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  1. I went to see Micky Flanagan at the Playhouse. I didn't realise the biggest comedy gig in Leith tonight was at Easter Road. 1-1 with Canada is a fucking embarrassment. Our works team would beat Canada.
  2. I read that earlier on. What a fuckwitt.
  3. I suppose there are two ways to look at this. 1) They were punching above their weight to start with but ended up in their natural position. 2) Some players and staff were corrupt and threw games for financial gain. I think it was the first option to be honest. I can't see players throwing away the chance of glory for a few grand each. Was this in the bottom seaside tier or the next one up?
  4. A decent crowd there too. 35,000.
  5. Two games down and 10 goals shipped. It could be a long season for Minnesota.
  6. If the centre half dives in there, he clears the ball away. Instead he watches it trundle over the line.
  7. Given the conditions it hasn't been too bad. 3-1 to Atlanta at half time.
  8. Are you viewing this season as a credible promotion challenge for Morton? If so, I make that two promotion challenges (to the top tier) Morton have had since the turn of the century. By the same token, Queens have had the same. in terms of slumming it at the seaside. We have spent three seasons there over the same period. Two of those title winning. I could be wrong but from memory I am sure Morton have spent at least six seasons at the beach, including one at the lowest tier. On that basis you will be more than familiar writing your "wish you were here" post cards. Regardless of all the bluster, our respective teams will be playing each other four times again next season for mid table mediocrity. Cheers.
  9. Ha,ha. The footage from the station when Falkirk and Hibs fans were fighting last year would suggest he would knock f**k out of the lot of them. Mind you, they were all adolescent types that were doing the prancing about. It was great viewing though. Very funny.
  10. Just a bit of fun MT, although you make a good point though. You can of course add the likes of Drew Busby to that list and of course Rowan 'The Gaffa' Alexander.
  11. Of course, none of this will matter when we play each four times in the league next season.
  12. Some open mic Tuesday night comedy there from VT. A good effort which raised a chuckle.
  13. No celebration. We will allow ourselves a wry smile though.
  14. Ah, fools gold.