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  1. It's the least, and the most unfortunately, you can expect from some individuals who are too ignorant and unimaginative to get rid of their prejudices. Suppressing them is better than nothing.
  2. Had a flurry in Ballifeary a while back.
  3. Anyone whining to the mods about dots should get an automatic month's ban imo.
  4. Looks like this was faked, soz.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39051213
  5. Has this shit all emerged from Bralt? Thought the bitching about dots was over ages ago.
  6. I don't think I've ever got a TV question right on this quiz. Might have seen a couple of episodes occasionally but not enough to know the characters names, far less the actors.
  7. We used to phone random numbers and play the death march very badly on a piano. When we were about 12 I think. The giggling probably gave us away, I hope.
  8. If you've got the front, get a quote for the fix, go back and tell him you've been to the police and you need his insurance details unless he pays up. You're right that minor bumps and scratches massively affect the sale price. But probably not enough to get it on your insurance record, so if he doesn't cave then revenge is probably your best option, and getting rid of the scratches yourself. There's some great advice on another thread for revenge, one was super gluing his windscreen wipers to the windscreens.
  9. You tagged him and there was a mention of you sending ten complaints in a day and getting a warning for it.
  10. I'm assuming you've been contributing to that?
  11. Don't be daft, just block the whiny c***s.
  12. I disagree on a couple of points, your Honour, and concede some too. When I said Kent, I of course meant Essex, and more Billericay and Basildon than lovely Clacton. I would however say that the flight started before the Eighties, around the time Bangladeshis were replacing Jews who replaced Huguenots etc. etc.. It no doubt speeded up in the Eighties, around the same time Essex got its current unenviable reputation. I'm sure that is no coincidence. It also speeded up with developments like Canary Wharf ripping up old communities like Limehouse, which although a bit violent at times, had character.
  13. Aimlessly hitting fields isn't targeting civilians, that's crap technology. Targeting civilians is when you bomb a block of flats hoping an enemy is there, knowing the likely collateral damage. The murdered Palestinian wasn't targeting civilians, he attacked armed soldiers with a knife.
  14. Call, with Human Capital Engagement.