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  1. A punter in Tesco toilets pebble dashing comes flying out cubicle washes his hands then does a pish in urinal. Strange behaviour but it is Cumbernauld.
  2. This statement is from Nicky... Just a brief note to say a big thank you to all of the BU supporters for the send off I received at Newtown Park yesterday. It was very humbling and something I'll always cherish. Saying goodbye hasn't been easy as Bo'ness United has been such a massive part of my life for the past 8 years and I know I'm going to miss it. Since joining the club in 2008, it's been an amazing journey with some glorious highs and crushing lows but throughout these times the support from the Bo'ness faithful has been unquestionable. I've been fortunate enough to play alongside some fantastic players, some of whom I call friends before teammates. I can't thank the club, the players and supporters enough for some fantastic memories, both on and off the park. A special mention to all the youngsters I've had the pleasure of getting to know. They are the future of Bo'ness United and with the likes of the Community Club and NPA (Newtown Park Association) behind the scenes, I'm sure I'll be seeing these kids turn out for the first team soon. I look forward to coming back to Newtown Park as a supporter to roar the team on to further success in the future. Thank you Nicky Walker
  3. Amsterdam?
  4. This announcement is on behalf of Nicky Walker. Due to family and work commitments tomorrow will be the last time Nicky will appear for Bo'ness United as he is retiring. A great servant to the club he has made 267 appearances scoring 63 goals, winning three super leagues and an East of Scotland Cup. Nicky also played a key role in our memorable Scottish Cup run. On behalf of all at Bo'ness United I would like to thank you for the service and memories you have given us and wish you well with your retirement. * In tomorrow's club programme there is an interview with Nicky.
  5. Suggest a wee valium 5mg to take the edge off.
  6. Apparently they're buzzing.
  7. c***s in HGV's that pull out into the outside lane then take about a mile to finally crawl past the vehicle they are trying to pass. Incidentally any arsehole driving a car that gets overtaken by a truck doing only 55pmh should have their license removed. c***s.
  8. Thank's guys. Sadly sales were again disappointing. It's a bit soul destroying when sales barely cover production costs. If anyone wants to sponsor the match programme that would be a great help as all proceeds go to club. Ask around you never know. There will be an edition for the Bellshill game then after that who knows as it's a fair amount of effort.
  9. Thanks to all that bought a programme today. Much appreciated and next week there will be another. On the game today we were beaten by a better side it's as simple as that and can have no complaints. Onto next week now and picking ourselves up for the Cup. Match report
  10. The march in Falkirk is actually a Recovery Walk for those overcoming substance misuse issues etc. It started at noon and finishes in Cally Park. The orange parade you're alluding to is taking place in Bo'ness while is circa ten miles away from the ground and won't be anywhere near Falkirk
  11. Nah he was banned. Think it was shooabox or something similar.
  12. Nope he sent a PM asking to be banned. He then subsequently returned as maniac cop. Quite a few have requested bans on here which is odd behaviour. Just don't log in, it's not that difficult. The last couple were than Pars fan that was everywhere for about a month and a Thistle fan.
  13. It was always a permanent ban. There was no temp ban. He should stop trying to return using shit aliases and contact Div if he is convinced he was erroneously banned. Maybe you and your fellow knicker wetters should contact the Parliament about this miscarriage of justice. Free the beige, boring, decidely average poster can be your motto.
  14. There was actually more to it than that IIRC but it's irrelevant as he is banned and that ship has sailed. As alluded to earlier there is a process he can follow.