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  1. Favourite MILF Thread

    Where did those diddies come from? She get a boob job?
  2. It's good to see you are all taking this well. Top fans (well not really, we are.)
  3. They basically had ' 3 letters emblazoned our crest' with a mangled RFC logo above them. The Green Brigade had '3 Letters emblazoned on your grave, R.I.P Aye if only we had 9IAR as well, oh wait we did did, about 30 years before hand.
  4. Oh the **** running about with their banner and still making an arse of it was my favourite part of the day and the game hadnt even kicked off yet. Infitltrating the **** in nothing new though....
  5. Did Alex McLeish just try and compare Morata with Kari Arnason?
  6. Looking forward to this again. Never heard of this McKenna lad?
  7. Aye and the commonwealth paid for a lick of paint and all #GSTQ
  8. Was glorious how much we got to Foderingham yesterday. He made Gordons distribution look like Neuers compared to him. A good confident win for Wednesday now which is the main thing. PS first time Ive been to Ibrox for about 5 years and it has really become a bit of a shit pit. Im glad we have spent a few quid recently as it reminded of going to Celtic park about 10 years ago. Not just the stadium but the surrounding area also.
  9. Aberdeens full of No voters, they will believe any old shite.
  10. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    Ah thats exactly how I remember him.
  11. Hearts Stadium Development

    Im guessing here but it could be to do with the minimum required distance between the fans and the pitch? Edit-for Europe.
  12. Hearts Stadium Development

    YAASSSSS, a f*cking tescos it is then
  13. Motherwell v Aberdeen - League Cup Quarter Final

    Probably the worst performance I have seen in a Celtic shirt since Du Wei. Another 5 minutes and he was getting sent off. Some game it was in the end though.
  14. Motherwell v Aberdeen - League Cup Quarter Final

    As shite as Aberdeen have been Motherwell have been equally as impressive. Usually I find the league cup quite shite but Ive been to/watched 3 games in 3 days now and they have all been great to watch.