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  1. Most memorable looking player at your club

    it’s really George Michael, isn’t it?
  2. Modern Hall of Famers

    Farid. Without a doubt. How churlish to sum his contribution up as a one-season wonder; while that may well be all the time we got, but what a fecking one-season's wonderful entertainment it was. Happy days.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Craigen's return on his time at the club was a massive 3 or 4 decent games at the tail end of last season, and his wonder goal at Tannadice. Whichever position he played, overall he was just not up to it. No pace, no presence, couldn't tackle; more often than not completely anonymous on the pitch. That's not really much help when we were chasing promotion FFS, and certainly not good enough in our current predicament. Cheerio!
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    end of an era... all the best BSLM.
  5. Morton v Falkirk

    another very pleasing aspect about yesterday’s game is that Pea-Heart Harris was nowhere to be seen, neither on the team sheet or the subs bench. More progress!
  6. the party's at your patch, so suck it up

    that’s a sore one! you’ve got to feel for the guy,.. with his luck presumably he missed the 2010 cup final too.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    very much agree with this SD; the discussion on toughening up our midfield with a Davie Nicholls type has been running for, what, 3 seasons now?
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Also McBride's daddy was one of Yogi's coaches, so he was the archetypal teacher's pet, but did absolutely nothing to justify it, never mind be automatic choice in the team. He was utterly horrific; sloth-slow, with a repertoire comprising entirely of square ball, 2 yard passes... Yogi called it "nice and tidy" when actually all it did was kill time for the opposition to get back into formation, so the only passages of play he broke up, if that was in theory his job, were our own attacks. Complete waster.
  9. Just been killing time & looking ahead at the fixture list - and wondering if I'll have to watch St Mirren win the league at TFS at the end of April. It reminded me that Partick celebrated winning the Championship at TFS in 12/13 (with Balatoni, Muirhead, Welsh & Craigen all present, co-incidentally), and eons before that (1974) Celtic won the league at Brockville (1-1, when the Celtic fans bent the Hope St crossbar). Anyone else had to suffer watching the opposition's title party at their place?
  10. Morton v Falkirk

    Assuming you mean Balatoni. I'd have kept him too.
  11. Morton v Falkirk

    Think that's the key for us right there. Unless the new guys really do all click consistently - and quickly - then I don't share your confidence. Come April we've got DA home, DU away, Dumbarton away, STM home; right now can't see us getting better than 50% at best. If we're still in the mire by then, god help us.
  12. Sibbs for us. Debut in 2011 at 16; looks like the Cup Tie at Livingston next Saturday will be his 200th game for the club. Genuinely surprised he's still at TFS, but delighted that he is... A joy to watch with the ball at his feet.
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Would agree with the appalled bit, but sadly its hard to be shocked. Who in the world would possibly want the lightweight, pea-hearted, sand-dancing waste of space? Def got a place now in my all-time Bairns Worst 11 hall of shame. Even Kevin McBride at least tried now and again.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Just...wow. Extraordinary. And, finally, the indisputable evidence that Derek Lyle is indeed Leyland Palmer, and he was clearly possessed (by either Bob or possibly MD20/20) at time of alleged 'misunderstanding'.
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I don’t disagree Shadwell, but without oversimplifying it, hopefully a lot of it will ultimately come down to getting players that “fit” within the team’s playing style (assuming Hartley can resurrect a meaningful one, of course) - like John Baird for us as opposed to Baird at QoS, Reilly at St M as opposed to at DA, Gasparotto at us as against at Morton, etc. As Longridge has now signed on, Hartley obviously thinks he’s got a lot more to offer. Hope he’s right.