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  1. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    The SFA really are fucking amateurs. We are relying on these clowns to get the right man to manage the national team too.
  2. I would have loved Glenafton away. Maybe next round.
  3. Realistic foreign managers

    If we want to attract a candidate capable of taking us to the next level we need to pay the going rate. I reckon if that graphic is anywhere near accurate we should be paying about 1 million to get anyone of note to consider the job. I would also add on a decent bonus for qualification too. We need to show prespective candidates we are serious. The time for fucking about needs to stop. The SFA must know they are missing out on significant sums of money each time we fail to qualify. So why not spend a bit of extra cash on somebody that knows what they are doing?
  4. Not a chance the SFA will consider potential candidates like that. It will be the same parochial who’s, who. Meh.
  5. f**k. It really is going to be somebody less than Strachan.
  6. Craig Levein is on a bookies offering at 30/1. They are just making it up now. If he is quoted at that I feel I should be at least 500/1.
  7. It is clear that we need to cast our net wider than Scotland and actually spend a bit of money to get a suitable manager with a track record in this arena. I am not convinced those in charge at the SFA have it in them to go out and get the person we need. They will be content appointing a low profile, low wage manager with realistically little or no chance of getting us to a finals. I agree though. I would rather keep Strachan if the only alternatives were Moyes, Wright and Mackay.
  8. A lick of paint and a visit from a feng shui specialist and the Morton boys can get this old thread back up and running. Their current place has been engulfed with negative vibes. This thread on the other hand has a much more natural and peaceful feel to it!
  9. The SFA will not be short of a bob or two that is for sure. Now is the time to spend some of it on a decent manager instead of wasting time with the usual suspects with no track record at this level. You don't need to be a clairvoyant to predict that they will take the safe, cheap and uninspiring Scottish option though and we will be having the same discussion in 2020. As for Bertie, he was dealt a very shit hand. Brown left him with absolutely f**k all to work with so it is hardly surprising results were poor. I am not sure it was the easiest group either. The last Euros while not the easiest certainly presented us with a very good chance of qualification given there was 2+1 slots up for grabs. From memory Burley and Levein's groups were hardly groups of death either.
  10. Winning a European trophy would be good. However, qualifying for a World Cup or European Championships would be something I would expect from the successful candidate. Winning a couple of qualifying games in the Thursday Night League should probably be just above those CVs listing Football Manager experience. We may as well stick with Strachan if we are considering anyone in the SPFL.
  11. Agreed. We need to get somebody in that has done it before at international level and for me your Lagerbak's, Ancelloti's or Hiddink's should be the first on the list. You can even add Van Gaal at relatively youthful 66 years of age. Fair enough, there is a good chance they might not be interested, but why not sound them out. Of course these guys do not come cheap, but how much money are the SFA losing out on by not qualifying? Pay the going rate or at least offer a standard wage with a f**k off bonus for qualification. It might be an idea to ask sponsors if they would contribute something to the salary or bonus pot too. I am sure the Republic of Ireland did something similar with Trappatoni. Like a lot of folk I can see the SFA taking the cheap or easy option here when we need a bit of backbone. By all means give the marquee manager a Scottish assistant to work with but if we go down the Moyes et al route we will be back discussing failure again in two years time. Personally, I would like to see us take on someone who already has the credentials at international level than messing about with SPFL or lower EPL/Championship standard offerings. The homegrown options are not good enough so we really do need to speculate to accumulate.
  12. Gordon Strachan

    How about Neil Lennon just for the lols? I like seeing him lose the nut on the sideline when his teams get beat.
  13. UEFA Nations League

    Like the Champions League and the UEFA Thursday Night League?
  14. They may not be legends, but at the same time the team broke a number of divisional records that season. Yes it was job done but it was achieved in a manner over and above what had gone before. Maybe not legends, but a lot more than a footnote in our history. Equally, the the cup final team will probably not all be considered legends individually, but as a team they will.
  15. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    We have had enough chances to win two games. I think that is it now.