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  1. Dream Holiday

    Strangely the majority of bribes were done in Ukraine. Had a shitty citroen AX loaded up with crap and some of the speeds the Ukrainian police were claiming we were doing was hillarious, 20 dollars offered and usually any problem would go away. Kazakhstan however somehow they arreseted me and my mate for dangerous driving which was strange as he was in the passenger seat. Anyway was meant to go to court and was facing a 5 thousand dollar import tax fine as car was wrote off and not exiting country, however the judge never turned up and we got our passports back so fucked off back in to russia (minus the car).
  2. Dream Holiday

    Done it, crashed it out Kazakhstan and got arrested, still f*cking worth it.
  3. McLeish's coaching team.

    He has taken little interest in the Scottish game since he has left going by his punditry but given his previous roles with the FAI thats not the worst shout. I read his book a year or two ago and at one point I think he was head of their development. He also has experience as gk coach at club and international level. ETA - was he not also Tommy Burns assistant manager at Reading?
  4. Meh, wasnt at game and didnt think we looked too bad on highlights compared to what was said on here given it was practically a fully changed out team. After the bottlers bottling it on Saturday we able to make as many changes as we wanted really (injuries allowing). I fully support Rodgers doing this as we needed to give ourselves as much of a chance as possible for Thursday. After the weekend we are another point ahead of second and have rested a lot of players, not the worst outcome really.
  5. Aye Hibs? They beat the bottlers yesterday. Hibs .
  6. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    From Twitter: People quoting ‘70% win rate’ as argument for McLeish: - Very small sample, 11yrs ago - Win rate in qualifiers: 63% - 3 of 5 wins; Georgia & Lithuania (H), Faroes (A) - Paris win; 15-2 in attempts to France, 30 yard goal. Great win, fluke result - Blew the key game (Georgia away)
  7. To be honest Ibrox is a cracking stadium, even in its current state I would still rather use it than Hampden, but like I said without significant maintenance it is really going down hill.
  8. Whilst I agree you probably wont get a better time to play us but calling us a bit shit after we have just beat a UEFA top 20 ranked team is a bit foolish.
  9. Agree it is a risk yes but given the travel etc involved and the task ahead I think we need to give ourselves every chance. There is still a title race on yes but we do still have a bit of breathing space. Those who didnt start on Thursday should be itching to make an impression for the away leg too.
  10. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Jesus, Before Strachan was sacked I was saying on here that Mcleish didnt look well, sounded slurred on TV and and said quite bizzare things. This has disaster written all over it and I do fear Mcleish will deteriorate further. How he got beyond an interview stage is beyond me.
  11. Eh, I have edited the post before you replied? You ok ***?
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_stadium_categories I believe category four has now been renamed from Elite as mentioned in the first two lines, which I believe Ibrox no longer make. Either way Im not really fussed or bothered, but given your seething reply I clearly bother you for some reason?
  13. Except its not: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.worldstadiumdatabase.com/list-of-uefa-category-4-stadiums.htm&ved=0ahUKEwjhy-bilKvZAhUkAcAKHaMZA-gQFggmMAE&usg=AOvVaw0aSYGnoGjm_vZGjOxPzQ9V Im guessing you haven't been for a while. Was their last year and the place has really gone down hill, not to the point of disrepair but some serious money needs thrown at it.
  14. We need to make as many changes as we can for this one. Bigger fish to fry and their no point risking anyone if we dont need to given how many players are already out
  15. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Strangely we get told that winning something domestically means little to us yet I have seen folk say on here we celebrate too much at goals.