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  1. Another eight. Proud to say my knowledge of Aussie Sport and erm awful bands helped.
  2. Plenty of band two posts still being advertised. My understanding from STAC is that only the band one posts abolished.
  3. That's the honeymoon sorted.
  4. Keeps the score down.
  5. Health Care Assistant and Clinical Support Worker - Both usually band two or three.
  6. A few new signings, a 48 hour curfew before matches and a bumper crowd saw the boys notch an impressive eight on the opening day of the season. #bouncebackability
  7. I don't blame you, it has been ridiculously boring and unrelaxing. I plan on setting it right starting at Musselburgh races on Friday and not having a weekend off it for at least another decade.
  8. To be fair he needs a fucking massive heart to pump blood round that body.
  9. I have had an alcohol free weekend. It was fucking dreadful. Never again.
  10. ^^^^^ Wanks over pics of JT's maw.
  11. I'm going -5 mate. Cathro has almost paid off my mortgage.
  12. Need a big performance and didn't get it. Five to seal a relegation that has been coming now for a few weeks.
  13. All reported content is dealt with by whatever member of the moderating team picks it up ( There are seven) and they deal with it as they see fit. As I alluded to earlier, if people aren't happy with how things are moderated, or how their reports are handled then they contact the site owner.