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  1. Forget Aldo, Buchy's the player I want to see commit. His performances towards the end of last season screamed captain material. Anyway, good business today.
  2. Walk up fans are going to become a thing of the past down at the Rock. £20 for Dumbarton v Brechin - astonishing.
  3. That's a shocker. Terrible news.
  4. I'm not normally one for second stints at the club but we could do worse than approach Calum Waters re the LB vacancy if Brechin can get the job done in the playoff final. Assuming he's not already signed for next term...
  5. Take it the ultimate aim here is Rangers v Celtic final aye? Count me out.
  6. I'd prefer a not exactly well loved nationalised rail service to the fudged disgrace we put up with presently.
  7. Threads like this make P&B. Good to see high stake posting
  8. Ah, I'd overlooked the weird rage that Alves draws from Falkirk fans. Almost on a par with ticketing arrangements. Get him in from the start.
  9. Last year's edition was jamming - great day. Would consider going again but need to see a bit more of the lineup.
  10. Likely see Smith back at RB tomorrow if the match preview is anything to go by. Fine by me. He's had a decent season all in and deserves a run out for the final game.
  11. As I understand it there's nothing particularly significant about that Tool show other than it's a big venue. Danny Carey confirmed as recently as last week that nothing has been recorded and that writing is ongoing. No new album this year.
  12. I know we don't get that many walk ups but are we really going to turn away any non-season ticket holding home supporters who rock up after 1.30? Ultimately - and as usual - there will be at least 300 empty seats in the ground come kick off.
  13. ArcTanGent for me this year. Explosions in the Sky, Converge and Russian Circles headlining. Should be fantastic.
  14. We need only look at the last two fixtures to get an idea of the strength of character in this team. Picking up four points at Palmerston and Tannadice after going behind in both is a fabulous return. I thought there was no way back for Aitken after Bonnyrigg. Some shrewd business in January, coupled with the likes of Stanton, Stirling and Thomson finding form has me delighted to eat humble pie on that one.
  15. It's in our hands, which is the main thing.