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  1. Oh no they cannie beat United, oh feck they have, even without getting two stonewallers. Partick will be different, aye we all said that last year. Get VT on this the man for fact based analysis. How many games have Partick won this season, how good are they at scoring goals, what have they to lose? Well worth a watch tonight, its a no loss situation. Premier playoff handicap system favours Partick but I am hoping for four new teams in the Championship next season. Always enjoy a trip to Glasgow's west end for a bit of lunch before heading to Maryhill for the game.
  2. Yeh, that's their only hope and a good referee who knows the premiership needs them. At least some good coverage may help diminish that factor. Come on the lions get right into them.
  3. Jamie_M Paisley Ton I am trying to renew. My season ticket was issued early last year and does not state a season on it. Last season trying to buy cup games didn't work and I had to pickup tickets at main gate.
  4. Good price thought I would get right in there but same old problem doesn't recognise my membership. Anybody secured a paid deal yet?
  5. What's all the noise about. The game went as expected. I was surprised to hear, fifty times, that Live had lost twice to United this season, which they have now corrected. Three great finishes verses a lot off pishy pashy United interplay. Well done Livi , though I hated you slapping us about, and I hope we have a stronger ref for the second leg who is not influenced by the SPFL urgency to get Shite United out of the Championship .
  6. Were doomed Greenock Morton community team delivers 5-2 humiliation for first eleven with Harkins been sent off in disgrace in warm -up for big derby. See report https://gmfc/net and VT thanks for all those red dots through the season, thanks for playing. Well sadly the sun is out and if Shull finds the polish it might be blinding day. I look on the positives, will be able to saunter home knowing the rabble are hopefully locked in and will be giving it a miss going out for a sherbet tonight. Looking forward to swopping St Mirren with Partick Th you get a better class of drinking hole up the west end.
  7. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    Just when I thought ee had a stronger pool for the playoffs. Brennan who did fine at Dumbarton flapped a fee Weds second half. Hope it was lack of game time.
  8. With the Morton fans forum in meltdown not sure on the ticket position for this game. Morton say they have 1,000 tickets on general sale at Smith's and Cappielow. No mention of priority for season ticket holders or that you can get one on Saturday. This is not much help for out of towners.
  9. Missed out mind the door when your leaving. ( or maybe VT won't use that as your going upstairs)
  10. funny from reading your posts I had you in the 60-65 group.
  11. goal was second last kick of the ball! Last was the restart. Poet of " If Only"
  12. Tids look stale after Sat when I thought were physically out fought in the middle of the park. 442 worked better and with Fraser adding some energy but generally a low temp team performance.
  13. McHugh what the feck I said bring him on usually delivers in last 20 mins but 4 on one and hits a moon shot when a side pass to an open goal was the simple play. After the divit through-in loss on Saturday didn't think our luck could sink any lower, step in Tam the shot blocker deflector. Season over no Son's leave door open in 94th and boy from Oz appears a yard from goal, season back on until the next calamity.
  14. Morton club site indicates all in the main stand. While just ok for the midweek game surely Livi can muster +1,000 and give the away support a better view from the east stand, Ton section is not that big but I dare say we will have similar numbers to the last visit.
  15. Don't think that's going to be part of the team talk this Saturday. With Livi giving it away at Dunfermline, we need a result. I fear a win will be required to get us into the play-offs if Dunfermline get a result at Fawkirk. Good to see Livi need a result as that's a tough finish.