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  1. Livi v Utd

    Livingston aside I'd actually like to see United in the premiership mostly because it would really piss off the Dee supporters who keep popping on here to post crap. Of course if Partick had held on for five more minutes last Saturday there's a chance they could have changed placed in the play-offs. Actually irrespective of who won that would be a fascinating couple of games
  2. Livi v Utd

    We don't know what we don't know; but if we know that we don't know what we don't know don't we sometimes know what we don't know?
  3. Photographs from the game: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm78UkPq If you don't want to relive the action you can always play spot yourself in the crowd? On the subject of time wasting my pet hate is when a free kick is awarded and the "opposition" player deliberately runs towards the ball or picks it up and proceeds to walk away with it to stop a quick take of the free kick. I know all team do it but it really frustrates me. Sometimes the referee will talk to the offending player but all that means is that the opposition have even more time to organise their defence. Picking the ball up and running away with it should definitely be due a caution but rarely will the referee act on it. Its become so much of the norm that its almost looked upon as part of the game now.
  4. Livi v Utd

    Absolute rubbish. Hardie is bloody awful feeding off the hard work of others. No danger Rangers will offer him a new contract; in fact they're better off letting him go now....
  5. I wasn't aware of any bad blood with Mullen leaving either. A long servant to the club; my only criticism was that he never seemed to reach his true potential although in the last hear he seems to have bulked out a bit and become a bit less lightweight. As for Hippolyte he's always remained friends with many of the team at the club and is in regular contact with a number of the supporters. Livingston offered him a chance to retrieve his career, after a less than auspicious start at Brentford and other non league sides, with a full time professional contract and it seems he remembers that. He was a major contributor for our challenge cup victory. Getting sent off hardly seems a reason for forgetting all that; as for him smiling on the way to Ibrox well I don't know the reason behind that; I know a number of people made up their mind as to why that was and others seemed now to have accepted that as gospel. He does seem to have developed in his short period with St Mirren; the rare times he appeared with Falkirk I thought he'd lost the plot.
  6. Think I remember DJ's one where he caught the ball; let out a scream and threw the ball out whilst he rolled about on the ground clutching his hamstring. After about five minutes of treatment he was up with a miracle cure and we were already into time added on. Really cringeworthy particularly as, I think, we were playing a lower league side. I see there was one Livi player in this game booked for time-wasting (actually it wasn't the match I was looking for but it will do): https://spfl.co.uk/championship/fixture/3636795/ And the attached didn't exactly endear Danny to the Saints crowd either. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-mirren-2-livingston-3-6321446 Of the current first team I have to agree that there aren't any serial play-actors/timewaster that spring to mind. If really pushed I would suggest that sometimes De Vita goes down a little too easily and maybe on occasions Dylan Mackin seemed unsteady on his feet for a big man. I also recall Alexander has come under criticism by away supporters for kicking the post before taking a goal-kick; that being said I've seen a lot of goalkeepers doing that so am not really sure that can be classified as time-wasting. As for him dropping to the ground when he catches the ball I suppose it does use up more time (legally) but then again it stops him from quickly distributing the ball to one of the wingers so swings and roundabouts I suppose. I can see how some see it as time wasting however; albeit legal. As already mentioned Nicky Cadden tends to be a big worry with the persistent weakness on his shoulder; a great player but if he falls wrongly he can easily be out for a couple of weeks despite the tackle maybe being nothing out of the norm. At the moment the spirit in the team means that everyone wants to play; if, as many had already predicted, this season had been a relegation dogfight the feeling might have been different. In such circumstances every point is precious.
  7. Fair enough but the stats did show that Buchanan made a number of appearances for you (although I don't know how many of those were off the bench) and scored two goals apparently. Must admit being quite mystified by your defence's performance; some times they looked organised and prepared but often not; I wonder how much the cock-up by Samson earlier actually affected his confidence leaving him reluctant to communicate with his back line? As I say that's pure speculation; obviously your position in the league doesn't lie and implies a consistently solid performance so possibly just one of those days.
