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  1. Congratulations leefy!
  2. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Most of you Premier League chaps are hospitalised, probably sneaking answers from the doctors. If any of you were known beyond your nurses and carers I'd bung you on the 2018 Dead Pool.
  3. The Official President Trump thread

    At least the girls and security guards at the shopping malls will be able to relax a bit if he goes to Washington.
  4. After googling the urban dictionary I'm still clueless.
  5. The Official President Trump thread

    The Democrats seriously have to develop a convincing alternative to Republican policies instead of getting consumed by reacting toTrump tweets. The tax bill should be fucking easy, as should be improving healthcare insurance instead of ripping it apart. banana is right about only one thing, triggering as deflection has served his Daddy well.
  6. Just asking what "privileged" means in that context. I honestly don't know.
  7. I stand corrected if that's what you thought I meant, which I didn't. Has "privileged" gained a new meaning from 4chan like triggered and snowflake?
  8. C**** on a Train

    Probably Welsh and voted Leave.
  9. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Sorry, you did the wrong quiz. Wednesday
  10. I'm sure he's a Brexiteer because he believes it's the right thing to do, just like Tony Blair and Iraq.
  11. At least he's consistent in his voting. For leaving the EEC in 1975, against Maastricht, against Lisbon. It's when he opens his mouth that he pretends to be all things for all people. Against freedom of movement but for the single market. Haven't heard his strategy for achieving this though, so you have to go by his votes and 3 line whips. Hardcore Brexiteer it would appear.
  12. The Universe

    Hawaiian for "scout" apparently. First interstellar object passing through the Solar System to be recognised as such. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ʻOumuamua
  13. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    No Country for Old Men - Young Scottish woman marries rough and ready Texan and they strike it rich, but find wealth is sometimes hard to handle.
  14. The Universe

    I thought it was going to be Daily Express type bollocks but it seems to be quite serious. If they went to the trouble of disguising a ship as a rock I doubt they'll be letting mobile phone signals escape from it though.