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  1. That Alston strike is absolutely stunning.
  2. That game summed us up perfectly. Mostly fine at the back (Donaldson was like a young Franco Baresi at the back as per usual these days) but precious little going forward with almost no link between midfield and forwards. Polworth, Bell and Baird seemed to be on completely different wavelengths to each other and seldom seemed to find each other with their passes leading to numerous attacks breaking down as we reached the edge of the Dumbarton box. Mulraney had a good spell in the first half where he fizzed in a couple of decent looking crosses but I forgot he was even on the pitch in the second half he was so quiet. Hopefully we can get someone in the January transfer window that can provide a creative spark and another who can score goals. A lot of guff still kicking about the squad just now who are just a waste of a wage.
  3. It should be but they may check and see if you have a match ticket before going in so best pick one up before heading to the bar. There was last season for some games. Not sure what the current status is of that experiment. Might have been canned since relegation.
  4. General Politics Thread

    I see Ruth "No Surrender" Davidson getting fired in on Twitter after the likes of the Express (shock), the Mail (shock) and the Scotsman (shock) all railed against the SNP tax plans. Maybe she would have been happier if they had gone after disabled folk or people struggling on benefits? Ruth seems to have no issue supporting moves to take money from them.
  5. ICTFC 17/18

    I don't think Hearts have followed up their interest....yet.
  6. General Politics Thread

    Oh aye I know that it was I just making light of it. Going by some of the reactions on Twitter you'd think the SNP had stolen some peoples life savings.
  7. General Politics Thread

    Unlike a lot of the mewling cretins on Twitter I'll be just fine. One less pair of trainers a year though which is hard to take admittedly
  8. General Politics Thread

    Cheers lads. Looks like I'll be paying an extra £90 a year in tax. Quite happy if that helps towards getting some extra doctors on the go.
  9. General Politics Thread

    Ah right I think I see what you are getting at. So if you earn £38,000 you pay 19% tax on the first £13,850, 20% on the rest up to £24,000 then 21p on anything up to £38,000?
  10. General Politics Thread

    A lot of folk moaning about the way that this is being reported as people earning more than £24,000 face a tax hike saying that that isn't true and it's only if you earn more than £33,000 (example below). I'm probably being really thick here but it looks pretty clear to me that if you earn more than £24,000 then you move into this new 21p bracket so you are paying more tax no?
  11. Bagan was a quality wee player for us. I'll never forget his cracking strike at Tynecastle in the Scottish Cup and his smashing double against Ayr United in the league. By all accounts a decent fellow as well.
  12. Local Council c***s

    I see that she's pedalling the line that Douglas Ross was the one who was kicking up a stink about delivery charges to rural locations and completely overlooking the fact that was one of the Moray SNP folk who started it all:
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Agreed. Corbyn has asked something like 1 question on Brexit in the last ten months (Source: Private Eye) which is insane given the shambles on show from the Tories trying to negotiate with the EU. For all the mess they are making of it Corbyn and company aren't exactly doing much to offer an alternative approach.
  14. It's a public consultation, it's literally the whole point of the process to allow interested parties and members of the public to scrutinise the documents and submit comments to the local authority if they wish to do so before the application is determined.