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  1. We all know who he really supports...
  2. Yes, we can all have banter but that sort of thing is quite frankly not on and as I said he had previous for it.
  3. He was mocking not one but two dead players. Totally unacceptable and he has previous for the same. Quite simply had to go. p.s Shandon is not a racist.
  4. Why not got to South Queensferry and stay in Orocco Pier
  5. I'm sure you can take your own tent along the road to the Big Bar.
  6. Well they're not welcome old boy. Test matches are for purists,they can take their fancy dress, their lack of etiquette, their shit chants and f**k off. I feel there is a place for DN especially in places where crowds are poor but alas more attractive pricing has to be the key. Look at what happened in the Windies, they built all those soulless grounds, way out of town where the locals can't get too.
  7. Realy don't see the point of DN tests in late August in England. Firstly Test crowds are top notch anyway in this country, secondly it's bloody freezing and thirdly because of the time it gets dark in the UK it really isn't much of a day nighter to be fair. Onto the cricket, just when you think the Windies can't get any lower they somehow reach a new level of pishness. Pitiful cricket from such a once great outfit. On another note I think the S C Broad may well be on a downward curve which is a concern ahead of the ashes. Need to get a fit Woakes back into the line up as I dread to think what would happen to TRJ over there.
  8. They had a turnover of 6 million in 2016 and an average gate of just under 10k last season, plus a bumper gate against Liverpool in the Cup with associated TV money. I reckon a fair whack more as the average league one wage is around 70k apparently.
  9. A torn calf muscle, what a b*****d.
  10. 7 to finish with. Probably not enough but I don't care as I tore my calf tonight and it's fucking sore...
  11. Knew seven got eight. Squeaky farter time...
  12. That would make sense but alas I'm just a poor humble mod so what would I know.
  13. They haven't and you appear to be a gold member again.