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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Didn't appreciate the 4th round doesn't get played until mid-January, the team could look very different by then. Looks like a bit of a banana peel tie regardless.
  2. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    We must have one of the poorest records of any side that played Gretna. Pretty sure we played 5, lost 5, scored 0 and conceded around 15. Just crap.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Yes. 2012 Stirlingshire Cup. The party went on for days.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    One thing for sure is that we shouldn't shoehorn Handling into the team 'just because'. He can fight and scrape his way in the same way Roy has/is.
  5. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Getting Froxylias more involved is crucial for us. He's the best player in the team by some distance and I'd agree with the shout to move him inside. Unfortunately I can see Stevie turning to Calum Gallagher before Roy gets a chance.
  6. The Metalhead thread

    Aye it's the old warehouse next to Clydeside Galvanisers. The two gigs i've seen there (Russian Circles/Chelsea Wolfe and Sunn O)))) were both great. Sound was spot on.
  7. Metallica @ The Hydro

    Fingers crossed for Blackened. Can't wait.
  8. The Metalhead thread

    I've seen Kvelertak a few times - most recently in Stereo. They'll do fine, so long as they get the 'in the round' sound right.
  9. 750k gone ffs. What a disaster for Accies.
  10. UEFA Nations League

    I've little doubt Montenegro would pass us off the park.
  11. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    The above is the key for me. The change I'd like to see in future campaigns is treating every qualifier as life or death. Too often we settle for draws where wins were necessary. We all pointed out at the time - correctly as it happens - that a draw against Lithuania was going to lead to the same old story. Poor preparation rather than players has lead to non-qualification. It's been pointed out that other countries are just as shit as us but routinely rock up at major competitions. I'm firmly in the 'play more friendlies!' camp as well.
  12. Sons vs Stranraer

    Yes, let's freshen up our attacking options for this one. We looked solid enough at Almondvale last week and some of the the football on show was tidy but the lack of cutting edge about the team continues to be alarming. It feels like we're a Sam Stanton away from being a decent side. I'd leave out Stewart and move Froxy inside - let's get him more involved. Johnston can have a go on the right. And if we're mad keen to rest Nade then Roy can run about up top. Friday night football for £10 is an attractive offer!
  13. Sons' sorrow

    I agree with your point but would scratch Clyde from your list. It would be a shame if the various sport facilities (5 aside pitches, tennis courts, bmx track) which encircle Broadwood were encroached upon by yet more housing development
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Should be clear - i'm not saying for a second that the team shouldn't be trying to win. The cost of cinema entry actually looks pretty reasonable when you hold it up against entry to Dumbarton v St. Mirren!
  15. Sons' sorrow

    My feeling is that an increasing number of supporters are going to say thanks but not thanks to this. Tune back in when we drop a level, drop prices and stop being perennial underdog.