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  1. Rating the champions

    Miles ahead of any Morton team of the last generation or two !!!
  2. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    He had a namesake in this very contest. Not often a contestant is killed off !
  3. A greenie for a genuine LOL on a hungover Sunday afternoon. It was a fair old sesh so a Saints defeat is certainly not out the question although I sense a bit more professionalism about the current set-up.
  4. Dundee Utd v Champions 2017/18

    What's the arrangements for away admission on Tuesday. Is it buying a ticket from a kiosk rather than cash turnstiles ?
  5. Brechin V champions in waiting

    The biggest issue here was the announcement that there would be PATG just about the same time as our tickets went on sale. Our support is geographically well spread so the news that there would be pay on the day facilities meant plenty I know decided not to go to Paisley to buy in advance. The limited nature of PATG only became apparent after we announced our ticket allocation had been sold. This was then compounded by the mis-information (admittedly from SMFC) about a very limited PATG availability. As it stands 500 may or may not be enough but as you say I doubt anyone will be locked out given the space in the home end.
  6. Brechin V champions in waiting

    It's on our twitter feed - SMFC's line to those asking is "it's up to Brechin" they say BCFC andvised SMFC that PATG admission on the day would be "very limited"
  7. Brechin V champions in waiting

    Some probably will but it really should not be neccesary with over 3000 capacity and 1750 sold in advance - the sums just don't add up and I see on BWA that some say they are not going to travel due to the risk of not getting in. Brechin's loss at the end of the day but all very needless !
  8. Brechin V champions in waiting

    SMFC saying pay at gate for 300 only tomorrow WTF - this has shambles written all over it, there should be capacity for well over 1000 more in the away end alone. A simple statement from Brechin as to how many they can accommodate would put this all to bed. As it stands anyone traveling for a pay at the gate option (which was announced ages ago) doesn't know if they will get in or not.
  9. Brechin V champions in waiting

    Despite the statement of"limited" availability on the day surely there should be 1300+ spaces available in the away end alone if segregation is the same as it was for Sevco (3100 available to them). We got 1750 so there should be no panic at all unless Brechin are not giving us as much capacity. ???
  10. Christ guys what happened to the jolly days of Portillo, Ainsley and wee Greig Wallace.....normal service has most definitely been resumed off the park as well as on it.
  11. Brechin V champions in waiting

    Imagine Falkirk fans sniffing out mention of crowd size on a match thread, no one on PnB has ever seen that happen !!!
  12. Brechin V champions in waiting

    The away end is not and will not be sold out ! The "sold out" post referred to the two extra buses the club put on - they sold out in an hour. We will bring 1500-2000 I would imagine. Talk of taking 3-4k up there is total pie in the sky stuff !!!
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I'm sure the Saints support will fittingly mark it in the 87th minute to commemorate one of his finest hours in football.
  14. Dundee United 2017/2018

    It's not on TV and chances are it won't go to Tannadice now with Brechin looking the firm favourite on the 7th for the wrap up.
  15. Moat boring season ever?

    Why won't you beat Utd, virtually everyone else has !