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  1. No 1 signing target nearing 36 years of age and the chaiman saying the fans will need to fund the pot through ST sales as he still isn't putting a penny in to the transfer pot. Add in Pedro already trying to create a siege mentality with the recent imaginary spat with McInnes and I think most of us can see where this is heading !!!
  2. You can at least eat fish however nowadays catch and return is pretty much the norm. No tearing them apart involved so hardly a similar comparison.
  3. Give the Reaper a break, he's earned this wee rest after the last 18 months or so of utter carnage.
  4. Tories sensationally out on their arses in South Ayrshire. SNP/Lab/Indy co-alition ousting the majority Tory group - never saw that coming to be honest but pretty amusing.
  5. Chuffed to bits, which incidentally is what's happening to this thread.
  6. C'mon lads, what's happened to Portillo ??????
  7. Thoroughly enjoyable day in the capital. What a cracking stadium ER is when full. Saints were timid but once we went behind we got the bit between our teeth. I was in row A so was right behind the Loy goal, scenes that make football the game we all love. Note to HFC, seat 97 row A was broken an needs replaced, my arse is sore was like sitting on a razor blade !
  8. No need to keep Lex happy, he will be lucky to make Edinburgh by the time he has finished his Tory election induced w**k-a-thon over crusty pictures of Davidson and May.
  9. South Ayrshire all done and dusted and rather surprisingly the Tories didn't take overall control as widely predicted. They gained 2 seats to stand at 12 as did the SNP to take 9 with Labour losing 4 at 5 and still two indies. As 15 is the magic number here I suspect it will be another abhorent Tory / Labour pact to keep out the SNP. And they wonder why Labour is all but extinct !!!!!
  10. Mallan had the match ball with him in the 1877 club after the game so he is claiming the hat-trick clearly
  11. Sure. Season going to end up gloriously isn't it .................although not really panning out like you thought a couple of months back though is it. Choo choo (Insent Portilo gif here)
  12. The greatest comeback in Scottish football history is almost complete. If that takes a playoff so be it but either way everyone will need to doff their caps when championship status is retained. All the Morton gum bumping will be in vain and next season normal service will be resumed. All praise the Saints, Scotland's comeback kings.
  13. Over a million for a transfer between two Scottish clubs neither of which is Celtic. Nice as 100k would be for us that's got to be total pie in the sky stuff !
  14. Stevie Mallan will be rubbing his hands in anticipation.