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  1. Prune
  2. Spain my Meade points haven't been added???
  3. Meads goes over in the corner to bring me a sensational hat trick,Campbell, Forsyth and Meads,I'm on fire.
  4. really a shoot out involving Reilly. You c***s have more faces than the town hall clock. Reilly is finally playing with a top team so yes top scorer.
  5. Reilly will have this sewn up by Christmas much to the Dung fans chagrin.
  6. Adidas tracky top ???
  7. Is he dead, YOU BET , chinned at last.
  8. Latest proposal is visa free entry for EU nationals after Brexit but not to work. Yeah that's going to work. Well Mr schiezkenska I hope your not coming here to work. Oh no Mr Passport control man I'm definitely here on holiday !!!
  9. Spartans Secretary 10 mins after every cup defeat !!!
  10. Get real, we brought on a central defender for Sutton after one of our central defenders was sent off. What were you expecting being behind against 10 men. We all know you have an agenda against JR but this is just pathetic. Yes a poor result and yes it was expected you would reappear after the great result last week but we will still be challenging imo which will continue to annoy you for some bizarre reason.
  11. Who was bombing the balls to Reilly ?? Jack Ross ?? Must have missed us bringing the boss on, clown !
  12. Thoroughly deserved win for the Ton. Quitongo is superb and if he is still at Morton after the window closes you will do well before Christmas. No panic for Saints but we need Davis in ASAP. Need at least a point at Libby next week before Utd come to Paisley. Morton contenders if they can keep Quoitongo.
  13. Invisible monster c0ck ???
  14. And you Greenock boys would know that look better than anyone else.