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  1. Queens v Morton

    Ach well we thought we had witnessed the best goal seen at Palmy in years but instead it turned out to be probably the best save in years. How the hell did he keep that out?
  2. Players worth a look at

    Based on him being good!
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    To be honest apart from the season where Gus was in charge I cant remember a season where watching Queens was less enjoyable in my 18 years of supporting the club. I will still be there every week though but can see why some have been put off by Naysmiths style. The 2003/04 season where we may still of been part time? actually saw us produce some of the best football Ive witnessed during my time supporting the club. Paton, O'Neill, Lyle, O' Connor on song were a joy to watch and Bowey provided the legs for doing the donkey work
  4. League Leaders V QOS

    Dont know if my memory is playing tricks on me but Im sure Rankin back in his Ross County days used to be quite the baller. Putting his foot on the ball and dictating play with an air of authority. Now he seems to be the total opposite from what I remember. He certainly has his qualities. Hes as fit as a fiddle and has a positive attitude and desire to win which rubs off on those around him. He just seems to have no calmness on the ball anymore nor is effective at showing for passes which makes the defence feel the need for going for the safer long ball option more often than not. We really need a midfielder that shows for the ball from deep and can dictate play rather than these workmanlike types we have who have not much ability at all.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Nail on head. Theres so many things Naysmith has done during his spell which has you scratching your head. Not playing Kane more often was criminal! His continual use of the useless Connor Murray! Signing Stirling who at times looks lively then dropping him the 1st chance he gets every time! Dykes continual selection, especially recently! Signing Alan Martin who although has got better many would still describe him as being below average. Big wage too! Letting experienced players go and not replacing them! We need more mid 20s players. Not signing a creative midfielder. Feck me we are lacking in that area. This makes us mostly awful to watch as noone drops deep to dictate play! None of his permanent signings bar Fordyce can be described as a roaring success. I just feel that Dobbie has bailed the guy out to a ridiculous degree. Any imbecile would have it easier when a guy that good can bail you out. If he wasnt there christ knows where wed be.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    This is the one thing I dont get! Why fans rate Dom Thomas! For me after starting well he was soon found out and was utterly abysmal the rest of his spell last season. He was so predictable and lightweight. Its been the same story at every team hes been at. Motherwell promising start then fades into obscurity, Killie the same. Scotland u21s the same where he looked way out of his depth. Id rather we kept Stirling. I guarantee he will start well again before his performances take a spectacular nosedive
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    Aye yous certainly had a good few players who impressed against us. Was very impressed with your keeper Fleming too. Steeves looked decent too. As others have said Allan at cb looks to have a big future. Hopefully yous can go up after spending so long in the same league. Petrie has done a remarkable job.
  8. Queens v Brechin City

    Funny you say that I thought Layne at times holds it up well and uses his body to good effect. Its just the part after he seems not to be productive but looked decent enough to me. Doesnt really look a threat either but not sure how much that is because he is so isolated.
  9. Queens v Brechin City

    One of those games which had an air of inevitability before a ball was kicked. We were always going to win. Was just a question of by how many. We didn't actually play that well today but we didn't need to. Brechin are honking. Dobbie was just coasting it and some of his play was a delight. Fergusson did a great job supporting him. I dont think hes a predatory striker but more a strong target man who links play. He seemed to have gained in confidence from his goal last week and he and Dobbie linked up nicely. Noone else really stood out. Martin made a few good saves. 1 top class. Mercer was decent again. Beerman was so so. Cameron didnt look great tbh. Hit a few good balls but wasnt overly convinced by him. As for Brechin well Tapping had the best game Ive seen him play at Palmy. The fact he was your best player by a considerable margin shows what a predicament your in. McLean was horrendous for them. Dale in midfield not much better.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Which makes the constant punts forward from goal kicks even more ridiculous! Never do we look to play it out. Its bloody awful football we are watching. The defenders have to take their share of the blame for not showing or having the confidence to receive the ball from a goal kick
  11. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    That was a pretty meek effort. Sitting in and inviting pressure from a struggling team in the premier is very dissapointing. Wasnt impressed with Beerman. Fergusson got a lucky goal but wasn't very good imo. Looked unfit. Stirling should have been used way earlier not Murray. He was very lively when introduced. Dykes played better than the norm and Rooney was sensational 1st half. Just feels we are going nowhere just now. If it werent for Dobbie we'd be in dire straights! Does having 1 good player bailing you out make a good manager? Not for me
  12. Most memorable looking player at your club

    Think this should be renamed the Stevie Fulton thread haha. Poor Fella
  13. Most memorable looking player at your club

    Ahhhhhhhhh horrible flashbacks are coming back.
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    Good spot and he follow us. Was linked with Hearts a few days ago.