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  1. Hits galore, add revenue through the roof, champagne and caviar at xmas night out. Superb.
  2. Corbett getting into the role by having a prostate exam
  4. Scheme goblins with Christmas trees up already. Sub human scum.
  5. All about perception I guess.
  6. I thought I was fucking magnificent actually. No idea why thread is gone.
  7. But but but it's only words on an anonymous football fourm m9, where's the harm blah blah blah.
  8. So I didn't call you a paedophile like you are claiming. Be specific.
  9. Grass.
  10. Where did I call you a paedophile, be specific now...
  11. Pointing out double standards my inbred ayrshire stalker that is all.
  12. Fucking moron. As Nizzy pointed out at the time did you have evidence that the picture was of a minor? No you didn't ergo you must be an expert on the subject. Thin skin when it's getting thrown back at you.
  13. It's an anonymous forum oddball, you're happy to throw around accusations so you can't it have it all ways. And clean your finger nails you filthy creature.
  14. I never saw the photo so I can't comment on it, are you fucking thick or something. Scratch that we know you're a thick f**k. Some that did see it said older some said younger. You are happy to label other posters as beasts etc, Fucking dry them.