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  1. Is this going to be as frustrating as the Jessica Nigri thread?
  2. He fucked up badly with the Scottish powers to correct Westminster barbarism thing, but as WRK says, Dimbleby allowed Green to interrupt him throughout. SNP spokesmen have to be better prepared on what is such an easy and predictable attack, and easily refuted. Deflecting the Korea question didn't help him either, although raising Libya was a valid point.
  3. The hack is an old Oxford pal who he punted into the Lords when he resigned, the Baroness Cavendish of Little Venice.
  4. United saying they'll offer up to $10,000 to bump someone is going to lead to a "prisoners' dilemma" with the passengers. Do you hold off when they offer $2000 hoping that nobody takes it and you get the full $10,000, or do you take an early offer so nobody gets it. Someone should get an app together where the bumped person takes $7,000 and shares the rest with the other passengers.
  5. Heard a guy on Radio 4 this morning talking about how he'd spent 27 years working on Cassini. English guy on the Today programme, bit tearful about the end. Not a bad way to spend a life, must be about the most productive space project in history.
  6. No idea what happened to the kid, but Portugal's a place where it's perfectly socially acceptable to take babies and toddlers out late at night, letting them sleep in their buggies or crawl around if it's not too hectic. They were educated and well travelled parents, they would have known that. Or they could easily have afforded to hire a babysitter.
  7. I assume you hid the plates.
  8. There's a Councillor in Inverness West called Allan Duffy who's standing as a pro Indy Independent. He was in the SNP but was kicked out last year, let back in, then kicked out again. Anyone know why? My googling powers have failed me. P.S. Found his website, no clearer about why the SNP kicked him out. https://sites.google.com/site/allanduffysnpgbbo00/home
  9. Found this on Mumsnet when I was looking for the spat thread. What a cow. The reaction is 50/50. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/2914185-Was-I-unreasonable-to-dob-someone-in?pg=1
  10. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/mumsnet-take-pie-bovril-over-2841710 https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/have_you_seen_pictures/1920109-Pie-And-Bovril-Weekend-Makes-The-Papers
  11. @philpy has 17. #tattieman
  12. Bob be a builder tonight Bob if you've been a builder to begin with Bob be a builder tonight Bob let a gentleman see Just how nice a dame you can be I know the way you've treated other guys you've been with Bob be a builder with me A builder never leaves her escort It isn't fair, it isn't nice A builder doesn't wander all over the room And blow on some other guys dice Lets keep this party polite Never get out of my sight Stick with me baby, I'm the guy that you came in with Bob be a builder tonight