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  1. The Sons 2018/19

    Katrina always says that when a player comes back.
  2. The Sons 2018/19

    Ohh I want that. That would look nice as a Sons strip
  3. The Sons 2018/19

    If someone works for aggreko or knows an email address they should send this to the marketing person and get it sorted pronto. A beautiful strip
  4. The Sons 2018/19

    Purely going from a couple of seasons ago so happy to be shot down but Nathan blockley at the exit trials. He was/is an alright player, could do a job?
  5. The Sons 2018/19

    True but surely the costs per top to make etc is maybe £20-£25 quid so instead of making the extra money sacrifice it in the attempt to get shirts out there.
  6. The Sons 2018/19

    I know every penny counts but what about selling kids strips for cost. Play the long game yes we might not get the extra money now but there is the chance to get more shirts out there -advertising increased - potential chance to drive younger folk to support us over the bigger teams.
  7. The Sons 2018/19

    Outrageous to even attempt it, let alone score with it. On that note, Karius doing his best Gallacher impression as well. I said to my friends the exact same thing. Dumbarton esk goal keeping.
  8. Sons' sorrow

    If I’m off I’ll head along. Crap at painting mind you
  9. Sons' sorrow

    I take it if you had a season ticket last year then your same seats held for a period of time to renew?
  10. Sons' sorrow

    I didn’t take offence, it was a reply to people mocking someone else for going with their mum.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    We want families to come until the kids turn 16 then they shouldn’t come together
  12. Sons' sorrow

    What’s happened to this thread? I know the footballs finished but do we really need to sit on a football thread bitching about our own fans. ”Aitkens Army” have there own way of supporting the team. They don’t harm anyone. You might not like it but who cares they turn up support the team and enjoy themselves. Who ever was offended/ annoyed by being called PT fan quite frankly get over it. I’m sure they didn’t mean any offence. You can go to the footy with who you want. For what it’s worth I’m 29 and sit with my mum and cousin.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Just a thought. Since the club are trying to mend bridges and money seems to be tight. Why not have a joint website between the club and the trust. I guess the cost aren’t massive to run both but if can save money surely that’s better for all?
  14. Sons' sorrow

    It’s kind of already been said. http://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=3564
  15. Sons' sorrow

    He seems like the kind of player that is probably a great trainer and has all the nice flicks and tricks but don’t apply it consistently enough on a pitch