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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Someone on here said he had a trial at Blackburn? Don’t remember reading anything about that went, if indeed it happened.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    no idea; completely forgot about him, funnily enough... . He’s got a fair bit to prove, but won’t expect it to be this weekend.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Am prepared to be shot down for this, but wondered if shifting McGhee into MF would help, to give us some extra physical presence & solid tackling alongside TT. McGhee is mobile, and comfy on the ball, and can at least put a bit of weight into a tackle. Think the likes of Kidd & Blair are just too slight for this particular battle. The problem of course is hoping Grant could somehow re-discover his inspirational best form and slot back in at CH...
  4. ...agree this will be tricky; Dumbarton have a pretty decent record at TFS in recent years, one of the better points returns for other teams in the division. If we win, suspect it’ll be a 2-1 sort of game, don’t see a bigger margin than that. FWIW I’d also like to see them survive, and added respect for having the best strip in the league outwith the navy blue.
  5. The Falkirk FC Thread

    So, McLeish it is... poor Yogi; flashing his tatty old knickers yet again, but even the gormless SFA blazers weren’t interested in his brazen self-promoting baloney. Back to the emulsion for you, painter man. Maybe get a gig at the Shire next season, if they’re really desperate .
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Yeah, enjoyed watching that again. GIRU either of them at their own midden is just the biz... wee Paddy Cregg was at his best that season - it may be cliche bingo, but words like dig, mobility, graft, box to box, etc etc were pretty damn accurate for him then. Exactly the type we’ve been missing the past few seasons. And although he was pretty quiet in that particular game, god I really miss watching Latapy. Def one of my top 5 Bairns.
  7. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Hang on, isn’t that The Govan Sevco Derry Wall Defenders FC ??
  8. Falkirk vs Brechin

    Given Issac's showing in the time he was on, I for one was pretty glad that's all he got. Looked a handful, direct and quick. Had our CH's looking quite uncomfortable I thought.
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    a slight change of tack here; just reading that Yogi has applied to be Scotland boss. The man has some high opinion of himself.

    fantastic game, brilliant spectacle from start to finish. Going into the two min warning, I couldn’t sit still any longer & started pacing around the room instead... Glad Eagles won, respect to Foles & Pederson, great belief & attitude. Great play calling, & held their nerve. oh, and GIRU the Pats and Brady. Nippy cants, the lot of them, glad they’re taking it badly.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Sadly, I'd suggest you're being generous saying once a month. Half a game once in every 6 would be nearer the mark. He's been incredibly frustrating during his time at TFS - showing only flashes of the skill he undoubtedly possesses - whether its confidence or motivation I wouldn't pretend to know, but more often than not his contribution has been marginal. His more commonly displayed attributes like regularly falling over, getting brushed off the ball far too easily and generally not being very involved aren't particularly useful at any time, and certainly not in our current predicament. The contention that he was often our main threat says more about everyone else in the team than it does about him, judging by the chronic standard of our play pre-Hartley, shocking lack of goal threat, and lamentable standing in the league. Given our need for hard working, busy and effective flair players up front, I'm happy Hartley is on the right lines and Hippo can go be an enigma somewhere else. Great goal v The Fife though, so genuine cheers for that if nothing else.
  12. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    You mean to say, it does not move him?
  13. 'Colt Clubs' & The Democratic Principle

    Good for you guys. An emphatic, unambiguous statement that the OF and their brown-nosing lackeys can GTF on this. Over to you, madam chairwoman; we’ll have the very same statement please, just as soon as you like.
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Absolutely this. Talk is cheap but Don Hartley has conclusively shown that his radical overhaul meant exactly that, thank feck. That's 8 out so far, 9 if the Gallagher story happens, leaving Peaheart with the jacket on the shoogliest peg. Please Don, get him TF. Today, preferably. McKee/Watson/Loy may survive the cull, possibly just as stand-in cover until the summer. Team bonding among all the newbies has looked encouraging too, and noticeable not only v DU but also at Livingston, when team and manager seemed totally together at the end; so, no signs of 'suspect Hartley man-management issues' there, as some WUM's have put about. Prospects looking a bit more hopeful, but a fair ways to go to get clear of the mire. Goals from the new strikers, and stiffening up the defence would be another big step forward... But Hartley should def get a massive thanks for this current work in progress. All Hartley's laudable effort at building a credible team also throws Houston's lack of imagination and loan contacts for new signings into serious contrast. What was he doing last summer???
  15. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Doh! Brain freeze on my part, LOL.