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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    At his best he was pish so would hate to see him now he's 33. Would be the most typical Queens like signing.
  2. Queen of the South Goalkeepers : Alan Martin ( May 2019) Jack Leighfield ( May 2019) Defenders: Darren Brownlie ( May 2019) Scott Mercer ( May 2019) Callum Fordyce (May 2019) Midfielders: Kyle Jacobs (May 2019) Owen Bell (May 2019) Connor Murray (May 2019) Josh Todd (May 2019) Gary Harkins ( May 2019) Andy Stirling (May 2019) (Free to leave) Strikers: Ross Ferguson (May 2019) Stephen Dobbie (May 2019) Lyndon Dykes (May 2019) Backup youths: Declan Tremble, Sam Henderson, Euan Gourlay and Dan Harvey Players in: Gary Harkins (Morton) Josh Todd (St Mirren) Players out: Jordan Marshall (rejected contract no club yet) John Rankin (released) (Clyde) Shaun Rooney (rejected contract) (ICT) Daniel Carmichael (released) Jesse Akubuine (released) (was at exit trials) Derek Lyle (released) ( linked with Linfield) Loan Ends: Curtis Lyle (Kilmarnock) Nikolay Todorov (Released by Hearts) (No club) Myles Berman (new contract at Rangers) Kyle Cameron (Released by Newcastle) ( No club) Joe Thomson (Returned to Celtic. Since been released and subsequently signed for Dunfermline) Dom Thomas (Kilmarnock) Rumoured: Cammy Ballantyne Jamie McCart (Since signed for ICT) Dean Watson (Local lad released by Carlisle)
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Surprised Ross Forbes went to Dumbarton. I'd of gone for him if he was available. Still plenty of good players available. I'm sure we will be in for Thomson again. Ballantyne is being targeted for rb. For lb I can see Jordan Marshall returning. If Ayr is his best offer then hes as well coming back. If not Talbot is a good option. Also Aaron Taylor Sinclair who's been released by Plymouth if we could afford him is a terrific lb option. As for cb we are one of many after McCart who's a promising young cb released by Celtic. We need a commanding one, ideally who can also play abit. Steeplechat! You stated Brownlie is out till the new year! Is this true? If so what's the cause? Can anyone confirm this? We need a winger maybe 2 should Stirling be punted. Higginbotham and Cardle I'm sure will be on the wishlist both decent options. I appreciate however the manager has signed guys who can fill in various roles like Dykes and Todd who can play on the wing when needed. 1 more striker also needed. Maybe a young lively guy on loan. So I reckon we need at least 1 cb a lb, a rb, a winger, a cm and a striker
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    It will be a no goer for sure but Newcastle lads in the past have shown a willingness to travel/move to us and we reaped the reward in the cases of Bowser, Weatherson and a few others. If we were to look south to places like Blackburn and Liverpool etc why wouldnt their lads be as keen? There are bigger clubs paying bigger wages out there in the North East England yet we still unearthed those 2 plus Marshall so I feel we could use it to our advantage
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Was fully aware of Rooney from Dunfermline and although hadnt seen Mercer had heard of him through his East Fife days. Its also a decent signing policy looking at the lower leagues for upcoming talent. Ballantyne for example is a good full back who impressed against us and is young enough to improve more. Hopefully the deal is done in the near future.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    True but if they moved to Carlisle wouldnt be such an issue. Players from all over move to Carlisle to play for Carlisle United so if we trained their they could do the same for us. Might even be quicker getting to Glasgow etc than for the local lads due to it being right beside the motorway. Folk would be more inclined to move to the city of Carlisle than the town of Dumfries. Wouldnt it be nice if we signed someone we hadnt heard of like! Would add a certain level of intrigue to the signings. As it is every player we sign I seem to either have seen or be totally aware of what they are like. Just so happens so far Ive seen and heard of Harkins and am very impressed
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    A potential solution would be basing training in Carlisle or Newcastle and tapping into players further afield than just Cumbria. We could look into guys as far down as the Liverpool/Manchester area who wouldnt have too long a commute to get to training. It would also be convenient for the local lads who would only need a wee half hour journey to training. Location for us can be cited as a disadvantage but we could use it to our advantage in this instance. The Glasgow market is saturated as far as Im concerned. We are all looking at the same tried and tested players and as has been stated we are usually feeding off the scraps when it comes to wages, so why not use our Southern location to our advantage and attempt to forge relationships with our Southern neighbours?
  8. Scottish football Almanac

    Thanks for the reply. Does it have squad lists for the season upcoming or the players that featured the season just past? Oh how I miss the old review books. Wonder if there is anything out there now which resembles them
  9. Hi didnt know where to post this but just stumbled across this on the internet and was wondering whether it had the features the old review books used to have? Is it worth buying? Id be looking for squad lists/details of players like date and place of birth etc and the like. Also the teams fixtures and results. Planning on making a website so could provide really useful stuff.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Also have heard Cammy Ballantyne might be signing. Rb who was on loan at Montrose from Dundee United
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    Hopefully can get in a replacement friendly at home. In some ways the Betfred cup has taken away the potential to play non Scottish teams in friendlies for teams like us as most will still either still be on their summer holidays or at the very beginning of pre season when we arrange them.
  12. Predict your teams 1st league game squad

    Well Im no sure if that poster was just speaking bull coz they also said Holt was going abroad. Obviously a wum. Tell u one thing I wish Naysmith would resign. Especially if we play th kind of football we played last season. Hopefully things improve and the signing of Harkins is certainly a statement of intent
  13. You have until the start of June to predict your teams 1st 18 come the 1st league game of the season. This will require abit of luck, maybe abit of inside knowledge can help and what I hope in my case is a little skill in gauging what kind of players your manager tends to sign and from which clubs. Closest will win. Falkirk fans need not apply . For Queens Im gonna guess an 18 of Leighfield, Martin, Brownlie, Fordyce, Mercer, Jordan Marshall (think he will resign), Jacobs, Harkins, Todd, Dykes, Dobbie, Murray, Fergusson,Jordan Kirkpatrick (guessing he will sign) Joe Thomson (same) Jamie McCart (same), Willo Flood (same) and Rory Loy
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    Jamie McCart linked