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  1. Zombies v League Leaders

    Well you are the big side in this league. No Hibs or Gers. My obs are based on seeing U play the Ton over the last two seasons. Maybe we got U last season on your good days. For a balanced team there where too many missed passes and missed opportunities. Yes the new manager does look like he knows how to win so things are looking better for United.
  2. Zombies v League Leaders

    My thoughts exactly. Only point missing is why does Forbes continue to be played? Over the last few games we have realised a solution to the need for a fast wide player send for the Tiff. Duffy may have thought experience needed and must fit in Jai but I would have given the boy the first 60 mins and then brought on Forbes, Lamie has been outstanding this season at CB and is not a wing back seems a bit lost between central defence and left back assisted in loss against Brechin. Duffy should concentrate on revitalising Russel. There is a very good player in there who has lost focus on his main duties. its good to boot the ball out of play when needed, don't stand off forwards by 10 yards you are not a matador, keep doing what your good at. As for United, well this game gave me cause for concern, St Mirren a fear may win this battle for top spot, which will be a great financial loss to the Ton. I was disappointed in the United today, you are way behind the standard of last season and if promoted will need to rebuild. While you were the best side you failed to toast our unbalanced outfit and got over the line with a fatal poor goalie kick, liked the time wasting and 90 mins plus two subs. Thought the boy Scott Fraser was a standout seemed breeze through our defence and find good passes. As for the Ton not the end of the season as we have only ever been entered for the play-off race and as long as we pick up points in the next two games will still be in there in the second half of the season.
  3. Zombies v League Leaders

    Is intelligent relevant posting beyond you. I know I shouldn't encourage you as Dundee Unt supporters have already had their say and this forum should be for those who actually attend games. and don't feck up my phone P&B alarms as I off on the piss anyway hopefully blood alcohol levels will be suitably reduced to permit travel on Saturday.
  4. Ah some good news, as I said somewhere before time to improve on this segregation. Simple low cost solution add some double heras fencing http://www.safesitefacilities.co.uk/products/fencing/temporary-heras-fencing/anti-climb-fencing-panels?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Fencing Heras (B) %3A Main Pool&utm_term=%2Bheras %2Bfencing&utm_content=heras fencing (broad to the bandage barrier.
  5. Zombies v League Leaders

    Are the covers down? While very cold in Paisley, surprisingly the ground will still take a stud as it was very dry with low humidity the last few days so no frost penetration in the soil. I would expect Greenock to be +2 C on the central belt but maybe touch and go. So early night or back on the piss?
  6. Zombies v League Leaders

    I thought so as well but life just comes back and bites you in the arse when least expected. Reality on the day we couldn't cope with that animal Kuate ( I know its a great opportunity for a miss spell) or Murry's finishing. The question have the replacements been up to standard and have the Arabs reached new heights. Have McMullan, Fyfie and Keatings improve your lot or were they cheaper options. What is the case that while a significant number of our fans think we have failed to improve I feel that that's not that fair. The current group are playing better than the end of season team you lot beat in the play-offs and seem to have found a cutting edge where as back then our forwards had fallen injured and replacements where not up to scratch. I expect a competitive game which both sides are capable of winning but a draw will keep us in the hunt for the play-off again which will exceed our expectations for this season yet again.
  7. Zombies v League Leaders

    Feck it come on the Arabs.
  8. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    Yes a bit of a worry, two free penalties in the last two games. United odds of for a favourites soft award as they say it balances out over the season. Sadly while it killed you off a bit of an overstatement saying it swung the game in our favour it was mainly one way traffic and scoring was only kept sane by some great goal keeping.
  9. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    Me thinks they started on the bus to Greenock. No way Tiffs goal was lucky. A knee jerk reaction maybe plus a high degree of skill alla Rooney on Wednesday.
  10. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    Seasonal problem and I don't mean 2017/18. This could be a season low crowd which we normally reserve for a feb mid-week game and they were trying to get fans to buy tickets early to " avoid the crowds at the ticket office". More practical issues, pie stalls will have seen the alarm bells and cut numbers of pies brought in, so unlike the match tickets could be sold out before half-time. I would suggest Ton fans apply themselves. Suggest they avoid Christmas shopping and time spent with love ones by proposing being charitable and donating a hen/goal to Africa or buying some kids free school meals through Mary's meals. Added bonus to those who already have a pile of unwanted in the cupboard. I recon crowd could be under 1200.
  11. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    I was thinking soaked pitch, day less to prepare and travel demands. Even Cunty used these demands and stated they where an extra hurdle prior to the Liverpool game on Saturday. PS all the best in Inverness.
  12. Well great opportunity to record two wins on the trot. While Brechin did well to halt the Dundee all stars on Saturday I fear the trip to Inverness will well bugger them. With young Scot doing well on the wing and adding the required additional width and speed we should ease this one 2-0 Would give Thomson a further run at centre forward good goals at Inverness and Fawkirk merit the right to start and add Oliver's return to form should allow Jai a further weeks rest. Lamie and captains form should see another clean sheet. Feck it lets call it 3-0
  13. Just defrosted, thanks for all that parking advice, will be back as it's an easy 45 min from the Paisley castle. Well after Austin missed that early header it looked like all 11 starters didn't give a damn. Unless there is a major change in attitude you will be following our previous decent of the 2013 season, where players started the season well, kicked Celtic out the league cup at paradise and then lost their way but looked after themselves seeking new contracts elsewhere. Never a good management play to declare " your playing for your shirts" unless you have ready made replacements in the background. While some football coaches resort to this easy bullying strategy I would suggest a short management course may help add a bit of more sophistication to Hartley's changing personnel strategy for mid season. Well done Harkins, old, slower but put in a great shift at Paisley, Dunfermline and now Falkirk. No shirking, hiding and made every ball his with simple passes/headers to teammates. Must check the penalty not easy to see from our end though not many protests or where they just shocked like us.
  14. still looking at parking costs? Do away fans get permits? How much? College option what does it cost? Its my first visit to the new stadium how is the home support holding up?
  15. If you want rid of Gaspo why not let him play? Might help his case plus sure we will get 150% from him. Whats parking cost?