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  1. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    https://m.facebook.com/DunipaceJuniorsFc/?locale2=en_GB&__tn__=C-R Dunipace are delighted to announce Gary Macmillan as their new Manager. Wishing Gary, his assistant Graeme, the committee and all the players the very best of success at Dunipace Juniors. Gary is a former player, captain, u19s coach of Dunipace Juniors. Wore his heart on his sleave as a player and understands what it means to be part of a successful Dunipace team. Mon The Pace
  2. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    Barry Rodger taking the team this weekend on assumption game is on.
  3. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    Whoever it is will be walking into a fantastic club with a fantastic future. Talented squad, future is most definately bright for Dunipace Juniors. Sorry to see Gareth & Craig leaving and wish them all the best. I would hope that as an excellent coach and experienced Junior Manager, Gareth Alexander will not be short of opportunities in the Junior game.
  4. Friendly Required 25th November

    Dunipace Juniors are looking for a friendly this Saturday 25th November. Can play the match at Dunipaces home ground Westfield Park or happy to travel to an away venue. If anyone is interested please let me know as early as possible so that we can tie down the arrangements. Many thanks
  5. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    Pricey my friend I'm sure you'll be there to cut the tape Sorry I did say plans and in the horizon.... fingers crossed. Hoping it's all done for next season with a fair wind
  6. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    Duncansfield with the Krankies I believe..... we'll create our on water supply from the Garrell Burn to make sure the games are on
  7. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    Will be at the existing ground Jason King, plans as outlined above
  8. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    Lanark 0 v 1 Dunipace Great result for the Pace with a worthy winner from Callum Heeps who has made a real difference since his return to the club. That's 10 pts from 12 now and a fantastic turnaround by Gareth Alexander's team. Long may it continue. Been a bit of a rebuilding exercise and the Manager/Assistant have done really well to galvanise a new squad. Credit to Lanark real end to end stuff and great game to watch. They were unlucky not to score on a few occasions but thanks to the brilliance of Pace Goalkeeper Sean Robertson who pulled off what can only be defined as a 'Worldy', Lanark could find nowhere through. Delighted to have my third spell at the club after first joining in 2002. And the thing I love most about Dunipace is how well the club is run all the way through, friendlier people you'll rarely meet. Pure hard work and determination to keep standards high and to give opportunities to younger talent. Amazing tradition & new stadium in the horizon next year and exciting time for all involved. Next up Gartcairn at home in the cup. Beat us in the league in 96th minute and expect it to be just as close this time. Davie I'm sure will have them fired up and they will be rightly favourites for the tie. Mon the Pace !!
  9. West 2nd Division 2015/16

    Stronger referees will be needed to manage Port Glasgow games here-on-in. Was at the PG v EK game today and thought the game was ruined a bit by delaying tactics and off the ball incidents that the referee failed to deal with. After match celebrations and scuffles at edge of the park and changing rooms not a good example to the kids watching and Port need to address that in my opinion. Port are a decent team and more than capable I liked their number 8 and centre half. EK looked good in spells as did Port, EK left winger and centre mid looking good on the ball. League is wide open and will be interesting to see how Benburb v Port goes, might head to that one should be a cracker

    Aye Pricey it was emotional. Thanks for that! Tam caught me walking out on the park (for the third time in my dunipace career) just looking at Westfield Park when noone was around and being so grateful for being part of it all and playing with such great talent. Tear to a glass eye. These times will be back again soon I'm sure and new stories will be told to make the club proud.

    Gaz you and Graeme done a great job with the unders and I know the two of you are doing a marvelous job at cumbernauld so well done. I know you both will will always have dunipace at heart The club has an excellent committee in place like you say, and the management and players are working hard to change it. What I will say is that there are a number of former players still playing, some not but still passionate willing to help if necessary. It's a difficult thing, change. You've seen it several times, stick or twist. Try to bring in some of the past or start from scratch and see if it becomes more fruitful. I think you need a mix of both. Chap the doors of some of the guys who were there for many years and merge with the new talent currently there. Then rebuild that u19s team that you and Graeme made a huge success for the club. Right I'm done apologies forum

    Remember you bringing all that bevvy into the changing room when we got promoted? I burst a can of tennents open and ruined all that plasterwork of yours.... had to lick the walls to get a buzz ....

    The number of fans attending the games has been a long standing issue, and not just for Dunipace. The only time I can remember it being a decent crowd was back in 2005 when we got promoted into the super first and likes of clydebank were in the league. Even then it was only averaging 50-100 folk. Not the cclubs fault or current management/players, much wider junior problem. At the end of the day the committee can only do so much in terms of flyers through the doors, local advertisements etc. I think something radical needs to change in the game and I have and always will believe that summer football is the answer at this level. Everyone at Dunipace are doing their best, this all triggered from a massive change in management and playing staff at start of the season. Change is hard, time is needed to adjust and improve. I believe there are no players left from the team that pushed for promotion last 2/3 years. How many clubs cope well with that transition? Can we all please chill and let The Pace get back to a positive footing in their own time. The guys work really hard there, Tam puts his heart and soul into it as do many others. As for Gaz and Pricey posts earlier. I've got huge respect for both you guys, very passionate people and again gave everything for the club in different ways. I for one would like everyone to draw a line under the past and see you both as part of dunipaces future. Good luck to everyone at the club, I'm sure things will turn for the better in a relatively short period of time. Baz

    Having had the privilege of playing for the club for 11 years I just want to say all the best to the new management team. These things take time. Next season is the real test. The club have a committee that most clubs would die for. Everyone associated with the game knows how much Tam especially gives his heart and soul. The rest I couldn't say a bad word, they are all top guys. The club is well run so let's not listen to anything otherwise. It was a huge transition for the club when Craig and James left the club along with a nucleus of players that spanned over several years. Now only Kev Mullen left from that era. Please everyone give them some breathing space and support. I've stayed out of this because the club are entering a new era. I'm confident they'll bounce back bigger and stronger. Mon The Pace. Barry