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  1. I just called to say I love you

    i just called to say how much I care...

    i realize you must be very busy & all but I wrote you a wee private message a week ago & I've not heard a word from you. Are you ok? 


  2. You need to upgrade your account to platinum. Then you can change your user name every month. Or you could just set up a new account with the name you want to use and bin your current accout.
  3. Because they are signed in as anonymous users.
  4. Does the statue have the bracelet on it?
  5. Hales looked ok against Sri Lanka basically because they are shite. He has too many technical issues that top teams will suss out easily, a bit like Vince is susceptible to left armed quicks. There is definitely a couple of slots available for the winter tours. It's a shame as the all rounders and bowling department looks good.
  6. If that was the case they wouldn't have made Sri Lanka bat again during last series. it's just a very strange decision by a conservative skipper. He has previous for it.
  7. He can't justify it by saying he is concerned about the bowler's fitness when the most anyone has bowled is 16 overs. A truly bizarre decision.
  8. It was meant to be a behind closed door affair. A bit difficult to achieve when you play the game on open playing fields in the middle of a university campus.
  9. There is an interview with Allan McGonigal about his playing days on the juniors website - link below http://www.thejuniors.info/2016/07/allan-mcgonigal-looks-back-playing-career/ Please note that the Haddington game has been postponed, an alternative fixture is being sought and that Saturday's game is taking place at the University.
  10. I always enjoy receiving a report from folk complaining about dotting accounts. They must have their P&B reps on their CV or maybe they use it as a chat up line?
  11. He is riding in to sign the contract on a unicorn, flanked by his agent Lord Lucan who is on Shergar.
  12. Grass cut at football ground this morning, 5 horses out of 8 won and I also have beer and wine too drink. Pleasing...
  13. The smell of baking bread and the aroma from the chippy for my food ones. The smell from the seaside was always a good one as it signified you're on holiday. Oh and when you open a new jar of coffee.
  14. Probably only in his mind when chugging.