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  1. Eric Black was the coach at the center of that dressing room bust up http://www.thecelticwiki.com/page/Eric+Black+-+Head+Youth+Development%2C+Assistant+Head+Coach There is the general feeling that Eric Black was never liked within the dressing room at Celtic. Consequently he has shown little fondness for Celtic since leaving the club. The cause of the half-time dressing room bust up at the Inverness Caley Thistle game was partly a near-ruck between Viduka and Eric Black when Black accused Viduka of '....not being up for it tonight'. This was the spark that set the dressing room alight, with Viduka having to be restrained from physically attacking Black and Gould then chipping in. When Barnes was sacked, Black was offered another position within the coaching setup at the club but felt that the right thing to do was to go with Barnes.
  2. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Isn't this normal Dundee weather most of the year round?
  3. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    The bunting snapped. Heard there has been a fatality in Waterford
  4. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    A good site with an animation of cloud cover https://www.yr.no/satellitt/europa.html Its got really dark in Inverness over the last 5 minutes almost like dusk, yellow tint to the sky. Could be a thunderstorm with the air being so unstable. Temperature around 10c
  5. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Cork City FC's stand roof R.I.P.
  6. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Dublincam https://www.earthcam.com/world/ireland/dublin/?cam=templebar
  7. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Spooky yellow coloured clouds from where I am and the rooks from the near by woods don't know either to roost or head back out. Very little wind here in Inverness just dark with that yellow tint. Slight burning smell as well.
  8. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    I've heard that one before, Spike Milligan or Peter Sellers?
  9. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Radio Kerry warning people to stay out of the water. Apparently potential Darwin awards for certain Jet skiers and surfers.
  10. F1 2017

    Can't see there being any reason for that, quite possibly Red Bull settling with Kvyat so the split at the end of the season is more amicable. Both drivers are familiar to the team and I doubt if there is anything more for both parties STR and Kvyat to learn about each other after 3 years. Can't even be sure Gasly will still be with the Red Bull driver program next season. I do know the Red Bull driver program for next season is being sorted on who will stay and who will go and STR might now include drivers associated with Honda in their program as there are no future Seb Vettels or Max Verstappens coming through right now on the Red Bull ladder.
  11. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Since the last time we qualified for a major final wc98, Slovenia have qualified for three major finals, we have done well to get above them in the rankings.
  12. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Hoped rather than being pro active is exactly why this went wrong.
  13. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Extra day injury time winner please????
  14. So, I take it this forum is going to 'crash' within the next hour?