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  1. Bankies nxt season

    Somebody asking a question on BB Dave, people need tae know !
  2. Bankies nxt season

    Isa is a he, and a fan of SAHB
  3. Tea is oot Tony or coffee can cure carnage ?

    The rambler won't be far off with his estimate. I know one fringe player at Pollok is on £120 pw.
  4. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    Yeah, Daz came from amateur. Played in the league too, not just play offs .As far as I can remember a couple of Lanark's trialists had been Pollok players till the end of that season.
  5. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    That would be more fair.
  6. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    A number of years ago Clydebank were involved in the playoffs. The opposition were aware that they could play trialists, and did. Not sure if there were 2 or 3. Bankies thought it was a bit underhand, but the powers that be assured us it was legitimate. Lanark beat us over 2 legs.
  7. Scottish Junior Site

    It's back up and runnng.
  8. Weather Watch for Saturday 9 Feb

    Keep up pp, keep up.
  9. Freebies for the committee

    To be fair, if a committee member gave just one hour a week, most do a lot more, then at living wage it would be around 440 quids worth per year. Given that a fair percentage of them would only be paying £3 / £2:50 entry to a game anyway, I reckon they put more into the game than they take out, a lot more. Without them clubs simply wouldn't function . Free entry is scant reward for their efforts. Naw, I'm not on any committee !
  10. Freebies for the committee

    Aye, a blazer from Ralph Slater is a good investment ( other tailors are available )
  11. Admission Concessions

    Clydebank concessions are under 16, over 60 and under 12 go free.
  12. Yoker news today

    Well done the Whe Ho
  13. 100 Years- The Juniors 1886 - 1986 lists junior internationalists by club. Banks'o'Dee have Turnbull listed , Sunnybank do not.
  14. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    Not quite. According to ' The Juniors- 100 years ' in the 60's Beith centre forward Willie McManus scored 7 goals on his debut v Kilwinning Rangers only for Beith to lose 8-9.
  15. Happy to help bd. Great job you're doing. Appreciated.