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  1. Dat midfield... And those wingers...
  2. Yeah, the price merely sealed rather than drove my decision not to bother going. We've ceased to be competitive in these early season competitions and so the motivation to attend just isn't there. Supporters will be more inclined to tune in when squad building is complete and the real action starts. For us that could be anytime between now and the clocks going back.
  3. Agreed. Despite only having a couple of strikers on the books, it's centre midfield that's the most concerning area for us right now. Although to be honest I held that view prior to Gal's unfortunate setback.
  4. Good to see another local sponsor but you have to wonder how much these deals are worth. If all the regular contributors on here threw in a tenner could the 'Sons Sorrow Stadium' be next up?
  5. Putting the stuff re communication to one side, I know that he looks back extremely fondly on his time at the club and won't hear a bad word about us. Good luck to him, although we move on now and i'm sure Andy D will be an able replacement.
  6. Sensible pricing at a fiver for Saturday's clash. Will attend. Didn't realise it was an early k/o though
  7. Playing in the away team and watching Paddy Flannery loft in outrageous efforts from all angles is the definition of bittersweet. That free kick is filth.
  8. Would echo these sentiments - great day, great match. A hugely successful event, credit to all those who organised. Edit: Who'd have thought that not loading up on sun cream would have been such a big mistake...
  9. Hmm, it could have been a lot worse if the bam-up teasers were anything to go by. But it's not the best either. Also, getting the strip right is important, lest we forget sock-gate through at Starks Park in the season opener a few years back.
  10. Presumably there's always a spot on the board ready for anyone who has the funds and is willing.
  11. Or it's just a colourful take on May's Britain. DFC on the ball.
  12. Incoming...
  13. Between Morrisons' fish counter and the Bonhill pharmacy we've got the rumour mill well covered on here
  14. Someone to run aboot in a way Nade can't/won't. Good signing.