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  1. It wouldn't surprise me tbh. I have nothing against Garry and think he gives his all when he comes on but his situation seems very similar to Prunty last year.
  2. Not to put a downer on it but Stirling was Useless for the first half of the season. He has came on to a game since Christmas, so if you do sign him and he continues his form great but he could also start turning out start of season performances.
  3. Absolutely gutted. Sat in front of him for 10+ years a true gent of a man. His chat made some of the games better to be at. thoughts go out to all his Family.
  4. The Vaughan loan has to be one of the best bits of business the club has done in years. Think the players deserve a lot of credit for yesterday's result but also think the manager got his tactics spot on and he should get a lot of credit for that.
  5. Maybe they have looked. I just would be very surprised if we were "desperate" As I said if they get together and agree a deal, wages structure etc then great. For once we can be ahead of the game and have players signed up for next season before the end of this season and we have had plenty of time to assess all the players we want. What I don't want to see is the start of this season with the manager coming out every other week complaining about the wage structure, having an unbalanced squad and a making mistakes with signings. Granted the last one will always happen in footy but I think we have made to many recently.
  6. I get the impression that they didn't have much to write so in seeing Stevie is out of contract they puffed out the story to make an article. we aren't "clear of the drop zone" yes we may not be 9 or 10 but the bottom of the league is very close. Im sure we will offer him a deal but I'd be surprised if we're "desperate" to keep him. I would hope the club do there homework look around and make sure we have who we feel is the right man for the job, have a chat and see what his expectations and ours are then if they agree sort out a deal.
  7. The European fixtures got moved so I'm guessing that was to protect the pitch.
  8. Vaughan has been absolutly terrible since coming to Sons. Definitely think Raith should rip up his contact right now and leave him with us
  9. He took both his goals well yesterday. First goal seemed to just float in. The Bold part was what caused us to draw yesterday. We tried are best to "hold out for a win" we should have been throwing attack after attack at Ayr but we decided to fanny around.
  10. Maybe players wouldn't want to commit if there is a chance the manager may change but IMO we should be trying to tie are best players down now. For me thats. Martin, Buchanan, Barr, Harvie, Docherty, Stirling, Carswell, Flemming.
  11. I agree. We need to get people hooked when their young and not let the "fun police" have a go at them when their singing and shouting. Was it about 5 years ago we seemed to go through a purple patch of youngster and the Sons Army singing all the time, some on here may have been part of it. Growing up and having other priorities may have got in the way but I had heard they kept getting moaned at because they were to loud. That should have happened if true
  12. My ticket certainly had a seat number on it. Now given the fact we only had 1300 odd there then yes you can sit where you want but if we "sold out" properly then you would have to sit where the ticket says. By my rough maths we have thrown away approx 50/60k this year because we can't be bothered. average 800 empty seats average ticket price £15 £12000 now multiply that over 5 all ticket games and there you go. An extra player or money for the youths etc
  13. Historically I have defended the club in these situations but my experiences this season of getting ticket etc are crazy. Dundee Utd game, get to the ground during the week, can I have seat x if possible as it's beside the people I normally sit with. No we only sell the tickets in blocks and that area is sold out. So I can give you random seat Y. Ok fine. Go to the game and sit beside my friends with plenty of seats free. Hmm either "that blocks booked out" was a lie or we have lots of ppl buying tickets only not to show up. Yesterdays game same thing as above only this time find out supposedly the real reason of why they sell the tickets this way. We don't have time to sort through and find the seat you would be looking for so you just get given the next ticket on the pile. WTF ok I mean it's not exactly hard to find a ticket. Imagine going to the cinema/ concert/ theatre and being told on we're filling from the front so you'll just get the next ticket we have free. Oh you want to chose your seat, no no no we don't do that. oh and the kicker yesterday was during the game my mum went to get a drink of water as she had a bad cough only to be told we have to charge you for the cup. As they are all counted. Really someone needs a drink of tap water and we're charging them. The club really need to take a long hard look at how it's run and maybe look up Customer Service. We have visions of grandure but can't do the basics.
  14. how can you class us loaning someone out to the end of the season an "emergency loan" Dont get me wrong we're working within the rules but just think it's crazy that this even exists
  15. I thought we got beat 1-0 today as my text updates didn't come through. Nothing better coming on P&B to find out we actually won. Well in Lads ☺