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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    Has there been a fallout between him and Naysmith? Carmichael doesn't seem the controversial type
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    Whats the script with wee Danny Carmichael? He was out warming up with the team in the Irn bru cup game against Montrose and was reportedly on the brink of a return, yet time has passed and he still remains out? Hopefully hes back soon! Incidentally Jesse Akubuine seemingly scored a screamer against Morton yesterday. Wouldn't mind seeing him given a wee run out occasionally instead of Tapping who I'm still trying to work out what his purpose is.
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Feel there is a player there in Kane. Hes just had a succession of bad luck with injury and some bad misses but Ive seen enough to know he can play. Wouldn't be adverse to keeping him till season end, but St Johnstone may well be. The thing which may play in our favour is I think he has featured for both us and them so cant go out on loan elsewhere
  4. Most Disappointing XI

    Aye but at some clubs he was prolific. There was always that hope that somehow we could get him to screw the nut and get him to play at his best. Clearly that never happened though.
  5. Players coming through

    Ciaran Dunne of Falkirk 17 made his full debut against us and was arguably the best player on the pitch. Was such a positive winger who had end product. We seem to have a lot of talented youngsters. Could this be the first signs of Mark Wottes influence? He implemented a number of changes and with these players coming through at an early age perhaps his plans are now coming to fruition. We got rid way to soon because of our tendancy to be impatient and expect quick results from a long term project.
  6. Most Disappointing XI

    Graham Weir, John Henry, Billy MacDonald, Calum Antell, Leon Knight, Kevin Dzierzawski, Marc McCusker were all guys I had high expectations for but all turned out to be mince or in some cases non-existant. Even George O'Boyle was somewhat of a dissapoitment in that he started off excellent but then his performances dipped before he vanished.
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    On the pitch Brannigan had us competitive for most games and I never viewed his spell at the club as being particularly bad. I guess it was the stuff outwith the 1st teams performances on the pitch that give you the opinion he "couldn't manage a paper bag"
  8. The Queen of the South Thread

    Stupid question I know but it states the capacity of Tns ground is 2034 of which 1034 is seated. Could this low number be a potential issue? seems we are bringing a fair number down and the game might whet the appetite of their fans too so just putting it out there
  9. The Queen of the South Thread

    How did the 20s with players with 1st team experience get on last night? Nothing on the official site about the outcome
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Even Montrose had a far superior plastic pitch. In fact id say it was one of the best Ive seen
  11. Queens vs Pars

    Not at all. Its not just me that's noticed his improvement. Yes he will never be the same Faddy of yesteryear, but the Faddy we got yesterday was chalk and cheese compared to the guy who came on recently against Morton. With every game he has been getting that bit better and sharper and yesterday was more evidence of that. Never once did they trouble us down his side and that was partly due to Faddys commendable attitude and partly Marsh being solid. Whos to say theres not even more improvement to come? When you consider how much he has improved over such a short period then its exciting to think of the level he could reach once hes 100 %. Once he went off it was apparent he was missed and for me he didn't seem overly tired when hooked despite doing loads of running. Young Connor Murray and Lyndon Dykes should have been hooked instead.
  12. Queens vs Pars

    Think McFadden deserves huge credit for his hunger to get in good shape so quickly. He put in a terrific shift and provided some beautifully disguised passes and tracked forward and back frequently. He looks like he still has goals in him as he took up some great position and was very unlucky with a smashing volley going just past the post. Dykes tries but he just lacks certain ingredients for me. He doesn't have a goalscorers instinct. He wins headers but he doesn't seem to have the ability to bullet home a header and put his head in where it really hurts. Hes so nearly there but just doesn't quite cut it. Rankin and Jacobs were tremendous for us today. Put in a hell of a shift. Ashcroft and Smith caught my eye for them. Smith looks a right good prospect
  13. Players coming through

    Youngster Callum Smith looked very bright on the left wing for Dunfermline today. Very positive and always looked to take on his man
  14. The Apprentice 2017

    Sugar already knows the winner. The edge has been taken off the shows since it was based on who has the best business plan rather than who performs best on the tasks imo. One half decent looker only this year too ha.
  15. Queens vs Pars

    Still hasn't aged a day.