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  1. I always thought you could manage 2 curries Jon.....but 3, impressive ! :-)
  2. Heard it was a double break of his hand / wrist. Hope he recovers quickly.
  3. There is no definitive answer to that with there being several schools of thought. One of these is that it is derived from the time during Clydebank's previous tenancy, Yoker were known as the ' Wee Holm ' since Bankies were the big team playing at Holm Park.
  4. The pure and ratified Larkhall sweet air has allowed your very own Levi McPhee to kick every ball at the grand old age of 65 , albeit from the other side of the touchline !
  5. Done.
  6. Looking at Ladeside website, all 4 of your coaching team are in their Bankies attire as are our 2 ex players. Has no one in Kilbirnie got a camera / phone. Budgie isnae averse to a photo opportunity !
  7. Is anybody going to the ADL ?
  8. Mibbee Pollok can't A. Forde it.
  9. Heard you are about to ' break the bank ' down at Kilbowie Ladeside .
  10. Probably next week before we hear anything.
  11. Think he played in a friendly against Glasgow Uni at the science park.
  12. Bankies have one that unfortunately has lasted well beyond its guarantee. Well done Girvan ⚽️
  13. Well done Girvan.
  14. Any news on Budgie's assistants ?
  15. And a Scottish Junior cup final whilst still a lower league team as well as another semi final and two quarters. He had Bankies punching above their weight consistently.