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  1. The season ticket is silly. Seems like change for Change sake. What happened with the stewards at the end?
  2. Not been to many games so far but after watching Saturdays game I would say we're alright in defence and midfield we badly need more bite up front
  3. I got my dad to pick mine up. I just called and said he was gonna do it and all he had to do was confirm my name address and postcode.
  4. He was alright on Sat, did remind me a little of Grindlay (can pull of fantastic saves but roll a ball to him and he could easily mess up) Martin was a little shaky for a couple of games so plenty of time. I would say GK position is gonna be Gallaghers and unless he injured then Jazza will be no where near it. Kind of last resort as he will be focusing on coaching etc.
  5. Yeh Saturday for me is to tick off. I fully expect us to be beat.
  6. I'm sure someone posted earlier about it but I'm just in from work and cba going looking. I went for a coke and twix and half time and it cost £2.90 though Jesus that's steep and went on my way. Two guys sitting behind me who were touring different grounds and doing little reviews. One goes to the other thought you were going for tea at half time. Second guy na the que was 25 deep and it cost £2. First guys response was f**k that do you get it in China. Seems even the touring fans are getting put off by our prices
  7. I didn't expect it was thrown to hurt. Does seem bizarre him throwing it mind. I guess he tried to be funny but seems more awkward.
  8. Didn't make it last night due to other commitments but why did someone throw a 10p?
  9. Great game today (P4TS) legs are done in but enjoyed every minute of it. Anyone know where the pics from today's game will be?
  10. Bit rubbish the first team are playing Albion Rovers tomorrow at the same time as the supporters game. Would have been good to have the players and managers there.
  11. I take it you can sort your season ticket out on Saturday?
  12. You never know in the long term your comment may be right BUT let's not get ahead of ourselves it was our first pre season friendly. We have rebuilt our team and had some trialists in show so nothing troubling.
  13. Why don't they wait until the play for the Sons day and announce it then?
  14. Obviously every player is different but reading this reminds me of Steven Dobbie. He came to us years ago, overweight and couldn't score. Spent the season with us got fit and confident and look at how his career panned out.
  15. Joe Nuttell has been release by Aberdeen. Thoughts?