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  1. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    If it wasn't for Chris Martin we would already be out! Hes played his part this campaign with 2 goals and played a big part in ruffling England
  2. Queens v Morton

    I thought Kane put in an excellent shift and it was the wrong move hooking him. Yes his finishing wasn't quite there and his use of the ball could have been better at times but imo he was giving their defence a torrid time with his energy, running in behind and carrying the ball up the pitch. We sorely missed him when he went off
  3. Or head back up the road the first chance they get.
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Every manager makes bad decisions or signs bad players so he shouldn't be held to ransom too much over Mercer. All his other signings have looked good. This thread will probably be quiet tonight because the doom merchants will have nothing to moan about. What an outstanding result today! Praise where its due please.
  5. Scotland players in action 2017-2018

    Was a pretty decent Stoke squad aswell. He was the only real new name in it. The amazing thing is he isn't even in our u21 squad yet Scott McKenna who was murder at Ayr is. Bemusing
  6. Squad for Lithuania and Malta

    Shocking not calling up McGregor. Especially when you consider guys like Snodgrass who has been pretty crap for us of late cant even get in the West Ham squad. Naismith another baffling call.
  7. #Sonshamers v Sons

    Because if any of them dared play well against us we would just sign them up #Sonshamers
  8. The Queen of the South Thread

    It is debateable whether he has good contacts in England as not once has he used them to attract a player north be it at East Fife or Queens. Suppose you could argue Shaun Rooney but I feel a guy who is from here and who has very recently played up here with Dunfermline he would have been easily noticeable to all managers up here. I have a while ago heard Zanatta from Hearts but we will see.
  9. Time for B Teams

    4 points out of 6 in the last 2 games against sides ranked higher and in one case much higher would be deemed as progress imo. Our performances have been much improved to and I feel this is largely down to the connection of the Celtic boys.
  10. Time for B Teams

    Yeah the thing that sucks with B teams is they can only get to a certain point and would only be in the league for development purposes. It would be beneficial though if we could somehow get groups of the same players playing at a good level who could gel and know each others game inside out. Celtic to some degree have done this and imo this has been a massive factor in Scotlands upturn in form.
  11. Time for B Teams

    People will argue that all the guys playing together in a team in a competitive environment might be more beneficial than having players spread all over the place on loan. The Germans with Ozil and the like grew together as part of the same team.
  12. Time for B Teams

    No I know what your getting at and the idea of having colts teams eventually entering the leagues doesn't appeal to many. Ignoring the overall plan though its interesting to gauge the difference in quality between u20s and lower league teams. Its not as big as I thought. I honestly thought there wouldn't be a chance any colts teams would win because as you say you would expect most to be playing first team/already loaned out so these chain of results in which none were thrashed and some even won was somewhat surprising. If we are being honest attendances over the years showed no one really gave much of a damn about the challenge cup till the latter stages and this is still true to some degree. So if there is a tournament to experiment on then this is the one. The Irish and Welsh teams also provide fresh excitement. Maybe one day the Spl teams will be invited into the English version of the diddy tournament. That would certainly give the fans a thrill with the whole Scotland v England thing. This could be seen as the breakthrough moment for the Old Firm to get their wish of a move to England. If that were to happen then chances are there colts teams will be accepted in.
  13. Time for B Teams

    Its beneficial to the u20s and potentially our future international players. Clubs who they are playing might spot their potential and five them a chance with a loan spell at their club. Its as close to a 1st team environment as it might get for some of them and will give them a taste of what is required. If they are capable of beating the likes of Queens Park and Forfar then why should we be so snobbish to them in this competition? None have been disgraced at all. I would understand it if they were losing 8-0 or something the need to remove them but from what I can see in a football sense they have been not bad.
  14. Time for B Teams

    Not that big a gap though. Celtic were playing with 10 men most of the game. Hibs lost a last minute goal. Your missing Ross County who beat league 1 Forfar. Hearts ended up turning it around. Fair play. These teams didn't disgrace themselves at all which might be encouraging as it shows we have some youngsters who already can compete with some seasoned pros. So taking away Aberdeen 4 got through against senior teams and 3 got put out. Not a bad ratio if you ask me.
  15. #Sonshamers v Sons

    John Baird Stephen Simmons and Mark Millar imo are 3