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  1. Chee chee has claimed the tv room as her own .
  2. Chilling out in the livingroom - Mischief has claimed this as her room.
  3. Both girls are settling in brilliantly. Really good natured and no problems with kids. They like a run around mind you and the laser pen thing has been great fun. Delighted I got them
  4. Inspection at 10.
  5. Ok I have them home. All the scratching posts etc are up and they have had a wander around. Mischief appears to have taken route behind the couch while Chee Chee is padding about quite happy. After having dogs all my days I have come to the conclusion that cats are pretty cool.
  6. A wee update. Lady did house visit on Friday and said you will probably have them in a couple of weeks. Place just rang me, can you come and get them today. Arrrrggghhh This will be fun
  7. Wouldn't be enough of him to quarter.
  8. It might have been better if Ritchie's foot had become as detached as Senna's steering wheel.
  9. Scotland never do it more like. 1998 last finals and can't see anymore on horizon with Strachan at the helm.
  10. You're lucky you only had to watch it, I had to produce a 600 word match report on it while making the misery last even longer by having to interview the captain and manager. And all this done with man flu. Sometimes I hate fitba...