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  1. A couple of nice touches but he didn't really do too much in the time he was on. Main thing was that he didn't get injured I guess.
  2. Another one not familiar with Szamo's work.
  3. We dominated the first half without ever really threatening to score the goals needed to put us into a comfortable lead. Oakley was incredibly wasteful. Staggering that he gets a free ride from our fans when Baird was crucified any time he missed a good chance. We simply cannot afford to pass up the kinds of chances he did yesterday if we want to get a few more wins on the board. United were posted completely missing in the first half but the introduction of McDonald at half time and later on McMullan brought them a lot more joy and they had the measure of us for most of the second 45. I don't really know what their goal was like. They had a throw in about 30 yards from goal and I looked away for a couple of seconds only to turn round when I heard the home fans cheering Mulraney and Doran coming on helped us stem the tide a wee bit and get us back on the front foot on a few occasions towards the end of the game but again we didn't create too many clear cut chances to get a winner. And that is us in a nutshell really, plenty of the ball but very poor in the final third. Polworth was wasteful yesterday when venturing forward but when he gets into those positions there is precious little movement ahead of him to seek out. There's no Billy Mckay type player hanging on the shoulder of the last defender looking to be played in on goal. Our crossing from wide areas is pretty poor and hold up play by the main striker isn't good enough and we turn the ball over before they get support up to assist. Defensively however I thought we were pretty decent yesterday, certainly less mistakes compared to Tuesday night and some other games recently. Even without Donaldson I thought we coped quite well with United for the most part despite being under the cosh in the second half. Warren mopped up a lot of attacks but Seedorf defensively was poor. Apart from Warren I thought Bell and Tremarco were probably our standouts. Bell brings a real energy to our attack buzzing all over the place to try and support Oakley whilst Tremarco is much more solid at LB than Calder. If we want to win the Challenge Cup next weekend we will need to up our performance again but I'm not too sure if some of these players have much more to give.
  4. Free Agency 2018

    One year deal apparently. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000921889/article/texans-sign-safety-tyrann-mathieu-to-1year-7m-deal
  5. Whit!? ETA: United Twitter not mentioning a pitch inspection yet. Fingers crossed (though we're still going to get pumped).
  6. Free Agency 2018

    Honey Badger to the Texans.
  7. Free Agency 2018

    Aye found this on Yahoo Sports: Not really much in exchange for Kilgore TBH. Richburg is decent but I don't think "we" needed a C to be honest. Some help at G definitely.
  8. I got about half way through before determining that it was just too stupid an article to continue reading so I gave up. Still, the Bluenoses will lap that up from Barry "WATP" Ferguson.
  9. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    We were already selling tickets behind the goal somehow. Which is good because that's the only way to watch a game
  10. Wrong, I'm the guy on the left with the shades
  11. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    We barely have a free midweek before the end of the season let alone a free weekend to rearrange another game. File this under "Shite Davie told me by the water cooler".
  12. Free Agency 2018

    49ers trading Kilgore to Miami. He just signed a new contract as well.
  13. Free Agency 2018

    Crabtree to be released if that happens apparently.
  14. He was dead good against you lot when we won 2 - 0 earlier in the season. Sadly we are now back to being very bad so I suspect he will have slightly less to be happy about at full time.