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  1. Horrible example of fake news, from Russia apparently if you look at the Latest Posts section. http://archive.is/FTJau http://www.snopes.com/baby-found-grenfell-tower/
  2. Did that with two but got a couple of flukes to make up for it.
  3. I don't see what's dirty about demanding benefits for all your constituents in exchange for supporting a Government you basically agree with. None of the sectarian or loony tunes bigotry elements have been incorporated as I understand it.
  4. It seems to be fairly upfront and doesn't appear to undermine the constitutional settlement in NI. Even Sinn Fein are approving the financial bits of the deal. I was expecting something much more shady with nods and winks, although that still can't be excluded.
  5. They leaked through a crack in a child's bedroom in another universe. Naturally with all that stuff suddenly squeezing through, things got a bit turbulent.
  6. Space, time, energy, matter. Stir very quickly at gas mark squillion.
  7. More importantly, wid..
  8. An immensely powerful homeopathic effect though.
  9. I love doing that, with a practised look of uncomprehending innocence if anyone complains.
  10. Thought I might be on for 10/10. Got 5/10. Somehow managed to misread the last one despite all the warnings.
  11. Works out at over £800 for every man, woman and child in Northern Ireland.
  12. Has nobody else in your family got a driving license?
  13. Cancelled, the grant from Sport Scotland has been cut. City might not have a ground.
  14. Elon Musk and his people really deliver. Hopefully shots of stage 2 chucking out the 10 satellites in half an hour or so.