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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    Or make an impact
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    Where you hearing this? Lyle has regressed with age a fair bit this season but would still do a job in league 1/2. Templeman and MacDonald still score a fair few and are even older
  3. Rating your team's signings

    Kerr has been outstanding at St Johnstone like he was for us. Very surprised Kane got a higher rating. Agree with most other ratings though although I think Todorov gets a higher mark than deserved. Also Cameron must rank as one of our worst players in recent times so a 4 seems generous too.
  4. Your club player of the year

    Not many worth mentioning apart from Dobbs. Brownlie has done ok at times, marshall been a 6/10 every week, Jacobs in the main has been pretty consistant and Thomson has really come onto a game after a slow start. Kerr would be my choice though if it wasnt for Dobbie. He was outstanding for us in his 6 months here. Every bit as good as McKenna at Aberdeen who is getting rave reviews. He could go far
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Thats totally the point if the fans believe in what we are doing and are being entertained and seeing signs of hope and progress they will attend. As it is we are going nowhere with the current gaffer and there is a staleness and apathy about the place. We have not beat 1 decent team at home. Naysmiths signings have in the main been wrong. Even when hes got them right he didn't utilise them to their potential. For example Kane was constantly in and out for the majority of his spell, but near the end he finally showed what he could do but by that time he was going anyway. There is certainly far more potential for the club to get way more than around 1000 home fans especially when u consider it was for a "big game" against the future champions St Mirren. Basically Naysmith has to go. We are brutal to watch and are losing money due to fans being driven away. We cant keep relying on the hardcore, we need to get in the floaters who could become regulars, but the only way to do that is to get in a new man in charge. Hopefully someone whos philosophy is to attack and play attractive football. McIntyre or McNamara anyone?
  6. Keep/release still undecided?

    Id keep them all. Csaba Laszlo has done a great job
  7. Black Scottish Footballers

    Dapo Mebude from Rangers who many think is a massive prospect scored the winner for Scotland u17s against Germany. Hopefully can fulfil his potential.
  8. Keep/release still undecided?

    I think its safe to assume youll still be in this league. The route to the prem is nigh on impossible for 3/4th place finishers.
  9. At this stage of the season it should be fairly clear which players are likely to be kept and released. For us Dykes, Dobbie, Fordyce, Jacobs, Martin and Stirling are all under contract for another year. Id expect us to be looking to offload Stirling as he was never a regular and is now on loan at Dumbarton. Of those out of contract Id expect us to try and retain Marshall, Leighfield, Bell, Gourlay, Brownlie and one of Mercer/Rooney. For me Rooney has to be the one kept. Much more potential, wheras Mercer is very average and abit of a weakling. Id expect us to punt Rankin and Lyle is retiring. Carmichael, Murray, Akubuine and Fergusson are playing for a new deal atm but hard to know either way. If Carmichael can show the Carmichael of old and steer clear of injuries then its a no brainer we keep him! Murray and Fergusson are both too old for 20s football and are at an age now where promising youngster has to become 1st team regular otherwise they will never likely progress. Id be more keen for Fergusson to stay as hes a good hold up player. Perhaps a return to Annan might benefit him short term? Id expect Akubuine will be punted as hes struggling for game time even at lowland level. Of the loans Lyle is just short term, Beerman I dont think we will have any interest in. Hes not shown much at all and is incredibly one footed. Cameron looks pretty poor so if I were Naysmith Id be punting him. Thomson and Thomas will likely be targeted to keep. Both are at an age where 1st team football is what they are looking for. Thomas has made me eat my words lately but that Thomas for you a typical inconsistant winger. Id expect Todd not to be good enough for the prem so hes very likely both to be keen to stay and for us to be keen on him given hes sort of a local. Todorov still not sure on. Not seen him near enough
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Rooney is very prone to bombscare moments at rb but my god he is an entertaining player. When he goes on those forward runs he looks awesome. Fast, strong and purposeful. If he can work on certain glitches in his game he has incredible potential.
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    Hes so much better on the right is Thomas. Hes very hot or cold. One extreme or the other. Todd looked good in phases on saturday. Linked up brilliantly for the 2nd goal and has a good delivery on him. Our main problem is our central defence and midfield. Our inability to defend free kicks is woeful. Every time a ball is put in our box it causes utter panic and we really should in hindsight have kept Dowie. I criticise him alot but Brownlie is probably our best defender. Cameron has looked pretty woeful so far tbh
  12. QOS V League Leaders

    I dont imagine it will be as low as people think! Martin on a 2 year deal wont be on buttons, Stirling on a 2 year deal wont be on buttons. Both of whom turned down other offers. Dobbie wont be on buttons. Lyle, Rankin, Dykes, Fordyce, Marshall and Jacobs will all be getting a fair whack. Others like Mercer, Carmichael, Brownlie and Rooney will all be on average level championship wages. Im sure we are also paying a fair percentage for the loan boys like Thomson, Cameron, Beerman and Thomas. We have unfortunately gave the wrong players 2 year deals and extended guys like Dykes contract :(. Naysmith has made really poor signings and must take some blame for some of his dealings.
  13. QOS V League Leaders

    Shock horror he actually had a decent half. Then in the 2nd he was laughably bad. Thomson has been pretty average since returning too.
  14. Players coming through

    We now have McTominay at Man Utd, Charlie Gilmour at Arsenal and Billy Gilmour and Harvey St Clair at Chelsea who today was called up to the u21s. Encouraging we have players associated with such prestigious clubs. Robertson already doing great at Liverpool. McBurnie been banging them in for Barnsley. Very encouraged
  15. Queens v Dundee United

    Thomas (Im his biggest critic) was having a great game on the right wing! He used both feet and Robson had no idea how to handle him. Why we made him change wings for the sake of Connor Murray god only knows as he was totally ineffective when moved. Murray done nowt either. Naysmiths recent signings have been poor. Cameron, Beerman, Todorov all cant get any game time so whats the point of getting them if they arent improvements to what we have? Rankin was rank rotten and Dykes was his usual pishy self. By god the guy is awful. Being honest it was brutal without Dobbie, you looked through the rest of the team and wondered where the goals would come from. Lyle looked sharp off the bench apart from a few wayward passes. I thought Thomson was much more like his old self in an advanced role harrying and chasing with gusto for about an hour before fading. Please please get Dykes and Rankin to france. Both are not good enough. Most can see this. Please Naysmith see what everyone else is seeing! For Dundee Utd they showed good energy and Mikkelson was class! He looked alot better than last season. Fast, strong and excellent link up play. Lovely finish for the goal. Durnan was very good too.