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  1. Like last week off to a flyer with 9. Knew six and guessometer in full working order. Will now get progressively worse.
  2. Disappointed he didn't wear a half/half strip tbh.
  3. Gary Locke looking for plan B apparently, as if that tube even had a plan A.
  4. Can they show it instead of game?
  5. It's so bad i just visited that website that is flashing on the hoarding. It's as exciting as the game. George Boyd is the boy to visit for ironmongery.
  6. Probably Hamilton who have went 143 years without winning it.
  7. Awful, almost worthy of a ban to be honest. Up your bloody game.
  8. Naw it's shagger.
  9. Willie may I suggest you use this next time...
  10. Could be Johnny Cash in drag?
  11. A five to finish a season that promised much but delivered nothing but disappointment. The board need to invest for the next campaign.
  12. A whopping nine. Knew six and fluked the rest.