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  1. General Politics Thread

    So in the critical month triple lock wise for inflation it rises to 3% thus pensions will rise by this amount in April. You would have to assume there would be some "massaging" of the figure to make the pension rise as close to the minimum 2.5% (soon to be done away with) as possible so safe to assume in the real world it's above 3%.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The lamb was wonderfully succulent though !
  3. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    It's saharan dust in the atmosphere driven north by the Storm apparently - similar here in Ayrshire
  4. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Hurricane force 12 and sea states of phenomenal in the shipping forecast fore Shannon earlier. That's wave heights above 14m 42 feet. V V dangerous at sea.
  5. C**** on Holiday

    Sheiks heid ...........
  6. Perhaps it's said Rangers not stumping up to both clubs after being handed the tickets to sell. South African IP address you say inspector..........
  7. Given more than one club has been "scammed" it suggests a rogue agent or the likes although the figures being banded about seem barely credible especially in Accies case. Possibly a taxation scheme gone wrong, who knows. Will be interesting to see where this all leads.
  8. Change the title to include Hearts, on going investigation widening, who's next ???
  9. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    It's quite simple, we need the best turd polisher we can afford. To me that would appear to be Michael O'Neill as he has proven he is capable at basically our level.
  10. General Politics Thread

    It's not square, it's not Lorne, it's slice !!!
  11. St Mirren v Raith Rovers . Challenge Cup Rd 3

    Last man Standing taking on a whole new twist.
  12. Expect season ticket sales to soar under gus...............................................for the Odeon !!!
  13. Kilmarnock FC Next Manager

    Going by your chairman's comments quoted in the press this morning McIntyre is the preferred candidate albeit begging for him just to apply in the national press is a right brasser !
  14. St Mirren V Brechin

    If you want to win the league all that matters is having more points than the rest after the final game. How you achieve that doesn't matter. If it comes from 3 wins then a heavy defeat all season so be it. 6 wins from 8 games is pretty consistent anyway in my eyes. Lets just keep supporting and stop over analysing. We are doing absolutely fine so far and as you rightly point out we have meaningful players returning at some stage.
  15. St Mirren V Brechin