, and at time he's shown he could be a decent Championship player for a mid-lower team with time. But as he done enough for a team to come and offer him something where he'd be guaranteed a starting slot in the Championship each week?
  11. According to the website transfermrkt - it's usually up to date and accurate. I could be wrong though.
  12. Under contract for next year: Fleming Boyle McGuffie Harkins Gilmour Would love to keep Devlin but he seems to be offski, mumbling at the awards dinner from McCall was pretty much 'enjoy him while you can'. Would keep Meggat, but will have suitors elsewhere, and the same with Doc. Think Crawford would do fine in League One but I'm somewhat on the fence about Alan Forrest. Hart looked good today, for the short spell he was involved in, but with Fleming under contract he may go elsewhere unless he's number 1 as he's good enough certainly at League One level I would think?
  13. I could be wrong but I don't think so. Alagui buggered off straight away, I think most others came over. Hart didn't really acknowledge the fans though. Thought Hart looked decent for the wee bit he was on, but will he stay with Fleming under contract?
  14. It's ridiculous, both Ayr and raith players were concerned straight away and both medical staffs were there immediately but health and safety says first aid can't run? Makes sense!!