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  1. Not at all, I'm sure your family love you. Oops.
  2. Well that's not very nice now is it, if that was the criteria then you would be a shoe in you old curmudgeon.
  3. The bugger is so obsessed he even has a pet dalmatian
  4. Have to pay for the extra police, damage and stadium deep clean somehow.
  5. I am away to London this weekend with my mates. We get away every year and it's brilliant. Only problem is I have an interview on Monday afternoon but will hopefully be recovered.
  6. After yesterday's mega flop I have shown a bit of bouncebackability with a sterling 8. Possibly doing it last night when absolutely jaked didn't help.
  7. People who get worked up about dots on an anonymous website.
  8. Just call me Claudio. In sympathy with the great man I notched up a stunning one.
  9. Hopefully we can revert back to being able to see who gives every dot soon.
  10. Yup the mobile app lets you see who has given you a green dot. Actually it gives you a notification as opposed to showing up who has given you it.
  11. Ruggy can you dot this and remove dot. I think there may be a flaw in Div's plans
  12. Once he gets the Malware removed he will be fine.
  13. Confirmation received that the game is on.