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  1. Deila needs gone now. Doesnae even deserve getting til the end of the season, shouldae been gone months ago. Get Lenny back & start playing like Celtic again.
  2. They scored directly fae a shite decision. Even Thomson's linesman thought he got it wrong. He was the only c**t at Hampden who didnae see it come off Tavernier last.
  3. We lost a match. You lost your club.
  4. Absolute fucking travesty. Deila the shit c**t shouldae been sacked months ago cos he's responsible for this shambles - the worst Celtic team in my lifetime. Nae heart, nae passion, nae ability - a squad of fucking bottlejob c***s. Sevco are pish, that result & performance is fucking shameful. Still shouldnae have even reached the shootout if Thomson doesnae f**k us over with the throw in or Roberts taps in the open goal. Pathetic. Time for Deila to f**k off now. What's he waiting for?
  5. So the diddy argument is that even though the closest club to where I was born is Celtic, even though my family are all Celtic supporters & even though I'm fae an Irish Catholic heritage that I'd be seen as a better fan in their eyes if I supported someone like Forfar or Alloa??? Ok.
  6. Next door has a wean called Lunar. Not Luna, actually Lunar.
  7. Even though its cute that ye always want my attention, I'm no sure yer heart is even in it anymore.
  8. They are a brand new club. And it isnae a real OF. But its still the same c***s that support them. And I will definitely be there to watch us pump them.
  9. Naw its yer maw.
  10. COYBIG!!!
  11. That everybody I'm friends with on facebook loves their mum.
  12. Why are people saying Celtic didnae want this draw? It's the only tie we wanted. Time to give the bluenose mutants a proper pumping and put them back in their box. People getting excited cos they beat Dundee FFS.
  13. This thread went well.
  14. Always cute seeing the diddys come together to laugh at the team who are top of the league. Weak as pish, nae fight, shitehouse manager, worst Celtic team I can think of, but still above the team you support. Lets all laugh at Scottish football.
  15. Dinnae even care anymore just sack the useless c**t now & get any fucker in for the rest of the season.