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  1. Obviously every player is different but reading this reminds me of Steven Dobbie. He came to us years ago, overweight and couldn't score. Spent the season with us got fit and confident and look at how his career panned out.
  2. Joe Nuttell has been release by Aberdeen. Thoughts?
  3. I would take Partick, East Kilbride and Albion Rovers.
  4. What's happened in a year? Did I miss something and Dumbarton has moved haha Sometimes Scottish footy is very weird.
  5. Has he gone for definite?
  6. Half way through the season I was all for Aitken going due to results. Then the second half he won me round but this isn't starting to look good and annoying me a little. If his contract was "all but signed" well sign it already and get on with it. The Aldo one has baffled me for months. Here's a great keeper who seems to love the club wanting to stay and we seem to have screwed him over. I don't understand why at xmas we couldn't have sat down and said we would love you to stay, if we stay up we can offer you X if we are relegated then we would be able to offer Y. Then when it came to the end of the season it's all sorted. Same with all the other players why we don't have the option of another year built in to each contract baffels me. So we don't have this constant renegotiating ever year. Wouldnt surprise me if season ticket renewals are slow. Who's gonna buy a ticket with no staff.
  7. Little bit of exaggeration no when it comes to the ground, no? 100% agree the floodlights need work. I wouldn't say the pitch is terrible, its no bowling green but I've seen a lot worse pitches that teams play on. Don't know where you sit but I'm near the centre and yes its not clean concrete but don't feel like I'm siting in dirt. The supporters bar and concourse seem fine as well. Lastly our match day experience is rated highly by most people. If the place was falling apart people surely would be rating it so high?
  8. Unless I've missed the news article, when does season tickets go on sale?
  9. It reads like an obituary haha
  10. Would hope that if we are letting Stevie and co release players then they have signed on the dotted line. Crazy if not. Docherty is the only real surprise but as others have said the writing was on the wall after the header. On a side note it seems if you become a "fans favorite" then you'll be gone the next season. fleming, Prunty, Walker I'm sure there are more but can't think haha
  11. Wouldn't mind either. Although if we keep Barr, Buchanan and Lang would we need him? Or do you think he's better than Barr or Bucky?
  12. Agree with what you have said. Think we have a decent chance with Havie and McCrorie. Stanton just seems to good for us. Flemming always tries hard and I think could be a good backup option.
  13. Was just asking the question. He showed great potential with us and got the move but it didn't seem to work out so just wondering if he was playing well or another player who thinks he better than he is.
  14. Right keyboard Managers, who are we keeping and who is away? For me it's:- Keep Martin, Ewing, Barr, Buchanan, Lang, Docherty, Carswell, Fleming, Nade. Gone/binned Harvie, McCrorie, Stanton, Stirling, Vaughan, McCallum, Nuttal, Thomson. Undecided G Gallagher (If he's still out injured then sadly we have to bin) D Smith ( Has done well at RB but think we could get better) Clark, Prior, Kassarate, C Gallagher (haven't seen enough to make judgment)
  15. What's Devlin been like for you this season?