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  1. And that's before you even start about the DUP !!!
  2. 9/1 on betfair if you feel that confident
  3. Dimblebey' s hearing aid is fucked
  4. It could see the SNP in power in Westminster despite big losses in Scotland. May would be finished but would NS accept that indyref 2 was dead in the water for a share of power UK wide.
  5. It been lashing in Ayrshire all day so far - if it's the same elsewhere it will be a poor turnout. My gran and 2 of her friends were saying at lunchtime they were not going to bother unless it dried up before "tea" (6.00pm in the WoS venacular)
  6. He needs a MASSIVE pre season fitness drive as he was in shocking condition for a pro footballer last season. If Duffy can get 2 stone off him he might be OK but good luck with that.
  7. And removing human rights isn't ??? At least they have policies and are not just making them up on the hoof reactively.
  8. A week on the pictures desk of a major UK porn mag........................I also watched far too many episodes of the Inbetweeners !!!!
  9. Think you will find that's MP's in general you are describing . NS is no more guilty than any others with their nose in the public trough
  10. We import 10x the catch of cod down to the size of the cod in UK waters. The large cod required for "loin" the UK consumers want nearly all come from Iceland ready processed. I agree we could up the quota but there would be little point as we still cannot target only large cod without catching smaller ones too for which there is very little market. Likewise prawn catches. The prawns (langoustine) caught in Scotland have virtually no market in the UK and hence we import farmed river prawns from Asia - that's bonkers imo but that's the UK consumer for you. UK consumers need to change their fish eating habits as we simply don't have enough of the species the market desires. What we can catch we don't want - nearly all Scottish shellfish is exported mostly to Europe. When fishermen say Brexit they really think / hope it means being able to hoover every fish in our waters out with massive quotas and keep non UK boats out. Neither will happen in reality and what's the point of hoovering up fish we can't sell all that will do is drive down the price they can command. I can;t imagine anyone in the shellfish fishing sector is exactly excited by Brexit hence why the media always focus on the large NE pelagic /white fish ports.
  11. Those figures are skewed by the fact that the fish we import are largely in a processed state and hence the added cost. The value pound for pound of exported unprocessed fish is considerably greater than that imported. Filleted , sea frozen Icelandic cod loin is imported as that is what the UK market wants. Compared to a raw UK caught whole fish it's expensive. A lot of the fish caught in our waters has to be exported as it's just not eaten enough here. There is very little market for Hake, Prawns, Scallops, Monkfish etc in the UK, all we want is cod, haddock and farmed salmon. Walk into any fishmongers or supermarket fish counter and it will be "cod loin". This is the strip of meet above the ribcage and constitutes a fraction of the weight of a fish. As a consequence you need cod of a large size and there simply are not enough big cod in UK waters to satisfy demand. Post Brexit the fishing industry in the UK are going to have to try to reeducate the UK consumer or continue to import fish at what will be an unsustainable rate while facing probable export tariffs when trying to export the fish they can catch but for which there is no demand in the UK. The UK fishing industry needs tariffs free access to overseas markets, primarily the EU. All this also precludes that access to UK waters will be very likely a bargaining chip in the Brexit deal.
  12. where's that clinging by the tips of the fingers gif ? He's staying to pump the Ton get over it.
  13. I've only just read the bet thing - some of us actualy work for a living. Would have taken that but seeing as it's settled now no point. No brainer for JR really given only one of these clubs has won a national trophy since the 70,s, only one is debt free and only one has a new purpose built stadium. Add in the beating given to you only a few months ago when we were at our lowest ebb in years and you can see why JR is deciding to stay put. Good luck with the search for the new manager.
  14. The club said clearly Dundee did not have permission to speak to JR so he can't say he has spoken to Dundee and decided to stay at Saints and he can't say he is going nowhere in case (unlikely) a once in a lifetime opportunity arose ( English Championship / Prem type thing). In the circumstances he has said all that was needed
  15. Eh it's pretty clear to me he ain't going anywhere from that statement - he doesn't need to say he ain't leaving as he clearly hasn't been considering it.