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  1. Funny you should mention that as his I.P changed from Goa to USA in less than an hour. Must have a star trek style transporter. Or...
  2. Think it was the latter, sure he was banned. Anyway kind of back in topic the extra funds will also move Celtic further away from their Glasgow friends. It will be interesting to see how the fans take to years of being second best while playing in the same league. Sadly the chances of Aberdeen or anyone else challenging are once again gone.
  3. Basically it kiils the game up here for the next few seasons. Under Delia there was the fleeting hope that someone could challenge but with the extra resources no chance now. That particular poster would appear to have an I.P address from Goa, who was it that posted from that area again...
  4. Maybe they will give most of it away to the Palestinian cause at the behest of their fans. Regarding your point, you're spot on.
  5. To be fair the way Falkirk are playing you may well be moving division.
  6. Pogba is an outstanding footballer, the Rusty Pele on the other hand is completely done.
  7. Four coupons up earlier today, out for dinner and a couple of pints, plenty of beer in fridge and I'm "working" from home tomorrow.
  8. Hales has now played eleven tests averaging under 30 & still hasn't made a ton. He is not the answer. Vince is a less elegant version of Ramprakash, and Ballance is rotten too. Wouldn't be surprised to see them bump everyone up a spot and bring in Buttler to keep wicket and Rashid for Finn. Borthwick due a try too.
  9. United team: Jamieson, Gemmell (Murphy 74), Donnelly © (Devine 74) Gibb, Millar, Ruari MacLennan, Keast (Walker 68), Philp, Strickland, Sloan, Roddy MacLennan Not used: Hunter & Smith
  10. Epitomises the fact that there is no outstanding test sides at the present moment. Some decidedly average cricket being played all over the globe at present. On a plus side good to see the Aussies facing another toughie in Sri Lanka. Would be hilarious if they crash to a 3 0 defeat. In respect of England some of the batting has been criminal. For me Hales and Vince are nowhere near good enough and Ballance looks as nervous as can be.
  11. 300, 297 of them were Cults Sheep and it's been a cracking idea Depends on nature of offence. Some have been reinstated. If you're stupid enough to get banned on here then you don't deserve the courtesy of a notification.
  12. Hearts won the first world war you fucking slaver.