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  1. ^^^Snowflake. Marching around a University Campus at night by torchlight and chanting "Jews will not replace us." is clearly light hearted banter, and if someone got goaded by lefties into driving a car at full speed into them, it's got nothing to do with the Nationalist/Nativist/Nazi movement, it's the goading.
  2. I assume you've been through all the NHS has to offer, and your son has had the available procedures. Sorry I've got no experience to help you, but you might find somebody useful on here if you sign up on the forum and ask the same question. http://specialkidsintheuk.org/
  3. Masking agents.
  4. He's encouraging children to think that keeping their fat arses on a seat while turning pedals and taking drugs is somehow healthy, and will lead to celebrity status, and a knighthood. He may not have taken drugs, but coaches will tell them he did to stop them moaning while they gobble them down. Allegedly.
  5. I'd keep an eye on this thread: http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/245634-betting-odds-19th-august/
  6. No idea on the first two, they did a bit of Cove style homeless begging before they got Lister Park, but without the cash Cove have. I'm seriously worried that if the Council don't extend the lease until a new pitch is available with the West Link Project, that they could fold. It's a small community club with few resources, how they got hold of £70 odd thousand to develop Lister Park I've no idea, and it will cost them a load of money to put it back as it was. It means digging up and removing water pipes for the showers and toilets, drainage and the like over a fair distance and under the shinty pitch I believe.
  7. As I said, I was very young. Potty training wasn't going too well.
  8. I don't remember what Fred Astaire's cock smells like, I was very young I'll have you know.
  9. He gave away the location of an Israeli source/spy working inside IS and giving detailed intelligence about plans to fit laptops with explosives to be carried on planes, to the Russian Ambassador, whose country is allied with the Syrians, who are still officially at war with Israel and who are regularly bombed by the Israeli Air Force. This is a man who upon arriving in Israel from Saudi Arabia said he had just flown in from the Middle East. Impeach him already!
  10. After the Dundee, Glasgow subway and Grimbo's effort at an Edinburgh pub crawl, maybe we should try an Inverness one? I'll probably be washing my hair that night, if I find any.
  11. Hope you got commission for the reviews. The Oakwood was number one restaurant in Inverness for years, the food was like it was prepared by a 13 year old as a school project. It's still number 3. Fig and Thistle is number one, f**k knows what that is.
  12. Might be difficult to find the caravan in Dingwall after dark.