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  1. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Not really sure why there's some animosity between Livi and and the Junior sides here. Anyone that gets off their arse and goes to support their local side on a Saturday is okay in my book.
  2. Penrice has been doing pretty well but we have Jacobs; Brown (once he's fit again) Knox and Robertson. Don't get me wrong; he's a good lad and in a couple of years will be some player but midfield is one area we're reasonably covered.
  3. Not sure he'd really suit the Hearts model; he's a utility player passable as a central defender and a forward hence most apt for a team with a small squad. As far as I understand Hearts tend to concentrate on players for specific positions; the view if a utility player there would probably be playing a central mid-field on the wing - but then I don't really know so could be wrong. I don't know but just don't feel he's their kind of player. However there's no doubt his attitude and effort are premiership quality on their own.
  4. And Todorov as well I suppose. At the moment my biggest concern is can we keep hold of Halkett past the winter transfer window? Realistically he could probably easily put a zero on the end of what we can afford to pay him.
  5. Penrice and McMillan are both on loan aren't they?
  6. Mackin was a waste of space today but he wasn't the reason we'd started to fall away in the second half. We had started to lose control of the midfield until Jacobs came on but more importantly, from about five minutes in the second half until up to when the sons scored, Walsh had been consistently tearing Todorov and Mullin a new one . With McMillan on the bench I really don't understand why we waited so long before bringing him on. Pretty much everyone in the ground could see it was coming ; fortunately we had a get out of jail card today which was in part due to the heavy kick up the backside of having conceded a goal. Was also a bit worried when Nade went off; hes obviously lost a lot of weight over the past few years but he's no faster. Was actually relieved when Stewart went off and then they seemed to score four minutes later - just goes to show.
  7. Not sure we will be annihilating anyone; or defence has generally been pretty good (with the minor slip up) and our midfield is pretty strong but our forward line have struggled. Obviously I'm going for a Livi win but I'm not overly confident; a lot of water has passed under the bridge when a Livi v. Dumbarton game was a foregone conclusion (and we don't have Ian Russell in the team - I don't think he ever failed to score against them?)
  8. Not sure a two nil scoreline really classifies as a pumping in my book.
  9. Ah but what about Lavvy; that always cracks me up that the user always thinks he's being original. Still least-ways it's proper Scottish slang. As for Falkirk I think there's still a lot of talent in the team even if sometimes they play like this is the first time they've met. Sooner or later its bound to gel - I just hope it takes a new manager to see that
  10. And back to football - any news on Gallagher's injury? Toderov's done okay but we really need the big man back.
  11. We had a similar situation when we were demoted to the basement of the league following Massone's asset stripping tenure. We had several players on division one contracts playing in division three (as was then). We weren't able to get rid of them as they were already contracted prior to the demotion although some chose to move or accept a loan to another club rather than play in division 3. Unlike Falkirk though our home attendance hasn't really recovered even though we're probably playing some of the best football we've played for years. Also O see that Falkirk do (or did) make use of the stadium for non-football events which must have helped the coffers a bit; I think we were restricted in doing the same due to the proximity of residential areas.
  12. Hibernian Vs Livi - League Cup Quarter Final

    He's bad but has a way to go to equal Willie Collum; probably on a par with Andrew Dallas in my opinion
  13. Don't know about this one. On recent form we should be odds on to win but then I remember our trip to Brechin; and it's difficult to think that Falkirk will be as bad as they were last time. With Gallagher still likely to be out our defence could struggle against a concerted attack but we do obviously have options. Weather looks good so I'd suggest an edgy 1-1 draw.