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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Lumley's a good laugh, Hayman was just another actor (1980s - 7:84 and Wildcat I think). Staunton is fine as well, a bit mumsy.
  2. The Oxfam scandal

    When they're giving food from aid parcels to mothers so they can shag their daughters (as the Dutch guy did) it is a big deal. When they're going into disaster areas where women are absolutely desperate to do anything to feed their families and they're using the power this gives them to quite literally f**k them over, it's a big deal. NGOs are able to operate in war zones where they're (mostly) trusted not to take sides and are seen as trying to help. If the perception comes out that "Here comes the charity bwana to shag our women" then charity workers are going to get killed.
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    WTF is a Mental Health First Aider?
  4. Lorne, slice, square

    Inhales through teeth
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Naw but you learned not to be downwind of Staunton after a curry night.
  6. Lorne, slice, square

  7. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I've worked with three of them - Lumley, Staunton and Hayman
  8. Lorne, slice, square

    Ah but, can you get a roll on it like you can with chips?
  9. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Oi! I resemble that remark!
  10. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I thought McDormand was fantastic - I would expect every P&Ber to cheer at her "kick her in the pie" moment too
  11. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Well she won Best Actress at the Baftas, and it also got Best Screenplay, Best Film, Best supporting actor and Outstanding British Film. Well deserved too I reckon.
  12. Jo Cox MP

    Been known about for quite some time and rumoured to be the reason Labour turned him down when he asked to run for his wife's seat. Possibly the media interest in sexual abuse in charities has led to him jumping before he was pushed. Feel sorry for the kids - mum murdered and dad a sex pest.
  13. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I presume the tatties keep some heat in the ground. That and the regular ploughing.
  14. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Just watched this, thought it was superb with parts that were truly moving. Just give Frances McDormand the Oscar now, you won't see a better performance this year.
  15. Brechin City v Falkirk

    never in doubt