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  1. Fair enough the last month or so has been poor for you, but you are still in the play-offs. Anything could happen. Just look at when you were promoted from the seaside.
  2. There was UEFA Cup printing under the crest of the domestic replica shirts.
  3. A good turn out and hats off to the local business community that continue to support the club.
  4. There was a standalone European kit, albeit it was not available for public sale. The domestic kit was the better one.
  5. I didn't know who won the draw before I posted, but the last time Houston's won the logo was decent enough. As you say, I doubt it will have changed much, if any since then. Incidentally, do you know how many sponsors entered this time SD?
  6. The home kit is good. I like an all blue effort now and again. Mind you, a poor clip art type sponsors logo can ruin even the best looking kit. I don't mind us moving away from the usual away colours now and again, but I am not a fan of this one on first viewing. You never know, it may look better once it is all badged and sponsored up.
  7. While studying at London Goldsmith's University, Kim Jong Un played bass guitar in a student band by the name of Fibrous Berry. Going by the pseudonym Lee Yang Te, he was one of two session bass players used on both Evergreen by Will Young and Pure and Simple by Hear'Say.
  8. Holt looks hungry.
  9. He has an appointment at Tanulike. He will no doubt be along shortly.
  10. Okay, I may have embellished the part about the cakes and the new and improved tactics. The rest is true though.
  11. I hear Ally is off the cakes and is ready to test out his new and improved tactics in the big league. Could Dens be the destination to kick start his managerial career?
  12. For some reason I didn't get the e-mail. The wife did though, so I bought them now. The mobile site isn't great though, I didn't get to choose the seats within a section. Never mind. Section L3 of the South stand.
  13. I like Morton, so I am glad we will play each other four times in the league next season.
  14. If you go down the last thing you want to do is go part-time if you don't need to. Ourselves, Morton and Livi are good recent examples of biting the bullet and returning at the first attempt. No, taking away the clear advantage that you would have over the majority of other teams in the league would be suicidal.