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  1. Offence, Goodwin's Law and forum admin

    Giza break Isa!
  2. Fixture man strikes again

    It's a wee bit early to be asking that, hospitality has barely finished !
  3. Dunipace FC

    Good luck, whole new world out there for Dunipace.
  4. Tonight's CLC game will now be played at Holm Park, 6:45 kick off
  5. Fixture man strikes again

    KRR v Bankies on 30 April now disappeared and Cumbernauld are now away to Cambuslang on 5 May.
  6. Fixture man strikes again

    Maybe only 6. Rob Roy home to Bankies 30 April and 5 May.
  7. General Secretary of the West Region

    Good luck Robert.
  8. S.J.F.A. Web Site

    www.scottishfootballfixtures.com has them fotj.
  9. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    Good news, 3g pitch part of first phase, maybe don't need planning permission for that.
  10. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    Crystal clear now.
  11. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    I'm confused also. Do Rob Roy still own Adamslie? If they haven't sold it, why do they not have an access route? I sincerely hope they get something sorted.
  12. Bankies nxt season

    Somebody asking a question on BB Dave, people need tae know !
  13. Bankies nxt season

    Isa is a he, and a fan of SAHB
  14. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    Yeah, Daz came from amateur. Played in the league too, not just play offs .As far as I can remember a couple of Lanark's trialists had been Pollok players till the end of that season.
  15. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    That would be more fair.