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  1. With all due respect to Morton that was absolutely calamitous defending I watch the second goal several times and still cant work out whats going on
  2. Other than last night's result; for the previous three games we'd scored first and ended up drawing after ninety minutes.
  3. As an aside just seen on the BBC that we were both in the First Round North whereas Stirling and Clyde were both in First Round South???? What a strange competition this really is.
  4. Seemed to have picked up a few injuries recently with Gallagher; Lithgow and Jacobs all doubtful. Rather worrying at this stage of the season particularly as we only have three CB's
  5. Actually as a footballer I'd have preferred Jamie Install but for his ex-football activities.
  6. Why would you need directions after coming off the M8; provided you keep the Clyde on the right you cant go far wrong (with the exception of the wee dog leg around PoG Tescos). If you see the Norseman bar you've arrived.
  7. Actually I'd say his size and bulk made him okay at getting to crosses - he just flattens everyone else out of the way. His reactions, particularly getting down to the ground, are where his size is a hindrance.
  8. If we're bothered about the game we'll have Alexander in goal; if not then "bomb-scare" Maley will be there and Morton fans will have a treat. For the record https://www.safc.com/news/team-news/2017/july/livingston/highlights-livingston-v-sunderland See 2:17 Or 2:59 but least-ways he could claim he was wrong footed there.
  9. Actually not as much as you might think. Yes we were two goals up but the team were well under par and disjointed. Taking into account that you had three golden opportunities I was concerned that two might not be enough. Of course we had a glorious chance at the start of the second half which may have changed things but we muffed it. Sometimes I really hate being right
  10. Couldn't care less about this cup since they started messing about with it and allowing colts teams in with mentors. As it stands this cup now has less significance than a friendly with a team that we're already going to be playing four times already. Ideally we should rest as many players as possible - I wonder if we'd end up getting find if both teams elected to play our under 19's?
  11. Generally would disagree with some of the comments about the first half. Brechin had at least three good chances which, but for wastefulness by their strikers and some excellent goalkeeping, could have led to a very different scoreline at the end of the first half. We really missed Keaghan Jacobs; without him the defence seemed disjointed and all at sea; the midfield paring of Byrne and Pittman didn't work either without Keaghan's involvement. Then again too many players had an off day; no excuses; the day was perfect for football. Thought Creighton had a good game which is actually to be expected; good to see he can make the step up without any problem. Was expecting better from Jordan Sinclair; whenever he'd appeared for us (unfortunately rarely) he always seemed to have bags of potential; maybe he hasn't settled yet. First visit to Brechin and thought it was one of the friendliest grounds I've been to. Everybody seemed to have time for a chat and a joke - maybe I should come back on a cold Tuesday in January when it is pissing down? .
  12. Remind me are we playing in Stranraer this week or is it Peterheid?
  13. Never mind all this - are there any decent chippies in the area?
  14. Brechin are no mugs; the fact that they fought their way through the playoff speaks for itself. We should win but "should" doesn't always happen. I believe the team will be well prepared and hopefully we don't consider resting people at this stage; hard game on Tuesday particularly with the extra time but hopefully the guys fitness it excellent and they should be eager to move forward.
  15. That looked a sore one