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  1. Nick the p***k Knowles. Must have been mentioned many times already no doubt.
  2. We need to go here and get a result against a team on a pretty poor run as as bad as Ayr are I fully expect them (like I did Raith) to beat a Morton team who appear to have totally run their race for the season. Hopefully another great support although given this is a fair trek and our third road trip in 11 days it's bound to be down on the last couple of games. Positive mental attitude from minute one and cut out the silly defensive mistakes and we should take something but a win would be massive for us.
  3. It all boils down to what you do with the (sometimes limited) resources you have. Saints this season started with Rae' s dross and on what is basically the same budget are finishing playing some of the most exciting football we have seen since Hendrie or early Lennon. As a result the fans have responded and crowds (especially travelling) are better than for a good few years. This proves to me it's not the system that is at fault it's employing the right people to utilise what resources you have. Always a tendency to claim the whole system is broken when your own team is struggling.
  4. I fully expect Raith to beat Morton but an Ayr win would be a surprise. It's important the players don't get over confident as there is still plenty work to do. That said I fully expect us to put on a show it's just whether Falkirk might be that wee bit better on the day. If both teams play to their recent form it should be an absolute cracker of a game.
  5. Football must be in a hell of a state in the European non EU nations if that word salad is anything to go by. Utter inane ramblings which kinda suggests to me he is trying to hint at some (probably totally unrelated) bad news he is looking to break gently clouded in a mental Brexit blanket. Bizarre !
  6. Morgan will not be back this week. Utd game at the very earliest
  7. We will definitely bring a good support would be disappointed if it was under 1000 after last night. Can't wait the team is a joy to watch right now especially away from home.
  8. It's totally astonishing really. He lost his first 5 league games and since we lost to Falkirk at the end of January we have played 10 league games winning 6 and drawing 3 with just the odd loss in Kirkcaldy. Scored 22 goals and conceded 10 so doing it in a decent manner too. A win v Raith and one other from the remaining 3 games should do it now. Saturday can't come quick enough it is gunuinely a pleasure to watch right now.
  9. Prone, lubed and ready to take one for the Saints. That picture confirms normal service has well and truly been resumed.
  10. Morton's form collapse is reminiscent of their betting scandal season. Lucky Queens are too far back to catch you. No chance in the playoffs on that showing. Saints have been stunning recently. Oh for the season starting in. January !
  11. Always knew the feeble would bend over and take one to keep us up. See you all again next season chaps. [Insert train or Portillo gif here]
  12. How do Saints fans access the part of the main stand we have been allocated. Is it a case of paying in at the turnstiles at the open terracing then transferring inside to the stand, is their separate access to the stand at the away end or do we need to access the stand from the other (Morton) end of the ground ?
  13. The BBC forecast isn't as bad as some are painting it to be on here - no real rain forecast until later
  14. I caught an interview with McCall on Worst FW this morning and the wee runt is a deluded fantasist. He actually said for the first 15-20 mins on Saturday Ayr were in "total control". Strange as after 20m they were 2 going on 3 down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!