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  1. Vol au Vents With Frank Turner

    This 'Experiences' fad is reaching saturation point in the music industry. I sometimes wish we hadn't all stopped buying records.
  2. The Metalhead thread

    Same night as At The Drive-In hit Glasgow. Annoying clash that one
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Whatever the case, we're woefully short on creative midfielders. We need the likes of Walsh and Johnston to step up and produce the goods down the flanks instead. This season is looking like a bit of a slog.
  4. Dundee United v Dumbarton

    Yeah, the 3 week lay-off thing is a reference to injured players rather than anything the Rock has been up to.
  5. Dundee United v Dumbarton

    I hope so too.
  6. Sons' sorrow

    Perhaps a humping's what was required as leverage for Aitken to get fresh faces in.
  7. The Metalhead thread

    Hold on, Mastodon releasing another album in September? wtf
  8. Sons' sorrow

    You look at those attacking options and sort of wince a bit. Either the current crop will have to pull an Andy Stirling and improve dramatically as the season progresses or we need new faces. It's that or no goals.
  9. #Sonshamers v Sons

    Eke out a point here and I'd say that's a very satisfactory to the season for a team in transition.
  10. Dumbarton vs Rangers U20's

    Take it we still have the poorest record of any regular entrant in this competition? Really is the stuff of legend. The paltry prospect of success should make sticking to the Colts boycott easier for anyone wavering.
  11. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Worth noting that our first match back in this division in 2012 ended in a 4-1 reverse. From there on things only got worse as we took a several months to find our feet. But...we're still here. I'm not surprised Brechin got beat yesterday and you'll probably take a few more pumpings in the weeks to come but it's certainly no foregone conclusion that you're destined for the drop. Hopefully both our clubs can survive.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Sutton owns one of the most tragic sights I've seen in football; him running about on his own up top when Spurs done Hearts for 5 a few years ago at Tynecastle. Brutal. Sure he'd do fine at the Rock.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    It's a good post above from Sonsism. The approach to pre-season so far appears a little confused, to the extent that some of the guys we've brought in appear to be downgrades on other players that we consciously released at the end of last season. Rabbits from hats will be required in the August loan market to an even greater extent than the last five seasons so fingers crossed we get lucky.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Dat midfield... And those wingers...