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  1. MP or Assistant Referee?

    I'd rather he didn't on this vote.
  2. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    Kick in the id?
  3. Catalonia

    Awolly? Maybe not.
  4. C**** on a Train

    Like put your ticket in the slot and the barrier doesn't open because it's linked to a railcard? There's more staff watching the new machines at Inverness than there were checking tickets before.* *that may be an exaggeration.
  5. Catalonia

    In Canada people seeking independence for Quebec call themselves "sovereignists" or "independists", in English, not sure of the French alternatives. Both sound a bit clumsy to me.
  6. Jail

    Maybe a part time job for @DA Baracus ? Two birds with one stone, as it were.
  7. C**** on a Train

    They could always free up one of the staff watching the "automatic" barriers.
  8. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    Jumping the gun a bit there m8.
  9. The Official President Trump thread

    That quote came from the article linked below. It makes you think Trump managing to keep his job till 2020 might not be the worst thing to happen. The Danger of President Pence
  10. Scotrail

    Dribbling Tennents all over the table is good for that.
  11. Free Money

    Just noticed Real/Spurs HT/FT is 40/1.
  12. Things you want to share with P&B

    Could you add anyone starting a sentence with "So, going forward, ..." to the list?
  13. Jail

    Sounds a bit mental. Murder suspect Lee Aldhouse is Thai prison's 'worst inmate'
  14. Catalonia

    MSM conspiracy.