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  1. Guessometer needed today for a seven.
  2. Nine to start the week. Thought I had finally got the perfect ten but the Aussie one knocked out my middle stump.
  3. Trains are fine, it's the amount of c***s that board them that are the problem.
  4. Every cloud and all that...
  5. I think you need the particular organ removed pronto mate.
  6. The only solution is a pint or two early afternoon.
  7. Well I appear to have destroyed my man flu with that well known remedy, red wine. Now where did I put the analgesia for a c**t of a headache...
  8. Yes, you're correct, this one seems to show the minutes elapsed too.
  9. You still talking about the phone?
  10. I definitely have a dose of man flu on the way. I will try and head it off at the pass by drinking copiously...
  11. Was probably going for an evening's flashing after filming.
  12. Won't be me, I stepped down as VC weeks ago and have no interest in the post. I'm sure the club will announce their new chairman after Monday's meeting.
  13. Learning to count without using your fingers is a bold step. Well done.
  14. Funnily enough the tosser was wearing brown moccasins with stripey socks. Now I think of it he was slating former alimni of St Andrews uni. It all makes sense now...
  15. Six to finish. Guessometer in the repair shed.