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  1. Wee update. Jai Quitongo whose legendary dad Jose graced our leagues looks a good prospect. Queens have had Callum Tapping and Alex Harris who are mixed race. Botti Bia Bi has gone down to Swansea in recent years but not sure how he is doing. As has been stated by plenty on here our big hope Izzy Feruz has been chronic. There are more English born mixed race Scots being called up now with a lot of Scottish people moving to diverse parts like London over the years. Eg Jordan Archer who looks a great prospect and Matty Phillips. Still a very tiny proportion of even mixed race players breaking through.
  2. Alex Gogic was terrific on the ball. Looked a class act. Sarris at the back was solid and won most things in the air. Templeton when he came on really livened yous up. Looked really bright and inventive. As for us we were pretty awful and constantly resorted to shelling aimless punts to no one in particular all game. Don't know how anyone can think we played well. Every single goal kick was a punt up the park. The entire back four showed no interest in collecting the ball from deep and looked almost scared to receive it given they all ran as far away as they could from Martin with their backs turned. Stirling was crap tbh. Might have been down to our "style" of play though. Rankin done nothing for me. Thought Fordyce defended well, Mercer done ok after a shaky start, Jacobs battled well and Dykes worked hard but lacked quality. His finishing needs worked on. He is young enough to improve. Lyle when he was his age probably wasn't that much better.
  3. Hutton was ok. At the start he was overweight and ineffective but as he got fit he was not bad at all. Not at all what we would have needed though as again he is a guy who does the same things the players we have do.
  4. We are still abit short on an attacking sense. A few names been mentioned. Possibly Brophy and loan deals for Zanatta and Thomson but we will have to bide our time
  5. Wow football fans really are fickle. Last season Naysmith took a team which was in freefall and managed to steady the ship enough to ensure we had a relatively comfortable finish. Rankin, Thomson and initially Thomas made good impacts so in the main his signings were good. The fact of the matter is a number of fans never bothered their arses to show up last season and we ended up having the 2nd worst average crowd in the league. What right do we have of finishing above better supported teams and having a bigger budget than them? We live within our means. You could argue we are being clever waiting to see who becomes available later on. Better available players will become available/desperate for game time nearer the end of the window so with space in our squad/budget we may be in a better position to pounce. Our football under magic Johnston was exhilarating but it was at a poor level so how we would have fared at this level with the style he imposed will never be known. When McIntyre came in it was a less glamourous style of play but whenever we played teams from a lower league under McIntyre, Fowler or even Skelton we were back to playing the brilliant style we witnessed under Johnston which makes me think we may have looked better than we were that season due to the appalling standard of other teams. Fowler had us playing football which was like watching paint dry. Don't know why fans seem to have such fond memories of his style? Naysmiths signings this summer look good so far tbh. The only one I'm still not decided on is Rooney. He hasn't really made any really poor signings so far so we can trust him to get it right with his final 3/4.
  6. Folk are over reacting abit. It was unbelievable we didn't win that game. Should have had 7 or 8 but it was just one of those days which cant be helped. Some of our link up play involving Dobbie, Murray and Stirling was good. Especially in the 1st half. Dykes done well when he came on. Rooney gets down the wing well but is a funny player in the sense that I don't really no how to describe him. He has the look of a defender but has got good pace and offers an outlet but he has a centre backs crossing ability. Weird one. Lyle was poor, Tapping was poor when he came on. The rest were in general ok
  7. Hopefully our website this season continues the preview feature. Was a good addition to it and provided us with team news which was handy. Mercer got injured last week so not sure he will make today. I expect us to line up with Martin, Rooney, Marshall, Fordyce, Brownlie, Jacobs, Rankin, Stirling, Murray, Dobbie and Lyle. Subs would then be Leighfield, Dykes, Carmichael, Tapping, Akubuine, Bell and Mercer if fit. Fergusson may be chosen ahead of either Bell or Akubuine if he is ready now.
  8. Very impressed from what I saw tonight from Ayr. Higgins showed why I think it was a big mistake from us releasing. He will be brilliant for yous. Adams is still a very good player and fit as a fiddle. Moffat never stopped working. The Ronaldo lookalike McDaid was awesome. Up and down the wing with quality close control and a class delivery. Guessing hes not always like that otherwise he wouldn't be at that level!
  9. Just like at first team level big teams from North and South of the border cherry pick all the best young talents from around the country so that's what makes it even harder to find guys who are good enough to make the grade for us yet remain unnoticed by the bigger teams. It is usually when they are older and if they haven't quite made it they come back to the club. So in terms of the amount of Dumfries born players around atm who have been involved in our youth setup at some point there are a fair few playing at a good level. That's what we should be judged on. In an ideal world they would stay with us establish themselves with us then move on for a big fee but this isn't an ideal world.
  10. Diet has no doubt a negative impact on many Scottish players but I still feel lack of effort and laziness is the main downfall. If you eat good quality big meals like pasta, chicken and stir fries then I think even if you end up eating rubbish like cookies, chocolate bars etc it doesn't have as much of an impact on performance if you are burning it off through running. Moderation though I guess is the key. Its an educational factor as much as anything. A lot of people in this country cant cook or have a very basic knowledge of cooking so therefore get takeaways frequently to make life easy. Takeaways as the main meal don't provide people with the right fuel and will have a massive negative impact on performance in the main. So I'm thinking eating healthy main meals plus fairly frequent treats you can get away with if you train hard. Eating poor quality main meals will make you suffer whether you have treats on the side or not.
  11. The one time I saw Osadolor he looked unreal against us. Anyone that's capable of putting in a performance like that has talent. Its just a question of whether he can apply it consistently and whether a manager can utilise his game with the right tactics
  12. Hopefully that is our ploy as we still have space for 3/4 so hopefully by playing the patience game we can get in Thomson/McShane types. Good players who may take their time to weigh up their options, but who ultimately come nearer the close of the window may be more willing to make a decision
  13. We don't have any creativity in midfield and my opinion is McShane would provide just what is needed. Not bothered at all in missing out on Thomas. One trick pony who is always quickly found out
  14. I actually think we are better now technically than we have been for many a year. I agree with the above posters that our big problem is fitness. Old school training of running all the time is missing. If you are fit and have a small amount of ability you are much more use than someone with all the talent in the world but who is unfit. Stuart Armstong today stands out due to his superior fitness levels. He is technically competent with both feet, but its his ability to run all day that makes him the stand out. Too many of our players prefer fannying around with the ball rather than doing the ugly stuff no one likes which is what is required. We also seem to lack physicality. We seem to somehow have a group of neither nors. Neither fit nor strong but decent enough on the ball.
  15. Most certainly weaker but we still have only done half our business. Hilson hasn't been replaced, Thomson hasn't been replaced and Thomas has been replaced by Stirling who migh be an improvement or maybe not. Rigg was also on the wage bill and he hasn't been replaced. Dowie and Higgins have been replaced by the more versatile Fordyce and Rooney. They are younger but not necessarily better. Dowser and Higgy were still pretty solid. Martin in goal will certainly make us stronger in goals. Lyle is a year older and it may be a season to far. We have also not replaced several squad members who were released such as Smith, Moxon and Hooper who were all on a wage. So I would overall say we are stronger in goal, defensively on a par, midfield and attack weaker. A few current members of our squad are taking a wage who I don't think are good enough, eg Dykes, Mercer, Robinson. There are also a few who are injury risks (Tapping and Fordyce) . Right now I would place us 7-9th but an injury to Dobbie could be catastrophic with our current squad.