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  1. Are there any you feel could potentially breakthrough? I know a few have made fleeting appearances so far but in no way could I tell from them whether they have what it takes. Its some run they have been on so if we get to the stage where we have nothing to play for it would be beneficial to try some out. Would be great to see another batch breakthrough at the same time like a few years ago.
  2. Fowlers football with largely his own players was turgid. Initially we played good stuff under him but cant believe fans are forgetting how boring last season was
  3. Thomson has been excellent and Thomas started off excellent, but for the last 3/4 games he has been as bad as he was good for the his first 3/4 games. I understand wingers lack consistency so hopefully its just a blip! I remember Stevie Murray had a similar promising start which petered out horribly so hopefully he can get back to his best soon. Dury very much out on Mercer for me, while Rankin has been ok. I would say yes Thomson has been excellent, especially when played in his favoured position centrally but the others haven't quite lived up to his standard. Wonder if Dowser will be back for this? He has looked pretty grumpy of late and his performances have reflected his mood. What kept him out last weekend? He has been a class player for us but of late we have looked better with Higgy and Brownlie. I still feel Higgy has a lot to offer. Got to admit I'm surprised how good Oliver has been at Morton. I never thought him good enough for us but just goes to show some players fit in better at certain clubs with certain systems. Murdoch on the other hand I cant believe wasn't snapped up till like September/October. He was classy on the ball but for us again was the victim of being played out of position. Would definitely of tried to have kept him if we didnt
  4. He is too one footed aswell. This causes him to cut in all the time when going with the other foot would be such a better option. It seems his left foot is just for standing on and this needs worked on. He does have some good attributes though. Against Linfield he was awesome
  5. Robinson Dowie Brownlie Higgins Marshall Thomas Hamill Jacobs Dykes Dobbie Lyle Subs Atkinson, Hooper, Carmichael, Murray, Bell, Fergusson, + another. Anyone else in the 20s squad and half decent?
  6. Your allowed to play overage players in the u20s and I think its beneficial having experienced players lacking game time, coming back from injury or whatever helping the young guys out. I still think the return of a reserve league would be better though for Scottish football. I disagree re Moxon. He is still better than those younger than him so it is up to them to get to his level
  7. I totally disagree. Imo for the good of Scottish football it would be good for these 16/17 year olds to have to challenge themselves against men in a reserve league. It will make them have to raise their game to get in. What use is it seeing how 16/17 year olds cope against fellow 16/17 year olds? What do we learn then?
  8. We have a guy called Mason Robertson on trial with us. Son of former Scotland full back David Robertson. No idea what hes like as a player as he has been based in America all his career
  9. My biggest worry for you is if Fowler has advised Ross to have Pickard anywhere near a football pitch.
  10. That must be incredibly frustrating r.e James. All that effort made then he gets a slighty better offer and it all counts for nothing. That's some footballers for you though only thinking of themselves.
  11. Pickard really was the next Scott Robertson. Seemed to impress on the training field but rarely if ever replicated it on a Saturday afternoon
  12. Don't know if there is any truth in it but he was mentioned in the Cowdenbeath thread along the same lines as there player Craig Johnston which lets just say isn't good
  13. Featuring off the bench and not shining by all accounts. Hearts will probably not be to hard to deal with now for a player thats stock has fallen . The question is whether we would be willing to match what dunfermline are paying if its s loan, or whether he would be willing to take a paycut to join us permanently. As has been said some footballers chase gametime and happiness over dosh
  14. The way its going for him there though it wouldn't surprise me if both parties decide its for the best to terminate the loan. Then if hearts are willing they may loan/sell for a small fee to us