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  1. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    I think many are seeing parallels with Brown who wont be around forever. Brown,like Mcginn, isn't technique wise particularly strong at anything. He spent his first 2 years with us struggling to influence games and generally running around like a headless chicken before adjusting his game slowly and then getting better year on year Which is why I think you have hit the nail on the head with shaping Mcginn to be Browns successor.
  2. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Is this the same Trevor Carson who at the age of 30 made his debut for the failed statelet this year? Comparing his fee with Edouard is even more bizarre. The alleged 9 million I believe has a fair amount of add ons and the guy is about a decade younger than Carson playing in a position which generally commands much more money. But yes if you are going to a bigger club you generally are expected to pay more as more often than not they have better players or ones with more potential which is why we generally dont buy from them.
  3. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    325k is hardly a laughable bid for a guy who spent the majority of his career around the lower leagues. Considering you paid what was it less than 10 grand was it 6 months before it? I can totally understand why Motherwell turned it down but I didnt even want Celtic paying that much for a journeyman keeper who would ultimately be 3rd choice. We generally pay the going for Scottish players as we have off beaten off clubs with similiar budgets down south (higher end of the championship) when bidding for the likes of Hayes and Armstrong.
  4. Brazil v Costa Rica

    HAR DE VAR ya cock.
  5. Brazil v Costa Rica

    You just know hes slipped right on where Kane did a 15 minute interview.
  6. Brazil v Costa Rica

    How he never got a sniff when Lustig was awful at times this season is rather bizzare. I assumed we were going to play him in the latter part of the season otherwise he could have gone on loan at least.
  7. Brazil v Costa Rica

    Not that I would wish injury on a player but Im not totally adverse to the idea of him having his legs broken in several places today.
  8. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Jon Flattenheragan. Sounded better in my head
  9. VAR

    MON the VAR. it has some teething problems but still better than blatantly wrong decisions runing games, I feel it adds an edge too. Hopefully in time it will stop shitebag diving and defenders wresting players in the box at set pieces.
  10. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    I would imagine many clubs would be after Schar if his relegation release clause turns out to be true. Somebody mentioned about not being able to sign anyone to improve the team straight away. I cant remember the last player we signed somebody who did, Sinclair most likely. Due to an inflated market and a team who perform above their wages/fees against higher end english teams this will forever remain the case. I like it though, seeing the likes of Rogic to take 2 years to make a proper impact and to what he is now gives me a fair bit of satisfaction.
  11. Messi & Ronaldo Watch

    I couldnt choose between the two when you compare their careers to be honest. Both are better than those before them. The Ronaldo fanboys do my tits in though, some will claim to be trolling but the utter desperation from them for Ronaldo to be seen as better is pretty pathetic. Grown men at times too. They are a parodied attitude of Ronaldo at times.
  12. Iran vs Spain

    Its a total siege at times like a midfield 7.
  13. Aberdeen European Tour 2018/2019

    Doubt it, will be pompusly filed under ‘nobody gives a f*ck about the Europa League anyway’. A shiter of a draw for Aberdeen and best chance they would have would be if Dyche treats the Europa league with disdain like other English clubs but he doesn’t strike me as that type. I fancy them to do quite decent in it to be honest. Anyway if Aberdeen can’t beat them on the pitch hopefully a resounding victory off it with Multiple EDL type cretins getting hospital food for a while.
  14. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2018/19

    See below my little seething simpleton x x Yeah the clubs/leagues he was been at shows hes been pretty much on a downward trajectory. A lot of which are loan deals where they have opted to not make it permenant even when he has scored a couple which is quite an indication of his overall attitude.
  15. Iceland

    Do not do the Northern lights tour unless the aureola borealis forecast is very good, I did one very similar to the one somebody mentioned earlier and it was a waste of time, they offer a free go next time if you see f**k all so we went up the next night and wasted our night again. Declined another night as didnt want to waste any more time. I did like the Blue Lagoon but have heard the Fontana one is better and can be booked as part of a golden circle type bigger tour. We also popped in to a local council ran outdoor pool in Reykjavik and was nice just lying in a roasting outdoor pool for a couple of quid in winter. We also managed to to the the golden circle tour on the shortest day of the year when we went in December Eating out is expensive but I thought the food was class when we did, if you book somewhere tha gives you a decent breakfast then you can rob bits for the tour or whatever you are doing that day. I stayed at Hotel Fron both times I have been to Iceland as it was decent value and the breakfast was handy for making the odd sandwich etc. They also have apartment style rooms to cook which is handy. Despite the mentioned f*ck ups I absolutely adored Iceland and now want to go back again.