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  1. Harkins is a class player. In the right environment and if he can get himself in good shape Morton could have one of the best midfielders in the league. A team like Ayr was never going to be a good fit for him, but at a young vibrant team full of energy like Morton, I can see him flourishing and providing the creative spark they need.
  2. I have a feeling he will play tomorrow. Watched both legs against Falkirk and he was equally as horrific in the first leg, but the second leg away from home he looked a terrific player. Shows there is talent there. Durnan didn't need to tell him how shite he was the last game he would have known and for me instigated the meltdown. Many times from what Ive seen Durnan has been awful so Id like to see how hed react if a teammate treated him that way. Do it behind the scenes. Anyway Kuate made a massive error the way he reacted to the crowd but if he is apologetic who knows it could be he is the hero again tomorrow
  3. Don't know what it was but I found Tosh an incredibly frustrating player. I'm also surprised to see Dom Thomas mentioned on here. Yes his first 4 games were fantastic but after that I thought he was woeful.
  4. Someone in Dumbarton forum linked us with Darren Barr. All the players that have left Dumbarton seem to be getting glowing reviews yet together as a team they avoided the relegation playoffs on goal difference. Something doesn't add up. Its almost certain Martin will be a good signing but whats not certain is whether Stirling or Barr will be good. I saw their fans rave about Buchanan aswell as Carswell, Nade and Harvie. If these guys were so good they wouldn't have finished where they did.
  5. The aim of this is to see which players in terms of passing ability, technique and composure would make the greatest 11 in your time supporting the club. Gk Zander Clark was a big tall keeper who looked to play out from the back. Rb Eric Paton So classy on the ball. His ability to create space with his touch was the best I have seen at Queens along with Dobbie. Brilliant technician but not great defensively Cb Martyn Lancaster A lot will be forgetting who he is but what I remember is a guy who was very comfortable on the ball and a decent defender to boot. Cb Brian Reid Was a tough call between Reid, Dowie and Lovell for other cb roll but Reid you could see had played at a higher level with his use of the ball. Strolled it usually. Lb Bob Harris We haven't really had any great footballing lbs as such. Alan Reid was always neat and tidy but for me after a rocky start Harris became more and more comfortable on the ball and his athleticism was a real asset during our good spell. Rm Paul Burns A guy that usually stuck to doing the simple things. His crossing was usually spot on. Cm Mark Kerr Hate to say it but an absolute class act. Loved the way he operated. He made such incisive passes and always made good angles to receive the ball. Such a shame he left. Cm Derek Young. Similar to Kerr. Very neat and tidy with the added bonus that he was particularly effective at nicking the ball as well Lm Willie Gibson A very good talent with brilliant technique. Sometimes because he was so good would try the world cup pass too many times but it was because he had such belief in himself. Cf Derek Lyle Now he is older and wiser Lyle over the last few years has been better than ever. His touch is now sublime and his link up play excellent Cf Steven Dobbie Quite simply the best player to ever wear the Queens shirt no matter how you look at it. Not only does he score barrowloads, he also possesses the ability to control the ball in a way which is far beyond anything we have ever seen from anyone else. We are lucky he was so out of shape to start with because if he was in shape he would have been in the Epl not Dumbarton when we got him
  6. Ian McShane sounds perfect for that. Thing is will guys returning have the same level of hunger after failing to really set the heather on fire at a higher level? Now they have reached the stage where they are in the middle of their career and their dreams of making it at a good level are all but over so could go either way. If he shows the same form as his previous spell though we will have an excellent player at this level.
  7. Another one done. There will probably be more crying back up north having failed to make the grade down south unfortunately. Greg Stewart immediately springs to mind
  8. McHugh looks so much fitter and better now than when he was at us. Would certainly take him back. Can see us and various others targeting Andy Ryan. It is very regretful we didn't sign him when he was on trial but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Wouldn't be surprised if we were after Jordan Kirkpatrick from Alloa aswell. He has been an impressive creative outlet for them this season. Same with Willis Furtado and the other previous trialist from Stenny Mason Robertson who has earned rave reviews since march. More as a defender than up top though which is where he started off. Furtado is an exciting young winger from France who is inconsistent but at his age and given it was his 1st season in pro football he done really well. We are vying with a fair few others for Aidan Connolly. Would love it if we could sign Gavin Gunning as has been speculated. Has all the qualities you would want in a cb. Gotta love silly season
  9. 2 long trips next season now with Brechin joining Inverness. 2 places Ive never been to so pleased with that.
  10. Would be a brilliant signing. Maybe if we can offer him slightly higher wages on a 2 year deal it could swing it our way
  11. Have heard we are one of many looking at Aidan Connolly from York. They have just been relegated to the league below the conference in England. Might be the winger we need. Not fussed on Dan. Apart from his first game against Alloa he didn't at any time look the same player. I think it might be a confidence thing with his injury though.
  12. You would be getting the best defender in league 1 were he to go to you guys
  13. Good available centre backs are very hard to find in Scottish football. That's why I found it surprising the competent Higgins was released. Having looked at who I think we could target I came up with Stuart Findlay, Conrad Balatoni, Paul Watson, Ben Gordon and Fiacre Kelleher. Otherwise I don't think there are too many others out there connected with Scottish football who we could get.
  14. There are certain questionable things about this summers comings and goings. Questionable decision 1 is releasing Dowie and Higgins. Not many available better quality centre backs available compared to Higgy. Questionable decision 2 is keeping Tapping but not Hilson. Questionable decision 3 is keeping Ross Fergusson over Aidan Smith who are both 1997 players. I don't know anyone who thinks Fergusson is better than Smith so its a baffling decision. Smith has done very well at Annan of late too. Final questionable decision is keeping Akubuine but releasing Moxon. Moxon has featuring in matchday squads several times yet Akubuine has never. Both are born in 98 and both are centre mids. The thing I can't get my head around is why if Moxon is deemed good enough for the squads he was released first? I felt him and Brotherston both showed promise