  8. Genuine question - St Mirren released Gregor Buchanan during the January window and we snapped him up. He's put in a couple of excellent shifts for us; a tall defender winning lots of balls in the air and remaining calm under pressure. Compared to the defenders I saw on Saturday I'm led to wonder why he was released. Granted I don't see St Mirren every week and it was probably a bad day for everyone but given the overall control we had in the air I'm still left to wonder why.
  9. Probably get shot down here but I actually thought there were periods in the first half when St Mirren looked like one of the most Premiership ready sides I've seen all season. We took time to settle whist St Mirren moved the ball well using the full width of the pitch and linked up well. When their goal went in, ignoring the fact that we probably had umpteen chances to clear it properly, I though to myself "its going to be a long afternoon". Having already taken half an aspirin to counter the blood pressure I was wondering if it was going to be enough. Our first one was a real keystone-cops moment; we'd threatened a few times before that but what Samson was thinking rushing out like that; he couldn't have handled the ball and was obviously going to be too late to head it; but he compromises be taking out his own player. Actually I wondered if he would have been better taking out Hardie; maybe he would have been given his marching orders and St Mirren would have had to play the remainder of the game with ten players but we already know from bitter experience how much trouble St Mirren can be when they go down to ten? I don't like to single out individuals but his performance was directly responsible for two of our goals; was the option on the bench worse than that. All this being said we were winning virtually everything in the air and was a very pleasing performance by Livi but I don't see this as anything more than a blip for the Saints. Ross will undoubtedly make changes to reinforce the defence and frankly the threat introduced by Hippolyte, particularly when he moved into the centre indicated that he can add an much needed threat to the Saints attack in the air and can be a real handful to control by the less mobile central defenders. He probably wont score many but will doubtless shake things up allowing others to capitalise on the proverbial loose ball. By contrast I though Danny Mullen seemed to offer very little and seemed right off his game. Maybe he was feeling awkward about returning to his old club or was in the huff about not starting but hardly threatened at all - although strangely he seemed to be working on the right side of the field which is the opposite to left side he seemed to prefer. Incidentally I'm not sure why some morons chose to boo him or Hippolyte when they came on; apart from being disrespectful to former servants of the club it seems to ideal way to fire up a player to put in a performance to prove the detractors wrong. We have twelve games to go (United have fourteen I think but are further behind) meaning that we need to win four more games than St Mirren in order to catch them up. So far we've won 12 out of 24 games (50% obviously) and keeping up that average Saints would presumably have to lose nine of their remaining eleven games - an achievement even Hibs would struggle to manage. I wont give up hope of catching them but my head says St Mirren are already champions; From a positive note though we can no longer be caught by Brechin so definitely will avoid the automatic drop to league 1. Championship Form Guide Points Last Six: Livingston 13 St.Mirren 13 Falkirk 12 Inverness 10 Morton 9 Dunfermline 8 QoS 8 Dundee Utd 7 Dumbarton 2 Brechin City 1
  10. Think the number of people wanting to park at the ground caught us out; think there were only two stewards on duty there leading to some pretty lengthy queues
  11. All I remember is five minutes solid of a chorus of: "A win away; a win away; a win away; a win away; a win away; a win away; a win away; a win away" And then the announcement that the train was going to be delayed by five minutes so the buggers started up again..... Bring back the drum!
  12. So long as you don't end up singing that one to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps tonight" at Livi South after the game again
  13. Rewriting history

    Ist prize = Anything Angelo Massone said or did including turning the power off at Almondvale to "teach the fans a lesson". 2nd prize = John Hughes assessment of himself and his ability as a manager
  14. Livingston v Dunfermline

    I believe you first need to save it as a PDF to your hard drive and then print using the standard windows tools; do not try to print directly from the web version as it can be all over the place.
  15. Livingston v Dunfermline

    Also it is advisable to bring along a cheap pair of sun glasses - the sun has only cut through the clouds occasionally but when it has it was glaringly bright. Assuming the away supporters are in the East Stand again they could spend periods of the game blinded. Just a thought.