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  1. I have been listening to the second half of this on the radio driving back from work. It has been very entertaining it has to be said.
  2. The Roma - Inter match on the 26 of August is go. My wife surprised me and bought the tickets tonight, giving up her night at the opera in the process-what a star. I will repay this selfless act at the earliest opportunity.
  3. With Dobbie injured I would have had the correct result at 11/1 for £5.00 stake. I don't know what they were offering for the cash out mind you.
  4. Argh. I missed the cash out at 3-1. Had a Dobbie and a 3-1 Queens score cast on. f**k it.
  5. Cheers Herman. I will look into that. We are heading to Milan from Lake Como on Saturday 9th, probably arrive about 11.00am. I will look into those games and try and sell benefits of attending one of them to my wife. Ha! We are missing the Roma - Inter game for the Opera - The Barber of Seville. When the tickets were booked, I had the option of Saturday of Sunday but thought I would be wise keeping the Sunday free for the football.
  6. Serie A fixtures out today and Roma v Inter is on the weekend we are in Rome. My joy was only fleeting as it has been moved from the Sunday to the Saturday night for TV and we have already bought tickets for an event on the Saturday night. Arrghhh! My only hope of a game now is if the Inter v Spal on the Sunday we fly back is changed to the Saturday for TV. It seems very unlikely. Hee-haw on in Florence while we are there either.
  7. Roll on the close season...
  8. Almost on par with "the big hoose must stay open" spectacle.
  9. More of a day trip to be fair.
  10. The train of thought behind that is to get the team scoring loads of goals and getting the confidence up. I can see the thinking behind that. You graduallly build the quality of opposition up over the next few games.
  11. Good to see Chicago doing well this season. It is about time too. They have been terrible for at least the last five or six years that I have been looking out for them.
  12. Heading to Italy on holiday at the end of August for a couple of weeks. Rome, Florence, Lake Como and Milan. Hopefully I will get to take in a couple of games. Given the choice I would like to see Roma, Fiorentina and/or AC Milan. It is still a few weeks before the fixtures are out though, but I should certainly be okay for games in Rome and Milan.
  13. Dundee Utd St. Mirren Falkirk Inverness Queens Morton Dunfermline Dumbarton Livi Brechin
  14. I think I can say without any fear of contradiction that our new away kit is the worst we have ever had - it is truly shocking. There must have been alcohol involved when the decision was made. A lot of alcohol.