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  1. Bit of a quandary this; pretty sure from the very defensive team selection that the strategy was to get halftime scoreless and then bring on three strikers in the second half. What do we do now?
  2. I don't remember that - some very expensive therapy and a litre of Laphroaig and I've obliterated the entire afternoon.
  3. Remind me which team ended up with only ten players on the pitch?
  4. QoS v Livi

    Difficult to say from the angle but it certainly appears that the ball isnt completely over the line hence no goal. Regarding the penalty claim; initially it was shoulder to shoulder which under normal circumstances would be considered a foul unless one player made an exaggerated move. The one point of some debate is that there appears to be a tangle of legs however id does appear the Carrick is already falling over hence again probably no penalty. I have however seen them given for less but would be aggrieved if it was us. With regard to Jacobs sending off; never like to see any of the Jacobs boys get their marching orders; Kyle is tough and no-nonsense but I've never known him to outright try to injure someone. I don't think you can argue though that the second foul was reckless particularly when you're already on a yellow card; it wasn't even as if it was in an important part of the field. Quite unnecessary although I dont think it really changed the outcome. Biggest surprise for me however was Lyle not scoring against us; has the world gone made?
  5. I think you mean offering them contract extensions - I imagine the players all have contracts already unless they're all under special Kachloul type amateur status
  6. Livingston v Glenafton

    Not sure why you singled out Knox there - I thought he was very poor with all his old show-boating coming back into his game; there's little good in running past two players if you end up losing it to the third. He had previously dropped that element from his game and become a better player for it but I suspect because we were playing a Junior team he allowed a bit of arrogance to creep back into his game.
  7. Carrick and Longridge are both under contract aren't they; letting them go would entitle them to compensation. Pretty sure we cant afford to let them go. Also without Carrick we currently have no replacement for Danny Mullen; Mackin and Toderov are too similar to play together. If we got Peters or Ogilvie back from loan then maybe they could provide some cover but I honestly believe Carrick puts in one hell of a shift although, at the moment, he has virtually zero confidence.
  8. I think Glenafton deserve a lot of credit for keeping taking the game to us rather than playing eleven men behind the ball. Yes; we did end up playing a number of fringe player but we never had less than seven first team starters on the field. Two Glenafton players who caught the eye were obviously their goalkeeper who rarely seemed to put a foot wrong the entire game and the number eleven who seemed to sprint everywhere; incredible drive and stamina particularly when you think he's probably only able to dedicate a fraction of his week to fitness training.
  9. Last season; yes - but Knox has hardly played 30 minutes this season
  10. What worries me more is the total lack or any real marketing or advertising. Others mentioned about games like the Partick one where the entry cost was, I thing £10 or £12 but no-one other than the die-hards knew about it. Stuff is advertised on the official site but, if you don't visit it, you're not going to know. Unfortunately the sad fact is that if someone comes in with a cash offer for any of our players we'll have to think very carefully.
  11. Livingston v Glenafton

    If you save it to you local drive and then change the paper layout to landscape it should print fine - you just need to fork out the £20 for ink cartridges.
  12. Livingston v Glenafton

    Quick word of warning to Glenafton fans; as you're likely to be seated in the East Stand, and the forecast is for clear skies, bring sun glasses else you'll be staring at a low sun until about 4pm Not fun having a 90 minute drive home with a blinding headache
  13. Livingston v Glenafton

    The first one was the match preview in case you hadn't noticed.
  14. Livingston v Glenafton

    Download you free copy of the match programme: http://livingstonfc.co.uk/download-tomorrows-roar-free-3/ Sorry LL - hadnt seen you'd already posted it
  15. Livingston v Glenafton

    And, if any readers want to educate their bairns on the subject of healthy eating ,show them a picture of L4E and tell them to do the opposite. Actually I do recall the pies in the Craigshill Mall bakers where you ended up with a handful of blistering hot oil after biting into them.