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  1. There's a cost involved in appeals though? In which case forget it.
  2. Last night was a fine result but I still feel our qualification hopes were extinguished the moment we failed to beat the 5th seeds at home. There's far too much to do now and it's just not going to happen.
  3. I'd like to understand the content of Aitken's half time team talk as the opening ten minutes of the second half was astonishingly bad. But yes, we improved after going down to ten.
  4. The challenge by Fleming was moronic, no excuses for it. How funny that the bams spent the whole match calling for his introduction only for him to be dismissed within minutes...
  5. We were extremely poor and Ayr completely deserved the win - Crawford was outstanding. Particularly disappointing given it was our most important game of the season so far. There was so little urgency about the performance till the last 15 mins. We would have won that match in previous seasons in the Championship and that might be the difference come the end of the season.
  6. Yeah, seems less useful given we're a few months on from the album release. I'll be handing mine away.
  7. I'd like to see footage of the infamous 'ghost' penalty from a few years back just so I can get outraged all over again. It's an appointment everyone associated with this crunch match could do without.
  8. Yes
  9. Splurged out the £96.50 for standing at Metallica. Have to hope it will be worth it
  10. Ruth Davidson as the figurehead perhaps? I think she would fancy her chances when the debates roll round - although she might want to go less heavy on the Russian invasion angle this time round
  11. Both were fairly anonymous in the end.
  12. It's despicable really and I'll be watching with interest to understand what comes of it. There's no question that Docherty headbutted a teammate. At the very least I'd expect him to stand up and admit he embarrassed the club, irrespective of the circumstances and what further action Aitken / the board decide to take. Having went from playing fairly well but gaining little points, we've now turned in crap and gained no points. Any kind of win will do against Raith.
  13. We should avoid tiered membership of the Trust at all costs. There has to be better ways of donating.
  14. Same thought crossed my mind. It is an attractive offer though and I'll be renewing post-haste.
  15. Interesting conundrum re the starting 11. Vaughan was impressive today but Stanton has been in fine form recently. Can we fit them in the same 11 without one getting shunted wide?